tagBDSMPrivate School Ch. 01

Private School Ch. 01


Heather wasn't even planning on attending college. Her grades in high school had been abysmal and there were the endless confrontations with teachers and the school administration. They claimed that she was a "discipline problem" and had "problems with authority figures".

However her mother had enticed her with tales of a private school where they did things differently. They only catered to the wealthier families and they understood that exceptions needed to be made for those in the top one percent of the income bracket. Miss Porter's School for Girls would be like staying in a five star hotel. She intended to stay up partying all night and sleep through the early morning classes.

Heather Murdoch belonged to one of the wealthiest families in America and she believed that that made her special. She believed that that meant she deserved special treatment. She shouldn't have to follow the same rules and everybody else and she shouldn't have to go to class if she didn't want to. For the very rich, college should be a place to network. A place for her to meet people of similar wealth and background. If she was lucky she connect with the right family and perhaps meet her future husband.

After all there was no way she'd marry a man from the working class.

Heather didn't even bother to pick any courses before she visited the college. Since she had no intention of actually studying or doing homework, one class schedule would be the same as any other. She'd like to have a college degree, but she didn't need one. After all I diploma might look nice on a wall, but what did she really NEED one for? With her family's money, she'd never have to work a day in her life. And most people used a college degree to improve their chances of getting a good job.

"Ready Dear?" her mother asked as she looked at herself in the mirror and admired her look. The dress was by an original by a French designer who's name she couldn't remember. The shoes were Italian. The combined value of her earrings and necklace came to more than the annual salary of any of the family maids.

"Just checking my look," Heather told her mother. "First impressions are important. I don't want any of the other students to think they're better than me."

Her mother sighed. Heather was a spoiled brat who was never satisfied with what she had. Her greed, vanity and uncompromising attitude rubbed everybody the wrong way. Mrs. Murdoch had attempted to introduce Heather to eligible men from some of the better families, however she alienated them all. None of them wanted anything to do with her.

Mrs. Murdoch supposed it was mostly her fault. Heather was an only child and she and her husband had given her everything she ever asked for. Gifts like designer clothes, trips to Europe, expensive jewelry, servants and memberships in the most exclusive clubs seemed appropriate for the only daughter of a wealthy CEO. Her husband had an almost unlimited reserve of finances to draw upon and they had no one else to spend it upon. Where was the harm?

It turned out the harm was Heather became a spoiled brat. Now it was too late to try and instill a proper respect for parental authority. Heather would leave for days at a time and not tell anybody where she was going. She would max out her credit cards and expect her mother to pay for it all. She wouldn't even go to her father's funeral as it conflicted with her plans to go skiing in Switzerland.

"You look fabulous," Mrs. Murdoch told her daughter. She walked up behind her daughter and gently touched her daughter's long blonde tresses. Her hair was gorgeous. Of course her hair stylist charged over four hundred dollars to style Heather's hair. It should look fabulous. And the rest of her looked fabulous as well. Her family had spent thousands of dollars on a nose job for her when she was twelve. And when she was thirteen they began spending thousands for her skiing and ice skating lessons. Heather loved to ski and skate, and endless hours of exercise on the ice and snow gave her a slender, well-toned body that made most girls envious.

"All the other students will turn green with envy," Mrs. Murdoch assured her daughter.

Heather turned around and faced her mother with a mischievous smile. "Good," she replied. "I wanna set the tone my very first day. When I walk into a room, I want everybody to immediately be certain of my status!"

Heather then walked away from the mirror and headed down the stairs. Her mother watched her walk away and when she was certain Heather was out of earshot she replied, "Not to worry. By this time tomorrow nobody who sees you will have any doubt about your status."


The trip to Miss Porter's was short, however Heather spent the whole trip complaining about traffic and yelling at the chauffeur. "We'd make better time if you'd learn how to cut people off!" Heather snapped.

Heather was always snappish and abusive with servants. As a matter of fact many servants quit during the first five months of employment because they couldn't deal with Heather. Their current driver ground her teeth and held her tongue. She had been intent on quitting, but just when she was ready to hand in her resignation, Mrs. Murdoch explained the situation behind Heather's new school, she agreed to stay on.

The driver actually smiled as the main gates opened and she drove on through. Just like every other servant that had worked for the Murdoch family, Tracy found Heather to be rude, insulting, arrogant, antagonistic and selfish. Tracy had a definite grudge against the girl and Mrs. Murdoch assured her that if she remained in the family's employ, that she'd have her chance to get some revenge against her daughter.

"Where and when?" Tracy had asked.

"At Miss Porter's School for girls," she'd been told. "You'll be given a visitor's pass and we'll work out a schedule. You should be able to visit Heather at least twice a week."

Tracy was amazed to hear what guests were allowed to do to the students during visits. Of course it was all strictly regulated and monitored. However for Tracy didn't care how strictly visits were regulated or how many rules she had to follow. Getting any sort of revenge against Heather was going to be the high point of her year.

She wished she could be there when Heather learned what this school was all about. However she'd been given orders to wait in the car.

"The first day is very chaotic," Mrs. Murdoch had explained. "No one is allowed to see her with the exception of the school staff. However orientation usually takes no more than two or three days. Your first visit can be scheduled by the end of Heather's first week."

Tracy let these words comfort her as she sat out in the parking lot. Heather's days of being an arrogant, pushy bitch were nearly at an end.

Tracy broke out into an evil looking smile. She could hardly wait.


Victoria Smithers was rather young and attractive looking for a school administrator. Of course Miss Porter's was a different sort of school. You didn't need years of experience in the education system in order to reach a position of authority here.

In point of fact, before she was hired to work for this school, Victoria had mostly worked as an actress in pornographic films. Because of her stature (she was five foot, eleven inches) she got typecast as leather dominant and became very adept at bondage and discipline. She got very good at conveying an image of authority and using body language and tone of voice to demand obedience. Of course she was also very well versed in rope bondage, corporal punishment and a variety of other skills that Miss Porter's School for girls found valuable.

Victoria was also excellent at anticipating trouble and preparing for it. Towards that end, Victoria had two assistants in her office, ready to lend a hand the minute Heather became difficult. And from the reports in Heather's file there was no doubt she'd become difficult.

"Who are the girls in the black suits?" Heather asked, gesturing to Victoria's assistants.

"My personal assistants," Victoria replied. "I need them from time to time to help maintain order. I have a total of thirty assistants here on campus right now."

Both of the assistants smiled slightly at the remark. They stood at attention like soldiers, waiting for the order that would inevitably come. Their uniforms were much like the uniform Heather's chauffeur wore. They had black leather boots, black slacks, black uniform jackets with emblems sown into them declaring "Private Security: Porter's School for Girls". They also wore black leather belts with a variety of pouches for holding tools of their trade.

"You need them now?" Heather asked as she tried to stare Victoria down.

Victoria stared back and something in her steely gaze caused Heather to blink and avert her eyes.

"I'm afraid I do," Victoria replied flatly. "Do you know what this is?"

Victoria tapped a very thick folder on her desk. It contained all the information that the school currently had on Heather Murdoch. Without waiting for Heather to answer, Victoria went on.

"It's years of misbehavior. It's temper tantrums, it's personal insults, it's disrespectful behavior and a lack of self restraint. It's all about you and your inability to behave appropriately in a civilized society."

"How .... How dare you?" Heather gasped and got up out of her chair and tried to approach Victoria's desk. However Victoria's assistants were quick to respond. One of them blocked Heather's path and then pushed her back down into her seat.

"Hey! You can't do that!" Heather exclaimed. She actually tried to slap Victoria's assistant across the face. However the woman in the black uniform expertly blocked the blow and then gripped Heather's wrist so tightly that she cried out in pain.

"Mother!" she squealed. "Do something!"

She looked at her mother expectantly for several seconds and was shocked that he mother did nothing to assist her.

"Your mother has already done something," Victoria said in an authoritative voice. "She's sent you to us."

"W-What?" asked Heather in a shaky tone of voice.

"Miss Porters is a school for ..... difficult children," Miss Murdoch told her daughter. "Your father and I never taught you how to behave. We were never authority figures in your life. We just showered you with money. We.."

"SO?" Heather interrupted. "You and Daddy had lots of money! You still do! And I'm your daughter! Why not..."

"SILENCE!" Victoria snapped at Heather's outburst. "You will not interrupt your mother while she's talking!"

The harshness and severity in Victoria's voice shocked Heather into silence. Nobody had ever taken that tone with her before. She wasn't certain how to react.

"We never taught you to respect our authority," Mrs. Murdoch went on. "By the time you were a teenager we realized what a mistake we'd made, but we didn't know what to do about it. Maids and chauffeurs kept quitting because of you. Some of my friends won't visit the house any more. The Kennedys wont invite us to their parties anymore because of you..."

"THE KENNEDYS?" Heather exclaimed. "Crystal Kennedy is a pervert! She.."

"I said SILENCE!" Victoria roared. Heather snapped her mouth shut, but by then it was too late. Victoria Smithers had had enough and she gave a signal to her two assistants to move forward to the next phase.

Both of the assistants sprang into action. With practiced ease, one of them yanked Heather out of her chair and forced her to the ground. The other reached into a compartment on her belt and produced a pair of handcuffs. Within seconds, Heather's wrists had been forced behind her back and were locked in metal restraints. Heather screamed loud protests at this and almost instantly a ball gag was shoved into her mouth and straps were buckled at the back of her neck.

For the first time in her adult life, Heather was utterly without words. Mrs. Murdoch breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "What happens next?"

"She'll have to be processed," Victoria replied. "If all goes well, she can be in classes by tomorrow.

"Processed?" Mrs. Murdoch asked.

"She'll be stripped naked, weighed, measured, photographed, assigned a room and entered into our computer system. Also she'll have to be punished for her rude outburst."

"Pmmshmgh?" Heather managed as she tried to speak with her mouth gagged.

"I see," Mrs. Murdoch replied. This was difficult for her. Even though she desperately needed Heather to learn how to behave, she had a hard time watching her daughter suffer. She picked up her purse and rose up out of her chair, however Victoria stopped her before she could leave the room. "One moment, Mrs. Murdoch," she said in a polite yet form tone of voice.

"Yes, Miss Smithers?"

"This may be difficult for you, however it's rather important that be brave for just a little while longer. This next part will have a much stronger and more beneficial emotional impact for Heather if you're here to see it."

"It will?" she inquired with a look of curiosity.

Victoria nodded in the affirmative and explained, "You've never disciplined Heather in any way. In Heather's world, you and her father have always been the ones who've protected her from the world and kept her from ever suffering any consequences. If she sees you standing there and you do nothing while she suffers pain and humiliation, it will help her accept that that part of her life is over."

Mrs. Murdoch sighed heavily, but nodded her head in agreement.

"Mfffhhr!" Heather screamed in protest, but her mother had made her decision. Heather's heart beat faster and real fear showed in her eyes as she knelt handcuffed on the carpeted floor of Miss Smithers office.

Heather tried to stand up and run away, however one of the assistants grabbed the girl by her long blonde hair. "Smmth!" Heather protested as he head was snapped back. Heather was no helpless. She couldn't use her hands and the woman pulling her hair controlled where she could go. She was now forced to stand here and endure whatever they did to her.

"Her clothes," Victoria ordered, "take them all off."

Victoria's assistants weren't gentle at all. They didn't even look for the zipper on Heather's dress. The one with her hands free just grabbed the front of the dress and tore it open. It was an original, one of a kind and she just ripped it from Heather's body.

"Nhhhh! Dhhnn!" Heather screamed, but nobody listened. Within seconds her dress was lying on the floor in shreds. Her shoes were removed next. Then her stockings. While pulling down Heather's stockings, the woman took time to fondle Heather's thighs. Heather was too scared to notice, but soon she'd start to understand the nature of her captors.

Heather's bra was the type that fastened in the front. It should have been easy to remove, but instead of removing it quickly, Heather's tormenter spent a great deal of time gripping the material of the garment while pressing her palms into Heather's breasts.

"Ymfffmnn?" Heather inquired as she looked into the girl's eyes. The girl looked back at Heather and gave her a look of lust and mischief. Heather's eyes went wide when she finally started to understand. This girl wasn't just stripping her of expensive clothing and the status that went along with it. This girl was some sort of sexual pervert who became sexually exciting from fondling helpless girls.

"Mfffhr!" Heather tried to shout. "Mfffher!!"

"Oh, it only gets worse from this point on," Victoria assured their young captive.

"Sandy," she said to the woman that was fondling Heather's breasts, "hurry up so that Mrs. Murdoch can go home."

Sandy undid the hook and eye on Heather's bra and then discarded it on the floor. Then she hooked her thumbs into Heather's low rise thong panties and got down on her knees and she pulled the garment off Heather's hips.

Heather squirmed and bucked and tried to resist. She was in a panic at the thought of being naked in front of some sort of sexual pervert, but within seconds her panties were down on the floor and she stood naked in front of all four women.

"You have a very attractive body, Heather," Victoria announced.

"Mff," Heather replied.

She stepped forward and grabbed Heather's pubic hair. It wasn't a heavy growth of hair, but there was enough that the school administrator could grab a healthy handful. "Of course it will look better after we shave this off. None of our students are allowed to have pubic hair."

Victoria pulled and Heather thrust her hips out in an obscene manner to try to save herself from the pain of her pubic hair being yanked out by the roots. There were tears in her eyes as she looked over to her mother and tried to plead for some type of mercy. However that mercy would never come.

"Mffhr!" Heather pleaded, however as soon as Victoria said she was free to go, Heather's mother was gone.

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