tagBDSMPrivate School Ch. 04

Private School Ch. 04


"I promise I won't go to the police," Heather said. She wasn't certain if Dana was telling the truth, but she was too scared to take the risk. And everything Dana said made sense anyway. Wealthy families tended to get what they wanted, even when what they wanted wasn't exactly legal.

"Good girl," said Dana as she patted Heather on the knee in a motherly sort of way. "I think it best that we use our time now to discuss the rules of this school. I'm not allowed to give you a written copy of the rules, but do listen and try to memorize what I'm about to tell you."

"I'll try, Dana," Heather said in a tone she hoped sounded cooperative.

"You mustn't speak without permission. Usually when you're given permission it will be to answer very specific questions. Be as polite and respectful with your answers as possible. Other students cannot give your permission to speak, so speaking with the other students is almost always forbidden."

"I can't talk to any of the other students?" Heather asked with amazement.

"Not unless a school employee specifically says you may, and that's not likely."

Heather was trying to wrap her mind around the idea of spending an entire semester here without speaking to another student when Dana sprung another rule on her.

"Masturbation is also strictly forbidden, the punishment for that is severe."

"But," Heather replied haltingly, "I'm in a school for girls. There aren't any boys here and I'm here for an entire semester. If I don't masturbate...."

Dana nodded her head and gave Heather a sympathetic smile. "Yes Dear, I understand your dilemma," she said. "It's done that way on purpose. The students are supposed to be in a constant state of sexual frustration."

"What? Why?" Heather asked, in a pathetic helpless tone of voice.

"Partially it's a form of punishment for your past misdeeds. However it's also a tool for instilling obedience. First the school strictly controls if and when a student can have an orgasm. And then they go to great lengths to stimulate your libido, enforced nudity, removal of pubic hair, weekly body cavity searches and other things. Then your teachers will start to make promises of sexual release for students who are especially obedient or well behaved. This is of course a great motivator."

"Sex with the teachers?" Heather asked. "Female teachers?"

"Yes," Dana replied.

"But I'm not a lesbian," Heather protested.

"Most of the students aren't," Dana explained. "However when your clit is swollen and aching every day and sex with your female teacher is the only possibility for relief you'd be amazed at how unimportant sexual orientation becomes."

Heather's mouth opened, but no sound came out.

"Your clit looks quite swollen right now," Dana observed. "What if I offered to satisfy you sexually myself?"

Heather blushed crimson. She really did want some relief, but couldn't agree to sex with another woman. The very thought was degrading.

"I.... I...," Heather began, not certain sounding decisive at all. She struggled against the ropes and tried to close her legs, but the ropes were too strong and all she accomplished was chafing her ankles.

"Another rule," Dana said, "is that you are not allowed to ever close your legs. Your knees should always be well apart. Your pubic area should always be as accessible and on display as possible."

Heather felt like crying again. The rules were all designed to humiliate her as much as possible. Succeeding in following them would actually be a form of defeat.

"While you are here, the teachers and other employees may order you to have sex with them. If you refuse, you will be punished. And if you do not perform well, you will be punished. One of the smartest things you can do while here in learn how to satisfy a woman sexually."

"What?" Heather exclaimed. "But that's not fair!"

She patted Heather's knee again and a slight smile briefly passed across her face. "You're learning," she said. "This school isn't fair. It's rules are almost impossible to follow and when you fail to follow the rules, the punishments are harsh. You will do almost anything to graduate from this school and never come back."

Heather's mouth just continued to hang open.

"This school is very effective in behavior modification," Dana went on. "You've been here less than a day and already you've taken the first step."

"What else is there?" Heather asked, sounding more miserable than ever.

Dana sighed and said, "They must break your spirit. Fear isn't enough. You're still too arrogant and arrogance takes time to eradicate."

Heather bit her lip and hung her head low. She really didn't want to hear anymore.

"Tomorrow your punishments will begin. Most of your punishments will be public. That will make them more humiliating. Then of course, there's the website."


"Every student is photographed and has her photos published on an exclusive website. Guests of the school will see those photos and be informed that you are available for sexual encounters."

"OH GOD, NO!" Heather exclaimed.

"Don't shout," Dana said calmly.

"But those photos," Heather protested, "you have no idea how humiliating they were! How vulgar! Nobody should ever see them!"

"There's nothing for it," Dana assured her. "At any rate, it's a very exclusive website. Not many people have access to it. Less than half of the school employees, and the schools guests number less than one hundred people."

This didn't sound small to Heather. Less than one hundred could still be a very huge number. "Who are the guests?" Heather asked. "You keep mentioning school guests, but I don't have any idea what that means."

"Ah, excellent question," Dana said. "Guests mostly come from wealthy families, such as your own. Certainly those who support the school financially will be on the guest list. A small number of non-wealthy persons are guests, however they are people who've proven loyalty to the school and have proven that they can be discrete."

"So, I'll be forced to have sex with all of these people?"

"It's not as simple as all that," Dana replied. "You'll have to start classes first, and before you can do that there's your introductory punishments. And it's highly doubtful that everyone who has access to the school's website will be willing to travel all the way to this school just to have sex with our newest student. Some of our guests live in Canada and Europe."

"I see," said Heather.

"I'd worry less about quantity and more about the traumatic value of certain individual guests."

"What does that mean?" Heather asked.

"This is one question I refuse to answer," Dana said. "I believe it best if you learn certain things for yourself."


The rest of Heather's day wasn't any better, and when it was all over she was put to bed. What she hadn't expected was that her bed had leather restraints and that she was spend the night bound spread-eagle and exposed. They didn't even give her a blanket to cover up.

"Sweet dreams," the guard told her as she gave Heather a goodnight kiss


The next day Heather's punishments began. The school made a large production out of it and Heather was the center of attention. First Heather was prepared by the nurse, who shaved her and washed her hair. She scrubbed Heather's body and dried her off. She styled Heather's hair and tied it so it wouldn't get in the way while she was thrashing around during her punishments.

Then two women in black uniforms showed up to escort Heather to the theatre. Heather's hands were cuffed behind her back and a leather collar was fixed around her neck. A leash was attached to her collar and she was then led, naked and bound through the halls of the school to her punishment.

In the theatre, there was a small stage and in the audience there were chairs for forty people. School employees sat in the chairs and waited to witness Heather's punishment. Behind the chairs stood and equal number of naked females. Heather understood that these were students. She supposed that they were required to watch her punishment as a means of striking more fear into them. Heather saw that all the students held their hands behind their backs. She wondered if they were bound there.

Heather recognized a few of the people in the audience. Dana was in the front row. So was Miss Smithers and Doctor Estrich.

Heather was wondering when her punishments would start, and guessed that standing naked on this stage for dozens of women to ogle was part of her punishment. The predatory looks that she got from some of the women made her desperate to cover her nudity.

Finally a young woman in blue jeans and a white t-shirt walked up on the stage. The woman's blonde hair was cut extremely short and her body was lean, athletic and muscular. She walked up to the guard that held Heather's leash and held out her hand. "I'll take that," she said.

Holding the leash in one hand, she pulled Heather closer and then called out in a voice that filled the entire room: "This naughty little girl is Heather Murdoch. She has been found guilty of one count of arrogance, one count of allowing her knees to touch, one count of being disrespectful to her mother, one count of attempting to cover her nudity, one count of disobeying a direct order and ten counts of speaking without permission!"

There were mutterings from the crowd and Heather gasped at the list of offenses listed against her. Had she really broken that many rules during her short time here? She wanted to challenge the list, but she hadn't been given permission to speak, and speaking without permission would just mean more punishments.

"Miss Helms, would you cuff her hands in front, please?" The woman in control of Heather's leash asked. Instantly the guard was behind Heather and with a clink of metal, one of Heather's wrists was free. Then the guard roughly pulled both of Heather's hands in front of her and both of her hands were bound in front of her. The guard made the handcuffs tighter this time and Heather whimpered as the metal closed tightly around her wrists.

"Miss Helms, could you please fetch me a chair?" the woman now asked. The guard wasted no time, and scurried backstage. She returned seconds later and was dragging an armless, wooden chair behind her. She placed it next to Heather and stepped back.

"Thank you, Miss Helms," the woman said as she sat down in the wooden chair. "Heather," the woman boomed in her commanding voice, "would you get across my lap, please?"

Heather had to bite her tongue at this woman's words. Did she really have a choice? What would happen if she said she'd prefer not to get across the woman's lap? Heather's hands were bound and this woman had control of Heather's leash. The polite request sounded like a cruel joke to Heather's ears.

As gracefully as she could, Heather bent over and then slid across this woman's lap. She placed her hands flat on the floor and used them to help stabilize her. The woman dropped Heather's leash and then put one arm tightly across Heather's waist. Then Heather felt the woman use her left hand to play with her pubic lips.

Heather gasped out loud and then heard the woman's voice in soft tones say, "I like my little penitents to be aroused during punishments. Do you think you can get wet for me?"

"No," Heather said softly. She'd been asked a direct question so she surmised she now had permission to speak.

"Why not?" the woman asked. At this point she had slipped one finger inside of Heather and was rubbing Heather's clit with her thumb.

"I'm not a lesbian," Heather responded in a weak voice. "And even if I was, I'm too scared to get wet."

"You think that fear and sexual preference are barriers to getting wet?" the woman asked. Then without giving Heather a chance to answer, she said, "You're wrong, and I intend to prove it to you."

The woman expertly worked Heather's clit while one finger probed inside Heather's cunt. Heather wanted to prove this woman wrong, but soon she was feeling warm and tingly. Her clit became engorged with blood and Heather had to bite her lip to keep from moaning.

"Well, it looks like the straight girl got wet for me," said the woman, gloating softly. "How does that make you feel?"

"Violated," Heather said softly.

"Violated," the woman repeated. "I like that answer. I think I'll find excuses to spend a lot more time with you."

Then the woman removed her fingers from Heather's crotch and wiped her secretions on Heather's upturned buttocks.

"How old are you Heather?" the woman suddenly asked in her loud, booming voice so that the entire room could hear.

"Nineteen," Heather said softly and with a throb in her voice.

"Nineteen," the woman called out loudly. "Heather Murdoch's first punishment will be nineteen swats on her bare bottom!"

There was a general cheer of approval from the audience and Heather felt the first swat on her left buttock. She didn't think that it was possible for a bare-handed slap to hurt so much. Just where did this woman learn how to hit like that?

The next eighteen swats came hard and fast. By the second swat Heather was screaming in pain. By the fifth swat she had tears streaming down her face. Her bare legs flailed and her hips bucked. Her head shook from side to side and her hands slapped against the floor. Heather had never been spanked in her life, and she always assumed it was painful, but she never imagined it could hurt this much!

By the time the spanking was over, Heather's chest was heaving with sobs. She tried to get up from this woman's lap, however a strong right arm pressed down on Heather's waist and she was easily pushed back down.

Heather was just giving up on struggling when the woman holding her down called out, "Miss Helms, bring me an A.R.K., if you would be so kind!"

Heather was sobbing softly and wondering what an A.R. K, was. She tried to look over her shoulder when Miss Helms brought the A.R.K. over, however Heather never got a good look at it. The woman who spanked her, grabbed Heather by her long, blonde hair and yanked Heather's head so that she was forced to look down at the floor.

"Ow," Heather exclaimed loudly.

Even after the woman let go of Heather's hair, the girl kept her head still. She didn't want to have her hair yanked like that again.

Next Heather felt the woman's strong fingers between her asscheeks, probing deep. Heather reflexively tightened up her anus, but it didn't help. The woman simply used more force until her fingers forced Heather's tight hole open.

"Ugh," Heather grunted in pain as one finger penetrated deep.

"Don't fight me, you spoiled brat," the woman scolded. "The more you resist, the worse it will hurt."

Heather gritted her teeth and tried to relax her asshole, but it wasn't easy. Nobody had ever opened up her anus like this before, and her natural inclination was to resist. "She's going to be trouble," Heather heard a female voice say. Suddenly a guard was holding her down while the woman who spanked her opened her anus wider and lubricated her tight opening with some sort of gel. The fingers and the gel felt so alien and wrong in her unexplored orifice. Heather fought against hands that held her down, fearing what was coming next. Although she couldn't see it, Heather believed that the dildo that invaded her anus was enormous. Her sphincter muscle closed on it and tried to she screamed in pain as it seemed to be tearing her apart.

"Aaahhhgggg!" she bellowed and thrashed her head as she was anally raped. Her hands slapped on the floor and she struggled to get away as the dildo pounded in and out. "This was deliberately humiliating and painful," Heather thought. "They intend to degrade me and take away any pride I have left."

While these thoughts ran through her head, out of her mouth came, "Aaaarughhhh!" She screamed and sobbed and panted, but she couldn't break free or force the dildo out of her rectum.

The violation of Heather continued as she was forced to stand, with the dildo still pushed up inside of her. "Hold her steady," her tormenter commanded and several lengths of ropes were suddenly being handed out. Heather was only dimly aware of this as tears welled up in her eyes and obscured her vision. In addition to this she was focusing mostly on the pain in her rectum. Very little else penetrated her field of thought.

As a result she was somewhat surprised when her arms were tied behind her in a fashion that forced her breasts way out. Her left wrist was tied to her right elbow and her right wrist was tied to left elbow. While Heather was contemplating how helpless this made her, another rope was tied around her waist.

Realization dawned slowly on Heather as yet another rope was tied to the one about her waist and rand down between the cheeks of her ass. Once it was pulled tightly between her buttocks it held the dildo inside her. Then the rope continued across her crotch and when pulled up tightly it rudely separated her pubic lips.

"Ugh!" Heather exclaimed when her pubic lips were bisected. Once all the ropes were tightened, the ropes painfully cut into her and she was tempted to beg for the rope's removal. However she knew that speaking without permission would just invite more punishment.

"Now walk," a female voice ordered her.

Heather gave a pitiful yelp and tried to look as afraid as possible. She couldn't possibly be expected to walk with this rope cutting the most delicate part of her anatomy in two! Every step would be agony!

Two unsympathetic guards made certain that she obeyed. Grabbing Heather by her arms, they forced her forward and off the stage. With each step, Heather could feel her pubic lips chafing against the rope and she made pathetic sobbing sounds. It seemed like hours before she was allowed to stop walking, although it was really only seconds.

The guards had led her off the stage and to the front row of the audience. Heather's vision was blurry due to the tears, however she recognized Miss Smithers. The woman remained in her seat, and examined Heather's flanks, touching Heather's buttocks and thighs with her hands.

"This is Heather Murdoch's next punishment," Heather's tormenter announced. "She shall present her roped nakedness to each member of the school staff for examination and fondling."

Heather sobbed at the news. Walking was agony the ropes cut deeper and deeper into her cunt and the dildo probed more painfully in her anus with every step. However with her arms bound behind her and two guards guiding her there was no way she could keep from moving forward.

Miss Smithers briefly toyed with Heather's sore pubic lips and then commented, "such an improvement. You girls should never be allowed to have pubic hair. It covers up too much."

Heather sobbed as Miss Smithers continued to fondle her pubic lips. They were red and swollen and Heather flinched when the woman's fingers touched the most sensitive spots. Miss Smithers took no notice of Heather's pain, and when she was finished she slapped Heather's buttocks with the palm of her hand. "Off you go," she told Heather, "it's time to give somebody else an opportunity."

Every woman was different. Some of them fondled her thighs and buttocks. Others fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples. Some tried to slip their fingers into her cunt, but the rope that bisected her pubic lips was too tight. When she came to Dana, the older woman stood up and hugged the student close. "It's alright Heather," she said in sympathetic tones, "you'll get through this. Every student starts out this way and they all survive." She then wiped away Heather's tears and kissed her on the forehead.

Heather was still sobbing, but the kind words and gentle touch made Heather feel less scared and tormented. She considered whispering some sort of thanks when Dana kissed Heather right on the lips. Heather was heterosexual and had never considered kissing another woman before, but something about Dana's kiss had her head swimming. Maybe it was the fact that her lips were much softer than a boy's lips. Or maybe it was the welcome surprise of such gentle and compassionate behavior in the midst of all this pain and humiliation. But whatever the reason, Heather found herself enjoying her first kiss from another woman.

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