Prisoner's Wife Learns Hard Lesson


Luke was caressing my body and I was in raptures. Luke took off my dress by lifting it from the hem and right up over my head. Again I hadn't bothered with any underwear at all so now I stood in front of him completely naked like yesterday. Luke took his time caressing me and playing with me until I was so aroused I just couldn't think straight. He then laid me back on the lounge and spread my legs. He licked and sucked my cunt and clit until I just couldn't stand it any longer. He then moved up over my body and after a bit of rubbing my clit with his hard cock, he entered me. I felt the same exciting arousal as his long hard cock continued to enter me. I was lying on my back and his hard body was lying over me. Although I had my legs wide apart I felt I wanted them further apart so that he could get right inside. Again I felt the end of his cock press up against my cervix and again it was uncomfortable. I reached down with my hand and pushed it between his pubic hair and mine and found there was still about an inch of his cock which was not yet inside me. I moved my hips and pressed up to him and it was then that I felt his cock actually enter my cervix. It hurt but it was one of those delicious hurts which feels so good. I think it must have been him entering my cervix which pushed him over the edge because he started to push in harder with his strokes and suddenly he stiffened his back and started to cum in me. Again the force of his cum shooting into my cervix felt very strange but pleasant and I knew I had been really fucked again. My orgasms had been so strong I was sweating from the exertion and I was feeling flushed all over my body. I looked over at Tom and saw he was smiling at me.

Luke pulled his cock out of me and I just laid there completely exhausted. I just couldn't move. For the first time since these strange men had been fucking me, Tom came over to me and stroked my damp belly and then my breasts. He seemed to be pleased to do that and continued to stroke my lower abdomen giving me a wonderful feeling in my cunt. His hand stroked even further down towards my clit but he was playing with the hair in between my navel and my clit. He seemed to like playing with this hair. He then moved his hand down further and eventually touched my clit. I jumped with shock because I was very aroused but soon settled down to his gentle stroking eventually bringing me to an orgasm. I couldn't believe it - Tom had actually played with my body and just after he had witnessed me being fucked by this giant black man. Did Tom still love me?

Tom and Luke made arrangements for Luke to come to our home every afternoon after that. I was always ready to fuck Luke and prepared myself for him each afternoon. Sometimes I was naked when he arrived and he came straight over and fucked me without hesitation. After Luke had fucked me, Tom would come over and play with my body always starting with my belly, then moving up to my breasts and nipples and then down to my clit to give me an orgasm. He loved playing with the hair between my navel and my bush - somehow it aroused him but he wouldn't allow me to touch him while he was doing this.

For the next two weeks Luke came over every afternoon and fucked me! I had long adjusted to his very long cock and it no longer hurt me when he penetrated my cervix. I am still amazed at the amount of cum he shoots into me and how long it takes for it to drain out of me. I always walk around naked after Luke has fucked me still enjoying the feeling of the cum running down the insides of my legs. After every fuck with Luke, Tom comes over and plays with my body and gives me an orgasm. Because Tom was rarely out of the house I had no opportunity to ring Bruce.

This afternoon I was preparing for Luke by showering and pampering myself and had just slipped my dress on - my sole article of clothing - when the telephone rang. Tom answered it and talked for a short while before hanging up the phone. He came over to me and said, "That was Luke. He has had a bit of trouble with his wife and he can't come over here any more!" I was stunned. First I thought how terrible it was that I wouldn't be fucked by this lovely long hard cock again and I hadn't really thought about Tom's message. His wife! I didn't know Luke was married and I had been thinking of running off with Luke to leave Tom. Now what would I do? I suddenly thought of having to wait for Tom to bring strange me back to fuck me again like before. Then I thought of Bruce, dear Bruce. What would he think of me not ringing him? I had better make some sort of effort to ring him as soon as possible.

Then the greatest shock of all. Tom came over to me and lifted my dress up and over my head in one single movement making me stand naked in front of him. I just stood there looking at Tom. He then removed his clothes and I was excited to see he had an erection! I hadn't seen Tom with an erection since he left prison. He took me over to the lounge and laid me back on it and then began caressing and playing with my body. He did all the things he used to do to me before he went to prison. He played with my breast and nipples and sucked them. He ran his hands all over my belly and bush. He played with my legs and thighs and eventually he began to play with my cunt lips and then inserted some of his fingers inside me. I didn't want to spoil this moment but slowly and very gently I reached over and took his hard cock into my hand. I held it softly for a moment of two before I began slowly stroking it.

Tom was now very aroused and moved his body over mine with me still holding his cock. He positioned himself above me and I guided his cock towards my cunt! He gave a slight push and entered me! I was so excited I wrapped my legs around his back and my arms around his neck. He then began kissing me and soon had his tongue in my mouth. He then made passionate love to me. I would be wrong to say he fucked me - he made love to me. It was just like the old times. He eventually aroused me to such a stage I started to cum and at the same time I could feel he was about to cum too. He came with such gusto he almost shook me to pieces and shot his load, his huge load, of cum right up into my cunt. I suddenly realized he loved me and was back to his former self!

When he had pulled his cock out of me I was so in love with him I turned and took his flaccid cock in my mouth and sucked him, cleaning off his and my love juices. As I sucked him he started to get hard again. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, picked me up from the lounge and carried me into our bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and caressed me and kissed me before he pushed his face into my cunt and started licking and sucking me. He found my clit with his mouth and soon I had another orgasm. It was while I was coming down from that orgasm that he entered me again and this time he took ages to make love to me - taking all the time he needed making sure I had several orgasms before he shot his second load in my cunt.

At last I realized Tom was back with me and we were a couple again. Somehow he had broken the spell which had kept him from me. From then on we made love on a very regular basis and became husband and wife again.

I at last found an opportunity to ring Bruce. Just as I thought he had given up on me and now didn't really want to get back to me. I was relieved about that as I didn't want to do anything which would break up Tom and myself.

Tom wouldn't talk much about what had happened to us when he returned from prison except on one unguarded moment he did say he couldn't accept his abused body until mine had been abused too! That didn't make a lot of sense but I supposed he had been raped so many times in prison he felt soiled and couldn't love me because I was clean. He wanted to see me made unclean by being fucked by so many strange men (including a black man) and was at last able to accept me as an equal soiled person. That is my thinking - I don't want to ask too many questions for fear of upsetting Tom - and I will just accept that thought.

We have now settled down to family life and we both love each other very much. Tom has now started work again and is much happier in himself. I have also found myself a part-time position and after we have settled down a bit more we have decided we will try for a family before I get too old. I would never want to go through that period again when my only relief was being fucked by lots of strange men. Looking back on those times, I can still feel a pang which makes me realize that I was very lucky to escape with no disease etc., but there was something about having so many different cocks in me that they were somehow good times as well. We are now a very happy couple and to look at us you wouldn't realize there had been dreadful dramas in our lives.

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