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Prison Cuckold


The prison bars that separated Jeff from the outside world were very real, even as surreal as the situation commanded itself to be. Jeff's eyes started to tear. ---- But let's back this story up.

They say that prisoners are the product of their environment, as was Jeff. He had never suffered any consequences for his actions. He never had to work a day of his life, due to funding from his family fortune and "trust-funds" that he never earned. He was a dirtball of a husband, to his wife Kim whom he mainly married for one of his trust-funds. He was a shitty son to his parents who he had stolen from and lied to numerous times. To total strangers, he was just a prick that alienated anyone and everyone.

From old southern money, and proud of it Jeff became a person who took things and people for granted. Most people who met him would regard him as "self-entitled" and "pretentious". However, a quality that set him apart from most of his social group was what they called his "Napoleon Complex" or "Little Man Syndrome".

In fact, Jeff was a little 31 year old man with shaved head. He stood only about 5'4 and weighed about 120lbs. His arms and wrists were small, as were his little chicken-legs. Even his wife Kim use to call him "bird-chest" teasingly, which would fuel Jeff's complex.

However, Kim was in love with Jeff because he did what he wanted, when he wanted; he said what he wanted, when he wanted; and usually got what he wanted when he wanted. She thought he was a genuine "bad-ass"; and also she knew he would do anything for her and she could easily manipulate him to do so.

However, nobody understood the relationship due to Kim's mere beauty. She had dark raven hair, olive skin, succulent lips, seductive green eyes and the perfect white smile to match. She was about 5'7, and would tower over Jeff when should would wear high-heels. She worked out constantly, leaving her thighs and ass voluptuous and a flat and tight tummy. However, the first thing from far men noticed was her large DD tits, that were always on display somehow. She didn't need a push-up bra, being only 22 years old. The only man to ever see them were her husband Jeff. He wasn't fond of her medium-sized nipples who preferred tinier-nipples.

The most common thing that Kim hears is that she looks like a younger Megan Fox/Sofia Vergara-porn-star version due to her physique. For some reason, they always say she looks like the porn-star version.


Jeff sat there silently crying in the dark, sharing the cell with three other inmates. Due to the recession, prisoners were being forced to have 4 inmates to a cell. The cell had three bunks (usually only two could fit, but they manage to fit three, making it tight for all prisoners. One person would be sleeping on a cot.

The situation of having to share the cell with three violent men was horrifying to Jeff in itself, not to mention that they were black. But there was a large lists of fears on his mind. The other thought was how the Judge would react to his inappropriate behavior in the court room. While at court, Jeff was throwing his family name around under the assumption that would mean something and yelling at the judge to "Go back to Africa to be with your coon-nigger brothers and sisters!" after hearing the verdict of guilty (identity theft of his own parents). The next fear was using Kim as an accomplice... he loved Kim, and he couldn't bear anything to happen to her. He wondered where she would go, after the local women's correctional facility had been shut down. The pain he had felt, not seeing her for the past few months and psychological and physical abuse he had been put through while in prison was exhausting. He fell asleep.


"Wake up, bitch... I want to sleep up here.", a low tone came from aside the bunk. Jeff woke up, dazily looking over up at his inmate Travis. Jeff, acted as though he didn't hear him. *Smack* "Get the fuck out the bed, cracka'". Travis used his large hand to grab Jeff's tine wrist to pull his small frame off the body. Travis, 6'5 and 245lbs of pure muscle was a reason not to make a fuss about it. Marcus, another large man at 6'2 and 205lbs was standing there watching the situation unfold, as he laid stood laying against the three bunk beds.

Marcus spoke, "You're gonna' be sleeping in the middle bunk, foo. Travis is too big to sleep in the middle, and smashes me. So, you should be a buffer between us." Marcus nodded, as Travis laid where Jeff was sleeping.

Timmy, also known as "Tiny Tim" giggled as he was laying on the cot, which he preferred. Timmy spoke in a higher pitched tone, "Your bed just got jacked, homey." Timmy was about 5'7 and 160lbs, but was wiry and athletic and use to box for a few years winning the Golden Gloves.

Jeff laid down in the middle bunk, with Travis laying on the top. The bed caved in from above, which would barely allow Jeff to turn over. From then on, Jeff slept in the middle bunk, because he soon realized he was the lowest on the food-chain. It was a humbling experience, but probably some survival mechanism going off in his brain. His little body was a threat to probably only 3%, and out of them, half are over the age of 60 years old. The only reason he wasn't a bitch, was because Travis, Marcus and Timmy hadn't let it happen.

Another week went by and soon Jeff was having to give up things to his cell mates. Marcus liked cigarettes and Timmy got his dessert during meals. But Travis got something that Jeff really hated giving up, and that was the letters that Kim would write. In fact, she even would include very graphic photos of herself nude in different outfits. Travis started to steal photos from Jeff and when Jeff asked for them back, he told him to get more from her. Soon, Travis would just make Jeff write back to his wife to have her send more pictures and more graphic photos. Travis accrued many photos that Marcus and Tim would use. In fact, they would use them as currency in the prison. It was estimated that about 10% of the prisoners were jacking off to Jeff's wife.

One day, Travis walked up to Jeff with a big grin on his face. "Hey, boy, I've been keeping this letter a secret from ya... decided it was a good time to give it to ya." He tossed the envelope at Jeff, which hit him in the forehead. Jeff picked up the envelope and took out the letter.

"Dear Jeff,

I don't have much to say. I guess that little stunt you pulled in the court room, and our current economy is forcing us to rot in hell together. Don't tell me how this is even legal, but our lawyer is on it. Jeff... I am scared. I am scared of prison and what is going to happen. The judge said that he was going to have us bunk together. I don't think I'll be the only woman coming there... they have a few other buses. But the judge is allowing me to punk with you and your cell-mates, thanks to Travis. Anyway, I will be seeing you soon... hopefully this will all be resolved soon. Tell Travis thank you.

Love Kim."

Jeff lost his breath. His eyes couldn't focus, the letter dropping. "What-----did----you----do?" Jeff sat down on Timmy's cot.

Travis stepped right in front of Jeff's sitting body. He stepped a bit closer so that he was standing over him and crossed his arms, looking down at him with his chin up a bit. "I got connections in this place, boy. I know what happens and when it happens. The fact is... Kim is the only woman comin' here. Looks like my uncle... who you might know as "Judge Coon Nigger" is teaching you a lesson."

Jeff then looked down at the date of the letter, which was about a month ago. Jeff lost consciousness.

He later woke up, jumping in his sleep, to the sound of something clicking against the ground. Travis must have placed him in the middle bunk. His nose hit the bottom of the mattress that caved in on him every night because of Travis and his large frame.

The bars open, and a prisoner was thrown in, there was the sound of clicking as she entered. Sounded like high heels. Jeff looked over... he was frozen; it was Kim.

Kim stood there in the pair of clear plastic heels, a pair of daisy dukes that were ripped through the back pocket to expose nearly half of her ass, and a tight white wifebeaters, that didn't cover her flat stomach due to her massive DD tits. Her dark hair covered her scared face, as she covered her unprotected body.

Jeff slid out the bed, slowly, and was noticed by Kim who was looking around the cell. His finger slid to his lips and she nodded. Jeff crept slowly towards his wife, and was going to manage to slip her back to his bunk. He was so happy to see her. She looked so fucking hot too. Jeff knew he was going to try and fuck her as soon as possible, he need to release some tension, and she looked like she could do it. Jeff hadn't had sex for a long time and needed to be consoled physically by a woman. The sound of Kim's heels woke up Marcus.

"Hey. What the fuck is goin' on?" Marcus rolled over, looking at Jeff quickly and then rudely staring at Kim.

Jeff was frozen. Here he was, with his wife who he has been waiting to fuck for months, looking like a stripper or a prostitute and a large naked man who has pent up regression and tension between his legs.

"This is my wife, Marcus." Jeff spoke softly. Marcus motioned Jeff over, in which he obliged and kneeled down to the bottom bunk. "Why is she here, Jeff?"

"Because she was an accomplice... this whole mess is going to get fixed... just for the time being... she will be here, I guess. I'm talking to my lawyer as soon as possible. Didn't Travis tell you?"

"That nigga' Travis was serious?" Travis then looked over to Kim. His eyes made him look like a wolf as he stared at Kim, making it obvious that he had ill intentions towards his wife. Jeff's heart began to pump. Travis spoke up, "Alright then, I want to meet her have her meet me."

Jeff waved over to knee next to him. She got on her knees and leaned against Marcus' bunk. Her leaning over caused her cleavage to practically to spill out of her top. "So you're Kim?" Marcus spoke matter-of-factly. "Sexier than your pictures..." Kim looked at Jeff, obviously angry but speechless.

"Well check it out, Jeff. I'm gon' be real honest with ya'... your wife is about to suck my cock, because it hasn't been sucked for a long time. And since Travis decided to keep this a secret, I think I get something." That was Marcus. Always finding a way to get a hustle. "Early bird catch the worm!"

This was the pivotal moment. The covers were thrown back along with the musk of a bull and its powerful member, and a large naked man laid before them. His muscular body proving to be barely enough room for him on the bed. Marcus' obvious endowment was limp, but had surpassed Jeff's thin 4 1/2" cock. Both Kim and Jeff were mesmerized for a brief second. Jeff had never see any of his cell-mate's cocks before. Jeff became instantly sick to his stomach.

"Well..." Marcus looked at Kim impatiently. His hand gripping at her hand and forcing her dainty fingers around the base of his fat cock.

"No!" Kim squealed as softly as she could. She attempted to pull away, but Marcus overpowered her easily. "Stroke and suck, bitch."

Kim looked over at Jeff, "Aren't you going to do something?" She whispered.

Jeff tried to refocus, and looked down at Marcus, who was forcing his wife to stroke his cock to rock hard. Marcus grinned, and used his other hand to open palm slap Jeff, "Don't say a word, bitch, or you'll wake up Travis and Timmy and you don't want none'a dat."

Jeff was stunned for a second. Then gently tried to pry his wife fingers off of his cock.

Kim became impatient with Jeff's unassertive attempt to get her hand off a stranger's hard cock. A very large hard cock at that. The thing was about 8" inches long, with a very large purple mushroom head. The veins that pulsated through his cock made her hands melt as she began becoming wet through her shorts.

Marcus gripped at Jeff's wrist and managed pulled him away from his wife's hand, pinning it behind his back. Kim noticed how easily her husband had been pinned into submission by this large man, who's large cock she was now stroking without being forced to.

She even used her opposite had to stroke at the tip as she stroked at the base. Marcus groaned a bit, as the sound of pre-cum and her jacking his cock off could be heard.

Jeff didn't know what was going on... how this happened so fast and what to do. He didn't want to wake everyone up... what would happen then? He attempted to get out of the submission hold.

Marcus spoke up loud, "Bitch.. .I'll break your arm. Settle down for a minute... enjoy the show."


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