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Professor's Pet


Maggie walked through campus, the cool autumn breeze rustling her brown locks. The wind gave her a chill and she pulled her black cardigan closed over her chest. Her hazel eyes took in the architecture as she strolled, older academic buildings mixed with more modern residence halls. The usual lush green courtyards were littered with shades of brown, yellow and red fallen leaves. Her aura was confident as her green heels took her down the sidewalk.

She had made this walk many times before. However, she is not a student of the university. Maggie is someone's secret. She was a bit older than the undergraduates that buzzed around her, but fit in with her innocent girl next-door looks.

Her strides took her to the front of a brown stone building with large square windows. As she arrived she smiled to herself looking up at the second floor window three from the left, the window that was his office. She found the bench outside the entrance empty. She straightened the full skirt of her green linen sundress as she sat letting the fabric drape over her knees.

Maggie shook her wrist and she looked at her silver watch that dangled off her arm. "Twenty five more minutes," she said to herself with a shiver of excitement.

Her simple black purse sat at her side and she reached inside pulling a single worn silver key. The metal was cool as her palm closed around it. Minutes passed as the wind caused the leaves to scrape down the sidewalks. Maggie watched the students passing by chatting on their cell phones complaining of their test scores, term papers, and projects.

As time passed her heart began to stir in anticipation. To calm herself, she ran her fingers down the buttons at the chest of her dress following them to the high waisted sash nestled just under her breasts. Her right hand tightened the bow as her closed left held it in place. Her eyes took one last look around before she stood gathering herself.

Maggie was always nervous to see her lover, more so when she surprised him with her presence. Her fingers spread and pushed open the glass door, catching a glimpse of her reflection. Her straight brown hair sat on her shoulders ruffled by the wind, face sweet and innocent, dress clinging to her curves, giving a nice peek of ample cleavage and green heels that elongated her long lean legs.

She stepped inside to the common area of the building. Students sat alone, others in small, tight groupings. Some studied while others talked quietly amongst themselves. She chuckled inwardly at the teenage boy asleep on the sofa clutching his backpack.

Her feet knew where to go as she made her way to the stairwell. Promptly bringing herself up the flights to the fourth floor, she looked down the hall to her right then left trying to remember which lecture hall he was in right now. Something in her gut sent her to the right and her heels clicked on the tile floor below. On the way, she checked her watch and took note of the time. Her eyes peeked in the slivers of window on each door till she found him, stopping in her tracks and backing up for a better view where she could remain hidden.

She leaned her shoulder against the heavy wooden door and watched her lover writing on the chalkboard turning back and forth between the class and his fast scribbles. He was a man nearing forty, wise with age and knowledge. She enjoyed seeing him in his element. He always looked comfortable and happy when he was expanding the knowledge of the youth.

Maggie adored him as she watched the vest of his medium grey tweed suit rise and fall when he'd write on the board, "God, he looks stunning in a suit," she whispered to herself chewing on her lip.

Warmth grew between her thighs as she spied on him. The way he had control of his class, spoke confidently and answered questions aroused her. Her eyes took a look down the hall and over her shoulder to check for onlookers, once clear she dropped her purse softly to the floor and clutched the silver key in her fist.

Keeping her ears open for any noise she focused on her lover, gnawing lightly on her bottom lip as her hand slipped under her dress and up her inner thigh. She watched his curly brown hair; flaked with tints of grey, bounce as he walked around the front of the lecture hall discussing a topic of medieval history she couldn't hear.

Her left fist clutched around the key in her hand as the fingers of her right rubbed over the satin and lace of her panties, feeling her heat through the fabric. She adored him as he leaned over the podium in the front of class, his mouth moving with conviction.

"Keep talking professor," she urged him in a whisper as her fingers curled and slid down her soft flesh under her panties.

Maggie's fingers ran over the slit of her smooth pussy. Her middle finger parted her cunt lips, dragging her wetness up over her clit. She rubbed her silken juices in tiny circles against the tasteful jewelry that adorned her clit hood. Her throat whimpered but her mouth remained closed as she twirled the barbell of her tongue piercing between her sealed lips.

Her eyes followed him back to the chalkboard as he looked out over the class making sure they had all the notes down before erasing and began scribbling again.

Her knees buckled under her as she watched her lover. She slid her hand deeper into her panties, her knuckles pushed against the satin as she probed one finger inside her wet hole, then two. Her forehead rested on the door and she leaned harder against it to keep balance, dragging her head along the wood. She worked her fingers inside her, smearing them against her upper walls.

Maggie's cheeks grew warm with the heat flowing through her body as she steadily masturbated herself in the open. Dragging her fingers in and out of her cunt, collecting her juices on her hand. She moaned softly as he turned back from the board and wiped a bit of chalk off his vest.

"I'm going to feed on your cock later," she sighed as she pleasured her body, "I'll milk you with my mouth and drink your cum."

The skirt of her dress fluttered between her thighs as her fingers dug in and out of her soft hole. Maggie clenched tighter on the key, digging its teeth into her fingers. Her body shivered as she pushed the pads of her fingers up against her ridged g-spot, massaging her insides.

She worked herself into undeniable heat, curling her fingers up inside her cunt. Her panties became visibly wet as her fluids dripped around her fingers, soaking into the satin. She denied herself an orgasm and pulled her fingers out of her panties quickly.

"It's his," she reminded herself as she took one more glance at her lover. Maggie had to pull herself away from the door and hurry down the hall back to the stairs, straightening her dress on the way.

Two flights down and she reached a quiet floor with several open and closed doors. Her heart skipped faster as she passed his fellow professors hearing the clicking of keyboards and conversations coming from the open offices.

She stopped in front of his door and looked over the semester schedule he posted. Double-checking that she wouldn't be intruding on his office hours.

"Wednesday, no classes or office hours between 1 and 3 pm, perfect," the wicked voice inside her head said after checking the schedule.

She checked over her shoulders for anyone in the hall and unclasped her fingers from the key. Quietly it slid in the lock, the teeth of the key clicked inside and she turned the lock open. Carefully, she turned the doorknob, checked her surroundings once more then let herself into his office.

Light came in through the large window on the back wall illuminating the beautiful worn cedar desk that was the centerpiece of his office. His numerous degrees glittered in their frames against the light. Maggie reached behind herself and pushed the lock on the doorknob before she pulled her cardigan off her shoulders and draped it over the back of one of the chairs that sat facing the desk.

She walked behind the desk and her fingers ran over the rough wool of his grey suit jacket hanging from the back of his black leather executive chair. Her body bent at the waist to take in the aroma of his clothing.

Maggie leaned over and turned the desk lamp on before turning and closing the blinds. She made her way around to the front of his desk and pushed the two chairs his students sat in for tutoring and discussions against the bookshelf on her left. She dropped the silver key in her purse and set it on the cushy chair.

She stood up and her fingers pulled the spaghetti strap bows free on her shoulders one at a time. Her dress hung loosely at her chest as she reached to the front and undid the sash below her breasts. It came loose and she reached behind her back and let the zipper down, causing the dress to fall to a heap around her ankles. She stepped out of the dress and bent over and picked it up, folded it into a tidy cube and placed it on the chair beside her purse.

Her body now only covered in a shiny dark pink strapless satin bra coated in a layer of black lace with cheeky panties to match. The lace trimmed her round breasts and the satin hugged her bum. Maggie reached behind her back and unclasped her bra setting her ample tits free.

The cool air and arousal lingering from moments ago made her nipples swell into erect rocks on her chest. She folded her bra in half and laid it on top of her dress then hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties and wiggled her hips as they came down. The soft fabric slid down her thighs and below her knees. First, she lifted her left leg and pulled her heeled foot out, then the right. The little wet panties got stuck on her heel and she laughed at herself trying to get free. She added her undergarments to the growing pile of clothing on the chair.

Maggie looked at the time, "Fuck, I've got to hurry," she said to herself.

Her hand rustled about in her purse searching for a mirror. Quickly, she checked her simple brown eyeliner and soft green shadow before smearing a fresh coat of cherry lip-gloss onto her plump lips.

She dumped the gloss and mirror back into her purse and pulled out a pink collar studded with rhinestones. As it came into her grasp, she smiled and ran her finger over the studs. She slid the collar under her hair and around her neck clasping it snugly at the back. Maggie took off the silver watch from her wrist, dropping it into her purse.

She turned on her heel to his desk and straightened the scattered papers and tests into organized stacks and layered them at the corner next to the lamp, and then clicked the light off. Maggie lifted her nude body onto the edge of the cool wooden desk just out of direct view of the door. She raked her fingers through her bountiful brown hair several times. Her legs crossed and dangled over the front as she leaned back on the heel of her wrists.

Maggie waited patiently with a sly grin on her lips as she heard the nasal tone of his voice grow louder outside the door. Her stomach turned eagerly with butterflies when the voice ceased and the key slid into the lock. She watched the knob turn and the door open, letting light into the dark room. She stayed quiet, hiding in the darkness though her heart fluttered. His tall form came into the office, closed the door behind him and his fingers ran over the wall for the light switch.

The professor's eyes were immediately drawn to her as he fumbled with the lock. His heart leapt in his chest and his cock twitched to life under his slacks. He drank in her body with his hungry eyes. He started at her shiny pink toenails, over her green open toed heels. Their ribbons caught his attention, encircling her ankles in green silk, bows gracefully dangling to side.

He followed the lines of her smooth legs over the ridges of her crossed knees. She stayed still with her sly smile drawn on her lips as he devoured her with his sight. His fingers rubbed through his goatee, unable to speak. His eyes trailed to her thighs, one lifted up from the desk as she kept her legs crossed, just a hint of her round bum in his view.

Maggie watched him with devoted patience. He followed the curve of her hips over her stomach to her lush, creamy, full, round breasts focusing for a moment on her erect nipples in the middle of her pinkish brown areola. His eyes traveled up her chest to her shoulders, over the angles of her neck, licking his lips at the sight of her collar. Her plump lips shined with invitation. He took all of her in, mesmerized by his nude lover. Finally his lust filled soft green eyes met hers and she smiled warmly.

"Professor Gottschalk," she said softly, cocking her head towards her shoulder, greeting him.

"Maggie, my pet" he nodded and stepped forward.

She watched his face as he neared, looking over his features carefully. She loved the wide bridge of his nose, his thinner eyebrows that rose with dirty thoughts, the angle of his jaw and the lovely thick goatee that framed his delicious soft lips.

She looked up into his eyes; his rough hand settled on her knee and nudged her legs apart. She uncrossed her legs, spreading her knees apart just enough for her lover to step between them. His eyes were keen for her; he placed both hands on her cheeks and held her face. Her eyes twinkled and body tingled as he touched her.

"I wasn't expecting you today," he said softly, tracing his thumbs on her jaw. "What am I supposed to do with this beautiful girl, naked, hiding in my office?"

"Devour me," she whispered

His voice grew a shade huskier and he raised a brow, "Devour you?" he questioned.

Maggie nodded eagerly several times, "Please sir..." she urged him, rubbing her fingertips against his desk.

He smiled and kissed the tip of her button nose. "What if I have grading to do?" he teased.

Maggie lifted her hands from his desk and ran her fingers down the rough tweed of his vest, trailing down to the buttons over his stomach. Her fingers undid the buttons, keeping her eyes on his.

"Professor, we both know the students won't know if you grade now... or later," she said as his vest slid over the back of her hand as she pushed it off his shoulders.

He wiggled his arms and she caught his vest as it fell behind him. Maggie tossed it to the chair with her clothes. She looked up, eyes filled with desire. She curled her fingers around his silk black and red paisley tie, tugging him closer. Their mouths nearly met with hot breath against each other.

"Please, professor, your pet needs you." Maggie whimpered.

The professor picked up her chin in his hands and angled his face, pressing his lips gently against hers. Their eyes closed together as their mouths met. Maggie's heart skidded at the sensation of his lips on hers. His tongue ran over her lips, tasting the delightful cherry flavor of her gloss, gently nudging her mouth open. Tingles shot down to Maggie's toes, curling them.

He ran his tongue over her teeth to her tongue, tasting her mouth carefully. She accepted him and massaged his tongue with hers. The professor played with the tongue stud in her mouth, flicking it. He withdrew his tongue and sucked hers into his mouth.

It was her turn to taste him, and she did so eagerly. Maggie ran her hands over his black suspenders as the side of her tongue ran over the roof of his mouth. Their tongues danced with erotic passion as she nudged the suspenders from his shoulders and untucked his shirt from his slacks.

His left hand left her face. He trailed his fingers down her neck, over her shoulders and cupped her right breast. She whimpered into his mouth as he took her tit, fitting it perfectly into the palm of his hand, groping her.

Maggie worked the buttons through their slits, her fingers flying down the front of his white shirt. She loosened his tie and slid it out from under his collar; the professor helped her, lifting his hands from her body, pulling his arms out of his shirt. He took the tie from her and tossed it to the chair with his shirt. Professor Gottschalk ran the fingers of his right hand down her chest between her mounds of flesh, taking his time. His fingers ran over each hard nipple and circled the bumps of her areola.

Their lips never parted; she continued undressing him impatiently. Maggie fumbled with the button and fly of his trousers, giving his swollen erection some relief as they fell to the ground. She lifted her feet, tucking her heels into the waist of his navy blue cotton boxers, lightly scraping down his thighs as she wedged them down. His left hand ran down the curve of her side, caressing her flesh. Maggie felt the cold white gold of his wedding ring rolling against his slender fingers as he touched her.

The professor took a step back looking at her puffy lips, gloss messy and smeared with saliva. He nudged his shoes off with his toes and kicked the heap of clothing behind him towards the door. He bent down and quickly tugged his socks off and tossed them to the chair.

His pet watched, nibbling her lower lip, reaching her hand out for his aching cock, "John... Please, please don't make me wait anymore," she begged.

Her hand found his erection and wrapped her fingers around its warmth. He groaned softly as she pulled him close to her by his cock. Maggie stroked his organ, hand lightly gliding along his shaft with tender squeezes. Professor Gottschalk felt her familiar touch on his flesh as he stood between her thighs.

His hand cupped the warmth of her smooth cunt, "My pet is quite needy today," he said as he kneaded her heat with his palm.

"Yes sir," she whimpered.

She stroked him with need, feeling the veins throb against her hand. Her wrist turned slightly as she rubbed his hard flesh. Maggie reached up with her other hand and tugged his goatee bringing his mouth near hers looking into his eyes.

John parted her cunt lips, her juices oozed onto his fingers. He watched her eyes and stroked the studs of her collar with his free hand. His hand left her cunt and wrapped around her hips, bringing her bum a little off the edge of his desk.

She spread her legs wider, lifting her feet and hooking her heels over the edge of the desk, opening her body for him. Maggie brought his cock against the entrance to her aching hole. He could feel her heat radiating onto him.

His pet lifted her hand and he thrusted his throbbing organ into the velvet orifice between her thighs, piercing her flesh as he fit himself inside her. Her warmth engulfed his erection, her tight walls inviting him inside, joining their bodies together. They moaned softly in unison as his long cock filled her completely and nudged against her cervix.

John's hips ground against hers, opening her body for him. Maggie wrapped her arms around his shoulders squeezing the skin against his shoulder blades. John held his lover around her hips, the other hand squeezing her tit. He rocked his hips, pulling in and out of her slick inner flesh.

"God, you feel amazing," Maggie moaned against his mouth, clenching her cunt around his cock.

John groaned quietly against the squeezes around his member, "You feel better every time, my pet."

He picked up speed, establishing a rhythm with his lover. Their hips worked together in unison. Maggie buried her face against the left side of his neck, mouth open, teeth against his flesh but not biting. The last thing she wanted to do was leave marks on him for his wife to see. She moaned and whimpered quietly into his neck as his thick, veiny, meat pistoned into her cunt.

The professor squeezed her hip hard, digging his fingers into her, leaving bruises. Her left hand slid over his shoulder and she dragged her fingers through his generous chest hair. They showed their lust and need with hard squeezes and touches rather than letting it escape loudly through their mouths, beyond his office door.

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