tagSci-Fi & FantasyPrince Gyllen Ch. 01

Prince Gyllen Ch. 01


In ancient days, on another planet very similar but very different to our own, there was a small kingdom near the northern edge of the world known as Platina. It was a peaceful little country, isolated from the continental mainland. In fact, you might say it was quite boring as hardly any sort of significant event had happened in the last few centuries.

Our focus will be on Prince Gyllen, the last in line for the throne and the solitary male of the four current successors, though just by looking you may mistake him for one of the princesses. His delicate, doll-like facial features combined with his beauteous, bright, blonde hair that ran straight past his shoulders like woven silk would often make people think he was a woman at a glance, something he was quite sensitive about and it earned him the nickname 'Prince Pussy' among certain crude circles in the public. At the same time, however, he was also the subject of much jealousy, especially from the female staff at the castle. Most of them could only dream of having the same azure eyes that shone like gemstones or a slim physique that never seemed to get any fatter no matter how many royal feasts he attended. Depending who you ask, some people even think he is prettier than any of his three elder sisters.

The prince was currently taking a holiday down in the countryside far from the capital city. A whole week of leisurely equestrianism and hill climbing in the beautiful mid-spring scenery of south Platina. The meadows were filled with colourful flowers, a pleasantly cool breeze blew with the mildly warm sun beating down on the land and the local village was hustling and bustling with festivals. It was all quite exciting for Gyllen as well since this was the first time the young man had ever gone away from home without a relative accompanying him but his mother insisted that a team of bodyguards would go with him. Because of this, Gyllen only felt slightly more independent. It did get rather annoying as a cluster of soldiers surrounded him when he was trying to purchase things at the fair or when an obnoxious, clumsy gelding being ridden by a guard struggled to keep up with him on his beautiful, elegant, white mare. Despite this, the prince did have fun for his six days, staying in a villa the royal family owned just on the outskirts of the village.

On the sixth night, Gyllen decided to take a bath so he would be all fresh for returning home. The villa had a bathroom reserved for the royal household. The majority of the room was one big pool, resembling the baths used by the Romans though maybe not quite so elaborate. Gyllen was submerged in the hot, steamy water up to his elegant neck with his eyes closed and relaxed with nothing to keep him company apart from his own thoughts. His yellow hair had been washed with something called 'shampoo' he bought off a merchant from the orient that made his locks smell like oranges. Usually, members of the royal family would have maids at their side to attend to every possible need they may require when scrubbing oneself but Gyllen specifically requested that he did not need the staff to help him bathe or dress himself. The main reason being he was extremely shy when it came to being nude, especially around other people, and another reason was he saw no point as he could do all those things fine by himself.

After he soaked himself enough, Gyllen climbed from the water. His fragile body was shining and dripping, completely bald save for his immaculately trimmed pubic hairs around his small, uncut penis that dangled down. The prince took a small, fluffy towel from a bar fixed onto the wall and began to dry himself, starting with his feet. Just as he was rubbing the towel on his shapely bum, the door swung open and one of the guards came through. Gyllen jump slightly in fright, turned around to face him and fumbled with the small towel to barley cover his crotch and chest.

"Hey, Prince Gyllen!" The guard said.

"R-Robert!" Gyllen exclaimed with his face blushing.

"Just checking to see if you're alright." Robert said to him with a smile, oblivious that Gyllen was distressed to hell and back.

"Get out!" The prince yelled at him. With that, Rob hurried back through the entrance, almost forgetting to close the door behind him. Gyllen went back to drying and noticed that his cock was at half-mast with the idea of being seen naked by the handsome soldier. "Gods...why was I born with such a perverted mind..."

After a while, Gyllen left the bathroom dressed in baby blue nightwear consisting of a shirt and trousers with a a gown worn over them that was a darker shade of blue and some white slippers on his feet to keep them warm. His hair seemed to glow like gold, thanks to the shampoo, as the sides of it hanged over his chest with the back going past his shoulders. Robert was waiting on the opposite side of the hallway with his back against the wall.

"Your majesty, please forgive my insolence." Robert genuflected to the prince with a serious look on his face.

"Ah! No, no! It's not your fault!" Gyllen said all flustered as he helped the guard back onto his feet. "I understand you've only been made my protector recently and haven't had time to familiarise yourself with my...um...special requests yet. I shouldn't have even snapped like that over something so trivial."

"Oh, really?" Rob's face became less intense. "Either way, I'm sorry."

"Why did you even come in like that in the first place?"

"Well, you see..." Robert said scratching the back on his neck.

"It was mother again, wasn't it?" Gyllen guess. Robert nodded in confirmation.

"She gave me certain instructions to watch over you." Robert answered the prince. "I was suppose to check after a while to see if you hadn't fallen asleep in the bath. With us both being lads and all, I didn't think you would be too bothered."

"Uh, why must mother be so protective of me?" Gyllen groaned, hand to his forehead. "When will she understand that I'm not a child anymore? It's not like my sisters have an array of soldiers to follow them about."

"To be fair, my liege, they are all older than you."

"Hmph! If you ask me, Kobber still needs babysitters."

"Oh! Speaking of your sisters, a messenger came by and just informed us that Princess Jern just won against the Gela Army this morning. She'll be coming home to celebrate in a couple of months."

"Oh, gods..." Gyllen muttered under his breath. Jern was famous (or infamous, depending who you ask) for two things: being a mighty warrior and for throwing the most obnoxiously boisterous victory parties in the country.

Robert walked with Gyllen to the room he was staying in, just casually chatting away like two old friends rather than royalty and his bodyguard.

"Did you see all the monsters hanging about at the festivals, my prince?" Rob asked.

"Robert! The correct term is 'non-humans.'" Gyllen scolded him. "'Monster' is so speciesist."

"So sorry, milord. Old habits die hard."

"But, yes, I did see them. It's quite an odd thing to see dwarves, fauns and centaurs all getting along with humans so well."

"I know, it's not like that back in the capital at all. All the non-humans are packed into that horrible 'Monster District' like sardines."

"It's awful. I hope it gets abolished one day."

"With all due respect, sir, you ARE a prince. Can't you do something about it?"

"To be frank, I have very little influence on the way things are done in the kingdom, being last in line and all."

"Still, you have a better chance than I'll ever have." The pair had arrived at the prince's chamber. Gyllen put his hand on the knob of the door, ready to go in. "Pleasant dreams, sir."

"Thank you, Robert."

"You're looking great too. Would it be alright if I used that bath? Beats a wash tub any day." Gyllen just giggled.

"Flattery will get you nowhere."

"Na, I mean it. You're a gorgeous bloke." Gyllen and Rob just stared awkwardly at each other for a couple of seconds. "Uh...forget I said that! See ya!" Robert quickly marched away before Gyllen could say anything back but he smiled. Though it was probably just a poor choice of words on the guard's part and not a confession of any sort, he found it sweet nonetheless.

Gyllen was doing some reading before he decided to go to bed from a musty old tome all about folk tales from the middle east on a gigantic old leather chair by a candle light on a small round table next to it. The fireplace was crackling with a bright flame, keeping the room lit and pleasantly warm. Though rather than actually taking in the words of the story about the city of brass, the prince's mind was elsewhere. Namely thinking about what might have happened if he did not shout at Robert for walking in on him while he had been vulnerable and naked. It was a silly fantasy, the prince knew that, but he still got horny thinking about what Rob would look like without all that bulky armour on. He fantasised the guard with a hairy chest, broad shoulders, abs of steel and a fat dick. Basically, all the things Gyllen's genes would deny himself. A small bulge formed underneath the prince's gown around the crotch area. He sighed and put the book down on the table by his side and lifted his gown up and just about to pull his pyjama bottoms down to masturbate when he heard a rap at the door. The prince, slightly annoyed that his fap session had been delayed for the moment, stood up and let his gown fall back down. He opened up the door, expecting a soldier, but instead he was greeted by a female goblin.

The little lime-skinned woman was just a little over half of Gyllen's height, her head coming up to his waist. Her head shaved on the left side of her head with the remaining fiery, short, orange hair was brushed to fall down her right side making only one of her pointed ears visible. Freckles were dotted around her cheeks and across her defined nose that had a small ring pierced around her right nostril underneath her large, red-pupil eyes. Her clothes consisted of some brown cloth around her chest that unashamedly showed off her proportionally large, green, freckled cleavage and matching brown shorts kept up by a leather belt with a round, metallic buckle. She had nothing to cover her slim midriff and on her feet were well-used boots that went up her smooth calves. She also had an iron dagger sheathed in a scabbard attached to her waist which Gyllen hoped was purely for self-defence.

"Oh! You aren't Werner." The goblin said. Gyllen recalled that there was a guard called Werner that came with him. Did he meet this young filly earlier and invited her to the villa?

"Um, no, I'm not." Gyllen said, unsure how to respond. "Can I help you?"

"Whatever, you're hotter than him anyway." The goblin girl barged into his room uninvited.

"Hey! How did you even get past the patrols?" Gyllen asked, annoyed that some stranger just came into his private chamber to make herself at home.

"Eh, I've sneaked past better. The problem is this damn house. It's too big, I can't find me way about." She replied, eyeing up all the decorations hanged up on the wall. "What's with all the soldiers anyway? Are you a rich daddy's special little girl who needs protectin' at night because she lost her teddy bear?"

"I'm a man!" The prince yelled, getting all up in a tizzy.

"Wha-! No way!" She boldly grasped onto Gyllen's crotch. Naturally, this made Gyllen red-faced and he pushed her away to which she just laughed.

"W-what was that for!?" The prince tried to hide the fact his penis had become a half-chub.

"It's small but you're definitely a boy." She chuckled once more to herself before taking a better look at Gyllen. "Wait a minute...blonde hair and blue eyes....are you Prince Pussy?"

"...I am Prince Gyllen, yes." Gyllen said, trying to remain dignified.

"Whoa, that's so cool! Just came here to take a quiet break from all the hard work of bein' pampered all day and all night? I'm Min, by the way. Nice to meetcha!" The goblin held out a small green hand. Gyllen, out of polite instinct, shook it. "I've never shagged a noble before. This is gonna be fun!"

"What!? Who said anything about fornication?" The prince said, taking his hand away.

"I know you find me sexy." Min jumped onto the queen-sized bed and sat down with her legs dangling over the side. "That big stiffy in your trousers gave it away. Well, maybe 'big' is too generous of a word."

"Huh?" The prince looked down to see that his cock had become fully erect because of the scantily clad cutie and yelled out, trying to cover it with his hands. Min just smirked. Gyllen thought for a minute and decided that he was likely not going to get a chance like this again so he might as well go all the way with it. "Alright, fine! I admit I would like to have sexual intercourse with you."

"Yes! Sex with a pretty prince AND a warm bed! Tonight's my lucky night." Min punched the air in victory. "But you're gonna have to ask me more nicely."

"You're really pushing it..." Gyllen groaned. "Will you please let me have sex with you, Min?"

"Say: "Please, Miss Min, steal my virginity.""

"Wait, how do you know I'm virgin?"

"'Cause you just admitted it, dummy." Min chuckled yet again. Gyllen closed his eyes with his eyebrows furrowed and mouth frowned in frustration. "You're so adorable when you're pissed."

Min lay back onto the bed with her head partially sunken into the soft, feather-filled pillow. Her arms and legs spread out like a starfish. Gyllen just watched, unsure what the goblin was trying to do. Min sat back up to face the prince.

"Come on!" She said.

"Huh?" The clueless Gyllen uttered.

"Man, you really are helpless newbie." Min scratched the back of her head. "Look, it isn't brain surgery, just start takin' off me clothes."

"O-okay..." Said Gyllen with a shaky voice. Min instead flipped herself around and got on all fours, her wide bum sticking out to the prince in those tight shorts. Gyllen put his hands around her waist with his eyes still fixated on that arse and fumbled about with her belt, loosening it up. He managed to unhook the buckle and put his fingers underneath shorts at both hips and slowly pulled them off, gradually revealling her plump, emerald buns as she was not wearing any sort of underwear. Gyllen's eyes were wide and sparkling in amazement as he brought her shorts down even further to her knees, baring her kelly green slit and a ginger bush of pubes. Min looked back to see the noble boy's reactions to seeing his first real-life vagina.

"Not bad, huh?" Min said.

"Thank you, gods..." Gyllen mumbled. "Can I touch it?"

"No, just stare at it for the whole night." Min snarked. "Of course you can touch it!"

"S-sorry. I just don't want to mess up." Gyllen took his trembling right index finger and rub it up and down timidly in between her labia as he breathed loudly through his mouth. He found the vaginal opening and softly prodded his finger into it. The pussy swallowed it up and clung to it tightly, causing Min to quietly moan. Gyllen moved the finger back and forth for a little bit as Min made more noises.

"Mmm, nice n' slow. I kinda like it..." She said. Gyllen took his finger from the sucking orifice, much to Min's disappointment. She looked over her shoulder to see what he was doing. Gyllen examined the sticky liquid on his finger and got curious over how it tasted. He took one tiny lick of it and was instantly captivated by the salty sweetness when it hit his taste buds like a strike to the senses. The prince took one look back to the goblin's wide behind and threw his head down right into it without a second thought. His lips connected with the cunt and the rest of his face was squashed in between her bum cheeks. His nose was against her anus, sniffing the sweat coming from it as his tongue worked away on her vag. He lapped up all the delicious love juices straight from the source as though he was dying of thirst, his tongue partially inside her actual hole while he gripped tightly onto her buttocks, squashing them in his hands. Min grabbed fistfuls of the bed sheet and curled her toes as her groans got louder. "Fucking hell, man, are you sure this is your first time?"

Min moved Gyllen's head away from her pussy, rather forcefully too since he was getting really into it, and laid on her back. She kicked her off her boots and completely removed her shorts that where still hanging loose around her knees, throwing them to the side.. She spread her short legs and opened up her lower lips by using her fingers in an upside down 'V' position, showing her moist insides.. Gyllen attempted to go down on her again, assuming she was just getting in a better position for him to eat out, but his face met her foot instead of her crotch.

"I've had enough licking for now." Min pushed the prince's head back with her sole.

"Fine..." Gyllen pouted. "What's next then?"

"Hmm, I was already pretty horny on my way here so I think we can go straight to the shaggin'."

"Oh...do I have to show my penis?"

"Uh...yeah. That's how sex works. The hell do they teach you at prince school?" Gyllen pulled the gown up over his head and left it on the floor, next to Min's discarded clothes, now standing in his PJ's, hesitant to pull down his bottoms in front of another person waiting for him.

"I can't...it's too embarrassing..."

"Aw, do you need big sis Min to help you?"

"Stop teasing me." Gyllen whined.

"Get over here, you big baby." Min crawled towards the prince and grabbed onto Gyllen's waistband and yanked it down. His cock bounced a little as it was released from it's cloth confines which almost hit the lustful goblin in the face. Gyllen gulped as he watched Min just stare at his erect dick for a little while.

"D-do you like it?" Gyllen asked nervously.

"Not gonna lie, I was expectin' it to be smaller." Min answered. Gyllen's penis was just below the average length.

"Uh, thanks?" The prince was unsure if she meant that as a compliment.

Min lay back onto the bed, resuming her previous position. Gyllen knelt in between her parted legs and aimed his meat stick to her hungry snatch. Touching lightly onto the damp orifice that eagerly awaited him. Min bit her bottom lip in anticipation.

"Ready to say goodbye to your virginity?"

"I think so." Gyllen nodded, putting his hands on her little knees.

"Just move your hips forward."

"Like this?" Gyllen put some pressure on his body up against Min's and-pop!-his glans had entered into the hot cave that his finger was exploring previously. It was nothing like he ever felt before as he pushed in further, filling up Min's insides as it probed deeper and deeper with Min taking deep and heavy breaths. The vaginal walls clamped down on Gyllen's dick when he reached all the way into Min, their two bodies now touching.

"Yes...Very good..." Min said between the cute noises she made with her mouth. "Just keep doing that over again." Gyllen nodded and pulled all the way back and back down again, repeating his motions but getting faster and faster each time. The sweat beads flew from his body and landed onto Min's own perspiring figure, the two making sexual groans in unison with the old wooden bed creaking as they shifted. It was a miracle the guards did not hear anything. Gyllen suddenly grasped hold of the cloth on Min's chest and tugged it off, letting her adorable small boobs be free to bounce with each thrust.

"Takin' charge now, huh?" Min said. Gyllen did not reply but instead took his hands away from her legs and squashed the palms on his hands into the goblin's tiny tits, kneading them into her body. Min was stunned at this sudden aggression but soon found pleasure in her chest getting ravaged by big human hands. With her legs unconstrained, Min held them partially around Gyllen's hips but not all the way since they were so short. She took her left hand and moved it past Gyllen's arms and down her stomach until she reached her clitoris and vigorously rubbed on it with her middle and ring fingers. Gyllen switched from groping Min's breasts to lightly pinching on her dark green nipples. Min winced a little but loved the feeling of her nips getting pulled and twisted. Gyllen continued to relentlessly pound every inch of his cock into her, grunting with ecstasy until it twitched while inside Min's pussy

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