Prisoner's Wife Learns Hard Lesson


Several hours after I had been fucked in the arse I was still very sore. I had to wait over 3 hours before Tom went out and left me alone. I quickly phoned Bruce and we talked for over an hour while Tom was away. Rather reluctantly I told Bruce about being fucked in the arse and I could hear some distress in his voice - he didn't want anyone to fuck me at all much less in the arsehole. We continued to talk until I thought it would be dangerous to talk any longer so I hung up the phone and promised to ring Bruce again as soon as I was alone.

Tom returned soon after I had hung up and I was surprised to see he had another man with him. Gosh, I had been fucked already today - what was this man going to do? Tom told me to get naked quickly and soon I was spread all over the lounge and this man was in me fucking me like mad. Fortunately I was still wet from my previous sex and so he didn't hurt me. When he was finished he pulled out and dressed himself and left us. I felt very distressed myself now and also rather sore to boot. My arsehole was very tender and I had some difficulty sitting down.

This continual fucking with strangers continued almost every day - sometimes I had a break for a day - and I was getting very worried about the possibility of contracting some sort of sexual disease from all of these different partners. Tom wouldn't allow me to put a condom on their cocks and I had to have each one of them bareback in me. I think the big turnon for Tom was when they shot their load of cum into my cunt. Occasionally he would tell a man he could fuck me for the second time (after a short spell) but only if he made sure he pulled out of my cunt and then stuck his cock in my mouth and came there. Thus I collected a few loads of cum in my mouth. It wasn't the dislike of cum which worried me but still I felt uneasy about the disease possibilities.

I continued to talk to Bruce on the phone whenever it was possible. I told him of my fears and I think I worried him too. After over three months of talking to Bruce almost daily he decided I had had enough and he badly wanted to visit me himself. I told him it was too dangerous but he told me he didn't care about Tom - he was a bastard anyway to do these things to me.

Finally it was arranged that the next time Tom went out for what would probably be a long time (usually he went out longer on Tuesdays) I would ring Bruce on his cell phone and he would be nearby to my home. He would then come around and talk to me personally rather than over the phone.

When Tuesday came I was so nervous I didn't know what to do with myself before Tom left. I had taken the trouble to dress in some of my better clothes for Bruce - I didn't care what I was wearing when Tom brought his men home to fuck me - my clothes were soon off me anyway. I took the trouble to shave my legs and my underarms - something I didn't necessarily do when I knew Tom would bring home a man to just fuck me! I also chose a very nice dress as well as some of my prettiest underwear - just in case Bruce looked closely at what I am wearing. Tom just walked out of the front door about 2.00pm and now I must ring Bruce.

I quickly dialed his cell phone and he answered almost immediately. Within 4 minutes he was at my front door, knocking gently. I was waiting for him just inside the door and quickly pulled the door open and welcomed him inside. As soon as the door closed behind him he threw his arms around me and kissed me deeply - I really enjoyed that first kiss. Actually this wasn't our first kiss - Bruce had been the first man who was brought in to fuck me who had taken the trouble to say goodbye to me and to actually kiss me.

I took Bruce into the kitchen and asked him if he minded talking to me there. I was so ashamed at what always went on in our lounge room where I was fucked so regularly that I didn't want to take Bruce there, although he had been there with me the first time when he fucked me.

Stupid as it sounds we sat at the kitchen table, on chairs alongside each other and we held hands while we talked. Bruce was very kind in the way he talked to me and told me he had grown to have a very deep affection for me. I told him his conversations on the phone had cheered me up and I felt something for him too but I wasn't sure what it was. In between our conversation we kissed and held each other. These kisses were becoming more meaningful as we progressed and I was beginning to become aroused more than before. I had also chosen the kitchen because it was possible to watch out of the window for Tom's return. I also explained to Bruce that should Tom return suddenly he could quickly leave by the back door and to simply wait around the side of the house before returning to his car. That way Tom shouldn't be able to see him and know he was here with me.

Our kisses and embraces became more passionate and soon Bruce was feeling by breasts through my clothes. I was certainly feeling something for Bruce but I also realized I was married to Tom, hate him or not, and I had to be very careful or there could be a great deal of trouble. I told Bruce I thought Tom would be away for about 2 hours so he should leave after 1 1/2 hours so that he would definitely miss Tom.

I must admit I was very turned on by Bruce and although not touching him directly I could feel his large erection pressing against my thigh. He kept on kissing and feeling me and his kisses became harder and longer. At last his hand dropped to my leg and I could feel his hand slowly moving up my leg under my skirt until he was almost touching my underwear. I looked at Bruce and said, "Are you very sure you want to keep on doing this sort of thing with me - after all I have been much like a common prostitute having been fucked by complete strangers almost every day?" Bruce's hand slipped further up my leg and touched my pussy through my panties and he said, "Jennifer, there is something I have to say. I know I am in love with you and I want you for my own. I certainly don't like you being fucked by every Tom, Dick and Harry and being used up by your rotten husband but until you agree to come away with me there doesn't seem to be much I can do about it! As soon as you are prepared to make a break I will look after you and you will never have to do anything like this again."

I hugged him and told him I thought I loved him too but I would have to be sure before I broke with Tom. I also said Tom could be a vicious enemy and he might harm us both if I left him. I knew we were reaching a point of no return and I felt I loved Bruce but just wasn't game to make the break.

My next words to Bruce almost amazed me! "Bruce, if you feel you love me and would be repulsed by my body which has been fucked by so many strangers, would you make love to me now?" Bruce couldn't reply quickly enough. He said, "Darling, of course I will make love to you. I love you for what you are not for what you have been!"

I had an instant plan for us. I told Bruce I would like him to make love to me now but there would be lots of problems if we went into other rooms - we wouldn't be able to see when Tom might return and also, an escape route for Bruce would be more difficult. I told him I had worn this dress specifically in case he wanted to make love to me. It is a very loose dress and, if he was prepared to make love to me but behind me, I could simply remove my panties and bra but keep my dress on. Bruce would be able to pull it up over my back and, if I lean on the table, he would be able to make love to me from behind. Bruce became very excited and agreed at once. I slipped my hands under my dress and quickly pulled down my panties, amazed at how wet they were in such a short time. I then pulled my dress up higher and with a little bit of trouble removed my bra. Now I was naked under my dress. Bruce pulled my dress up at the front and began admiring my body. He felt my breasts and nipples and also sucked them. When he slid his hand down between my legs and touched me I was almost ashamed I had such a hairy pubic bush but he quickly told me he loved my hairiness and didn't want me to change that!

Realizing time was getting short - and I certainly didn't want to get caught with Bruce - I told him we had better hurry. I undid his belt and his zip on his trousers and they dropped to the floor together with his underpants. I knelt down in front of him and took his hard cock in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. I pulled him out of my mouth and warned him he had better try to watch out the window for signs of Tom's return. After I had sucked him for several minutes I felt he was beginning to cum so I stopped and told him I wanted him to make love to me. We kissed again very passionately and then I positioned myself over the kitchen table in such a way that we could both look out the window to watch out for Tom. Bruce pulled my dress up so that my whole back was exposed and he kissed my back down my spine until he came to my crease when he started to lick my backside. I loved that and felt an orgasm rising. I turned to Bruce and asked him to make love to me quickly because it would be now or never.

I parted my legs to give him access to my cunt. He reached around in front of me under the table and began playing with my clit. I was suddenly in raptures and felt my orgasm coming on quickly and strongly. Just as I came he slipped the head of his hard cock into my cunt and gently pushed up into me until he was completely inside me. He asked me if I was alright and when I said everything was lovely, he began pumping me steadily making me feel like I was being made love to rather than being fucked as I had been by so many in the past!

He pumped me gently and I could feel his cock stroking my cunt but at the same time he was making sure I was cumming because he was gently playing with my clit. I must have cum 6 or 7 times while he was pumping me before he whispered, "Jennifer, I love you. I am about to cum in you and I want you to know how much this means to me! I love you." With that he suddenly increased his speed and he was thrusting powerfully into me when he grunted and exploded with his cum shooting right up into my cunt! I had at last been made love to and I loved it!

Bruce didn't want to withdraw but I insisted because I told him I loved what we had just done but I certainly didn't want it spoiled by Tom catching us together. Reluctantly he pulled his softening cock out of me and I could feel his cum running out of me and down my legs. On impulse I turned around and knelt down in front of him and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him! I could taste myself and his cum on his cock but I loved it! As soon as he was clean I made him pull up his pants and get ready for his departure. I also slipped into the bathroom and did my best to clean out the cum which was left in me. Once I was satisfied there was no trace of Bruce, I returned to the kitchen and slipped on my panties not bothering with my bra. I kissed and held Bruce again and we hugged for longer than I wished but I had to break this up so he could get away. We went to the front door where I made him wait inside while I went to the front gate. I looked along the street but there was no sign of Tom. I quickly returned to the front door where I kissed Bruce passionately and then made him leave me! Oh, how I ached as he left me but I knew it was for the best for both of us. I promised to ring him the next time Tom left the house -probably tomorrow afternoon. With that Bruce was gone!

I took the time to think about what had happened to me since Tom had gone to prison. I really didn't too much of Tom's worries about whether I had cheated on him because I knew I hadn't done anything wrong. But then the picture of his refusal to fuck me when he was released became clearer in my mind. At last I could understand that he must have loved me to some degree because he recognized my need for satisfaction and in his own way he had provided that for me. Of course I hated having all of these strange men fuck me and, although in part it gave me some relief, it didn't make up for what Tom wasn't giving me. As I had been fucked by more and more of these strange men I had gradually learned to relax more and had to admit I was beginning to enjoy being fucked - it was giving me relief if nothing more. But there was Bruce to consider. He is the first man I have willingly allowed to fuck me since I married Tom. I had never strayed from my marriage but now he was entering my life and I had to admit I was enjoying his company on the phone as well as what happened today. The more I thought of Bruce the more I felt I had some love for him. I now realized I didn't love Tom mainly because of what he was subjecting me to and the fact he didn't care about me anymore.

I had been thinking for about 15 minutes when I heard Tom opening the front door. I was so glad Bruce had left when he did otherwise he may have been seen by Tom. When Tom moved into the lounge room he called to me to come in. When I entered the lounge room I was disgusted to see he had another strange man with him. This man was a black man and I was immediately alarmed by his presence. Tom said to me with a much brighter tone in his voice, "Well, Jennifer, I have brought you a special treat today. This is Luke and he will fuck you really special today. Get over here and get your clothes off, quickly!" I don't have any fear of black men but this man was going to fuck me and I wasn't at all happy about that. I immediately thought of Bruce and what he would think of me if I let this black man fuck me. My thoughts were wasted however as Tom told me to get naked NOW! I undid my dress and allowed it to drop to the floor. I then pleaded with Tom to not make me do this but he just insisted and threatened to slap me if I didn't get my panties off immediately. Reluctantly I hooked my thumbs in the top of my panties and slowly pulled them down my long legs.

Luke by this time had removed his clothes and stood naked in front of me. I couldn't take my eyes off his extra large cock. It was incredible, just hanging between his legs but slowly gaining an erection as he looked at my naked body. He moved over to me and took me in his arms. Although he was a very big man, he was very gentle with me. He actually kissed me as he was caressing my breasts and nipples. For the first time, apart from Bruce, I found I was getting aroused with all the attention he was giving me. At last he slipped his hand down between my legs and stroked me. He then looked over at Tom who just nodded and then I was led over to the lounge and laid on my back. Luke parted my legs until I was spread as wide as possible before he began rubbing his now hard cock against my clit and cunt lips. He was huge and I seriously wondered how I could possibly take this large cock into my body. Fortunately I had still retained a deal of moisture from Bruce so when Luke gently pushed his cock into me I was surprised it just slid into my very well lubricated cunt. I was so glad I had been fucked by Bruce earlier. This man has entered my body deeper than any man before. I had heard of stories where the man was able to push his cock right into a woman's cervix and then into her uterus but I had never believed it was possible that it could happen to me.

Luke was a wonderful lover even though I didn't want to admit it. He fucked me with long hard strokes and I could feel my orgasms rising in my body. I came 5 times before he finally shot his extra large load of cum into my cunt! I am sure his load went directly in through my cervix and directly into my womb he was so far up inside me! How I enjoyed that fuck! After he had withdrawn he thanked me and dressed himself. I just couldn't believe how much cum was running out of my cunt. I could see even Tom was watching the cum running out. I had been badly stretched by Luke but couldn't help think how wonderful it had been. At the same time I thought again of Bruce and how he would think about this episode in my life.

Suddenly I realized I was in a three-way love triangle. I loved my husband despite all he has done to me. I also feel I love Bruce and now I had sudden feelings for Luke! I can honestly say I had never been fucked by anyone like Luke had done to me and the thrill of it was still in my body.

For the first time since Tom had been bringing men to fuck me Luke asked Tom if he might come back another time and fuck me again. I must admit I was thrilled to hear him say that. Tom must have realized I had enjoyed that fuck because he came over to me and said, "Jennifer, I know this man has fucked you like no other man has ever done before. Would you like him to come back and fuck you again?" My whole body was thrilled to hear him say that but I didn't want to show too much enthusiasm so I just nodded and mumbled "Yes, if that would be alright with you." Tom turned back to Luke and said, "Well Luke, it seems that you are a hit with my wife. If it is alright with you, why don't you come back tomorrow afternoon about the same time and you can fuck her again!" Luke simply thanked Tom and then he came over to me and thanked me too, and then he kissed me. I feel sure I blushed all over my naked body. I must have looked a sight lying there with cum still running out of my cunt but I didn't care - I would be seeing Luke tomorrow.

Rather surprisingly Tom left with Luke and I was all alone. Also for the first time Tom said he would be back in about an hour. Perhaps Tom was changing and really did love me. Now the triangle was a little more complicated. I thought hard and long about Luke. He had only fucked me once but it had been the thrill of a lifetime and I had definitely fallen for him in a big way. But then I had to think of Bruce - in a way I loved him too. Should I ring him and talk to him now?

I just didn't feel like dressing or cleaning myself up - I was relishing the feeling of having been recently fucked and I was still showing the sign of that experience. Now that I was standing up I could feel Luke's cum running down the insides of my legs - well below my knees - I felt deliciously slutty. I decided to ring Bruce. When I dialed his number he answered rather slowly and was very surprised to hear it was me on the other end of the line. He started to sound very excited and asked me why I had rung. He also asked if Tom had brought home another man to fuck me. I really didn't want to tell him about Luke but I thought he deserved the truth. I explained how Tom had brought home this big black man and he had fucked me. Bruce went very quiet but I continued with my story. I told him Luke had an enormous cock and he had penetrated me deeper than any other man had ever done. Almost as if he was psychic Bruce asked me if I was in love with this black man! I was shocked at his perception but hesitatingly agreed that I did have feelings for this man. I had obviously hurt Bruce and the quietness of his voice told me that.

Bruce asked me if I would ring him tomorrow if Tom went out and could he come around and make love to me as he had done today. I then had to explain to Bruce that Luke was coming back again tomorrow and I wouldn't be able to have him over. The disappointment in Bruce's voice was criminal and I felt rotten. Soon after we said goodbye but I did promise to ring him when Tom went out again. I felt a real slut standing there naked with cum running down my legs whilst talking to the one man who probably loved me the most. I wandered around the house enjoying the cum still running out of me until just before Tom was due back. I climbed into the shower and washed myself thoroughly. I dried myself and then just slipped a dress on not bothering with any underwear. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of cum still running out of me later on.

Tom treated me better that evening when he returned and actually talked to me. He wanted to know what it was like to be fucked by a black man with such a large cock. He asked me if his cock had actually penetrated my cervix and smiled when I said it had. I couldn't sleep that night wondering what it would be like to fuck with Luke again. The afternoon couldn't come around quickly enough. Tom didn't go out and was home when Luke knocked at our front door. He let Luke in and as soon as Luke saw me he walked over to me, hugged and kissed me and then began feeling my body. I was instantly aroused to a totally new height. I wanted this man, right now! I looked over at Tom but he just nodded at me.

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