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Primal Urges


Birds swooped from tree to tree, dancing around the small brunette's head, causing Candace to giggle and duck down to avoid their wings. Her silvery-gray eyes danced with delight at the sight of swallows and chickadees chasing each other in a mating dance that was in tune with the beautiful early spring morning; with the sun shining down warmly for the first time in months, everything starting to show new green growth, and the smell of love in the air.

She loved coming here and walking along the untouched forest behind the suburb she lived and had grown up in. When the trees closed around her, she could easily forget about the encroaching city and noise and bustle of the crowd of people that were always around. This forest was on private land, decreed to remain untouched by the benefactor's impressive money and influence. It had been like this for longer then most people could remember. And while she wasn't supposed to be here, she couldn't resist the draw of the sun dappled forest, the song of the birds, and the call of nature that was so prevalent here. It all struck a chord deep within her soul, calling her back time and time again. Sighing happily, she leaned against a large tree, fingers idly plucking at the rough bark behind her back. "If only I could live here all the time," she murmured softly to herself, causing a pair of rabbits that had been chasing each other to pause and stare at her in fear. She giggled at the wide eyed looks on their faces, admiring their beauty from her position. She wished she could touch them, feel their softness, cradle them to her chest and bury her face in their fur. But as soon as she moved even a tiny bit, they were off like little brown streaks of movement, running for safety to play their spring games.

Candace frowned a bit, looking around and seeing the courting couples everywhere. Even the animals had someone to hold and hug this season of loving. She was the only one who didn't it seemed. Her parents strict upbringing had left her shy around men that truly called to her body, leaving her with only the proper gentlemen her mother decreed were good enough for her daughter. This wasn't many men at all, and not a single one worth any serious thought. All of her friends had new bad boy boyfriends that they were gushing about, leaving her feeling like the perpetual prudish fifth wheel.

Sighing again, this time in minor despair instead of pleasure, she pushed away from the tree and kept walking. Her hands started to stray over her curvy body idly, caressing her slim waist and full hips as she contemplated her lot in life. Slowly, one hand made its way to the valley between her breasts, fingers feathering against the upper swells. Pushing her silk tank top aside, she caressed the velvety skin beneath, loving the feel of her own full firm breasts. "It's not like I want the hassle of a relationship, I'm only 22 after all. But damn, I need to be...well, fucked," she whispered to herself, her ivory cheeks filling with color. Even if no one was around to hear it, she didn't usually say things like that aloud. Nor did she openly admit her desire for the more carnal pleasures of a man.

Ever since she was little, her parents had told her how bad touching herself was, how sex was a dirty thing, only necessary to make children. And while she had loosened up enough to let a select few of the dozen or so men she had dated go beyond heavy petting, she was still very introverted about sex. She had never been able to reach that delicious peak with another, and she didn't dare try and achieve it by herself, at least not where others could see or hear. But after five months of forced celibacy, her body was screaming for fulfillment; any kind of fulfillment. This was one reason why she was taking this walk in this forest. She couldn't bring herself to ease her body's demands by herself at her apartment, too afraid that her roommate might come home and catch her. "Not that Susan seems to be embarrassed by sex. The girl can't seem to keep her hands off herself or any guy that comes home. But, I'm just not her. I can't have an audience while I do...that," Candace said, the sound of her voice startling a group of birds nearby.

But, while she couldn't do it in the tiny studio apartment, the forest and its creatures didn't care what she did in the sunlit meadow that she was headed too. In fact, some of the animals seemed entranced by it. And animal eyes watching her didn't seem to bother her as much as human ones. It was different knowing birds, rabbits and squirrels were listening to her pleasure then to know a rational mind was listening, and possibly even critiquing.

But, while her mind wandered down this deliciously naughty path, she stepped into her favorite clearing. It was perfect for what she had in mind with soft lush grass that cushioned her from the hard ground and moss covered rocks to lean against or sit on as her mood dictated. There was even a fallen tree that she could ride for the feel of something hard and rough between her legs.

Just looking at the clearing made her blood heat and her nipples harden and press against her thin tank top. Her hands went from still innocent caresses to more bold touches, one sliding down over the swell of her breast to flick over a sensitive nipple, the other slipping beneath the hem of her short cotton skirt. Her fingers combed through the soft downy hair at the apex of her thighs and she shivered in anticipation, her juices soaking through the gusset of her thong to her thighs. It had been so long since she had been here, the whole length of winter and she was eager for release. Tugging her clothing off, she dropped them and her little bag of supplies onto one sun-warmed rock before settling her body into the soft grass between three rocks that just seemed to cradle her body perfectly, propping her up to let her hands roam even more over her body, letting her get all the little hot spots that would drive her crazy.

And as if her hands were following her thoughts, they started to get rougher, tweaking and pinching her nipples and clit, causing her to writhe with pleasure. Spreading her legs wide, she moaned happily at the feel of the warm sun against her skin, the soft grass tickling her soaked folds and tight asshole, the wind caressing her ivory skin lovingly, all of it only heightening her desire and arousal. She was glad now that she had cleared the entire day for her walk, knowing that it was going to take awhile to satisfy her passions enough to go home without aching with need every time she crossed her legs.

Without much more preamble, she buried one finger deep into her clenching pussy, her hips arching up at the sheer pleasure of being stretched open after so long. Her eyes drifted closed and she cried out, already feeling the orgasm tightening in her womb, it had been so long. And in fact, when she slipped a second finger in to join the first and pressed her thumb against her clit, it ripped through her, her whole body tightening and tensing before arching up as wave after wave of pleasure roared through her body. When she could finally breathe again, she slowly freed her now aching fingers from the tight clenching walls of her sex. She sat up a bit to let her body come down from the heavens that she had sent it to with just those few caresses and strokes. But, it took the almost painful edge off her desire and she was ready to get serious.

Sucking her drenched fingers into her mouth to clean her sweet juices off them, she looked around for what she wanted to do next. Then, the log caught her gaze, with that rough thick long protrusion that always tempted her. Her only reason for resisting the temptation before was she didn't want to scratch her tender velvety pussy with the rough bark. But this time, she came prepared with condoms to stretch over it for protection. Just thinking of how it would feel stretching her tiny pussy and ass open made her juices start to flow in preparation. But she knew if she went and tried to take that thick stub into her body right now, she would most likely tear. So, instead of running over and sinking her hungry body right down onto it, she resisted the temptation and instead reached for her bag of supplies.

She fished three things out of the bag and set them next to her, casting the log one last wistful glance. Setting the bag back on its rock, she turned her attention back to the three items. One was a bottle of lubricant, one was a butt plug, and the last item was her brand new vibrator. She hadn't used any of it yet, having bought it over the winter months as Christmas gifts to herself. She had almost overcome her shyness when the boxes had come in and tried them out then and there. But just as she was about to strip, her roommate had come home and she had shoved the tempting items back into their hiding places.

Now, she could enjoy them after months of waiting and yearning. Taking up the plug, she dripped some of the lube onto it, stroking it into the hard plastic with a soft caressing touch, pressing her legs together in anticipation. She held off for a few more minutes, loving the sweet anticipation of having her little ass stretched wide again, knowing it would feel like the first time after so long. And even though she had never taken a man there, she loved being full in that most naughty of places when it was just her and her toys. And on that thought, she took the slick plug and spread her legs again, pressing the tapered end against the tight star of her ass, feeling the muscles stretch slowly in acceptance as she applied slow easy pressure. It burned the entire time, especially as she came to the thickest part, a three inch diameter, before her ass snapped closed around the core. She let her breath out in a soft hiss and tugged experimentally on the flat base, enjoying the sweet pain of the plug moving inside her, her muscles burning as it stretched and released with each tug. And the entire time, her other hand was busy rubbing over her hard clit, keeping her juices flowing.

Finally, Candace left the plug alone, reaching now for the thick long vibrator. It was the largest she'd ever used, by far, at an impressive 10 inches long and 4 inches around. She pressed the tip to her lips, her tongue flicking out to taste it. Wriggling a little, she suckled it into her warm wet mouth as she sat up more, pressing the base of the plug against the ground, grinding the plug deeper into her ass. Gasping, she closed her gray eyes and flicked her tongue over the vibrator.

It was then that she felt eyes on her, someone watching other then the wild life. Stilling, with the vibrator halfway in her mouth and a plug buried up her ass, she opened her eyes and cautiously looked around. Whimpering softly, she felt a tremor of fear go through her body at the idea of someone watching her actions in what she saw as her sanctuary. But, a careful look around the perimeter of the clearing proved that there was nothing there but the occasional bird and squirrel.

Frowning a little, she pulled the vibrator free and trailed the damp tip down over her heaving breasts and flat stomach. Rising up on her knees, she pressed the tip against her still hungry pussy, still looking for that watcher even as she gave into her body's demands to be filled. With one rough thrust, she shoved the vibrator in to the base, screaming happily with the wonderful raw pleasure of it. The feeling of being watched was soon pushed from her mind as she turned the vibe onto the lowest setting and pulled it out halfway before pushing it deep again.

Her pussy burned from being stretched so far so fast, but the little pain mixed with the almost unbearable pleasure pushed her higher and higher towards her orgasm. Whimpering, she turned the vibe up more and more, reaching back with one hand to tug on the plug to push her over the edge into her second orgasm of the day. Falling forward into the grass, she panted softly, still thrusting the vibe into her shaking body. Her eyes drifted closed and she soon felt consciousness slipping away from her. Snuggling into the soft grass, she let herself fade into a tired sleep, a smile curving her full lips, her hands still cradling the vibe and plug to her body.

It was nearing twilight when she finally woke up. By then, the vibe had fallen out of her still weeping pussy and she was curled up in the grass against a still warm rock. The first thing she saw when her eyes fluttered open was a rabbit curled up less then a foot away from her and a warm soft bundle of fur against her stomach showed that she had coaxed another rabbit to use her as a heat source while it napped. Her breath caught in her throat at the realization that her earlier fantasy had come true and she was feeling that amazingly soft fur against her bare skin. Biting her lip to keep from making any sounds, she imagined that fur sliding against every part of her body, over her hard nipples and sensitive folds and clit. Just thinking about it almost made her cum again without any actual stimulation. And maybe it was her quickened breathing or a small sound that scared the rabbits, but both jerked and rose to their feet. Within a few heartbeats, they were gone into the surrounding forest, leaving Candace with a memory of warm fur sliding over her hard nipples and heightening her desire even more.

Biting her full lower lip, she slid one hand between her legs and pressed a finger against her clit, trying to ease the tension building there. "The log," she murmured to herself, the sound of her voice seeming odd in the quiet surrounding her. But the little reminder made her pull her hand from between her legs and stand up on shaky legs. Momentarily, she paused, wondering if she should take the plug out before heading to the log and decided against it, loving the feel of being full in both holes too much. She only paused long enough to grab the condoms and a blanket from the bag before hurrying over to the log a short distance away. A quick perusal of the fallen log showed that winter had been kind to it and it still looked as strong and fresh as it did last fall. Ripping open one foil packet with her teeth, she eyes that thick protrusion hungrily.

Carefully, she rolled the condom down over it, glad she had gotten a thicker one that wouldn't tear so easily. She could hardly wait to feel that rough hard length inside her still tight pussy. Draping the blanket around the log and the base of the protrusion, she whimpered softly. The preparations were necessary, but were driving her wild with anticipation. Her juices were now coating her inner thighs and even dripping onto the grass below her.

After what seemed an eternity, she swung one leg over the log and poised her hungry folds over the latex covered stub. She held her breath as she felt it start to part her pussy, slowly sliding inside her tight walls. This was by far the thickest thing she had ever taken inside her. And she planned on having it in both holes before the end of the day. Pausing halfway down, she let her body adjust. As much as she wanted to take it all right away, she knew she couldn't without injuring herself. Slowly she slid down until she couldn't take anymore inside her. Then, holding her breath, she lifted back up until it was just barely inside her before sliding down.

Each ridge and bump made her gasp as it pressed against all the sensitive spots of her pussy. Before long, her pace had quickened with pleasure. Throwing her head back, she moaned with each downward thrust, oblivious to the darkening sky and the eerie silence that surrounded the clearing. All she was concentrating on was the feel of the thick hard protrusion driving deep inside her again and again, causing her to cum once, twice and then a third time, all in quick succession.

After the third one, she slowed and came to a stop. Lifting herself off the tree, she stumbled over to her little sack of supplies, reaching for the sandwiches she had packed. Before she could do anything else, she needed more energy. So she curled up near her little cradle of rocks, her long bare legs tucked under her, one heel pressed against the base of the plug still stretching her ass open and proceeded to eat her sandwich and the fruit she brought along to go with them.

When she finished the last bites and threw the apple cores and orange peels into the forest surrounding her, she sat there, hands in her lap as she contemplated the day so far. So far, she had five orgasms, once for each month that she had been celibate. And yet her body was still demanding more, needing more then she seemed able to give. Sighing, she looked around, noticing for the first time that night had fallen and the moon was starting to rise. And that she still felt as if she was being watched. But she couldn't seem to figure out why, not even seeing the birds and other wildlife that she usually saw.

"I'm just being silly," she told herself, the sound of her voice oddly comforting. Standing up, she grabbed the bottle of lubrication and walked back to the log. Bending over it, she braced one hand on the blanket covered trunk, the other going between her legs to pull the plug free. Dropping the plug to the grass, she slid two fingers into her stretched ass, marveling at how adaptable her body was. Two years ago, when she had first started to play with her body in such a way, she had never imagined doing anything like this with her tight little ass. But, despite how much she did with it, it always returned to that same tightness relatively fast.

Biting her lip again, the gesture an unnoticed habit, she went to straighten up. Only to be stopped by a large hand against her lower back. Gasping, her cheeks filling with color, she tensed and started to look over her shoulder at the person behind her.

"Don't move. Don't look back and I won't have you arrested for trespassing," a rough, male voice said, stilling her movements. She whimpered and turned her eyes back to the log, trembling with fear and embarrassment. She never dreamed she'd be found here, in her sanctuary. Otherwise, she would never have done any of things she did here. "I've been watching you all afternoon little one. You are quite an eager cumslut, aren't you?" the voice demanded of her.

When she didn't answer, the hand slid from her back to her heart shaped ass, pushing her hand away from her asshole and shoving three fingers into it, another hand reaching down to slap one firm rounded cheek roughly. The pain caused her to cry out and writhe in an attempt to get away from the invading fingers and sharp slap. "Answer me now!"

"N-no. I'm n-not that. P-please s-s-sir, I'm sorry. I w-won't come here again, j-just let me go," she stammered softly, tears starting to fill her eyes, making her vision blur. But despite her fear and embarrassment, having his fingers buried deep in her ass only turned her on more. All she got for her answer was a dry chuckle and another slap, this time on her other cheek.

"I think your lying. Whether it's to yourself or to me, or to both, the fact that you are drenched with your own juices tells me that are a cumslut. You couldn't even keep your hands to yourself while you were sleeping." He twisted his fingers inside her ass while he spoke, stretching her even more. Whimpering softly, she tried to pull away from him, trying to save herself from what seemed to be a sure rape. But he stopped her movement by digging his nails into her soft skin and pulling her closer to him. She cried out and shook her head, tears now falling openly onto the blanket covered log.

"What's wrong little cumslut? You spend all day in my forest pleasuring yourself for all to see and now you're getting shy? For shame," he growled, his voice growing oddly rougher and deeper. Shaking her head again, Candace fought the urge to turn back and look at him. Maybe, if she didn't see him, she could get over this a lot easier when it was all said and done.

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