Private Lessons


Graeme felt pity for the young woman and eased out, now aware of the pain that he was causing her, but then he slid back in again as he looked into her eyes and remembered all her game playing. For some reason, he wanted to punish her for tormenting him as she had done.

"I want you to thrust up in time with my downward thrusts, Angelica," he said gently. "That's it get your arse moving," he said as she pushed up against him and fell into an easy rhythm with him.

His hands grasped her hips to help with regulating their timing. He could see that she was enjoying herself despite the bit of pain that she was still obviously feeling.

"Now rub your clit for me my Angel," he said as he took her finger and rested it against her clit, to show her what he wanted.

She obeyed and Graeme gazed down at her as a look of wonder crossed her face.

She moaned.

Graeme grabbed her bouncing tits and squeezed them. He stroked the nipples and then bent over and sucked them.

Angelica moaned again, and begged Graeme to suckle her some more, pulling his head to her breasts. He needed no second invitation, and he pushed her udders together and devoured both nipples in turn, before giving each soft breast a love bite, to mark her as his own.

As he did this, he saw her eyes roll over in her head and she sank her long nails into his flesh and screamed his name!

Graeme continued to slap Angelica's breasts and bite them while fucking her with long, deep thrusts. She thrust up against him, grinding herself like a wanton little whore caught in the delight of her first orgasms.

"OMG! Mr. Housen! Yes! Please, Mr. Housen! Yes! Harder! Please!" she screamed so loudly that he had to cover her face with his shirt.

She was like a rag doll in his hands now. She clung to him and babbled away, telling him that she wanted nothing more than to feel this again. She told him that he was the best man in the world, and that she loved him very much!

Graeme's eyes widen at this last and he felt himself get even harder before uncontrolled spurts of cum erupted from his body. He breathed deeply, and feeling her clutch him when he stiffened at orgasm, he came again, hissing and groaning into her ear that she was his little minx and a beautiful slut.

Angelica pushed one of her huge distended nipples into his mouth as he growled at her. He clamped down and she winced in pain. She whimpered, but continued to nurse him until he calmed down.

"Did you like that, Angelica?" Graeme asked when he recovered himself a little. "That's how I punish thieves who come into my garden to take my flowers."


Graeme Housen watched Angelica as she walked down the road, and slipped quietly through the back gate of his garden. She didn't want anyone to see her going there. She was coming to him for her weekly "punishment" session at his hands, for stealing his flowers three weeks earlier. He had told her to wear a little baby-doll sundress, and no undies at all, when she came this week; and so here she was, naked underneath a short, thin, gaily-coloured scrap of cloth.

He had cautioned her not to try to hide the fact that her breasts were bouncing since it was part of her punishment that others would know that she was a loose woman, although they wouldn't know exactly how naughty she was. She realised quickly that they bounced less if she walked slowly, and so he watched her as she dragged out the journey to his study where she knew that she would receive a spanking on her naked buttocks and breasts, a full cavity search to see if she had stolen anything else from him, and a poking. She would also have to suck his penis and make sure that he was happy enough to keep their secret from the police and her parents for one more week before she left.

She had stolen his flowers on the last day of July, and now it was August 20, and he knew that she was still uncomfortable whenever she saw him at her home giving her mother the weekly bunch of roses, the same sort that she had stolen, every week. He never came into the house, only smiling brightly at her mother, saying that he was spreading cheer by offering the gift of these beautiful flowers to a dear neighbour. Her mother was obviously delighted, since she had stopped having to buy fresh flowers every week for the official dinners that she hosted. The first time that he came, a shocked Angelica had answered the door! Confused by her frightened expression, he asked politely to speak with her mother, and Angelica began to plead quietly with him. They were interrupted by her mother who had also heard the doorbell and came to see who it was since she had heard nothing else.

Graeme Housen had been extraordinarily charming in offering his flowers, especially given the fact that he had not really brought them for the household. It was on blind instinct that he had asked to speak with the lady of the house, because later, when he reflected on the incident, he couldn't imagine what people would think of him if he had presented them to Angelica as he had planned. He heard later that her mother couldn't stop speaking about them for the rest of the evening.

From the look on her face Graeme knew that he had inadvertently conveyed to Angelica that she was in big trouble. He seemed to have been telling her that he had not forgotten about the role play, and the sex that they had had the week before. He had told her unwittingly that he had meant it when he said that she had to return to him the next week. She had not come to him that day as promised, but seeing him at the door with the flowers had told her that he was very serious about her coming back to him.

She came to him the next day, and he spanked her even harder than he had done the week before. This time he had used his belt as well as his hands, and poor little Angelica could hardly sit down for three days. She came at the appointed time the next week and he sent her home with the flowers, telling her to tell her mother that she was passing his garden and he had seen her and sent them with her. He brought them himself on the third week.

After the third time when he had brought the flowers himself, Angelica had hidden when he came to the door. She was just upstairs though and so she heard when he asked her mother to just send her weekly to collect the flowers and how the silly woman was delighted to agree. Graeme wondered if Angelica's mother would ever question why a man who was nearly 60 would want to see so much of an 18-year old who was not related to him. He made a note to try harder to restrain himself from being so reckless about their affair.

So there she was, on her way to his study. He knew that she didn't realise that when he stood in his attic and looked out the window, he could see her as she rounded into his street. She did not know that he smiled to himself at the sight of her, and that his cock became instantly, and incredibly hard. She did not realise that his mind searched for some way to keep her, that he fantasized about her during the week, and it was all that he could do not to find some way to make her visits to his home more regular. For one thing, he had a wife and she would want an explanation about this teenager hanging around. Angelica did not realise that unwittingly, she had caused him, Graeme Housen, otherwise happily married husband and father, to fall in love with her.

"Ah, there you are Angelica!" he greeted her with a warm smile and a pinch on her nipple.

Angelica hung her head, and mumbled a return to his greeting. The role play that eased their consciences had begun.

"Look at me when you speak to me young lady!" he said sharply, and Angelica jumped. He tried to make the words "young lady" sound almost as bad as he did the words "you little slut" because he knew that she liked that kind of thing.

"You know what to do Angelica," Graeme Housen said, quietly.

Angelica reached up and pulled at her dress to get it over her head. He was pulling and twisting her nipples even before she got the dress off and she had to clamp her legs together. Graeme lowered his head and sucked hard on one of her turgid nipples.

"Leave your dress where it is," he ordered.

The idea of her being hooded and vulnerable had suddenly appealed to him. So there Angelica was, posed with her hands above her head, her dress above her face and her body naked from her neck to the sandals on her feet. Graeme reached around and cupped one magnificent buttock in his hands and pressed her nubile body against his own. He sucked deeply at her breast and heard her breathing become more ragged. He pressed her breasts together and moved quickly from one nipple to the other, sucking them alternatively. Angelica moaned and thrust her chest up at him involuntarily. He laughed evilly, and bit her hard on the nipples.

"Graeme!" she gasped falling out of character.

"Shhhh, my beautiful Angel," he murmured, pulling the dress off and burying his face between her breasts. "My pet..."

Graeme fucked Angelica's mouth, cunt and arse before he allowed her to cuddle on his lap. He couldn't take his hands away from her breasts though, and so as she planted teasing little kisses to his temple, he weighed and bounced her huge mammaries in his hand. All in all, it was another wonderful session for them.

Then Angelica broke character again: "Are you going to miss me when I go to uni Graeme? What are you going to do? Find another girl to play your games with you?"

Angelica wasn't at all the slightly dim-witted 18-year old that they liked to pretend that she was; the one who kept coming back for increasing levels of abuse. Instead, she was a scholarship winner to Cambridge, and so was about to begin an undoubtedly brilliant career in engineering when she left for the old university town in four weeks.

They had known each other for three years, since the time that she had immigrated to England with her parents, after her father accepted a posting at the Jamaican High Commission in London. They were neighbours in one of the posh neighbourhoods in London, but he had "met" her as a woman, and they had become lovers after he had come to her school to assist in a Career Fair.

He had spoken about the joys of being an engineer and soldier and Angelica, who had, up until then, chosen a career in medical research, was hooked. She had approached him after his talk to ask for more information as he had invited his listeners to do. She had introduced herself, and received a dutiful hug. When Graeme stepped back quickly and slightly flushed, Angelica had smiled politely, and not looked down. It was enough that they had both felt his sudden erection. It was more than enough that she had seen his eyes dart guiltily from her chest, and then struggle to remain glued to her face for the rest of their 10-minute conversation.


Angelica stood, naked and cringing in Graeme's study. His wife was away and so he had called her on the mobile phone that he had given her, to remind her that they needed to "discuss" the fact that she had stolen his flowers during the spring. Graeme liked to see Angelica like this; one hand attempting to cover her breasts, the other covering her mons. He loved it especially since her breasts were so large that covering them with her hand only teased him more since she was able to cover only the areola and nipples. Her other hand only emphasized how wide her hips were, drew his eyes to her thighs, and suggested her rounded buttocks, just hidden from view.

Graeme's mouth watered, thinking about the fact that he would soon smother himself in those massive breasts. His erection was already dribbling precum since he knew that she would shortly be kneeling with her face and shoulders on the floor, her beautiful rump presented to him for spanking and penetration.

Graeme loved torturing himself by prolonging the wait to get inside Angelica's body since he knew that it was always worth his while to do so. He had asked her to research how to do Kegel exercises so that her strengthened pelvis could grip his strong erections even more effectively. She had obeyed him, as she had in all things, and so his orgasms with her were among the most powerful that he had ever experienced.

"Haven't I told you not to try to cover yourself when you come here, Angelica?" Graeme asked, quietly. "Haven't I told you not to cover such beauty? You feasted your eyes on my roses and now I want to feast my eyes on you."

Angelica only shrank further into the corner and crouched over so that he was looking at her cleavage and the top of her head. Again, this was part of their ritual.

Graeme smiled.

"Angelica, remove your hands. I want to look at your big titties and at your fat little pussy," Graeme said as crudely as he could.

Angelica did not move and Graeme thought that he heard a sniff.

"You're a brilliant little actress Angelica, but don't think that I'm taken in by your crying. You're a wicked little thief and I'm going to punish your breasts and your bottom for that before you leave here today; and if you make me wait much longer I'll flog your hairy fat pussy as well. You can either take it from me or have the police do it. I'm sure that they whip little girl thieves on their breasts and buttocks and pussy much harder than I ever could. And," he added after a moment's thought, "they'll do it in the crowded station where everyone can see that you're a thief, and know what happens to thieves."

The sniffling got louder.

"Of course you can save yourself a few slaps, not many though, since I cannot let your naughtiness go unpunished, but a few slaps by coming to me and presenting me with a gift of your breasts. I want you to come to me with them held up in your hands for my inspection to see if they're good enough for me to accept and forgive."

Graeme waited but Angelica still did not move though he could see her muscles twitch, waiting to see if he had anything else to say.

"Come now girl!" his voice hardened. "You don't want me to get angry waiting for you! Bring your fat arse here, and let me see those!"

"Please, Mr. Housen," Angelica whimpered.

"You are getting me very angry young lady and that is not a good thing to do," he thundered. "Would you like to have to wear your nipple clamps while I whip your breasts with my belt outside in the garden, where Mrs. Pringle can see us?"

Angelica gasped. Graeme knew that she couldn't be sure if he was serious about taking their activities outside into the yard. It would spell a new chapter in their relationship with him, but to that old tabby would simply be explained away as him helping her to rehearse for a revival of Roots, the play, at school. They both knew that, ironically, it was Graeme who seemed the more likely to go public with their liaison. Graeme usually got compliance whenever he threatened to go public because Angelica wasn't ready for this. She put one foot in front of the other and moved haltingly toward him.

"That's better, girl! Present those boobies."

Angelica slipped her hands under her huge mammaries and lifting them, ever so slightly since they already sat high on her chest, she presented them to him. Graeme reached out and stroked her nipples gently with his thumbs, enticing them to hardness. Then he grabbed one breast in each hand and used them to drag her body closer to his hard waiting need. Angelica's breathing slowed as she tried to tamp down the pain. Her eyes remained downcast on the floor to Graeme's right.

"Look at me, girl; and open my flies."

Angelica looked into Graeme's lustful eyes and, trying to pull away slightly, she snuck her hand between their bodies to undo his belt, buttons and zip. He held her fast, and tightened his grip on her breasts, for trying to pull away even slightly.

She opened her mouth to cry out, but her protest was swallowed by Graeme's swiftly descending mouth. He kissed her hard, and slipping his hands away from her breasts, he caressed her waist and flanks, drawing her to him and pressing her naked body even closer.

Angelica lifted her leg and hitched it up around Graeme's waist to give him even closer access to her cunt. He pressed his body hard into her crotch and lifting her up he ran with her, and flung her onto the lounge chair and tearing his flies open himself, he climbed on her and placed his painfully erect penis at the mouth of her labia.

"Ask me to correct you, Angelica," he ground out, desperately.

"Please correct me, Mr. Housen," the girl said, breathlessly.

Graeme pushed himself into her without further ado, and fucked her as hard as he had ever done, before until his balls exploded inside her. He didn't know what he would have done if she had wanted to play some more, and had not given him the signal that it was okay with her to proceed. Their rules were clear. Angelica had to consent, explicitly, to each and every act of intercourse between them. Yet, the temptation to just take her was always there.

Worrying for him too, was that he now found it virtually impossible to draw out of her, when he felt his need to ejaculate. He could no longer spray his seed on her thighs, stomach, breasts and face as he had done in their early days. He had awakened one night having climaxed to a wet dream of watching her womb swell with his child, and her breasts dribble her milk, uncontrollably. He had lain there, breathing deeply to calm himself, but wondered what that dream had meant.

Graeme had sent up desperate prayers and promises that he would not touch her again, if only she were NOT pregnant. He reasoned with the Almighty that it was really for Angelica's benefit, rather than for his own, that she avoided this fate. He managed to stay away from a bewildered, and depressed little Angelica, for only six weeks before he had to have her again; and the ensuing fever that they had built up for each other because of their desperate hunger, meant that he had fucked the hell out of her seven times during those first two days, rather than their usual one, or two meetings per week.

Graeme thought about having a vasectomy so that it would be okay to poke the girl without a condom, but he reflected that he really did want to have a child with her... eventually. This realisation shocked him! He couldn't believe that he could even consider fathering a child in his sixties, with a woman 40 years younger than he! He realised that this meant that he was prepared to continue his relationship with her through her university years. He didn't know what this meant since she had to go away to Cambridge to do the engineering degree that he had inspired in her.

Graeme hugged Angelica closer to his side, cuddling her in their usual post coital snuggle. He kissed her forehead gently, and blinked away the tears that threatened whenever he remembered that she had to go away from him, to school. He realised that he was being selfish, but since he did not intend to stand in her way in anything, and since he had already made it clear that he was never leaving his wife, he just hoped, desperately, that she would not meet and fall in love with anyone else while there. Again, this bothered him, because he knew that this would also mean that knowledge of their relationship would eventually come out, and that that, in itself, would mean trouble with his wife and children, and with her parents.

Angelica seemed to realise that Graeme had been quiet for a long time, and asked what he was thinking. She reached for his soft cock, and played with it until it began to harden again. She had never got over his sudden withdrawal from her two months ago when he had been seized with a fit of moral certitude that what they were doing was wrong. Graeme knew that she had worked harder since then to ensure that she pleased him physically, so that he would never tire of her. Her inventiveness and physicality in his bed, and her willingness to explore all of his fantasies with him, guaranteed this after she told him that she was on the pill.

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