tagGay MaleProject Phoenix Ch. 05

Project Phoenix Ch. 05


Hi guys! I am so sorry you have been waiting so long for chapter six. I have absolutely no time to write since college takes up all of my free time. I have however extended this chapter for you. I do not know when I will be able to write Ch. 06 but I have certainly not forgotten about the series or its fans. As always comments and feedback is greatly appreciated! (But please leave editing issues out of the comments thanks)


Xxx YaoiLover21


"Captain Dex Ordenal, you are hereby under arrest for disobeying a direct order and for committing treason against the National Federation." Lester McMahon spoke in a clear tone but you could tell he was thoroughly and completely pissed. His face was red and his shallow eyes were fuming with anger.

The FSC Prudential was currently docked haphazardly on an old bay on the planet Yolaris. Dex and Nate had successfully gotten the FSC Prudential to Yolaris and managed to land the large Starship safely. Now they had to face Lester.

Dex, Mitch and the flight crew who were part of the plan to disobey a NF order and gone renegade were now in laser cuffs in the Helm. After they had docked, Dex had insisted they release the overrides and evacuate the ship. Hundreds of portable living shelters were being raised around the docking bay which was in a large grassy plain on Yolaris. The entire passenger manifest was ordered off the ship and started to set up a temporary town.

But the second they released Lester McMahon from his room he stormed into the Control Room with P&E guards and put everyone under arrest.

"With all due respect, go screw yourself." Mitch responded to McMahon before his companion could say anything after being charged.

"You're under arrest as well. You all are!" Lester McMahon barked out, getting angrier and angrier by the second.

"Like we care!" One member of the flight crew shouted out.

"Yea, we did what was right!" Shouted another.

"You were going to have us dosed with CSD and risk our lives and kill the rest of us! Are you really surprised that we didn't stand for it?" Mitch asked hotly. If he wasn't in Laser cuffs he would have too a shot at McMahon. He was playing with people's lives like they were nothing, just part of being a good soldier.

"Shut up! All of you!! And you Lieutenant I will see to your court martial personally." Lester said to Mitch as he stepped up close and put his face next to Mitch's.

Mitch head-butted the senior member of the NF and was rewarded with a fiery white pain in his laser cuffs and being tackled to the ground.

Lester McMahon shouted out as he held his head then collapsed to the floor.

"You're going to jail forever! You hear me?"

"Fuck you" Mitch said through gritted teeth as he was being restrained by P&E guards and shocked with laser guns.

Dex was in the corner sectioned off from the rest of the group. He had on laser cuffs on his arms and was placed inside a Trans mobile single holding cell that the guards had brought in at Lester's orders. Dex let out a roar as he saw Mitch get tackled and shocked repeatedly. But he was locked inside the unit, like a caged animal.

"Lester!! This has nothing to do with them! Deal with me." Dex said in a low tone laced with animosity and hate.

Lester turned his fiery eyes to Dex and walked up slowly to the cage.

"Oh I will deal with you very shortly, Ordenal." Lester said in a slow voice.

"Screw that! You're not even in command anymore!" Mitch shouted out as Lester turned to leave, the P&E guards pulling the cage containing Dex away to god knows where.

Dex's eyes shot to Mitch, his mind racing trying to get what Mitch was saying. Lester McMahon turned around slowly, his whole body tense with fury.

"What did you say?"

"You're not in charge anymore. Now that we're on a new planet full authority of the National Federation gets transferred back to the Captain." Mitch spoke proudly. One good thing about being and engineer was all the manuals you had to read including Codes and Regulations.

Dex smiled wide. "He's correct. I'm in charge now. LET ME OUT!" Dex shouted at the guards who jumped back afraid of the tall, strong man in the cage; looking like he wanted to tear something apart.

"No! I'm in control!" Lester said repeatedly shaking his head. The guards were so confused. They just stood looking back and forth between the demanding NF member in a navy suit and the enraged captain being held back by polymer laser bars.

"Guard I order you to release me. Your Captain just gave you a direct order!" Dex commanded the guard with the pass key to the cage. Very slowly the man inserted the key into the slot and turned it forward then back. The pulsating polymer bars blinked out and the cage door clicked open.

Dex jumped out and grabbed Lester McMahon by the collar.


"Yes Captain?"

"How many personnel did the Prudential transport?"

"Three hundred and twenty-seven, Captain."

Dex lifted Lester up until he was standing on his toes and spoke directly into his face so that the heat from his breathe made Lester's eyes water.

"You, Lester McMahon, are under arrest for 327 counts of attempted assault and attempted murder. And I will see to your court martial personally." Dex was almost growling by that point.

"Guards release my men and put Mr. Mahon in the stockade."

"No! You can't do this! I'll have your head on as-"

"Save it!" Dex shut up McMahon.

The guards quickly got to uncuffing the crew and put Lester in the cage and took him away. The second Mitch was free Dex grabbed him in big bear hug causing Mitch to cry out.

"Ow!" Dex loosened his grip quickly and held Mitch away from him.

"My side babe, it's still sore." Mitch explained after noticing the worried expression on his face.

"Oh. I'm sorry." Dex was taken aback at being called babe.

"Excuse me Sir?" said Nate Zimms.

Dex let go of Mitch, reluctantly, ad turned to face his Navigation Officer who was rubbing his scorched wrists from the cuffs.

"Yes, Sergeant?"

"What do we do now?"

The Stockade

Lester McMahon sat fuming in one of the holding sells on board. How dare that Captain treat him this way? He was a member of the National Federation whose power and control was beyond measure. Lester was determined to have Dex and his tart of a boyfriend put up in front of a firing squad the second he was able to contact the Federation.

A cough from the adjacent cell caught Lester's attention. Lester couldn't see the man clearly in the dimly lit room. All he could do was make out the figure of a man with an athletic build.

"You look pretty angry there boss." the man's voice was raspy.

"Angry doesn't even suffice." Lester responded.

"I heard the guards talking. The Captain throw you in here?"

"Yes, the fool! But I'll have his head on a platter as soon as I get out of here." Lester preached.

"Well maybe I can be of service. He threw me in here too, the prick."

"Really?" Lester replied skeptically pushing himself as close to the laser bars as he could; trying to get a better view of the man. "What's your name?"

The man finally stepped into the light. He was Hispanic, with an athletic build, a few laser tats. He had some pretty bad bruised on his face and his lip was cut.

"Sten. Sten Copeland."

Yolaris Settlement

"Fuck! This is all wrong. You have to change it now." Mitch told the development and construction engineer.

Mitch was standing next to a collapsed home that was slowly sinking into the mud. Mitch had been assigned to oversee the construction of the settlement on Yolaris. Mitch didn't know much about community development but Dex had insisted.

"This is just a glitch." Explained the fat, bald man in a white suit.

"Glitch? The house is sinking! This whole ridge is not solid enough to support homes on top of it. You have to move the homes inward towards the common."

"The Common is supposed to be spacious grassland not built upon. We have no other choice but to go with the frame work." Insisted the portly instruction engineer,

"Listen to me. If you put people in those houses they will die. Look, just put up more temporary homes on the common just for now until I can talk it over with the Captain to find a more permanent solution, ok? Good." Mitch didn't wait for a response he just headed off towards the largest building in the makeshift town square that served as the court house as his boots sunk into the soft earth of the marshy plain they were settled on.

The area they had docked on was marshland mostly and was hell to build on. If it wasn't for the hover platform even the FSC Prudential would have sunken into the mud by now. The polymer framers they were using to construct the temporary homes were holding out for a little while but eventually they'd start to subside. He had to find Dex and convince him to allow them to explore the forest that lined the marsh maybe 7 miles out. Dex had forbidden anyone from traveling too far from the security of the Prudential but if they didn't do something soon people would be living on top of each other. So Mitch strode off to the court house were inside he'd find the Captain.

The Courthouse

Ever since the Prudential had landed the entire crew and all the passengers had looked to Dex like their leader or King or something. They'd come to him to settle disputes, to ask questions about buildings, equipment, housing, even payroll! He'd eventually had to do his best and set up a court system and unfortunate he had to be the judge. From morning til night he heard case after case from everything to disputes about someone setting up a home too close to another, to a case of a missing box of laser tools that the J Deck mechanics accused the R Deck mechanics of taking. It was tedious, but someone had to keep order.

But there were also serious cases like ones involving ending of companionships like the one before him right now. His Navigational Officer Nathanial Zimms was standing in front of a podium on the right. He looked paler than usual with bags under his eyes and he kept gripping the podium every so often. Sten Copeland was standing, in laser cuffs, in front of a podium to the left.

"As I was saying Captain, after so much abuse both physically and mentally I can no longer put myself at risk by being Copeland's companion." Zimms said clearly and to the point.

"Mr. Copeland do you have anything to say in your defense?" Dex asked.

"I admit I smacked him around a few times but it wasn't that bad. There's no need for all this."

The Captain turned to the Project psychologist who was sitting in a booth close to his bench.

"And you Dr. Carmichael, what is your official assessment of the pairing after observation and analysis?"

Dr. Carmichael was a tall broad shoulder man with sandy hair, slight freckles and brown eyes; he looked like a G. I. Joe doll.

"My official finding is that the relationship between Sargent Nathaniel Zimms and Private Larsten Copeland is extremely violent and abusive. It is a typical case of domestic abuse." Stated Dr. Carmichael.

Dex flexed his neck to the left and rotated his shoulders. In all these proceedings he had tried to remain unbiased but Nate and he had a history and for the entire world he wanted to condemn Sten to death. Instead Dex took a deep breath in and fought his anger.

"Thank you Doctor. It is the order of myself and this court under the authority of the National Federation that this union between Sergeant Nathanial Zimms and Private Larsten Copeland be dissolved and divided forever."

Nate let out a small sob and a smile graced his angelic face while Sten looked unconcerned.

"In addition," Sten and Nate looked back up at Dex, "Sargent Zimms is allowed permission to choose his new companion himself using the private database under NF representative supervision." Dex winked at Nate.

"Hold up a fucking minute! That shits not fair!" Sten yelled at the Captain. "It's supposed to be random. How come the faggot gets to choose?" Sten was being restrained.

"And furthermore, as for you Private Copeland, you will no longer be part of Project Phoenix. You will not be paired with another individual and will continue as simply part of the engineering crew. You will not face anymore jail time but you are hereby placed on a probationary period of 24 months. If during that time you make a single offense you will face a dishonorable discharge and a court martial, do you understand?" Dex said in a steely voice, leaning down over the bench like a jaguar about to pounce on his prey.

"Go to hell."

"Good." Dex said cheerily and sat back. "Next."

Mitch ran into Nate on the way in.

"Hey your Nate right? We were never properly introduced. I'm Mitch." Mitch held out his hand to the cherub faced Navigational Officer. Nate took it and squeezed it affectionately.

"Yes, hello. The last two times we met weren't really our best moments". Nate said referring to the club brawl and the escape to Yolaris.

Mitch laughed awkwardly and ran a hand through his hair.

"Yea I guess you're right."

"Well ain't this a cute little picture." Sten walked up to the side of both Mitch and Nate, standing nearest Mitch. His voice made Mitch's skin crawl. Nate grabbed a hold of Mitch's arm and his eyes went a bit wider, Mitch assumed it was from being near Sten.

"Just keep walking." Mitch warned.

Sten just smirked and went on his way.

"God, I hate that guy. Wait! Man, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said...I mean he was your... um," Mitch was tripping over his tongue when suddenly Nate turned a blue, pitch forward a bit, causing Mitch to step back, and promptly threw up. Mitch swung to the side and rubbed Nate's back and handed him a rag he had in his back pocket.

"Hey, man are you alright?" Mitch asked concerned.

Nate dabbed his mouth with the greasy rag. He swallowed a few times and straightened his uniform then cleared his throat.

"Ah, yes, yes I'm perfectly fine. I'm just feeling under the weather. The Yolarian atmosphere doesn't agree with me." Nate said faking a smile.

"Well it could be something serious, you should see a doctor. After all, this planet was quarantined for a reason. Dex tried to find out what the reason was but he couldn't get past any of the security without alerting the Federation that we were here." Explained Mitch who was had a hand around Nate's waist, partially holding him up.

"No Lieutenant really I'm." Nate righted himself and stepped away from Mitch. Mitch frown at the military title and took the hint but Nate knew he wasn't buying it. Never the less Mitch let the officer go on his way.

The Stockade

"And you are positive you know how you get me out of here Mr. Copeland?" Mr. McMahon asked the burly, engineer.

"What did I tell you? Its Sten. Got it? St-e-nnn. And yes, I'm sure." Sten replied as he continued to fiddle with the locking mechanism on the side of the cell that held the charged National Federation Representative.

Soon there was a buzzing sound and a spark as something short circuited. Triumphantly Sten stepped back as the cell door swung open; he had some tools in his hands and a fistful of torn florescent wiring.

Lester McMahon stepped out into the stockade hallways and buttoned up his suit jacket as if he was stepping off an elevator instead of being illegally released from prison.

"Right. Now we need to reach the Council and have a full garrison here immediately and have that insolent, prick of a Captain and his little tart companion court martialed before they even know what hit him." Lester spoke slowly. Every word laced with malice and deadly intention.

"His crew as well, sir. Don't forget them. Especially his Navigation Officer, no way they could have made it here without him." Sten chimmed in.

"Oh yes, of course," agreed Lester as the duo hurried from the Stockade, "one thing to keep in mind Mr. Copeland, never follow the leader, be the leader."

The Court House, Back Chambers

Dex was rubbing his temples in small circles trying to get the migraine to go away but the insistent arguing between the building constructor and his own companion was making that impossible.

"The buildings will hold. I assure you."

"Assure my ass. They're sinking as we speak! Dex. Dex. Dex!" Mitch shouted and snapped Dex out of his quiet place.

Dex took a deep breath and stood up.

"Engineer Rintel I am confident that you know what you are doing," Dex said addressing the construction engineer. At that Mitch got all puffed up to refute that when Dex silenced him with a nice deep kiss.

God that felt good. They'd barely had time together since they'd landed; they'd both been so busy. Dex had to use all his strength to stop the kiss and finish the kiss. He was out of breath and a bit red when he continued talking.

"However, I trust the opinion of my companion as well so you see Engineer Rintel I have a dilemma."

Mitch shook his head to clear the fog and adjust his pants to hide his hard on and spoke.

"Dex, we need to search the forest for a settlement area. This plain can't support the entire manifest."

Mitch groaned. The forest was off limits and potentially dangerous. He had no idea what was on Yolaris or why it was quarantined so he sure as hell didn't want to go exploring it.

"Captain," said Engineer Rintel, "I suggest we continue building on the plain and not risk unnecessary risk with exploring the forest. The polymer is light enough and if we make a wider base they will hold."

Mitch shook his head and crossed his arms in front of him.

Dex sat down again and thought of all the options then came to a conclusion that was best for everybody.

"Rintel will go ahead with the construction of homes on the plain."

"But Dex-"

"However, I will take a small crew including my companion to explore the forests for a settlement area if there is one and if there is all construction on the plain will cease immediately and the settlement will be moved there, understood? Good." Dex didn't wait for a reply.

Edge of the Forest, Yolaris

"I hate these suits, they make me itch." Mitch was referring to the protective exploration suit he was wearing, so was everyone else in there party. The suits were dark blue made of a material that was resistant to most chemicals and flame retardant; they even circulated oxygen throughout the suit and into the mask through florescent tubes.

Dex just smirked at Mitch's whining and went to check on Nate who was fiddling with INES. Nate still looked pale but he looked a bit better.

"Zimms, is INES ready?"

"Yes sir." Nate confirmed. INES was linked up with an exploratory model that looked like the robots bomb crews once used. INES could read soil samples; take chemical readings of the air along with a million other things. Nate was in charge of controlling her.

There were several other members of the crew presents for the mission to help find a better settlement area. Dex briefed them on their mission.

"Our goal here is to find a safe, stable place to settle on. We'll scout in a line with INES in front. Keep it tight. I don't want any surprises, understood?"

"Yes Captain!"

"Good. Move out!"

The Yolarian jungle was amazing. The trees were as tall as skyscrapers with dark purple bark and the underbrush was full of plants that glowed a light pink and had huge leaves. Some areas had thick vines as thick as tree trunks that they had to cut through with a laser cutter. Overall the jungle was dense and it didn't show any signs of having ay clearings large enough to build a settlement on.

INES led the way through some tricky spots of soft earth and hollow ground that they bypassed easily. They found a tunnel system that Zimms marked on the map so they could explore later. Mitch was walking next to Dex when he heard a slight crushing sound. Mitch turned stopped and looked over in that direction but didn't see anything at first then he saw something scuttle in the underbrush.

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