tagNonConsent/ReluctancePrincess & The Pirates Ch. 02

Princess & The Pirates Ch. 02



In the late 1600’s Captain Antoine Renoir and the buccaneers of the brigantine Golden Sword sailed the Spanish Main and the waters around the Caribbean attacking Spanish galleons and other ships. A few years earlier, as part of a loose confederation known as the Brethren of the Coast, Renoir and his crew had joined the privateer Henry Morgan in the attack on the port of Panama. Although the city had been sacked, it had proved costly for the Sword. They lost several crew and by the time the treasure was divided among almost two thousand raiders, their share had proved meager. Disappointed with the results of that action, they became freelance pirates and now attacked ships of all nations from their base on Tortuga, off of Hispaniola.

Dona Isabella de la Vega was a young Spanish noblewoman who was taken prisoner when pirates seized the galleon on which she was traveling. She was sold to Captain Renoir, and her initiation into buccaneer life was told in a previous story (see “Princess & The Pirates”).


On the deck of the English ship Nightingale a beautiful blonde woman stood at the railing and looked out over the blue waters of the Caribbean. The warm breeze caressed her face and for a moment she almost forgot the matter that had been haunting her during her journey. Lady Anne Richmond had been married for two years to Sir William Richmond. Her family, who considered it a grand match, had arranged the marriage. It was understood that Sir William, who at forty was eighteen years her senior had, in his youth, been busy managing the family estates and making his fortune, and therefore had not married. Now ready to take a wife, he had courted Lady Anne for some months, and finally he approached her father and asked for her hand. Lady Anne had been happy to marry him, in spite of their age difference. In addition to being charming and clever, he was quite handsome and very wealthy.

Although Anne was an English Lady of the best breeding and upbringing, she was aware that certain marital duties were expected of a wife and she was fully prepared to meet her obligations. After all, she did hope to give Sir William children. It therefore came as somewhat of a surprise to her when, as the months passed, she found that Sir William had yet to visit her bedchamber. Months became a year, and still he did not approach her. He traveled quite a lot, usually to purchase horses, which were a passion of his, but still he was home often enough to provide many opportunities. She found herself confused and somewhat disappointed, and wondered if it was perhaps some shortcoming on her part that caused him to avoid her at night.

One day while walking on the estate, she happened to find herself on a hill that overlooked the stables. She could see her husband inspecting one of the horses, talking to one of the young grooms. What she saw next turned her world upside down. Sir William and the young groom stepped around to the side of the stable where they thought they could not be seen, and embraced. As Lady Anne stared in disbelief, they kissed passionately, running their hands over each other like lovers! Anne burst into tears and ran from the painful sight. She took to her room and refused to come out for two days. Her maid attempted to bring her meals, but she was too distraught to eat.

She could not get out of her mind the scene she had witnessed. Everything now became clear to her. Sir William did not fancy women, but instead enjoyed the favors of young men! What was she to do? Divorce was not possible, the scandal would be devastating; she would be ruined and end up an old maid. Weeks passed while she contemplated what course to pursue, but she could see no resolution.

Resigned, she decided that she must keep up appearances and continue to be a good wife to Sir William in all other ways. There were many things in life besides having children, and she would simply concentrate on those. Some months later she seized upon the idea to travel as a way of taking her mind off the situation with her husband. Sir William’s holdings in the New World included large estates in Jamaica and a plantation in Carolina, in the Colonies. She would visit these, and report back to her husband.

The sea voyage went well, and she spent the weeks reading and sewing. She had brought her maid, Alice, and was quite comfortable. She spent six weeks in Jamaica, and found the place charming. It was winter, but the weather was delightful, finer than the best summer days in England. As summer approached in Jamaica, Lady Anne was ready to travel north to visit the plantation in Carolina.

Now she stood on the deck of the Nightingale as they sailed the Windward Passage between Cuba and Hispaniola. Although this route brought them close to Tortuga, a refuge for buccaneers, this was the most direct way to the coast of America and would save days over any other approach. The Captain had told her there was nothing to fear; his ship was fast and carried eighty-five crewmembers and sixteen guns, so the pirates would not bother them.

So it came as a shock when the Golden Sword appeared from a sheltered cove directly into the path of the Nightingale. As the lookout sounded the alarm, the Captain sent Lady Anne below, telling her to stay in her cabin with the door locked.

Captain Renoir and his crew made fast work of the English ship. In fact, Nightingale did not even fire her guns. Assessing the situation, the Captain saw that they would not be able to turn the ship around and flee in time. He also knew that the bigger ship of the marauders, with twenty-eight guns and a larger crew, could destroy them if provoked. The Captain decided to yield and sacrifice the cargo rather than risk many deaths and the loss of his ship. When the raiders came alongside and threw grappling hooks onto the Nightingale, he thought that the pirates might leave without discovering Lady Anne.

He was wrong. As the pirate crew stormed through the ship looking for plunder, they left no space unsearched. When they came to the locked door, they kicked it open to find Lady Anne cowering on her bed. The First Mate, Jean-Pierre, seized her, kicking and screaming, and carried her above.

“Look what I found, Captain,” he yelled as he came on deck.

“Unhand me, you filthy beast,” the outraged young Lady shrieked. “How dare you touch me!”

The crew of the Nightingale were helpless to come to the aid of the pretty captive. They were being held at sword point at the other end of the deck. Any attempt to interfere would result in certain death.

“Sir, I appeal to you,” the Captain called to the leader of the pirates, “don’t harm the Lady. Take the cargo and leave her alone!”

He was rewarded for his chivalry by a jab to the ribs with the tip of a cutlass. It drew blood, but it was not a serious wound.

“Shut your mouth, you English dog!” snapped the buccaneer Jacques. It was clear that the raiders were prepared to meet resistance with deadly force.

Jean-Pierre put Lady Anne on her feet in front of Captain Renoir. She looked at the pirate leader with defiance, returning his gaze without wavering.

He touched her cheek and said, “A fair prize, indeed. Bring her along.”

She reacted to the touch by attempting to strike him, but he easily caught her arm and held it fast. She struggled to pull away.

“You filthy scum! You’ll all hang. Let me go!” she commanded.

“Well, Jean-Pierre, that sounds familiar doesn’t it?” Renoir laughed. “They always threaten us. I, for one, am truly frightened, how about you, mon ami?”

“Terrified, Captain,” the Mate grinned. “I’m pissing in my boots.”

“Oh, you disgusting filth,” gasped the shocked gentlewoman.

“Take her on board, Jean-Pierre. I think she will be very entertaining.”

An hour later the thieves had transferred all the treasure, including Lady Anne Richmond, to the Golden Sword. An hour after that the blonde aristocrat stood before the pirate crew, her hands chained above her head to a ring in the mast. Looking around at her captors she saw that the crew were a mixed lot, which included a variety of Europeans and quite a few black men whom she reckoned to be escaped slaves. Many of the men were bare-chested, and most of them were marked with numerous tattoos. She realized that no one was going to be able to save her from her horrible fate at the hands of these outlaws. Nonetheless, she had not given up all hope.

“Please, sir. I beg of you, have mercy. My husband is wealthy and will pay a generous ransom for my safe return,” she pleaded.

Her hopes withered, however, when the men standing around her completely ignored her. For a moment she thought maybe they did not speak English, but then she remembered that the Captain and his First Mate had spoken English on the Nightingale. This terrified her even more, as it indicated that they did not even feel obliged to acknowledge her. Circling around the bound beauty they talked about her, but not to her.

“She’s very pretty, isn’t she?” said the Captain. He was holding a short whip in his hand and swishing it through the air.

“Indeed,” replied the First Mate. “She mentioned her husband, so I suppose she’s not a virgin, eh?”

Anne’s heart jumped at the comment. In fact she was a virgin. Should she tell them? Perhaps they would respect her virginity and show her mercy.

“Oh, sir. I am indeed a maiden. Please have mercy,” she said.

“What, her husband hasn’t touched her? How is that possible with such a beauty?” Jacques asked.

“How long have you been married?” Renoir inquired, finally speaking to her.

“Two years, sir,” she replied, averting her eyes.

“How is it that you are still untouched?”

She could not bring herself to look at his face. Turning away, she whispered, “Sir, my husband prefers boys.”

The men who were close enough to hear her burst out laughing. “A beauty like this for a bride, and the fool prefers boys!”

Quickly the word spread among the crew: she was a virgin. Lady Anne was crying now, tears of shame and fear running down her soft cheeks.

“Don’t cry, mon cheri,” Renoir assured her with a chuckle. “Soon you will have all the cock you can handle, and more!”

“Oh, nooo!” she moaned, sobbing louder.

“Jean-Pierre, will you do the honors?” Renoir offered.

Avec plaisir, mon Capitaine,” replied the Mate as he drew his dagger.

As Lady Anne whimpered and wept, Jean-Pierre proceeded to cut away her clothing until she was completely naked before the crew. Lady Anne had never been naked in front of any man, not even her husband. She was flushed pink with shame and embarrassment as the men stared at her nudity. Her delicate breasts were high and firm, with pale pink nipples. She hung from the shackles and tried to cross her thighs to hide her sex. Her sparse pubic patch was pale blonde, like the hair on her head. Her eyes were tightly clenched, avoiding the lustful stares of the evil men.

When she felt someone touch her hip, she shrieked and began to babble hysterically.

“AAH!…No…no…don’t touch me! You mustn’t…please…horrible…horrible! Filthy beasts…filthy evil men!”

“But I am not a man, mi querido.”

Anne’s sobs were choked off at the sound of a woman’s voice. She opened her eyes and blinked away the tears to see a beautiful young woman standing in front of her. Her clothing was that of a buccaneer: black trousers, leather boots, a red silk blouse and a golden sash around her waist. In the sash she wore a dagger, and her blouse was unbuttoned to the waist, revealing the swells of her unencumbered breasts. Her shiny black hair was held up with an ivory comb.

“You…you’re a w...w...woman!” sobbed the nude Lady Anne.

“And I thank the Lord for it!” laughed Isabella.

“How could you? How could you do this to a woman?” Anne asked.

“I was once a Dona – a Lady – like you, and a captive. I resisted, too, but when I finally yielded my life changed. I have never been happier,” she answered. “You would do well to submit, and save yourself much suffering. If they like you, they will let you live and you can join the settlement on Tortuga.”

“Never! I am a Lady. I will never submit to these beasts. You are as bad as they are, you trollop!” spat the still-defiant Anne.

Que lastima,caro mio” replied the Spanish woman. “We will have our fun regardless, but you will suffer more!”

She slid her hand from Anne’s hip over her quivering belly and cupped a smooth breast. Anne gasped as Isabella fondled the taught globe, pinching the nipple between thumb and forefinger.

“You have lovely breasts, dear. Perhaps not as large as mine, but quite lovely nonetheless. With her other hand Isabella pulled aside her open blouse to bare a large, firm breast. Anne stared at the gold ring pierced through the Spanish woman’s nipple.

“Oh, god! Did they do that to you?” she whimpered.

“Yes, they did,” she replied, pulling the other side of her blouse open. “To both of them.

Anne stared wide-eyed as Isabella drew her dagger and held it front of the Lady’s face. Slowly she placed the tip of the knife under the English girl’s nipple and pressed until the tender flesh was dimpled inward.

“I think perhaps when we pierce you we will do your little blonde cunny, too!”

Anne’s eyes rolled up and she sagged in her chains as she fainted from the horror. Captain Renoir swung the whip and struck her on the hip, waking her suddenly. She squirmed and struggled in her chains, shrieking as he continued to pepper her body with blows from the short lash. The crew were particularly amused by the way she jumped when he hit her across her hard little breasts. He was an expert, and although the quirt left red streaks on her perfect white flesh, her skin was unbroken. When he stopped, Isabella took the girl’s chin in her hand and looked into her eyes.

“Stay with us, your Ladyship. We don’t want you to miss any of the fun!” she taunted. The crew laughed uproariously at the remark, eager to get at this delicate princess.

“Watch this,” Isabella commanded, “you will find it instructive.”

She dropped to her knees in front of Captain Renoir and unbuttoned his trousers. Reaching into the open fly she withdrew his semi-erect cock. Lady Anne stared in disbelief as Isabella planted a kiss on the head of Renoir’s member, then stuck out her pink tongue and licked the shaft from top to bottom as it grew to full hardness. She plunged her open lips over the end and sucked half the rod into her mouth. Her head bobbed as she sucked and slurped on her lover’s cock in front of the stunned Anne and the staring crew. While pumping and sucking his hot dick, she beckoned to Jacques to come over. Knowing what she wanted, he opened his trousers and withdrew his large member, stepping up close to her bobbing head. She reached for his cock and grasped it with her free hand, pumping it to bring it to full erection. Then she turned her head and sucked the other pirate’s prick into her mouth in one motion. She continued to pump on Renoir’s prick while sucking Jacques. Pulling her mouth off she looked up at the aroused buccaneers and said,

“Where is Edwarde? I want Edwarde, too.”

To the absolute horror of Lady Anne, a large black man came forward, his engorged ebony penis bobbing before him. Isabella grabbed the African’s cock with one hand and lifted one of her naked breasts with the other. She proceeded to rub the head of his dick on the end of her pierced tit. Anne could see clear liquid oozing from the little slit in the end of his cock as Isabella smeared it over her erect nipple. Then the Spanish girl pulled his dick into her mouth and sucked it enthusiastically, while pumping a cock in each hand.

The shameless display of lust shocked and disgusted the noble Lady Anne, but she could not look away. For some unexplainable reason the slobbering girl seemed to be enjoying the vile act. Perhaps she was insane? Surely no woman would want to be used in such an unnatural way, and with a black man, too! Anne did not realize that her own nipples were hardening, and that the tip of her little pink tongue had slipped out to lick her full lips. Some of the buccaneers had noticed, however, and they prodded their companions to get their attention and pointed at the bound woman. Her blonde pubic hair was so sparse it did not hide her tight slit, and a moist dew could be seen glistening between the tender lips.

Isabella continued feasting on the pirate dicks, alternating from one to the other, her naked breasts swaying. Saliva and pre-cum dripped from her lips and hung from her chin. Finally she pulled away and stood up, wiping her chin on her sleeve. As she stood close to Anne, the English girl could see that her lips were still wet. Suddenly Isabella grabbed the blonde’s hair, pulled her head back and mashed her mouth against Anne’s. Anne’s cries of protest were muffled by the Spanish woman’s lips as she thrust her tongue into Anne’s mouth. Lady Anne could taste the musky flavor of the three cocks that Isabella had been sucking and felt an involuntary thrill. But in spite of the terror and torment she had already suffered, she was not beaten yet, and she shook her head to break the evil kiss.

“No, no, I will not yield! Do with me what you will, I will keep my honor!” cried the trembling woman.

Isabella reached between Anne’s thighs and rubbed her hand over the drenched pussy lips. She held up the wet fingers in front of Anne’s pert nose, forcing her to smell the scent of her own dripping sex.

“You are obviously aroused, you poor thing. Your husband has not touched you, and a woman needs a man. Why must you make it so hard on yourself?” asked Isabella. “You do not need to suffer.” Anne’s reply was to spit, trying to clear her mouth of the foul taste of the pirate cocks.

“Very well,” sighed Isabella, as she wiped her fingers on Anne’s bare chest. She gestured to Jean-Pierre, “Bring the irons.”

Jean-Pierre stepped up holding several short, black iron rods. Anne was unsure what the purpose was; perhaps they meant to beat her some more. But what came next caused her to stop breathing. Two men approached with a brazier of glowing coals, and Jean-Pierre placed the ends of the iron rods into the fire.

“Oh, nonono! You can’t…you won’t…please, not that!” whined Lady Anne. They couldn’t mean to brand her like an animal!

“I will make you an offer, my Lady,” said Isabella. “You can avoid the brand if you look in my eyes and say ‘I want to suck Edwarde’s cock’. It is so simple!”

“I can’t, please, don’t make me!” pleaded the helpless captive.

“All right. Get her ready,” ordered Isabella.

The crew were enjoying the torture of the English Lady. Anne looked around and saw that most of them had opened their flies and were stroking their erect cocks. A man unhooked her chained wrists from the mast and pulled the naked girl over to a hatch. He forced her to kneel on the deck with her upper body resting on the raised hatch, and pulled her chained arms out straight in front of her. The weathered wood scraped her delicate naked breasts. Two men grabbed her bare ankles and pulled her knees apart, holding her legs tightly to prevent her from struggling. Her perfect smooth behind was open to the stares of the pirates. They could clearly see her naked blonde pussy, the lips parted and covered with her juices. In spite of her protests it was obvious she was aroused.

So much of her pussy juice had leaked out that her inner thighs glistened with the moisture. Isabella ran her hands over the captive’s round cheeks, pulling them open to the men’s gazes. Even her ass crevice and her tiny pink asshole were wet. Isabella ran her finger down the girl’s open wet slit, brushing it lightly over Lady Anne’s twitching clit. A gasp escaped Anne’s lips as Isabella played with the sensitive bud.

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