tagNonConsent/ReluctanceProfessor Pain's Evil Conquest

Professor Pain's Evil Conquest


Cate Collins finished typing, tore the page from the typewriter and held the three pages in the air, shouting, "Copy!"

"Yes, Miss Collins!" Ken, the copy boy yelled, snatching the pages from her fingers, and he ran to deliver them to Mr. Kyle, the City Editor. Cate sat back, her hands behind her head, and took a deep breath. This one was sure to make the front page, and maybe even get her that Katzenburg Award for Journalistic Achievement.

Cate's career had exploded with the arrival of Action Guy, the masked marvel smashing the gambling rackets on the East Side. She had been investigating them herself, and had been caught eavesdropping on Moe Johnson, who led the rackets. She had been tied up in a warehouse when Action Guy crashed through the door, his form fitting blue shirt highlighting his rippling musculature, his tight brown trousers displaying his bulging thighs, and (Cate felt her temperature rise) other bulges. He wore knee-high brown boots, and most exotic of all, a cowl that covered his head and most of his face, hiding his identity.

He had moved through the thugs, powerful fists smashing into their jaws and midsections, taking them out with seeming ease. And then he had lifted Cate to her feet and pulled on the ropes that bound her, breaking them and letting them fall to the cement around her feet.

"Don't worry, Miss Collins," Action Guy had said as she stared at him with awe. "You don't need to worry about these guys anymore." His voice had been deep and his attitude supremely confident. Over the following six months, Cate had been thrown into dangerous situations on a regular basis in the course of her job as a reporter for the Sun Standard. And always, at the very last minute, Action Guy had appeared to save the day.

Cate knew that Action Guy had stolen her heart. No other man made her feel weak in the knees and dizzy the way that he did. That's not to say that Cate didn't have her admirers. There were a dozen guys at any time who were vying for her attention and affections, case in point, Dan Forest, the Private Investigator. Forest was tall and well built, but he wore shabby suits and a beat up old hat. His personality was far removed from Action Guy's, being a lazy man, always late to the scene.

She had to admit that he was handsome, and she might have even given him a whirl, if Action Guy hadn't shown up and stolen her heart. She remembered her first encounter with Action Guy, with his rippling muscles and the beating he gave to those thugs. The way he'd lifted her with ease and snapped her bonds. The mysterious masked man could have done anything...

She lit a cigarette and blew out smoke in an unsteady stream, trying to calm her nerves, when Dan Forest appeared behind her and said, "That's bad for you, you know," in his soft, almost effeminate voice.

"Yeah, sure," Cate said, jumping to her feet. "I'll see you around, Forest," she said, putting her hat atop her head and snatching up her purse. "I'm working a story!" Cate hurried the the elevator and saw Forest hurrying to join her as the elevator doors closed.

Cate had been a reporter for the Sun Standard for two years before her encounter with Action Guy, and had written many stories about flower shows, parades, and other human interest puff pieces. She knew, and she knew it was well rumored, that she had gotten her job at the paper because, during her interview, she'd crossed her long sexy legs at the exact moment that Stanley Moore, the publisher, had walked into the room. Once he had seen the gorgeous face, full figure, and legs of Cate Collins, he'd turned to Ellery Kyle and said, "Hire the girl!" Only Kyle and Collins knew that Moore had thought she was applying for a secretarial position, but it didn't matter now. She'd gotten hired as a reporter, and with the coming of Action Guy she had become an ace reporter, her byline appearing frequently on the front page.

Cate hurried to the twenty-four hour diner she'd been tipped to and waited outside, trying to be inconspicuous. Never mind that a brunette with a pretty face and gams that went on forever could never really be inconspicuous. After a few minutes, a big ape of a man left the diner, putting a gray hat on his misshapen bald head. He was huge, at least six-eight, and close to three hundred pounds of hard muscle. Cate had recognized him at once as Breaker Moran, a thug who had done time for assault and racketeering. They said he liked to break legs, hence his nickname, and that he was currently working for a criminal mastermind known as Professor Pain. And since Cate had been trying to run down this Professor Pain, she needed to follow anyone who might lead her to him.

Giving Moran a half block lead, Cate fell in behind him. Two blocks later she had to let his lead grow, for he had gone down an alley, and she would have exposed herself if she hadn't waited until he had turned a corner. Cate hurried after him and then for another six blocks, when he when into another alley.

Cate peered carefully around the corner and found it deserted. She scanned the empty alley for another moment, to be sure, and then hurried after him, looking for anywhere that he might have entered one of the tall buildings that surrounded her. "Aha!" she thought, triumph putting a smug grin on her lips. There was a door there, under a sign that said 'Moonlight Garage'. There was no garage anywhere around here, Cate knew.

She crept up to the door and tried the knob, and the door opened. It was very dark inside, and she didn't want the light from the doorway to give her away, so Cate hopped inside and closed the door behind her. The door made a curious cracking noise when it closed, like a steel bolt firing into place, and Cate tried to open it again. The handle turned easily, but no amount of pushing would budge the locked door.

Cate felt around her purse for the box of matches she kept, and she felt her heart race, wondering if she'd find a good hiding place before someone found her. Finding the box of matches, Cate lit one just as a pair of iron-hard arms wrapped around her and lifted her feet from the floor. Shouting, she felt the floor give way and the same feeling in her stomach that she got from the elevator at the paper.

They descended into a large room filled with scientific equipment, including the prerequisite V-shaped metal poles that had electricity arcing between them like captured lightning. Her captor set her atop a platform and released her, but as Cate made to run, she found that she couldn't move a muscle!

Her eyes swept the large laboratory, and she saw that in the far corner, next to some gymnasium equipment, stood the massive form of Breaker Moran, who had removed his jacket, shirt and hat. He wore a sleeveless undershirt and gray trousers, and leaned on a leather covered piece of equipment, watching her. Across the room from him, standing at an advanced control panel of some sort, with gauges with needles in motion, blinking lights, and large toggle switches, was none other than Professor Pain himself. He stood only four foot-five, and had a thin, frail body. His bulbous head was hairless, save for a thin black mustache and goatee, and he wore big, thick goggles. We wore a white smock, like doctor or dentist, and black trousers.

From behind her stepped a woman that Cate recognized immediately. Standing six foot two and then wearing six inches of heel, was the powerfully muscled Gretyl, the Titanic Teuton! Or was it Teutonic Titan? She wore her uniform of a tight black leather corset with silvery metal bands encircling her mammoth breasts, a shamelessly short black pleated skirt over fishnet tights, and her previously mentioned high heeled leather boots. She had a mannish face with large blue eyes, and her hair was golden and long, gathered into two braids that were wound on the sides of her head. It was rumored that she could bend steel in her hands and was bullet proof.

"Release me at once!" Cate shouted at Professor Pain, and he hobbled over to her, walking with a strange gait. He regarded her momentarily and then spoke quietly with Gretyl.

"We of the criminal community," Professor Pain announced when he turned to face Cate, "Have decided to put an end to your insufferable meddling into our business! We tire of having our plans ruined just so you can flirt with Action Guy!"

"I don't know what you mean," Cate replied, mystified.

"You put yourself in dangerous situations so that you will be captured and put into peril," Pain said, pacing in front of her. "Action Guy does what he is supposed to, destroying anyone or anything in his way to rescue you, the damsel in distress," he continued before stopping and turning to face Cate. He pointed a long, bony finger at her and said, "It is long past the time that the criminal community of this city finally rid itself of you, Miss Collins! Too long have our enterprises suffered at the expense of your flirtation!"

"W-What do you mean?" Cate cried, still unable to move.

"Are you really that dense? I mean, dear Miss Collins," Professor Pain declared, rubbing his hands together, "That we are sick and tired of getting beaten up and having our plans thwarted, just so you can spend time with your boyfriend!"

"You're mad!" Cate cried.

"Pissed," Pain agreed, "Yes, very annoyed." Pain went to his workbench and picked up a shining silver device, with a handle like a gun's, but very large and covered with lights, dials, and buttons. Mostly it looked like a four-slice toaster with a handle. Pain brought the device over to where Cate stood, unable to move or resist, and he held it up before her eyes.

"Isn't it lovely?" Pain asked, fiddling with a couple of the knobs. Lights blinked and a gauge changed its reading, but Professor Pain had seen Cate roll her eyes and thundered, "It is beautiful! It is the most advanced piece of scientific equipment that a genius like myself could create! I call it, 'The Implantor 3000'." Pain cackled with delight and walked around behind Cate. His cold fingertips brushed softly on the back of her neck, and Cate found herself wishing she'd worn her hair down, instead of up under her hat.

Pain pressed the device against the back of Cate's neck, and she felt something sharp pressing against the base of her skull. Professor Pain began to laugh, and Cate heard the device powering up, the electrical whining from the device rising in pitch as Pain's laughter grew in volume, untill all was drowned out by his hysteria. There was a sound like "pfffffft" and an accompanying stinging sensation at the base of Cate's skull, and the device grew silent. Professor Pain continued to laugh hysterically for several minutes before his laughter became a coughing fit, and Breaker had to walk over and pound the evil genius' back soundly.

Professor Pain hopped and danced over to the main control panel, and he took hold of the large toggle switch there. Looking at Cate, he pulled the toggle down. He stared at her for a minute, then said, "You're free to move around, Miss Collins."

Cate looked around for a moment, then raised her gloved fingers to the back of her neck to feel the spot where she had been stung, but there was nothing there. Tentatively, she took a step down from the platform, and then another, to the floor of the Professor's lair. She looked at the diminutive mastermind and asked, "So then, am I free to go?"

Pain giggled and said, 'Oh no, Miss Collins. Take off you hat and your gloves, and place them on the workbench. Then you may have a seat there and wait. You're not going anywhere yet."

Cate went to the workbench, removing her hat as she walked, and she set her hat down on the workbench. She pulled her fingers from her cotton gloves and set them atop her hat, and then sat on the seat next to the workbench to wait. After a moment, she looked at Professor Pain, confusion clouding her expression.

"Confused, Miss Collins?" Pain chortled. "Why don't you take off your jacket? You cannot deny me." Cate slipped her arms from her jacket and folded it, setting on the seat beside her.

And then realization came to her, and her eyes became very wide with horror. "You've made me into some sort of puppet!" she cried, and Professor Pain laughed uproariously, looking up to the heavens. After a minute or two, his laughter subsided, and Pain said to her, "Yes, that's right, actually."

"Now," Pain said to Cate, "We know that Action Guy should be here any minute now, and when he arrives you will be stricken and will fall to the floor. You will not answer him, and I think he will move close and bend over you. You will say nothing, nor do anything to betray me!"

"Never!" Cate shouted, but inside she was afraid that she could do no less that follow the madman's instructions to the letter.

"Tell me, Miss Collins," Pain said, stepping closer to her, "Do you also feel excitement at being so helpless before me, subject to my every whim and my every desire? Does that make your heart beat faster and your womb ache?"

"Of course," Cate spat at him, "You're making me feel that way, you monster!" As realization of her situation had sunken in, Cate had in fact found herself becoming very aroused. She was actually feeling a bit creamy down there, and she hated Professor Pain for humiliating her so.

"No," Pain said, smirking, "It doesn't work like that. You're just a slut." Cate spluttered, unable to formulate a suitably acid retort, and Professor Pain took a moment to really examine her. "You know," Pain said, his gaze settling on her famous legs, "You're really quite a tomato." He steepled his twisted fingers and looked over them at Cate, then he rasped, "Tear off your shirt!", and then his eyes shifted a moment before returning to Cate and quickly added, "And lose the skirt."

As commanded, Cate grabbed the front of her blouse with both hands and pulled hard, buttons popping and flying across the room. She grabbed her sleeve and tore it from the shoulder, jerking at the fabric as her pale, round breasts swung behind her now exposed pink silk camisole. Cate continued to struggle to tear her blouse away, and after several minutes of boredom and growing impatience, Professor Pain shouted, "Oh for God's sake!! Just take off whatever's left of the shirt and then take off your skirt already!"

Cate pulled away the remains of her cotton blouse and then unbuttoned her skirt and slipped it down over her hips, letting it drop to the floor. She stood, her heeled foot surreptitiously kicking her skirt under the workbench, her fingers to her lips, her underthings exposed for all to see. She wore pink silk tap pants with lace trim, a garter belt, and black silk stockings with a seam in the back.

Professor Pain looked around expectantly, and then after a moment he shrugged and said, "Take of your top and show me those titties." Cate pulled the loose camisole up over her head and dropped it to the floor, then stood, shoulders back, proudly displaying her impressive chest. She was blushing furiously, the deep rosy glow on her cheeks, neck and coloring her pale chest. Her breasts were full and round, standing up firmly, her aureole were large and pink, the nipples hard and standing out stiffly.

The diminutive mad genius approached Cate, taking a few steps at a time, pausing, then another few steps. His face was at the level of her proudly displayed mammaries, and when he was very close he looked around briefly before plunging his face between them and shaking his head back and forth furiously. Pulling back with a smile, he exclaimed, "I've always wanted to do that!"

Professor Pain reached up and squeezed Cate's tits, holding and fondling them, his breath growing ragged. His attention turned to her nipples, and his fingers pinched them and twisted first one way, and then the other, harder, and then even harder, until Cate whined, "You're hurting me!"

"I'm Professor Pain!" he shouted up into her face, then pulled his hands away from her breasts and delivered a sharp backhand slap to her right breast. Cate let out a cry of pain, and then again when he delivered a like blow to her left breast. He grabbed her tits and squeezed them together very roughly, let them drop, and slapped each one several times using the palms of his hands.

Breathing very hard, Pain stepped back and straightened his smock, composing himself. Her tits were bright red and extremely tender, and Cate's tears dripped from her chin onto them. Shame filled her eyes, perhaps even more than pain. The professor regarded her, a wicked smile growing on his lips.

"You little slut!" Professor Pain chortled, "You like it!"

"No!" Cate shouted, shaking her head. "You're making my body react like this, you fiend!"

He shook his head and said, "I told you, it doesn't work that way." He approached her and grabbed her cunt roughly through the silk of her tap pants. He ground his fingers against her hot sex, then released her and stabbed his finger between her breasts. "Your cootch is all wet!" he exclaimed, "You like it!"

He grabbed the waist of her knickers and pulled. Then he pulled again, viciously. Taking a look, Pain saw that they hadn't even begun to tear yet, and he slid them down her legs to the floor, exposing her vaguely triangular thatch of thick, dark curls. Sliding his index finger up between her legs, he slipped between her wet, swollen lips and searched slowly upward until he found her engorged clitoris. He rubbed it and watched her eyes close and she turned her brightly blushing face away from him.

"Bastard!" she hissed quietly, but she had tightened her ass and thrust her hips forward, pressing herself against his rubbing finger. Pain pulled his finger away, sniffed it, and wiped it on the front of his smock. He passed his hand over his bald pate, and then looked very hard at his captive slave.

A few more minutes passed, and after checking his pocket watch, Professor Pain sighed and said, "Alright my dear, while we await your rescue, how about a show?" He grinned again, then said, "Gretyl, how would you like to have your cootchie licked?

Cate began to shake, so filled with terror was she. Gretyl walked up to her and held her jaw, lifting it, forcing Cate to look up into the German marvel's face. Gretyl smiled and nodding, said, "Ja!" Gretyl took Cate by her arm and marched over to the workbench. She leaned back against it and spread her legs, and then lifted her skirt to display her swollen pink genitals. She had clipped her golden bush and it appeared to Cate to be in the shape of two lightning bolt stylized letter "S".

Cate bent and put her lips to the woman's pussy, kissing it like it was her mouth. Driven, she began to lap with her tongue, and then she used her fingers to spread Gretyl's pussy open and began to lick and suck on the wet, pink flesh there. Like one possessed, Cate drove her tongue up into Gretyl's snatch, fucking the warrior with her tongue, and then calmed, sucking on her fat clit while she slide two fingers into Gretyl's creamy pink hole. Gretyl moaned and purred, loving the attention her cunt was getting.

"God damn you to hell," Cate moaned when she paused her sucking. She nibbled softly for another moment and then continued, "How dare you make me do this? It's perverse!" Not hearing a immediate answer, Cate paused and looked at Professor Pain, whose face was bright red.

He stammered for a moment and then said, 'Actually, we - er - that is, nobody actually told you to do it yet."

Thunderstruck, Cate slipped her fingers from Gretyl's cunt and looked at them, shining with lubrication, her fingertips pruning slightly from the moisture. "Oh God," she whispered, and when she saw that the others were looking elsewhere, she put her fingers into her mouth and sucked them before wiping them on her garter belt.

Gretyl looked down at Cate and smiled broadly. "You eat pussy now," Gretyl said, and Cate closed her eyes, surrendering to her command and pushing her mouth hard against Gretyl's snatch. "Ya, gut!" Gretyl moaned, and Cate continued to lick and to suck her pussy, placing her hands on Getyl's thighs.

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