tagGay MaleProject Phoenix Ch. 02

Project Phoenix Ch. 02


Hello Guys! I am so thankful for all the supportive comments I got for Chapter 1. I tried to take my time with this chapter and flesh out the characters better and set up some plot points for the future. I agree with you that Dex and Mitch needed their personalities to shine more so I attempted that with this chapter. I hope this chapter contains less grammar and spelling errors. I've also included some hints to Dex's past as well. The next chapter will focus more on Mitch's modification surgery and Dex opening up more.

Also, just to address some of the comments comparing my story to The Harvest... the two stories may be similar in the fact that they both involve male pregnancy and are set in the future but that is where the similarities end. And as I continue to write more chapters that fact will hopefully become more apparent. The Harvest is EXTREMELY well written and I have great respect for both NMT and WendyDru, but I do think its a bit unfair to say that the subject of male pregnancy is now off limits. I understand that readers of both series really cannot help comparing and NMT has set the bar really high for me but I hope that as the story continues for Dex and Mitch readers will see that this series is not intended as a copy and really has a life of its own.

Again any and all feedback is welcomed.



Project Phoenix

Chapter 2

Three Years Ago, New Hope National Federation Base.

"What the hell! Are you cheating on me!?"

"No! Jesus Kay, it's not what it looks like."

"It looks like I caught you screwing around with your damn Navigating Officer!"

Dex's wife, Kay, was standing in the middle the FSC Prudential Control Room. Her pale face was red, her piercing blue eyes wild and red rimmed staring right at Dex.

Dex was hastily trying to button up his uniform shirt as his Navigating Officer pulled up his pants and grabbing his shirt ran from the deserted Control Room, his youthful face embarrassed and ashamed.

"Kay it's...it's nothing! It meant nothing." Dex was caught red handed. He didn't know what to say. His beautiful wife had just walked in on him fucking one of his officers. Dex had told Kay that he had to report to the Prudential for a systems check. The Prudential was ghostlike, barely anyone was on board.

"So you admit it! Dex I'm your wife! What the hell were you thinking". Kay was screaming and crying as she advanced on Dex angry. She picked up a metal communicator and threw it at him. Dex was nearly two feet taller than his petite wife, and easily avoided it. He met Kay and grabbed her arms, tight.

"Kay! Listen to me! It meant nothing. It's just a fuck. I love you!"

"Fuck you. Love? This is how you show you love me? Cheating on me, and with a man on top of that!" Kay started thrashing around hitting Dex in his chest. She wrestled free when she caught Dex under his chin with a right hand. She ran towards the Control Room door but turned before she left.

"How could you?" She was calm but she looked so destroyed; it broke Dex's heart.

That was the last time Dex saw her alive.



Dex sat up, reaching out at nothing. He was covered in sweat and his heart was beating fast. It took him a minute to figure out where he was. Dex was laying on a portable bed in his office down the hall from the ship's Helm.

Dex swung his legs over the side of the the bed and took a deep breath. Last night he'd left Mitch, naked and alone in their suite after receiving the letter scheduling Mitch's modification surgery.

Dex been equally surprised by the surgery notice. It brought Dex crashing back to reality fast. So many emotions came over Dex in that moment. He was torn between wanting to comfort Mitch to being overwhelmed with guilt and disappointment.

Dex prided himself in the fact that he was a good Captain and good soldier. He always followed orders and obeyed commands from the Federation. But this time he felt like he couldn't go through with it. Dex had made a promise to his wife and that promise conflicted with his current assignment.

So in that moment when he was naked in bed watching Mitch read that letter Captain Dex had chose the easiest option, he ran. He got dressed and left as quick as he could.

Dex had never felt anything romantic for a man in his life. Dex had had sex with men of course, he always liked the feeling of a hard body under him. The feeling of lean muscle and strong arms grabbing his waist was an instance turn on. But love? Never. Love wasn't something Dex believed he could feel for a man short of the brotherly love shown between Federation soldiers.

But Dex had to admit he had felt something for Mitch. The look of shock on Mitch's face when he read the letter made Dex want to wrap his arms around him. Dex couldn't deal with those feelings so he had stayed away from Mitch and their room.

Dex got up off the bed and went to stand in front of the wide window in his office. He gazed out at the base, watching as people flitted about reading the ship for take off tomorrow. Captain Dex stretched and felt his muscles protest. His whole body was aching and not just because he'd been sleeping on a flimsy portable bed. His body craved Mitch. Dex desperately wanted to return to the suite and tackle Mitch. The feeling of Mitch's mouth on his cock skillfully bring him to the brink of and orgasm made Dex groan. Dex wanted to bury his cock in Mitch's ass until he came deep inside him.

Dex put his face in his hands.

"What the hell am I gonna do?" He had to return to change his uniform at least and he didn't think he could take sleeping in his office another night.

Dex growled and got dressed. It was 4am but he couldn't sleep so figured to he'd get an early start to the day.

But all day the feelings of frustration and wanting plagued him. He was a Starship Captain with years of experience. He was trained in handling his emotions, to make hard decisions, but for the life of him he didn't think he could stop whatever feeling that were growing for Mitch.

Dex eventually came to the conclusion that he had to face Mitch and what ever feeling were waiting for him back at the suite. His sanity depended on it.



"Dammit! Work!" Mitch angrily kicked at the orbital decompressor with his foot. He'd been on E Deck level eight trying to get the floor's decompressor to work. If it didn't relieve the pressure on the level then they'd have to clear the whole floor. Mitch has been at it for over four hours and the stupid thing still would not kick on.

"Hey, easy. Be nice". A gravelly voice floated into his ear. Mitch turned around to see another engineer leaning against the door way to the maintenance room.

They guy was handsome. He was tall with dark brown eyes, full lips, and wavy black hair almost as long as Mitch's. His body was tight, like he lifted weights often. Bulging arms with laser tattoos swirling around them were crossed in front of him. He looked tough, strong, and pretty hot in a bad boy sort of way.

"I'm always nice" Mitch said returning the engineer's wide smile. Mitch was still annoyed but he was a natural flirt, he couldn't help it.

"I hope not too nice" the man said with a wink. He stepped away from the door and walked closer to Mitch. He looked Mitch up and down like he was a steak ready to be eaten.

Mitch watched the guy eye him. Mitch knew he was hot and usually being hit on by a stud really got him going but the Captain was still on his mind.

"So what made you so angry that you were taking it out on that decompressor?" The engineer ran his hand along the equipment like he was caressing a lover. He looked sideways at Mitch.

"Boyfriend troubles I guess." Mitch wiped the sweat off his brow and backed up against the maintenance room wall. He sighed and put his hands in his hair. Mitch had been in a bad mood since the other night when he and Dex had slept together. Mitch still couldn't believe how the Captain had reacted.

"What a shame."

"Yea you look really sad to hear it".

"Sad for the other guy maybe. My names Larsten Copeland, by the way but call me Sten." The engineer said holding out a hand to Mitch.

Mitch stepped close and shook it.

"Mitch." Mitch backed away. He wasn't really in the mood to deal with being hit on. It was nothing new but he couldn't get the picture of Dex's emotionless face out of his mind. How could Dex just stand up got dressed and leave the suite without even saying a word!

"Ass" Mitch said to himself.

"Excuse me?" Sten was staring at Mitch confused but the predatory look was not gone from his eyes.

"Oh sorry not you. Just thinking about my...my um..companion". Mitch felt weird saying the word.

"Well how about you tell me about him while I help you get this decompressor to work" Sten offered.

Mitch didn't really want his help but he was frustrated already and figured he could handle Sten if he got out of hand.

"Sure why not". Mitch and Sten stood next to each other fiddling with the decompressor as Mitch gave him a quick run down. Sten was barely paying attention he couldn't keep his eyes off of Mitch's body.



"Thanks for the help today" Mitch said to Sten. They were standing outside of Mitch's suite. It had taken another two hours to get the orbital decompressor to work but they'd finally managed it.

Mitch was happy it was over. Sten had wandering hands and more than once Mitch had to remove one from his back or legs. Sten kept trying to cop a feel.

"No problem. So can I come in?" Sten said staring into Mitch's eyes.

"Um no. With launch tomorrow I'd better get sleep. Plus don't you have a companion of your own to get back to?" Mitch really wanted Sten to leave.

"Yea but he's some Navigation Officer. He knows who's boss. He can wait. I promise I won't keep you up...too long". Sten moved closer to Mitch wrapping a thick arm around him.

Mitch leaned back and put his hands on Sten chest. He really didn't want to be that close to him.

"I said no."

"Come on don't be a tease." Sten leaned in and started sucking on Mitch's neck. Mitch tried to push him away but Sten stuck another arm around him keeping him still.

"Get off!" Mitch brought up a knee and hit Sten right in the balls.

Sten yelped and jumped back, bending over. He looked up at Mitch, fury in his eyes.

"You fucking tease!" Sten stood up and pulled back a fist reading to strike Mitch.

Suddenly two hands were around Sten's throat. Sten gasped and clawed at the big hands that were cutting off his oxygen supply.

Dex brought his face close to Sten's.

"He said no. Now I suggest you leave before I have you up on charges for assaulting a superior officer, Corporal!" Dex shouted at Sten. Dex's eyes were large, his voice low. He let go of the man's throat like he was tossing a wet rag from his grip.

Sten collapsed to the floor, sputtering and coughing. He stood up and ran; his eyes still bright with hatred as he turned a corner then was gone.

Mitch was frozen still. The sight of Dex strangling Sten, his arms swelling as Dex used all his power to squeeze the life out of Sten. It was the hottest thing Mitch had ever seen. He was still thoroughly pissed at Dex for walking out the other night but hell if he wasn't completely turned on by the Captain's manly display.

Dex was breathing heavy trying to calm himself down. He was facing with his back to Mitch and didn't see Mitch's eyes burning into him. How dare that asshole lay a hand on his companion!? Dex was furious.

He had been on the way to the suite to try and talk to Mitch when he'd seen Sten and Mitch talking outside the room. Dex recognized Sten as the companion to his Navigating Officer. Mitch seemed uncomfortable as the guy clearly was coming on to him. Dex just watched until Sten had forced himself on Mitch. Dex had suddenly become filled with rage and a feeling of possession at seeing Sten touching Mitch.

Dex was letting out a slow growl like an animal. Mitch groaned, his cock hard. He stepped around Dex and attacked Dex's lips with his own. Mitch was so turned on, his body was on fire.

Dex was caught a bit off guard but soon returned the kiss, harder and deeper. He pulled Mitch in close and devoured him with his mouth. His anger at Sten turning into white hot lust for Mitch. Dex forgot all about his shyness and guilt from the other night.

Mitch pressed against Dex, his cock hard tenting his pants. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his Pass Card. He managed to swipe it through the port and both he and Dex stumbled into the suite their mouths never breaking apart.

Dex's grip on Mitch was hard, almost bruising. His mouth was everywhere trying to taste all of Mitch. Dex's cock was hot and throbbed painfully.

Mitch broke the kiss and pushed Dex on the bed. He stared down at the Captain all hot and bothered breathing heavily as his face turned red. Mitch saw the outline of Dex's magnificent cock through his pants and bit his lip.

"So I guess...I should thank you for coming to my rescue in a sense." Mitch could barely get the words out.

Dex shook his head, trying to clear it so he could understand what Mitch was saying. His mind was clouded by lust and his body was pulsing.

"I also guess I should reward you huh?" Mitch said a sexy smile on his face. He didn't wait for Dex to respond. He quickly stripped off his clothes and crawled onto the bed with his legs straddling Dex.

Dex's hands roamed over Mitch's chiseled chest and stomach. Mitch's body was hard and sweaty. Dex sat up a bit and ran his tongue up Mitch's abdomen then latched his mouth onto one of Mitch's nipples causing him cry out.

Mitch cradled Dex's head as Dex played with his nipples. Mitch reached down to unbuttoned Dex's shirt. He got frustrated after a couple buttons and tugged hard, ripping it and pulling off of Dex.

Dex growled as Mitch tore off his shirt and encased Mitch in his arms as he sat up still sucking on Mitch's chest. Mitch moaned and went to undo Dex's fly. He moaned as Dex's thick cock sprung free from his pants.

Mitch disentangled himself from Dex's arms and wrapped a hand around Dex's manhood making Dex shudder and moan.

"Fuck" Dex said as his cock weeped precum onto Mitch's hand.

Mitch pumped his fist slowly over Dex's cock watching as it jerked in his hand and it swelled even bigger.

Mitch let go of Dex for a second to slip his hands into Dex's pants and pulled them down.

Dex kicked them off and took Mitch's hand and placed it back around his cock.

Mitch and Dex stroked in unison, staring into eachothers eyes.

Mitch thought about all the nameless encounters he'd had with guys over the years but he'd never felt anything so electric as when he was with Dex. Dex made his whole body yearn to be touched. Mitch had never felt anything as intense.

Similar thoughts were racing through Dex's mind as Dex helped Mitch stroke his cock. Dex never wanted another person as bad as he wanted Mitch. It felt so right having Mitch's naked body pressed against his with Mitch's cock drooling onto his thigh. But still Dex felt a twinge of guilt. A picture of Kay came into his mind, her face flushed with tearing streaming down her face.

Dex let out a groan at the memory. His hand stilled over Mitch's, stopping their hands from gliding up and down his engorged cock.

"Hey, hey" Mitch said concerned. He saw a pained expression come across the Captain's face. He kissed Dex softly on the lips. Dex's jaws trembled.

"What is it?" Mitch was trying to comfort Dex. Mitch's body desperately wanted Dex inside him but he ignored his body's pleas.

Dex had his eyes shut tight. He could feel his body throbbing, begging for release but the image of his wife wouldn't go away.

"I..I can't" Dex let out a sigh.

"Why what's wrong?" Mitch searched Dex's face, trying to read his expressions. "Is it about last night?"

Dex groaned lightly. The guilt and fear from that night slowly creeping back into his sex crazed brain.

"Partly that. There's just... I can't... Kay"

"Shhhh" Mitch didn't know what Dex was talking about, he assumed it was about the modification notice he's received. He didn't know who Kay was but he had the hunch that he needed to stop Dex from thinking.

"It's okay Captain, just feel don't think" Mitch leaned down and kissed Dex. He wrapped his hand back around Dex's cock and started stroking again.

Dex tried to tell Mitch to stop but that his body was vibrating again. He let out a moan instead as Mitch worked his cock. Thoughts of Kay slowly disintegrating.

Mitch kissed his way down Dex's chest and ran his tongue on the underside of Dex's cock. Dex's hips jerked.

Mitch ran his tongue in circles on Dex's cock as he tasted the precum dribbling down the side. He moved his mouth up and sucked on the head.

"Ahhh fuck!" Dex gripped Mitch head trying to make him take more.

Mitch smiled around Dex's cock and opened his mouth wide as Dex rammed his fat cock inside.

Dex started to face fuck Mitch hard. Mitch just moaned and sucked, willing Dex to let go and stop thinking so much.

Dex didn't last long. He howled as his cum shot down the back of Mitch's throat. His toes curled as his balls released their store of cum into Mitch's gut.

Mitch choked a little when Dex's cum hit him in the back of his throat. He tried to swallow as much as he could but some of it ran out the sides of his mouth and dripped onto his chest.

Mitch cleaned off Dex's cock and layed down beside him. Dex was panting fast.

Mitch pulled Dex onto him and kissed him. Dex could taste his own cum in Mitch's mouth.

Mitch hadn't cum and is cock was an angry red. It slide up between Dex and Mitch's body as they made out.

"Suck me" Mitch said to Dex as Dex was sucking on his collar bone.

Dex froze and looked up Mitch.

"What is it now?" Mitch said. He wanted to cum bad and this time he couldn't stop his body from screaming it in his mind.

"I've umm....never..you know...?' Dex managed to blush a bit. Mitch thought it was cute, he loved the Captain's shyness.

"Its tastes good, you'll like it" Mitch said sexily running his tongue over Dex's lips.

Dex's blush deepened as he felt Mitch grind his cock up into his groin.

"I don't think I can." Mitch let out a whine and pouted. He really needed to come.

"Ok well you seemed pretty comfortable last night ramming yourself inside of me. Lets go with that then." Dex smiled nervously and looked away, but nodded.

Dex spread Mitch legs apart and got between them. His cock had grown hard again from making out, it jutted proudly from between his legs.

"Good boy" Mitch said as he spit into his hand and wrapped it around Dex's cock. It was still sticky with cum and Mitch's spit.

Dex shuddered slightly as Mitch worked him. He sat back a bit and took hold of his cock. Dex pressed the head against Mitch's hole.

Mitch swore as Dex's fat cockhead entered him. The pain and pleasure making his body tingle. He arched his back as Dex leaned down towards him, his cock sliding slowly into him down to the base.

Dex sighed as he felt his long, thick cock completely encased by Mitch's tight ass. He gripped one of Mitch's legs and placed it on his shoulder.

Mitch moaned as Dex started to thrust into him. Dex would nearly pull all the way out before sliding back in slowly. Mitch gripped the sheets as his ass was worked open by Dex's big cock.

Dex started to pick up the pace. He started ramming into Mitch driving small yelps from Mitch's mouth. Mitch was so tight he wanted to stay inside him forever.

Mitch's cock was flat against his belly, pre cum steadily flowing out as Dex assaulted his prostate with every thrust.

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