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Prison of Lust


Hi there,

My name is Nathan J. Peña but my friends call me Nay. This is the story of my first time with another man and the path to my new life style. I am half Mexican and half German, I have olive colored skin, long brown hair and brown eyes. I am also six foot tall and skinny.

It all started when I was 19 years old and living as a straight guy with a hot 18 year old blond girlfriend. She was a little wild but I hid a great sex life with her.

She liked to give me head and swallow my cum. Sometimes she would kiss me in the mouth and shove her tongue in it with the cum still in her mouth. We would make out and lick the rest of the cum from each other's mouth until it was all gone.

One day I was hanging out with my best friend Jack who was selling coke at the time. We used to stay up all night parting and he would always get supper drunk. That day I woke up early in the morning and asked Jack to give me a ride to work. He was still drunk from the night before and he ran a stop sign in front of a cop. The cops pulled us over and searched the car. They found over six ounces of coke in the car and asked us who's was it.

There was no way either of us were going to own up to it and all I kept telling them was that I had no idea where that came from.

They charged the both of us with possession and intent to sell. Jack's parents had money so they paid for his lawyer but I had no one and no way to even make bail.

It was the first time I have ever been in trouble but the judge thought I should do some time to learn my lesson. I was sent to prison and sentenced to a three year span.

It was my first week there and I had a weird feeling about the two guys I was sharing a cell with. They would look at me with a look of desire that I did not understand. One of them was taller than me and blond with blue eyes. The other one was about the same height as me and black with brown eyes. They were both really buff and I was scared of what would come next.

One night I woke up after I felt something heavy on my back. I opened my eyes and saw that the blond guy was holding my arms down then I heard the black guy say to me "don't try to fight me it will only make things worse."

I tried to scream but he shoved my face into the bed then I felt his hand pulling down my pants. I was so scared and I resisted as much as I could but there was nothing I could do. I heard him spit and felt it land on my ass cheek then he spit again right on my ass hole. He said "I can see you have a tight little ass so I am going to be nice and stretch it out for you before I fuck you with my big fat cock."

He started with just one finger, shoving it in and out of my ass then I felt him slip the second finger in there. I was still resisting but I felt like it was only making it hurt more. Soddenly he shoved both his fingers all the way up my ass and I could not help myself I let out a small gasp.

He said "I think this little bitch is starting to like it, guess he is ready for my cock now." My ass clenched at the thought of it and once again I was trying to fight my way out of it. He played with my ass for another minute or two and then he pulled his fingers out. I knew what was going to happen next but I could not do anything about it.

I felt his huge dick making its way up my ass slowly then when I thought it could not go any deeper he shoved his cock all the way in my ass. I suddenly felt my dick getting hard slowly as he fucked me up the ass. He started pounding my tight little asshole and I opened my eyes to see that my hands were holding on to the railing at the end of my bed.

I hand not realized it but I must have been holding on for a while because my hand were really hurting. The blond guy was not even holding on to me anymore but I could not see where he was then I saw him out of the side of my eye he was jerking himself off.

My ass was getting numb and it was really sore but strangely it started to feel really good to me.

Next thing I know I was pushing my ass up and spreading my legs as to allow him to fuck me better. He started pulling on my hair and I started to moan quietly at first then I felt him speeding up. He grunted as I felt him bust a nut in my ass. It felt so good that I let out a really laud gasp then I heard some of the other prisoners laughing and cheering me on. They were chanting "Take it like a bitch!!! Take it like a bitch!!!! Take it like a bitch!!!" That was when I realized what I had just done.

I felt him sliding his dick out of my ass and even that felt so good. At that point I thought I was done so I started to roll on my back then I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard the blond guy say "Where do you think you are you going bitch as fag? You still have to take care of me!"

I felt his hand groping my ass and I realized it was really hurt so I started to think I had to find another way to take care of him. Then I started to think about my girlfriend and how the taste of my cum always turned me on. So I told him "My ass really hurts and besides you don't want sloppy seconds do you? Why don't I just suck you off?" He agreed and laid on the bed next to me I had no idea what I was in for but I knew my ass could not take any more.

I worked my way down to his waste and graved his dick with my left hand then he told me to lick his cock up and down. I was really horny and my dick was not even hard I licked his cock over and over enjoying the flavor each time a little more. Then I sucked on his nuts for a little while and he said "Grave my balls with your other hand and start sucking it bitch." I put the head of his dick in my mouth and started to move my head up and down. He put both hand on my head and shoved his tasty cock in my mouth. I gaged the first couple of times but he kept doing it over and over until he just basically started to fuck my mouth.

I got really horny and started jerking off that's when I felt the black guy working his way behind me but I was too turned on to give a fuck at the time. I really liked the feeling of helplessness that came over me and I was their little bitch at the time now talk about turning me on.

I could feel the ones guys dick going down my throat as I was trying to breathe through my nose. Every time I pushed back to try to catch my breath I felt the other guy shoving his hard cock up my sweet little ass and then the blond one would pull my head down again. I gave up total control to them and in exchange I enjoyed been fucked in the ass and mouth at the same time. I continued to play with myself but I did not cum because I was thinking about how good it felt to be fucked this way.

The blond guy pulled my head down extra hard and I knew it was the moment I was waiting for. He nutted so deep in my mouth I swallowed his cum instantly as he said "Oh yeah!! You like it like that don't you? You little faggot bitch." I just kept sucking on his dick until he pulled my head up off of it. I started to moan as my asshole was getting a beating again and I was still playing with myself.

I looked at the blond guy and gave him a wink with a smile then I started to lick my lips. He bitch slapped me and said "I am not a fag like you bitch." Then he looked at the other guy and told him "Why don't you skull fuck this fag so he can get a taste of that ass."

The black guy said "Don't mind if I do." I felt him pull his dick out and I rolled onto my back. He got on his knees on top of me as he got closer to my face I started licking his balls and worked my way up to his big black cock. He fucked my mouth and I plaid with myself but he told me to knock that off. I started thinking about what I was doing and I did not understand how I was enjoying it so much. I grabbed his balls and played with them as he continued to fuck my mouth. Finally he nutted after what seemed like forever and I was happy to swallow his cum. That was the end of the night and I went back to sleep.

I woke up the next day with a sore asshole and a numb jaw I laid in bed all day thinking about the night before. I told myself it was a onetime thing and that I would not let them rape me again. Then again I sure didn't seem to mind at the time and it would be months or years before I could get out into the free world.

Similar events happened the very next night and the night after that and so on until everyone I knew on the Inside called me "Nay three way." Eventually the guys got tired of my ever so willing attitude or they got tired of always fucking the same peace of ass. Either way I enjoyed it so much I fucked around with some of the other "straight" guys while I finished my sentence.

When I got out I tried to go back to the way things were but it just was not the same. I like been fucked by men and fucking women. I also like been called Nay so I still go by that name to this day. I have a girlfriend and we have a boyfriend but we also like to fuck strangers from time to time. To me there is no better feeling then cumming inside my girlfriend while I suck on another man's cock and get fucked in the ass all at the same time. Any way that is the end of my story.

~Love Nay~

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