tagGay MaleProm Fantasy Ch. 03

Prom Fantasy Ch. 03


The afterparty was finally wearing down as people started to either head home or pass out on the couch, floor, or whatever else seemed comfortable enough for a good night's sleep. Most of the attendees would remember the night as one of dancing, good food, spending time with friends, things of that nature. Certain others, however, would remember it as a night of lust, passion, and pleasure.

Nick was one of these people. He had just shared two intimate experiences – the first two of his life, as a matter of fact – in the same night. The first, with his new lover, Jessica, on the floor of their limousine outside the prom. The second, with her, his friend Danny, and his girlfriend, all together on the bed of Danny's parents' room. For a first-timer, this was all pretty overwhelming, and so Nick was beleaguered, but also thrilled.

He had been sitting down in the living room for a long while now. Everyone was talking around him, but he was in a world of his own. The two sexual scenes he had witnessed – nay, been a part of – kept playing themselves over and over in his mind. The heat, the sweat, the lust, the tangled heaps of flesh fucking wildly into the night… it was the sort of thing that he always imagined doing, but that he never knew would happen so soon.

As people started to quiet down and fall asleep, Nick found himself bored and hot. It was the middle of June, and quite hot outside; not even Danny's air conditioner could keep all the heat at bay. Suddenly, Nick remembered that Danny had a pool in his backyard. Normally he wouldn't dream of it, but since Danny was probably asleep upstairs (or having some fun with his girlfriend, more likely), and since everyone else was pretty much down and out as well, Nick wondered why shouldn't he go for a dip. Danny wouldn't mind, and it would certainly get him out of the heat.

It wasn't difficult to slip out to the back door without incident. Anyone who was still awake was either drunk out of their minds, making out in plain sight, or just uninterested in what he was doing. He slid open the patio door and stepped outside. The light flickered on as the motion sensor detected him, shedding a little light on the scene. The patio extended out quite a ways and dropped rather abruptly into the pool. The patio itself was made of coloured stone, which was very pretty in the moonlight. There was a patio set off to the side, but Nick was uninterested in that. A concrete walkway led up to and around the pool, which glimmered invitingly as it reflected the patio light.

Nick tossed the towel, which he had snatched from Danny's linen closet earlier (feeling quite the little sneak, but again, Danny wouldn't mind) on one of the chairs around the perimeter of the pool, closest to the ladder. He took another look around to make sure nobody was watching, feeling like he didn't want to be the topic of a peepshow right now, and then began to undress.

Getting his stuffy, black suit off couldn't have felt better than it did. It certainly did an amazing job of making an already hot night even more unbearable. He threw off his jacket, undid and removed his shirt and pants, and then finally his socks and boxers. For a few moments he stood still, bathing in that exciting feeling of being completely naked outside – and moreso, outside on someone else's patio. He breathed in and out deeply and flexed himself a little bit.

Nick was a pretty attractive person. He was a tall 6'1", and his tanned face was crowned by dark, wavy brown hair and dotted with two eyes of the same shade. Although he wasn't a hardcore athlete, his body was well-shaped, and he did his usual workout routine every day, resulting in finely-sculpted pecs, abs, arms, and legs. His butt was pretty firm, and his dick (which was already starting to harden at the thought that someone could be watching him at this very minute) was a solid eight inches long.

Without much further ado, the boy stepped to the edge of the pool. He looked into the crystal clear water (which was lit from underneath by various lights in the walls) and dived in headfirst. The immediate blast of cold was shocking, but more than that, it was refreshing. The heat and humidity melted away as he kicked his way through the large pool, letting out a few bursts of air before surfacing. He continued this for a while, diving under the surface and swimming back and forth beneath the cool, blue water, feeling refreshed and enjoying himself thoroughly.

Suddenly, he surfaced again and found that he wasn't alone. Standing by the edge of the pool was his friend, Danny, with his arms crossed and a grin on his face. Danny was about the same height as Nick, and he was far more tanned. His hair and eyes were black, and although he was a little slimmer than Nick, he was a swimmer and so his body was better toned.

"Oh, sorry," Nick stammered, swimming back towards the edge of the pool and feeling sheepish. "It was just so hot and muggy I figured I'd—"

Danny shook his head and interrupted him. "It's fine. I saw you through the window and I figured I'd join you. Do you mind?"

Nick looked up and gripped the edge of the pool. He smiled and shook his head. "Not at all, but…" He nudged his head towards his clothes pile, on top of which were his boxers. "I'm sort of freestyling in here."

Danny laughed and began to undress. "Wouldn't have it any other way. Nothing better than a late-night skinny dip."

Nick kicked against the wall and propelled himself backwards. He couldn't help but look at his friend as he relieved himself of his own clothes. Nick had seen Danny naked earlier in the evening, but now they were alone, and for some reason, Nick found his erection hardening just by glimpsing at his friend's chiseled swimmer's body. When he saw the tanned monster erupt from Danny's boxers, Nick's own erection hardened fully. His friend's cock was a little over eight inches, and about as thick as Nick's; his balls were swollen, and his pubic hair was black and curly.

Before long, Danny was also in the pool, and the two friends were swimming around, splashing each other and laughing and having a grand time. Occasionally one of them grabbed the other and they wrestled each other in a display of strength; Danny usually won because he was the better athlete. Once or twice during these bouts, one of them would sink underwater and graze against the other's swollen dick. This was particularly exciting for Nick: although he had been involved with a foursome that included Danny, he hadn't actually touched Danny's cock, and so when he accidentally rubbed his hand or his ass or his own cock against it, he felt a rush of adrenaline. If he had been more experienced in these matters, he'd have known that the dick felt a little different underwater, but it was inviting all the same.

It was Danny's will that was broken first. Nick made a move and began to swim away, trying to dodge another round of wrestling, when Danny grabbed his kicking legs and stopped them cold. Nick struggled a bit but was unable to free himself, and so he consented to letting Danny drag him back towards him. With a swift maneuver, his friend had him on his back instead of his stomach, and then he continued to pull until Nick's legs were around his chest and his groin was pressed against his abs.

Nick looked into his friend's eyes and wondered what he was thinking. He was still caught in the moment and thought that he was planning some other wrestling move to dunk him completely underwater and finish him off. So, Nick appropriately began to plan a way to avoid the maneuver. He was unprepared for what happened, however: Danny reached back and wrapped Nick's legs around him, and then grabbed his chest and slid him down his body. Nick gasped as he felt his friend's swollen member pressing up against his virgin asshole, and he looked into Danny's eyes with shock and a bit of fear, as if to say, "I'm not ready."

Danny silenced him with a warm gaze, however. "Don't worry. I'll be gentle," he whispered, and then he pushed Nick down onto his hungry beast. Nick had never been penetrated before, and so the feeling was completely new to him. He somehow felt fuller than he had ever been before. He also felt like Danny's huge dick would tear him open, but at the same time he didn't want it to ever stop. He wrapped his thick arms around Danny's neck and let his friend have his way.

Danny apparently knew what to do. He squeezed his ass muscles together and thrusted slowly into Nick's ass. He let out a gasp and almost cried out, but silenced himself by biting his lip. Slowly the pain was wearing off and giving way to absolute pleasure. Somehow, having Danny in his ass was sending the wildest sensations through his cock, and he felt like he might explode without even touching it (the fact that it was pressed up between Danny's thick pectoral muscles might have helped, however).

"Oh god… Danny…. mmmm!"

Danny was less articulate, and simply groaned as his thick penis thrust in and out of his best friend's willing, virgin ass. The feelings must have been amazing for him: Nick's asshole was unbroken, and thus very tight, so it was contracting around his cock and creating sensations different from fucking a pussy. Apparently this was too great for him to bear for long; he lifted Nick off his cock with his powerful arms and set him down on the floor of the pool. "Please, Nick… suck me off… please… let me cum in your mouth."

This was another new sensation for Nick. Danny had sucked his cock before, but he had never done it the other way around, and certainly never in a pool filled with water. He had to try, however; he took a breath and slid under. Aided by the floodlights he was able to find his friend's cock with ease, and he slid it into his mouth apprehensively. Never having done this before, Nick only had one thing to go by: the blowjobs he had received tonight. Remembering what felt good, he could try to reciprocate them on his friend.

He covered his teeth with his lips and slid his head up and down the length of the shaft. It was very difficult to take it all in, as he could only get about half way before the sopping cock-head triggered Nick's gag reflex. He somehow managed, though, and swirled his head in a twister motion to see how his friend would take it. He couldn't hear Danny's groaning above the surface, but his thrusting pelvis alerted him to the fact that it was working. Without warning, Danny thrust one final time, and a stream of cum shot into Nick's mouth, mixing with the pool water as he gulped it down.

Nick finally surfaced, and he gasped for air. His lungs were burning now that he realized how long he had been down there. Danny didn't give him a second to recuperate, however, and he leapt on him with a deep kiss right away. "Fuck," he said, breathless, "that was amazing. You've done that before, haven't you?" Nick shook his head. "No? Jesus… then I'm definitely going to keep an eye on you. You'll be fucking brilliant with some experience."

By then, Danny was caressing every inch of Nick's body, and he realized that his friend's member was still swollen and throbbing. "How selfish of me… I forgot all about you. Here, hop up on the edge of the pool there." Nick did as he was asked. He pushed himself out of the pool with his strong arms and sat down with his feet dangling in the water. Danny waded over to him and looked up into his eyes.

"But what if somebody sees us?" Nick said.

Danny smiled and shook his head. "Everyone's pretty much asleep, drunk, having sex, or gone. Besides… at this point I really don't care, and I don't think you do, either."

As Danny's masterful mouth wrapped around Nick's cock for the second time in the evening, Nick realized how right his friend was. He really didn't care. Jessica had already seen Danny suck him off, so she wouldn't care, and anyone else… well, they could go fuck themselves, because this felt too damn good. Nick wasn't sure if Danny had done this before tonight, but either way he was a pro. His tongue was working up a storm, twisting and swirling around the long shaft and throbbing head. Meanwhile Nick was guiding his friend's head with a strong hand, and he was surprised and pleased to find that Danny could take in the entire shaft without a problem. It felt so good to have his entire eight inches inside Danny's mouth, pressing against the back of his throat; so good, in fact, that he felt like he was going to burst again. Danny somehow knew it, too, and he stopped immediately, much to Nick's despair. He looked up into Danny's eyes questioningly.

"Nick… I want you to fuck my ass. Like I fucked you before. I want to feel your dick inside me."

Nick didn't even think about saying otherwise. He stepped out of the pool and laid down on the patio while Danny climbed out after him. Moments passed like hours as Nick's cock throbbed, begging to be pleasured, while Danny slowly made his way over. Nick was so excited now; seeing his friend standing over him, throbbing cock dripping over his face, hot body glistening as the water rolled off him. Slowly, Danny moved forward and lowered himself into a sitting position. He maneuvered himself with his arms behind him, slowly finding his mark and dropping onto his friend's hungry dick. Nick let out a cry as his cockhead breached the asshole.

"It's… so tight!" he groaned through the waves of pleasure washing through him.

"Yes… I've never been fucked there before. I know you hadn't, either… so now it's your turn."

Nick nodded his head silently, and gritted his teeth as Danny lowered himself further. He looked up to see his friend's head thrown back, mouth open and eyes closed in a mix of ecstasy and pain. Nick knew he had to be gentle, but he wanted to just pound Danny hard and fast and unleash a string of hot, sticky cum into his hungry ass. The sight of Danny's spicy tanned cock just above him, hard and throbbing again, only made Nick lust for him even more.

When Danny was finally all the way down, he let Nick do the work, and used his now-free hands to play with his dick. He raised himself up and down, humping Nick's powerful cock; slowly at first, then faster and faster as he got used to it. Nick began to thrust his pelvis to match the rhythm, and when he started this, each thrust caused his friend to scream and grit his teeth. He was beginning to get a bit worried that he was hurting Danny; however, the man said, "Please, harder… fuck me harder, Nick!" and he began to pump his own cock furiously.

Nick didn't need to be asked twice. He grabbed a hold of Danny's waist and lifted his body up and down, matching the thrusts of Nick's monster. His own teeth were gritted and his breathing was heavy as he tried to cope with the pleasure. This was so different from when he had fucked Jessica's pussy earlier… it was tighter, and it didn't seem like his dick would fit, but it did, and the feeling was so amazing. Nick reached up and grabbed Danny's pecs, squeezing them tightly as he fucked his ass.

"Oh god!! Your ass is so tight!! FUCK!! I'M CUMMING!!!"

Danny was breathing heavily, almost hissing through his teeth, as if saying something to the same effect. As Nick's dick exploded into his friend's willing ass, he felt a stream of white, hot fluid rain down upon his chest. The two men stayed in that position for a long while as they basked in the moment. Danny looked down and rubbed his hands along Nick's body. "Mmmm… that was fucking amazing."

Nick simply nodded his head. It was amazing. He wasn't sure if it was better than his earlier experiences, but it certainly wasn't worse – and he certainly wanted to do it again. In fact, his cock was already hard again as Danny slid off him and moved over to one of the chairs near the pool. Nick moved over and sat beside him. He could see that Danny wasn't quite finished yet: his hand was sliding up and down his shaft and he was moaning quietly under his breath. Nick leaned back in his chair, spread his legs, and joined him. Together they looked up at the moon and jerked off, silently erupting with another stream of cum onto their bellies.

Nick and Danny only spoke of their experiences to a select few; their girlfriends in particular were interested in hearing the time they had spent together. This was fortunate, because it allowed the two men to sneak away at other opportune times and reinforce their friendship in that special way…

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