tagGay MalePrison School Ch. 24

Prison School Ch. 24


Chapter 24 - W4 - Friday evening 7:00 PM

Most of the trainees ate later than usual tonight, because of the special and mandatory meeting that Ruben had arranged. One table had been reserved for the CA group, and they were the last of the students to fill their trays. The podium had been returned to the cafeteria, as it was last Friday night.

"Gentlemen," Ruben spoke, "I have arranged this meeting tonight so I can relay the information to you correctly, as to the position of the school. When I get done, there should be no rumors circulating around. The school is going to be transitioned into a detention center for wayward teenage boys. Please note that I said transitioned, this will not be a sudden change that happens over a weekend. It will take place over a period of months."

"I have been informed, that those of you that are part way through training, will be permitted to continue and finish. It will be approximately two months before the first of the teenagers will arrive. I have explained to both Ivan and Mitch how the renovations, particularly to Dorm 2, will be done, and they will start in a couple of weeks."

"Those of you who will finish training and time to be served over the next 6 or 7 weeks will not be affected. Some of you, mainly in Dorm 2, will need to relocate into Dorm 1 prior to the arrival of the teenagers, as they will all be housed in Dorm 2."

"Now, on a lighter topic, does the CA crew have something special to offer?"

"We do, Vern stated, smiling, as Mike, Troy and Jeremy left their seats and headed to the kitchen area."

"Sometimes," Ruben spoke again, "We can have a celebration. I would like to announce that our friends Glen and Ty have both completed their training and time, and will be leaving us tomorrow to start their lives anew in the free world. Also starting next week, Marty will be taking Ty's position as trainer."

Mike returned, carrying a large sheet cake, Troy with a couple buckets of Ice Cream, and Jeremy with paper plates, forks, spoons and napkins. After the groups gave their farewells and good wishes, the culinary crew began the job of cleaning up.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It's Sunday morning, about 9:30 AM. Nate is waking up and feeling hungry for some boyfriend cock. He already has a stiffie that is laying against his lovers thigh. He leans over, touching his lips tenderly on Adam's, who responds immediately.

"Baby," Adam spoke, "You know what that does to me!"

"I surely do, Babe." Nate answered, grinning, and sliding his hand down and wrapping it around Adam's stiffening cock. "I want a little pre-breakfast snack."

"I gotta pee, baby."

"Good!" Nate exclaimed, "That means I won't have to work too long to get my treat. A guy cums quicker if they have a full bladder."

Nate threw back the sheet, exposing their naked bodies, then slipped off the bed, kneeling beside it, and hungrily put his mouth over Adam's now hard and throbbing dick. As he descended onto his lover's cock, he could feel the precum exiting his own cock and probably making a puddle on the floor.

"I'm afraid I'm gonna pee in your mouth." Adam whined.

"That's not pee," Nate assured, "if it is, I'll drink it! Just hold back." Nate could feel Adam's cock starting to pulse.

"I can't hold it baby, I'm gonna leak pee in your mouth! Oh my god baby, I'm cummmmmiiinngggggg! Fuuuuuuuck!"

As Adam reached his orgasm, Nate hungrily swallowed rope after rope of Adam's creamy substance, enjoying the taste. Nate really likes to taste Adam's mans milk.

Nate stood up, and Adam sat up on the bed, his mouth just a couple inches from Nate's leaking erection. Adam swiped his tongue over the pee slit, licking off any pre that was there.

Adam said "We just woke up Baby, don't you have to pee?"

"As a matter of fact I do, but I'm not quite ready to spring a leak." Nate answered. "Do you want to do me?"

Adam didn't answer, verbally, he just sucked Nate's cock into his mouth and started to give his lover a blowjob, placing his hands on Nate's butt cheeks, and holding him close. As Nate had stated earlier, he had a full bladder, and knew he wouldn't last very long. Nate was considering how Adam had evolved, from a guy that wouldn't even consider a dick in his mouth, to an expert cocksucker, in just a few short weeks!

"I'm getting close Babe," Nate spoke quietly. "Oh, Babe, you're doing it so right, I'm about ready, I'm shooooootttttttiiiiiinnnnnngggg!"

Adam, loving the feel and taste of Nate's ejaculation, swallowed every drop, and milked the last couple drops out.

Adam, grinning and looking up into Nate's face, "I didn't gag this time!"

Nate smiled, "That's an accomplishment, let's go take that pee, and go grab some chow."

The two men sauntered to the bathroom, sharing the urinal, as usual and watching each other pee, as usual, and grinning at each other, as usual. They then headed back to their beds, Nate pushed Adam down onto his back, and immediately covered Adam with his own body, their now flaccid cocks laying next to each other, squeezed between their bodies.

"Babe, I love you so much more than I ever thought I could love anybody!" Nate exclaimed. "What time do you expect your parents to get here?"

"Between 1 and 2," Adam replied. "And I love you more than anybody, too. I'm still scared about this afternoon, baby."

"It's 11:15 Babe, let's get dressed and get some chow. Then we can go out to that gazebo and wait for your parents." Then, "I'm optimistic sweetheart, I don't think it will be as bad as you think."

The two men dressed, and headed to the cafeteria for brunch.

About 12:45 PM after finishing eating, Nate and Adam headed over to the gazebo, where they could relax and watch for Adam's parents to arrive. Adam is not exactly anxious for his parents to arrive, in actuality, he would prefer to put this off until next year, or even the next decade. Both of these men know this is a hurdle they must overcome, sooner or later, so, they might as well get it over now.

Shortly after 1:00 PM they hear a vehicle arriving, and can see the dust rising behind the car from the gravel road.

"That's my Dad's Camry," Adam said, not showing any excitement at all.

As Mr. Hillman pulled into a parking space, Adam walked toward the car, informing his father that he and his mother needed to register with the security officer inside the main office, and then could join Nate and him at the gazebo. The senior Hillman's went inside to register. Adam walked back to the gazebo, sitting next to Nate, who instinctively wrapped his arm around Adam, pulling him close.

"I think it best," Adam said, "that you don't try to show affection toward me while my parents are here. You're supposed to be just my best friend." Nate removed his arm from around Adam. As Adam's parents returned to the gazebo, Adam and Nate both stood up.

Adam spoke, "Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet my closest and best friend, Nathan Gifford, we call him Nate. Nate, my parents, Gerald and Martha Hillman."

Nate respectfully and politely offered his hand, and both parents accepted it.

"Nate," Martha spoke, "What are you training for, and how long have you two known each other?"

Nate, smiling at Adam, "We're both training to be plumbers, and we've known each other for a few weeks."

"Martha," Gerald stated, "I told you years ago, that Adam was growing up to be a fag. And I'd bet both of these boys are fags!"

Adam jumped up, heading out of the gazebo, with Nate right behind him, grabbing his wrist. "Adam," Nate shouted, "Don't leave!" Nate pulled Adam back inside and pushed him back down to his seat.

"Mr. Hillman," Nate spoke, "with all respect sir, the word 'fag' or 'queer' to a gay person is very offensive. It should be offensive to anyone. Can we continue this visit as adults, and leave the animosity behind?"

"Babe, your parents drove a long way to visit us, please don't turn your back on them. We really need to communicate, and, hopefully come to an understanding."

Martha is waving her hand, wanting to say something. Nate responded, "Mrs. Hillman, I think you may have something to say?"

"Thank you Nate," she said, "I think you may be the most adult person here, and thank you for reining Adam in a few minutes ago. You also told us something you may not have intended to tell us, just the way you addressed Adam."

"Martha and I observed something as soon as we arrived." Gerald stated. "We knew that you two were not just friends, that it was more, a lot more. Then, when you addressed Adam as 'Babe', that was like the icing on the cake." Nate's face turned pink. "That term would only be used by those in a much deeper relationship than just friends."

"So when," Martha inquired, "Adam, were you planning on letting your parents know that you liked boys?"

"I didn't really plan to." Adam answered. "To be honest, I didn't really even know that I was gay. I just assumed that I was straight, I never had an inclination toward boys or men. Then I met Nate, and reality came crashing down. I was attracted to him in ways I could not begin to explain. He was like a magnet to me. He has made me happier than I have ever been in my entire life."

Martha was starting to weep. "Mom," Adam said, "I'm sorry I couldn't be what you and Dad wanted me to be. I am prepared for you and Dad to disown me. But, at least I have the love of Nate's family."

"Nate." Gerald asked, "How did your family react to this?"

"Well," Nate responded, smiling, "They've known I was gay for about 13 years, and they're looking forward to gaining an awesome son-in-law!" Then, putting his arm around Adam, "They can hardly wait to see us married."

Martha stated, "The bible says marriage is only between 1 man and 1 woman—Gerald cut her off.

"And it also says, what God has brought together let no man tear apart, and I'm inclined to think that God has brought these two together. Martha, I can feel the love between these two and I think we would be fools to not accept them as part of our family."

"But that means," Martha sobbed, "we will never have any grandchildren."

"On the contrary," Nate spoke, "Once we're married and have adequate incomes and a home of our own, we plan to adopt at least one and probably two children. I think Adam and I would make great Daddy's."

"Nate," Gerald said, motioning Nate to come to him. "I think I spoke out of turn earlier. Can you forgive me for the offensive language?"

"Sure, Mr. Hillman."

"And, Nate, you can call me Dad, if I can call you Son." Gerald hugged Nate affectionately, and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks, Dad!" Nate said, smiling.

Gerald, approaching Adam, "Son, please don't ever think we can't talk about anything. We love you unconditionally, and your future husband!" Gerald gives Adam a strong and loving hug.

"Can I call you Mom?" questioned Nate to Martha.

"You sure can, son. I'm gonna hold you to producing some grandchildren, even if they are not biologically yours. Adopted grandchildren are so much better that NO grandchildren at all. I think my son picked an awesome man to be his husband!"

"Thanks Mom," Nate said, blushing, hugging her and kissing her softly on the lips.

Adam interjected, "Mom, I'm so sorry I misjudged you and Dad. I didn't want to have this visit, I just knew you and Dad would disown me. Nate pushed me into it, and I'm so glad now that he did. He always seems to know what will work out right. I love him so much!"

"I can tell, honey," Martha replied, "It's not hard to see and feel the love you two have for each other. I really hope nothing ever comes between you." Adam hugged his Mom and kissed her.

The next couple of hours were spent in, mostly, small talk. Nate told the senior Hillman's about how his father had a plumbing contractor friend that may be able to hire both Adam and himself. Both young men avoided discussing their sex life, but they did admit that they were able to sleep together, and how much they enjoyed just being with each other, pretty much 24/7.

Martha questioned, "So what do you guys usually fight about?"

Adam and Nate looked at each other, smiling, and Adam answered, "We haven't had a lover's quarrel, or even a heated argument, yet."

Nate admitted, "Adam's a wuss, sometimes. He was against meeting my family, and against this meeting today. But neither was an argument, I just had to convince him that I was right." Gerald and Martha both smiled.

"Nathan, how old are you?" Gerald asked.

"Twenty-seven Mr. Hi-- Dad."

"Six years difference. I think Adam really needs someone a little older to guide him." Gerald added, "I think you two complement each other well."

"I'm trying," Martha stated, some tears slipping out, "to picture the wedding photo. You're going to make a beautiful couple!"

"Thanks, Mom." Both boys answered, simultaneously.

"Martha, we need to leave, it's a long drive home."

While the parents were signing out, Adam and Nate lingered in the gazebo, falling into an embrace. The Hillmans got into their car and backed out, Mom throwing kisses out the car window to Nate and Adam, who threw them back, as they pulled out onto the gravel drive and disappeared.

"Your parents are pretty cool," Nate said.

"Cooler, I guess than what I ever thought they would be. I was scared to death to face them, but I'm glad now we did. I could not have done that alone, Baby."

"Yes you could have," Nate countered, "You just don't think you could have. And you wouldn't have tried, had I not pushed you. It was something that desperately needed to be done. Sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the horns and do it!"

"I'm hungry, Baby."

"For what?" Nate teased.

"You know I never get enough of that," Adam said, grinning, and glancing down at Nate's crotch, "but I'm hungry right now for food."

"I could stand some of that myself, let's go."

The two young lovers headed to the cafeteria, to chow down on whatever they were serving this Sunday evening. When they got their trays filled they noticed that Luke was sitting and eating alone, and walked over to him.

"May we join you?" Nate asked.

"Of course." Luke answered. "Judging from the looks, and the smiles on your faces, I trust your parental visit went well today?"

"I almost blew it!" Adam exclaimed, "But Superman here sprang into action and saved the day! My baby always seems to know the right thing to do, and the right time to do it."

Nate, blushing, "Like you gave me a choice? If I didn't act, today would have ended in disaster!" Then, "But once we came to an understanding, I feel Mom and Dad have gained a future son-in-law and I have gained a second set of parents."

"Luke," Adam said, with tears sliding down his face, "My boyfriend is just simply the most awesome man in the world!"

Nate, face flushed, "Not quite as awesome as my boyfriend!" then gave Adam a sideways hug.

"Did you get your letter sent, Luke?" Nate asked.

"I'm going to write it right after I leave here. I want Mike to read it before I mail it, and, by the way, I still need that stamp."

"Okay if I give it to you at breakfast? You'll still be able to slip it in the mail tomorrow. Babe, remind me to grab a stamp in the morning."

"That'll be fine, Nate. I really appreciate it.

All three men casually ate, and when finished, took their trays over and dropped them off. Luke told Mike he was going to try to write that letter tonight and Adam and Nate took off for parts unknown.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

David was in the rec room of Dorm 1 about 8:00 PM, feeling really sleepy. Knowing it was too early for bed, but the sleepy's were getting to him so he decided to retire early. He went to his bed, got naked and slipped under the sheet, just relaxing, his eyes closed, waiting for sleep to overtake him.

It was about 8:30 when the kitchen crew were all done and leaving the cafeteria. James, Stephen and Jeremy all headed to Dorm 1, James and Stephen decided to shoot some pool, and entered the rec room, while Jeremy headed to his bed, planning to masturbate. He noticed that David was already in bed, so getting it off with him tonight seemed unlikely.

Jeremy stripped, and crawled into bed, then lay there, thinking of David's silky foreskin just inches under that sheet. With lust driving him, he rose, walked to the end of the room and turned out the bright overhead lights, and approached David's bed, trying to determine if he was actually asleep.

David looked as if he were asleep, and made no indication he was aware of Jeremy's presence. David's body was almost completely on one side of the bed, leaving plenty of room for Jeremy to very quietly raise up the sheet and sit down. David has to be sleeping. Jeremy stealthily slipped his hand under the sheet, and slowly felt for David's beautiful sheathed cock.

Pay dirt! Jeremy found his treasure, he is captivated by the feel of David's so velvety soft foreskin. As Jeremy very lightly felt that foreskin, David's cock started to awaken, gradually filling up. He studied David's face, which now displayed an almost and ear to ear grin, but yet, his eyes were closed.

"Are you awake?" Jeremy whispered fairly loudly. No response received.

Jeremy continued to feel, and lightly stroke David's cock, which now was trying to push out of the foreskin. He could feel precum seeping from the pee slit. His own little penis was at full mast, and pumping out a steady stream of pre. Jeremy was so hot right now, he felt as if he could cum any second, without even touching it.

"Jeremy, you've got the touch of an angel!" David spoke softly.

"I - I - I thought you were asleep!" Jeremy stuttered, pulling his hand back.

"I'm glad I wasn't," David returned, "I would have missed out on the last 15 minutes of pure pleasure!" Then he grabbed Jeremy's hand, placing it back on his dick.

"I can't help it, David," Jeremy explained, "I'm just fascinated with your beautiful penis! I've just never before had the pleasure of playing with such a treasure."

David reached over, feeling Jeremy's rock hard, and covered in precum cock.

"You're all wet and slippery, Jer."

"Careful, David, I'm so fuckin' hot I think I could almost cum in seconds!"

"Let's find out. Stand up." Jeremy stood up, and David sat up, aligning his mouth with Jeremy's rock hard erection and placing his hands behind Jeremy's ass, holding him close.

"I got really surprised the first time," David said, "But now that I know how you shoot, I'm ready for a white wash job." David took Jeremy in, slowly nursing the little cock.

After about only 2 minutes, "David, I can't hold off, I told you I was—shit I'm cumming off—nooooooooooowwwwwwwww!" Then, "Oh my god, that felt so good. I really needed that, David. Thank you so much!"

"Jeremy," David spoke, "I really love sucking you off. My biggest pleasure in sucking a dick is to feel the climax and taste the juice. And yours is so tasty! Thanks for the dessert." Then, "Are you done with me?"

Jeremy, chuckling, "Not unless you want me to be."

"Jer, as much as I love your touch on my cock, I really want something else."

"Shift up a little, so I can kneel between your legs." Jeremy stated.

The two guys re-positioned a little, and Jeremy started to work that uncut cock he likes so much. As he took some of it in, he also was running his tongue under the foreskin and around the glans, trying his best to please David, and also hungry for a protein snack.

"Jer," David questioned, "What do we do if someone walks in?" Jeremy pulled off for a minute.

"Well, I've got a couple in the bed next to me that fuck like rabbits, and, from what I've seen, nobody really gives a fuck. Worst case, we might attract an audience. Don't worry about it, I don't."

"I just wondered. Jer, you're doing an awesome job, I'm gonna deliver you a meal soon if you keep that up."

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