Private Lessons


Graeme wasn't sure that he believed her, but he willed it to be true, as he mounted her for another missionary style fuck. He pushed into her lazily and she giggled.

"What is it, Baby?" Graeme asked, smiling and nibbling and snuggling, her neck.

"Nothing, Mr. Housen!" Angelica intoned childishly, reminding him that their game wasn't over even though he had lost control and nearly aborted their mission of giving her breasts and buttocks their thorough weekly spankings. Graeme's cock hardened rapidly at this realisation and licking his lips lasciviously, he pulled the girl to him, her back arching in an attempt to keep her breasts away from him, and buried his face in her cleavage, planting kisses and hickeys as he proceeded toward her erect nipples. He sucked her left teat into his mouth and chewed it hard, leaving her breathless. He suckled the right nipple greedily as well, and then, pushing away slightly, he lifted his hand and slapped her right breast hard.

The girl gasped and winced with pain but Graeme spanked her again and again and again and again and again several more times. Watching her breasts jiggle delightfully with each slap, he dug deeper into her cunt with each blow, then he sucked her now aching nipple violently, more hungrily than he had done before; he pulled away and treated her left breast in the same brutal way. He always came again from this phase of their activities.

Despite this, Graeme did not enjoy this part of their love-making at all, since he did not wish to hit Angelica's beautiful breasts, thinking them something to be treasured instead. He had realised several months before, however, that the fact that he could punish her so effectively, despite his misgivings, was a major part of her physical attraction to him. The girl was the first genuine masochist, and sexual submissive that he had met, and she craved his discipline even more than she was comfortable explaining. Yet, explain it to him she did, since it also fed into her need to be humiliated.

Graeme believed, genuinely, that he was protecting the young woman by giving her what she needed at home, so that she did not have to risk getting it from a truly violent man outside. It was this that had ultimately salved his conscience, and, remembering this, he pulled out of her violently and turned her over suddenly so that he could spank her arse until she cried genuine tears.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Housen," Angelica moaned, constantly, through her tears. She tried, genuinely, to get away from him, but Graeme knew better than to allow this to happen before he reached 100 slaps and made her stand naked facing the naughty corner for half an hour. After that time, he would take her out, and make her thank him for her chastisement verbally, and by kneeling and sucking his cock until he came again, his third time in two hours.

Graeme had tried many times to find out what she was sorry about, so that he could absolve her of it, but she couldn't, rather than wouldn't, say, and so the weekly spankings had continued, and his love and pity for her had grown deeper with each session. He wondered what was going to happen when she was away at Cambridge, and resolved to ask her after their session was over today. They needed to plan a safe outlet for her.

"Graeme?" Angelica asked after a long interlude of comfortable silence on the lounge chair in his study. "Why did you come to the house with the flowers that day?"

Graeme thought about the day that he had taken their initial play way out of bounds, and showed up at Angelica's home with a bunch of flowers for her mother. He knew that it had genuinely frightened Angelica to see him do this at the time, but that had not been his intention.

"I had to see you again. I thought that I'd go crazy if I didn't. I'm sorry I frightened you, Darling."

He cuddled her closer, and kissed her forehead, to comfort her from the memory of the distress that he had caused her that day. He had felt like an addict needing a fix. He had had to even catch a glimpse of her. He realised how wrong he had been only when he had seen the abject terror on her face as she answered the door and recognised him. It was clear that she thought that he had come to reveal their sexual liaison of the previous week to her parents, or at a minimum, say something that would arouse their suspicions.

He had left the flowers with her mother after she interrupted their interview without incident, but he was not surprised when Angelica showed up at his home the next day in a very agitated frame of mind, demanding an explanation. He had lost his head however, on seeing her again, her mouth open, her huge breasts heaving with anger, the fact that she had tried to slap him across the face; and he had fallen on her, thrown her over his knee and spanked her bottom hard with his belt. It could have gone all wrong for him then, for she could have called the police for real herself, and had him arrested for the worst kind of assault, but instead, she had wrestled his cock out of his trousers desperately and while crying, had sucked on his stiff phallus as if her life depended on it, while he beat her naked rump as hard as he could; and thus they had become lovers, rather than simply a dirty old man who had enticed a young woman to strip herself one evening in his study.

It was then, however, that Graeme set up the rule that Angelica had to agree to every single encounter in which they engaged. She became his Mistress in more ways than one. He needed to be sure that she was comfortable with every aspect of their liaison. He knew that the courts, his wife and his children, and her family would not see things that way, but for his own peace of mind, this was the best way to go.

"Come, baby," Graeme said shifting Angelica in his arms. "You leave in four weeks. We have to talk."

"I've been thinking about that myself" Angelica said picking up his meaning quickly. "I was thinking that we could arrange a day off sometimes, and meet somewhere."

"That's not going to work. It's too haphazard a plan. Perhaps you can find one boy and let me meet him, to see if he looks alright. Maybe he could take care of you," Graeme said, reluctantly.

"I don't want to meet any boys," Angelica said, petulantly.

Despite everything, Graeme was happy to hear this. He didn't want Angelica to go with other men if he wasn't around to watch her, and direct her actions, but he couldn't ask her to be celibate when he was not. Angelica was very highly sexual; it made her an ideal partner for him, and he did not wish to stifle that energy. The plan for occasional visits would be unworkable though, but he couldn't see a way around them.

"Okay, we'll have to try for the visits in a hotel somewhere, and at home some weekends. I just want to make sure that you're okay."

"I'm not really as stupid as I pretend to be, you know, Graeme. I know that my proclivities will put me at risk in finding suitable partners."

Graeme did not like the use of the word "partner" in the plural. He hoped that she was not envisioning visiting a munch or anything like that. He knew that she said that she was uninterested in meeting other people, but he wondered what was going to happen when she became frustrated by their half-baked arrangement.

"I want you to avoid that risk entirely."

"Then can't you come with me? Can't you take a part-time job at the university? You could teach. We'd be in the same department! I visited their website and saw jobs advertised. They need tutors in the engineering department! You could do that and we'd have the chance to be together..."

Graeme was touched. He smiled sadly to himself. That had been her real plan all along; to get him to come with her.

"Angelica," he said gently. "I told you that I'm retired now. I'm going to live a nice life with Stella. I told you that! You are delightful, but I told you that I won't leave her."

"I'm not asking you to leave her! You could just arrange all of your sessions on two days of the week and come to Cambridge then. It could work, Graeme! She'd have you for five days and I'd have you for two. I won't make any trouble for you; I just need to see you! Please!"

Graeme had to admit that it was a tempting proposition, but he had made life plans with his wife, and these were not to be changed, even for Angelica. He hugged her to comfort her. He did not want to suggest the other alternative, that she give up Cambridge, and go to a school closer to where they lived. He liked to think that even if she thought of it, that he would be firm in declining the offer.

"I can't do that Angelica," Graeme said, firmly.

"Why not?"

"Stella and I have made plans."

Angelica did not press the issue, perhaps sensing that she would lose if she asked him to choose.

"Well then, I'm not going!" she declared.

Despite the fact that he had just been thinking along those lines, her words came as something of a shock to Graeme. He found himself babbling.

"What? What do you mean? No, no! I can't have you do that! What would your parents say? And you've worked so hard! Don't be silly, Angelica!"

They stared at each other for a long pregnant moment, and then Angelica threw herself on Graeme, and cried bitterly. She knew that she had lost. Graeme was not going to come to Cambridge with her, and he was not going to let her stay in London with him. Graeme was loathe to be the cause of her bitter disappointment.

Nevertheless, she had always promised Graeme that she would not be a problem for him, and she had always seen herself as being something of a martyr, so Graeme watched sadly as she dried her tears, and tried to paste a big grin on her face, for his benefit.

"It's okay, Graeme," she said quietly. "It was just an idea."

Graeme noticed that she held herself away from him, stiffly. He let her. He knew that she was sulking, but at least she was not throwing a noisy tantrum.

"It's getting late, I'd better go home," the girl said, not looking at him.

Graeme reached for her hand, and squeezed it, kindly. Angelica did not return the friendly gesture, but he persisted.

"It's okay, Sweetie. Everything is going to work out, you'll see."

Angelica relaxed a little, but it was clear that she was still upset. Graeme wanted to hug her, but knew that she was not in the mood. She was not in a place to believe that he was hurting as much as she was. He didn't bother to tell her so since she would misinterpret it as condescension.

Then Graeme laughed out suddenly. Angelica looked at him suspiciously.

"What?" she asked sourly.

"Do you realise that this is our first lover's quarrel?"

"We're not quarrelling."

"Not because you don't want to," Graeme countered, gamely. He grinned at her.

He could see Angelica struggling not to smile back at him and he breathed a sigh of relief. He really did not want to quarrel with her, but things were a complicated mess, and this was so because they had not taken the time to think through their situation properly.

Suddenly, Angelica sprang into his arms and clung to him tightly.

"Promise me that things are going to be okay, Graeme," she said, beseechingly.

Graeme kissed her temple.

"They will, my little darling; they will."


Graeme spent the night lying awake in bed, thinking about the situation with Angelica. He knew that he had to let her go, and to make her see that it was for the best, but he found that he just couldn't bring himself to do so. He had enjoyed these past six months more than any time that he could remember in his recent history. He wasn't ready to give that up, the sex and companionship had become his drug of choice; and, he suspected, that that was the case for Angelica as well.

Slowly, an idea began to form in his mind, and Graeme felt his cock stir. Telling himself that he wasn't just fantasizing about the young woman, he examined the plan from all angles, and found that it was an operable one that might go a long way toward sorting out their problem. Graeme got up from the bed quietly, so that he wouldn't awaken his wife, and went to the bathroom so that he could call the girl to make an appointment to see her later that day.

Angelica answered her phone after only two rings. She had told Graeme that she slept with it under her pillow and that seemed to be true, given that she never disappointed him by not answering, regardless of the time of day that he called.

"Angelica, I need to see you later today. Can you come round to the study, say at about ten this morning? I'll be alone, so you can just come around and find me. I think that I have a solution to our problem," he added, cryptically.

He refused to elaborate, despite Angelica's begging, and so guaranteed that she would be there on time. He spent another hour re-examining his plan for loopholes before allowing himself to fall into a sweet slumber filled with images of himself nursing, happily, at the young woman's breasts.

Angelica did come, on time, and in costume. This meant that to Graeme's practiced eye, the young woman wore no underwear under her bright yellow sundress. He felt his loins stir at the knowledge that even in broad daylight, with a heightened chance of discovery, she would submit to him in this way. Graeme noticed, however, that she did not greet him as enthusiastically as she usually did, seeming to watch him warily.

He sighed. She was still upset with him and his decision not to accompany her to Cambridge. Graeme marvelled again, at the idea that she thought that he would, or even could, do this. Despite this, he was flattered to think that she wanted him there with her. He looked at her tenderly and reached out to embrace her.

"Come, baby," he said gently. "Don't sulk. We don't have a lot of time to make our plans. Let's not waste any of it," he beseeched her.

Angelica came to him and he grabbed the hem of her sundress and lifted the garment over her head, leaving her naked before him except for her sandals. Despite his impatience, he took the time to lay her dress neatly on one of the chairs and then he returned to her and taking her by the hand, led her to the lounge chair on which he had fucked her so many times.

Angelica frowned. It was clear that she was far too upset to want sex with him at the moment; the comment about having little time triggering her resentment again.

"I know you're angry with me, but please hear me out," Graeme urged.

He sat on the edge of the lounge chair and pulled the young woman gently to sit on his lap. Having her there felt wonderful and it was clear to Graeme that she felt the same way. He felt her relax a little, and he dared to reach up and fondle her right breast gently, pulling on her erect nipple, lightly.

He dipped his head and captured that nipple in his mouth and worried her breast like a naughty puppy with a piece of cloth that he had found in the yard. Angelica giggled. She leaned over slightly, offering her other breast as well, but by then, Graeme's cock was at full mast, the sensation brought about by the thought of how heavy Angelica's breast was. He held her more tightly and latched on suckling her teat as if his life depended on it.

After about 10 minutes of suckling her right boob Angelica began to squirm uncomfortably and she tried to offer him her other breast again. He would not budge, and he felt Angelica attempt to settle down again, clearly trying to endure the sensation of him still sucking her now sore nipple. He knew that she tried to rationalise this submission as her allowing him to toughen her nipples in readiness for the child that they would have someday.

She begged him to take her other nipple instead after another five minutes though, actually trying to pull her right teat from his mouth.

Graeme attacked Angelica's left breast in the same way and soon had her squirming again; but again he refused to release her even after she was in obvious discomfort. When he was done with her, he had her stand in front of him, her teats with their now distended nipples pointing rudely into his face.

Graeme smiled beatifically as he reached up and mashed her breasts together, squeezing them roughly in his enthusiasm. He calmed down enough to massage them for her, sometimes singly, but most often together, using both hands to caress her large melons, lovingly.

Angelica was putty in his hands and it was clear, from the juices trailing down her leg that she needed to be fucked, but this was not his plan for her for the morning.

When Graeme sent Angelica home two hours later, he still had not fucked her, but it took all of his self-discipline not to do so. She, and his cock, had pleaded with him, but he had a plan, and not much time in which to execute it. He had spent the time, nearly three hours that morning massaging and suckling at her massive breasts. They were hot to the touch, and took on a reddish tinge under her chocolate-coloured skin when he dismissed her. Her nipples both protruded obscenely, and she had winced as her dress had touched them, when she put it back on.

Despite this, Graeme knew that when Angelica got home she would have to touch them again. He knew the fires that he had built up in her; he felt them in his own loins, but this was part of his plan. He knew that she would not be able to think of anything other than the phantom suckling that she would still feel all day after he released her. He knew that she would have to bathe her breasts trying to cool them, that she would cuddle them and massage them seeking relief from the need to have them sucked some more, that she would be tempted to suckle them herself to find that relief. He knew that she would spend the entire day in a sexual haze thinking about him, and what he had done to her that morning, and he was glad that this would be so.

He had ordered her to come to him the next morning at the same time, and when she did so, he noticed a marked difference in her. Angelica was shy this time, not angry with him. She couldn't look him in the eye and she clutched her dress around her, a red one this time, as if it were a heavy coat.

Graeme smiled to himself, he knew the torment that she was feeling. He already smelled her arousal. He knew that she sensed that she was going to be a lamb to be slaughtered again today, but that she couldn't help herself in returning to him.

"You are very beautiful today, Angelica. I love to see you like this, but it will not do for what I plan for you. You will be a good girl, won't you? You will obey me, won't you? I really do know what's best for you. Take your clothes off, Angelica," he said with a calm that he did not feel.

Her breath caught, and Graeme saw her clutch her dress and cover her chest protectively with her hand.

"You know that that will not help you Angelica," he said. "Your breasts are far too huge to be hidden by your arm. I have always said so you know, you have very large breasts for a woman your age. They are quite something to see. In any event," his voice hardened suddenly, "I want to look at"

Angelica trembled. Graeme could see from the expression on her face that it had been a long time since she had felt such shame at the thought of him seeing her naked body. He knew that to her, it would seem that her breasts had grown overnight. They hadn't in fact, but he knew that she had spent the past 24 hours thinking of nothing else but having them suckled and spanked and milked. He knew that she had been miserable having to have them clothed that evening when she had had to force herself to socialise with her family members, and that she had fantasized about a life of being forced to expose them continuously for her lover's pleasure. They both knew that her breasts were large, but he had loved them, and her as well. He had spent six months building up her confidence about her beauty, but now, he was treating her like a slut only, and a big-breasted one at that. Graeme knew that she wanted him to suckle her and tell her that he loved her, despite her sluttiness.

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