tagGay MaleProject Phoenix Ch. 01

Project Phoenix Ch. 01


Hello Guys! This is my first erotic story. I plan on writing more chapters to Project Phoenix depending on the amount of interest there is for the story to continue. Any and all feedback is welcomed. Enjoy!

xxx YaoiLover21


In only a few thousand years mankind had come from a struggling primitive race to a full out destructive parasite. By then planet Earth was suffocating in its own waste. All of the world's oceans, lakes and rivers had become polluted beyond repair. Almost every tree on the planet had been cut down. All forms of animal life were extinct even cats and dogs.

With man's advances in technology and medicine the human population ran rampant ravaging the planet and leaving wastelands and toxic swamps in their wake. By 2064 the Earth could no long support life. The pollution on the planet caused many diseases to flourish and new ones to develop. Cancer, TB, and Cholera swept through the major cities wiping out thousands. Soon the cemeteries filled to capacity and they started burning the bodies. The sky was gray across the globe for weeks.

Then in 2069 a new virus appeared called EDTS, Environmental Degenerative Tissue Syndrome. Unlike all the other modern plagues this one was gender specific. Only females were susceptible to the disease. Once a person was infected their reproductive system was attacked. Every woman on the planet eventually died from massive blood loss or complications during the surgeries trying to fix them. It was fast but horribly painful. No women survived; men were left alone on a dying planet.

The National Federation, the ruling body on Earth, decided on a proactive but radical plan to ensure mankind's survival. A group of doctors and engineers under the behest of the National Federation came up with a solution. In a neighboring star system a planet named Rius 22 was seen to be able to support human life. Originally part of a plan for relocating Earth's population, it was chosen as a testing ground for the Federation's new experiment.

Surgeons had found a way to stop mankind from going extinct by implanting an artificial, modified female reproductive system in males, complete with a fully functioning uterus and ovaries. The only differences were that men would not experience a period due to the uterus growing a thicker membrane able to hold an egg until fertilization. Impregnation was only possible through anal intercourse. A microscopic duct was created in the rectal wall that could only be opened by the chemical reaction induced by sperm cells that cause the duct to expand.

The National Federation decided to keep the project a secret while sending out a test expedition to Rius 22. The criteria for the program dubbed "Project Phoenix" had to be healthy, single, and most of all gay. The Federation didn't want to use straight subject in those early stages.

Their main objective was to see if male impregnation was a viable option for propagation. Since the all-male population was mostly single (and straight) they chose to assign companions by personality traits, interests, and flaws. All of mankind's hopes were hinged on the success of Project Phoenix; hopes for a better world and a new chance at life.

Chapter 1

"Identification Pass Card" the burly Starship Guard barked at Mitch.

"Here you go" Mitch replied. He was grumpy from being up so early but everyone who was part of Project Phoenix had to report two days before take-off. Mitchell handed over his Pass Card and looked at the Guard. He was built like a UFC fighter. With black hair, brown eyes, muscles everywhere which were covered in Laser tattoos; he certainly looked the part.

"You're cleared. Report to deck E, level 12 for briefing. They'll give you your work clearance, room number and tell you who your assigned companion is. Next!" The Starship Guard stepped to the side allowing Mitch to pass.

"Gee Thanks" Mitchell said. Work, room and boyfriend all at once huh, can't wait, he thought as he rolled his eyes.

Mitch was twenty-eight, six foot one with dirty blonde hair that hung almost to his shoulders. He was built like a swimmer, tall and lean but muscular. He was definitely handsome not that he didn't remind himself daily. Mitch was very self-absorbed and prided himself on being the sexiest person on the planet...or so he told himself.

Mitch heaved his pack up and stepped onto the Prudential, a Federation Starship Cruiser. It was a huge, black, moving city with twenty-six different decks and over a hundred floors. It contained everything a person might need. The Starship was the largest in its class.

Mitch went to one of the ele-ports and pressed Deck E. With a flash of light he was instantly transported to E deck. From there he took the hover stairs to sub-level 12. He followed signs to the E Deck Admissions Hall.

The Admissions Hall was a large room with white walls and hover chairs set up in rows. There were no windows just a row of clear InfoScanns in the front of the hall. There were maybe sixty people in the room. Some had sim-coffee; others just sat on their hover chairs looking either like living statues or scared out of their minds. Mitch took a seat near one of the walls.

A man about Mitch's age walked into the briefing room. He was strongly built with wide shoulders and a hard square jaw. He was about 6'5 or so. His body showed hard years in the Federation army, muscular and toned. The man was clean shaven, had short brown hair and wore the blue uniform of a Federation Starship Captain. Wow he's hot, Mitchell thought.

"My name is Dex Ordenal. I am the Captain of this Ship. I have chosen to brief you all personally because you will be matched with the senior official staff of the FSC Prudential" He spoke with a deep, rumbling voice. It sent shivers up Mitch's arms.

"In addition, as all of you are engineers you have been assigned the whole fifty sub levels of E Deck. Your clearance will be for this level, and your assigned work level. You are strictly prohibited to access any other level not allowed to you with your pass card. Offences will not be tolerated. We have placed a ship guide along with the rules and regulations code eBook in your rooms. Please read all of the material carefully." Captain Dex spoke sternly and directly making eye contact with members of the audience.

"Before you are assigned your companions, I want to express the magnitude of our mission and stress its importance to us and our species. Try your best to assimilate and build relationships with your new companions." The Captain spoke these words quickly as if they burned his tongue coming out.

"Now please come up to the InfoScanns to receive your work assignments, clearance, and the profile on your companion. Please wait for the printout so that you have a copy." The Captain finished his speech, turned and walked briskly out of the hall. Mitch followed Dex with his eyes, watching as his round ass turned the corner. He licked his lips.

The men slowly rose from their hover chairs and walked up to one of the InfoScanns. An InfoScann was how information for large groups was displayed. The screen was made of clear memory glass with several heat sensor keyboard laid out on an outcropping ledge. One by one people got their assignments and found out the names of their mates on the printout.

Finally it was Mitch's turn. He walked up to the InfoScann and inserted his pass card into a small slot next one of the keyboards. The section of glass before him shimmered then pulled up his information. The computer spoke with a feminine voice, monotone and direct.

"Lieutenant Mitchell Stone. Your work assignment is Engineer to Deck G and all sub levels. Your room assignment is suite Starboard." Mitchell almost turned away until it continued reading.

"Official authorized additional clearance to the Ship's Helm and Control Room". The InfoScann spat out another piece of sim paper. Who would authorize an additional level clearance? And to the Helm no doubt, Mitchell thought. He picked up the piece of sim paper its powdery texture making his hands itch. At the bottom of the page it said: Matched Companion, Captain Dex Ordenal.

Mitch stared at the paper in disbelief.

"No shit?" He said out loud to no one in particular.

The Starship suite was a one of the best rooms on board. It had a large king sized bed, a recreation room and a spacious bathroom. Mitch smiled at the deep Jacuzzi like tub with a connecting shower. The room was fully furnished and covered in blue material, similar to silk, with silver painted accents. The room looked how the night sky used to look decades ago. Now if you wanted to see the blue sky you had to read an eBooks or visit a museum.

Mitch walked to an expansion closet next to the door that led to the bathroom. He opened it and a revolving belt with clothes on it moved until a section of free space was available to him. The storage capacity was expanded way beyond regular closets. Mitch assumed the clothes already there were the Captain's. Mitch was putting his shoes in the lower compartment when he heard a pass card being swiped through the outside access port. He turned around as the suite door slide up and open. He watched as the sexy and even bigger-in-person Captain Dex strode into the room.

"I trust you're getting settled easily. Dex's voice made Mitch shiver again. He hoped the Captain didn't notice. He did.

"Yea. I put my things away." They both stared at each other not sure what to say.

Mitch got the idea that the Captain was uncomfortable and even shy but he didn't know why. He was determined to find out.

"How long have you been Captain of the Prudential?" Mitch asked as he walked closer to Dex. He liked how the Captain took a step back.

"Six years."

"A man with experience I see" Mitch was standing maybe a foot away. Dex could smell his cologne.

Captain Dex shifted from foot to foot, like he was agitated. "Well, the voyage to Rius 22 will take approximately 3 weeks. Hopefully by then we'll be better... acquainted... and more comfortable." He didn't mean for it to come out sexual but Mitchell snickered anyway.

"Yea I look forward to getting better acquainted." He said then winked. The Captain seemed taken aback by Mitch's flirting and promptly turned on his heels and left. He called out that he'll be back for dinner around eight.

Mitch smiled to himself. He couldn't wait to spend more time with Captain Dex. He could wait even less to get him into bed.

When Dex returned to the suite Mitch was lying in a lounge chair in the rec room listening to some music on his digi player. He was lying on his stomach with his eyes closed wearing a black wife beater and matching boxer briefs. He didn't hear the Captain come in over the whirring music. Dex took the opportunity to take in Mitch's body.

His strong shoulders and muscular arms, his tight thighs and small waist but most of all, his round firm ass. Dex got a mental picture of him pulling down Mitch's boxers and kissing each supple globe before running his tongue in between. Dex was shocked at his erotic thoughts and even more so at the fact that he was semi-hard. He cleared his throat. Mitch's head popped up from the lounge.

"Hey I didn't hear you come in." Mitch said as he turned off his digi player.

"Yea, the music. Are you ready to eat?" Dex said quickly trying to get the mental picture out of his head.

"Sure but first listen Captain," Mitch got up and went to stand in front of Dex. ", I know it's going to be a bit awkward because of the nature of our mission but why don't we try to make the best of it, okay?" Mitch came in closer to Dex, put a hand on his bicep and ran the other down Dex's chest.

Dex stepped back and removed Mitch's hand.

"Only if you listen and realize that this is a mission from the Federation and not time to party and have fun. Business not pleasure understand?" Dex went to take a seat at the rec table. Mitch took a seat across from him.

"Right. Business. So what do I call you? I feel funny saying Captain all the time" Mitch said with a half grin he didn't believe Dex for a minute. He could tell the Captain was into him.


"Dex it is then. Are you ready to order Dex?"

"Yea sure I want a Deluxe." Mitch nodded then went up to the suite's ComPort and punched in the code for meal orders and punched in what they wanted. A clear tube in the corner near the table made a weird whooshing sound then two silver square packs about the size of a notebook appeared suspended in midair.

Mitch walked over and picked them up then placed them in what looked like a microwave. He pressed a button and in three seconds it beeped. He pulled out two large trays piled with steaming food. Baked chicken, corn, mashed potatoes and a brownie for dessert were included.

Mitch slide one tray in front of Dex and pulled the other one closer to him. Dex dug right in wasting no time. Mitch though it was a perfect moment to ask a particular question that was on his mind.

"So we're supposed to have sex pretty soon right?"

Dex made a choking noise and spit out his mouthful of food on the table and looked up, his eyes huge. Mitch was staring back innocently, a smile playing at the corners of his lips.

"What!?" Dex said struggling to get his breath.

"Sex. That's the purpose of this project is for us to have sex and have kids right? You were the one reminding me about our business. Which involves sex doesn't it?

"Well when you put it like that then yes, but that's not how I meant it." Dex said trying to get himself under control.

"So when do you think we'll get to that exactly" Mitch had an evil glint in his eyes.

Dex could only stare. He'd never been addressed so directly.

"I really don't think this is the appropriate setting for this conversion, do you?" Dex said raising another spoonful of food to his mouth.

"How about after we eat?" Dex spit out his food again.


"Oh pretty please" Mitch said beaming. "I know you want me I saw that hard-on you had when you came in. I vote we just get to it. The sooner we do it the sooner we can accomplish our mission." Mitch had the most devious look on his face. Dex was at a loss for words. He just stared at Mitch, his eyes bugging out.

"I promise you'll enjoy it." Mitch was smiling so big his white teeth were glinting.

"I said no Lieutenant." Dex addressed Mitch with his military title. Mitch held up his hands in mock surrendered but the smile wasn't gone from his face.

They returned to eating their food. Dex tried to not show that he was rattled but he did want Mitch, badly. Sleeping in the same bed tonight was going to be a challenge, for both of them.

"Want me to tuck you in?" Mitch asked. He and Dex were lying in bed under the sheets. Mitch had his head turned to Dex while Dex stared very intently at the ceiling.

"No." Dex's mind was all over the place. As they were getting ready for bed he had watched Mitch strip down to nothing while Dex pulled on a pair of boxers. Dex caught a glimpse of toned abs, a nice cock and that juicy looking ass that drove him crazy. Mitch coughed. Dex's eyes shot up to Mitch's face to see that he had been caught staring; he quickly got in to bed.

Knowing that he was in bed next to a naked man, especially one that looked like Mitch had him fully hard before his head hit the pillow. What the hell, he thought; you're a damn Captain of a starship get a hold of yourself!

Mitch wasted no time and decided to make the first move. Sitting up he leaned over Dex and planted his lips on Dex's. At first there was no reaction then very slowly Dex gave in and he returned the kiss. Mitch pushed on, running his tongue along Dex's lips. Dex yielded and opened his mouth. Soon they were French kissing deeply, hands roaming over arms and backs and shoulders.

"Wait!" Dex said out of breath trying to push Mitch off him. He was trying to focus but his head was spinning and his body seemed to be on fire.

Mitch didn't slow down and instead kissed Dex even more passionately. He slid his hands along the Captain's washboard stomach until he reached his cock. Dex let out a hearty groan as Mitch wrapped his hand around the meaty shaft. Dex had a thick cock. Mitch pulled back the covers so he could gaze at it. It was deep pink with a fat purple head already shiny and wet with precum.

"Relax Captain, I'm a pro" Mitch said as he lowered himself down and engulfed Dex's cock with his mouth.

"Unnng!" Dex gasped out. His eyes rolled back into his head and his hands gripped the sheets. It felt amazing! Mitch's mouth was so hot and wet. Mitch moaned around the cock in his mouth until the flared head bumped against the back of his throat.

Dex let out another loud groan and arched his back off the bed. He was going to come soon if Mitch kept this up.

Mitch could feel Dex's balls tightening in his hands as he deep throated Dex further. Dex started grabbing Mitchell's hair forcing his mouth to open wide to take more of his cock. He was so close.

"I'm...I'm gonna come!" Dex nearly hollered out. He could feel his orgasm building from his toes headed straight for his cock.

Mitch didn't back off. He kept sucking on the thick shaft then did something that sent Dex over the edge...he started humming. The vibrations went through Dex's cock and he felt himself explode.

"Ahhh!" Jet after jet of sticky cum spewed out of his cock and down Mitch's throat. Mitch gagged at the first blast then moaned deeply as his own cock started to shoot come onto the sheets.

Mitch swallowed every drop then kept sucking to keep the Captain hard. Dex's whole body was limp; he'd never come so hard in his life.

Mitch rose up, his cock still dripping cum. He scooped some up and rubbed it against his puckered hole. He crawled up onto the Captain and straddled him. Dex didn't realize what was going on until Mitch took hold of his cock and placed it at his entrance.

Mitch let out a sigh as Dex's large cockhead popped past his opening. Dex inhaled sharply, his body tense. Mitch pushed against the Captain's fat cock and slowly sank down the length until he felt the Captain's pubic hair brushing against his ass. Mitch moaned as his ass muscles rippled around the invading cock.

Dex was in heaven. Mitch was tight and if he hadn't already came in Mitch's mouth, he would have the second his cock was buried balls deep inside of that sexy ass.

"Fuck your tight!" Mitch smiled down at the Captain and slowly started to rise and fall onto his cock. The head was bumping against his prostate every time he sat back down driving a sexy gasp from his mouth every time.

Mitch placed one hand on the headboard and the other on Dex's shoulder.

"Come on Captain fuck me...that's an order!" He said looking straight into Dex's eyes.

Something inside of Dex switched on and the urge to cum took over. He grabbed hold of Mitch's ass, spread the cheeks and starts thrusting hard and fast up into Mitch's body.

Mitch screamed and gripped Dex harder. His cock was drooling all over Dex's chest.

"Yes Captain yes! Ugh God! Fuck me harder!"

Dex let out a growl and flipped Mitch onto his back, his cock slipping out. Mitch let out a pained cry until Dex thrust his cock back inside. Leaning down Dex leaned down and kissed Mitch hard, wrapping his fingers in Mitch's long blond hair.

He picked up the pace and started pounding Mitch for all he was worth. Mitch cupped Dex's ass pulling him in deeper. His cock was wedged between both of their hard bodies. He reached down and grabbed hold of his long slender cock and started to pump his fist in time with Dex's thrusts.

Dex was pounding Mitch as hard and as deep as he could. Sweat was dripping off his face as he continued to ram his cock in and out of Mitch's ass.

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