Ruthie is my wife, lovely, young and beautiful, and we are happy with each other. But there is this one thing: she has these very submissive sexual fantasies. It's always been a problem with our love life. Or rather Ruthie's. My problem is that I can't match it. All I can do is hype her up, by whispering stories of how she's just my sex toy.

But now, even that has become insufficient. She wants more. Often in bed she cries out under my ministrations, screams that I should use her body purely for my own sexual gratification, without mercy, without empathy, without tenderness.

Story telling just isn't enough.

Gradually it has become a burden. Our sex life is deteriorating. Sometimes I really try and play the dominant man of her dreams. But it doesn't work. I love Ruthie too much. I just can't be cruel like that. She knows and never buys my efforts at role-playing. It isn't real enough.

I'm getting afraid of losing her. To the point of compassionate desperation. So much that I have proposed she should try and find herself an extra-martial lover, one that would fulfill her needs. I'd rather share her than loose her.

Of course she protested. Cried in my arms. She wants only me.

But in the end, she hesitatingly agreed.

So she put an ad on a dating site, although she was still filled with doubt.

It took long before she dared to make a choice from the many reactions to her ad. But in the end she took a decision and picked a couple. They described themselves as dominant and contemptuous, which could well meet her urges. And I agreed that a married duo was more likely to limit the risk of jeopardizing our marriage. Neither of us aspired to that.

Then, after much more hesitation, and some prodding of me, Ruthie invited them over to get acquainted. I still had sincere doubts, but I love Ruthie dearly, and felt I should at least grant her a chance to act out her fantasies.

Thus Ruthie prepared them dinner at our place. Tom and Laura they were called. As a matter of fact, they turned out to be a rather nice couple. I had to agree to that. And actually they were not bad looking either.

Laura, rather petite, seemed lively like a frisky mountain brook, She was slightly younger than Ruthie. And I have to confess that during dinner I could not help thinking she was sexy too. An intelligent face. For me that's always important in a woman. It's one of the things that made me fall for Ruthie. I hate what they call dumb blondes. And Laura isn't like that at all. She has a sharp nose, big almond eyes that shine like gleaming coals when she smiles, and a wavy frame of black hair makes her a pleasure to look at. She works as an editor for a well-known literary publishing firm. Actually quite a pleasant woman to have around.

Tom's not so different in that respect. He is a computer specialist, or rather used to be. Climbed up to high management circles. He has a quiet, self-conscious, personality, a low baritone voice, a gray moustache, and is well build. A lean frame and no belly. His hair begins to grey, but as compensation his always open shirt reveals a rather manly bushy chest.

On the occasion we talked quite openly. Right from the beginning. About their sex life and then about ours. They acknowledged what they had already written in their response to Ruthie's ad. They had quite dominant and commanding sexual fantasies. Since they both had those feelings, they could not act them out with each other. Ruthie and I exchanged a glance. We knew the problem. We had similar frustrations.

So we told them. They laughed and it caused them to open up even more. The wine also helped. They even said they did find us attractive.

That evening Tom, Laura, Ruthie and I became closer than I would have thought possible. Chances were that my Ruthie might actually mix well with them, especially when we all agreed that our marriages should not be endangered. Tom, smiling, reassured Ruthie: "Don't worry," he said, "we don't want to make love to you, we just want to fuck you." He can be rater crude at times and knows their effect. Ruthie blushed dark red. It was what she was looking for.

After they left I asked her about her thoughts. But she was already lost. Spoke almost as if in a trance. She admitted she already felt being the subject of their fantasies, and longed for them to act them out on her.

Somehow her words, and her attractive smile when she said them, made my mind surrender. In a strange way Ruthie's feelings appeared somehow appealing. That night we made love in each other's arms like we hadn't done for a long time.

So last Friday we took the decision, and asked them if maybe they wanted to come over and see if things would work out with Ruthie.


A few days later they did.

Seating them on the sofa opposite us, I tried to make some small talk over drinks, but none us were very good at that. And sooner that I had thought Tom came to business. All of a sudden he asked me, no, told me in a surprisingly commanding voice, to undress Laura.

He had taken the initiative. My heart began to boom.

I took a deep breath and looked Ruthie in the eyes. It suddenly felt like she had become a school child facing the headmaster. She turned red in an instant.

I hesitated. This was Ruthie's game. Not mine. But on the other hand, Tom's order had not left me numb. It startled me that I actually found it arousing to obey. Not for Tom or Laura's sake, but for my want to excite Ruthie.

She wavered when I touched her. Did she have second thoughts? But no, she didn't protest. Just slightly trembling, she closed her eyes.

I think I trembled too when fumbling longer than I should with the zipper of her long dress. But I finally made it fall to her feet. Ruthie briefly opened her eyes wide, aroused and frightened. However, she bravely remained standing in her pretty underwear.

I was awed by her courage.

They told me to peal off her panties, unhook her bra, and then go down on my knees to take off her shoes. She should be barefooted.

I noticed that Laura placed her hand on the bulge in her husband's jeans. No doubt it was a gesture of affection between them, and it caused me to feel excluded in a humiliating way.

But curiously, when I realized they were pleasing themselves because of what I did to Ruthie, it heightened my arousal.

No doubt Ruthie felt it even more.

Tom began to smile. He gazed with fascination at Ruthie's delectably denuded body. The bulge I his pants had grown, which did not surprise me. Ruthie indeed is extremely alluring when she is naked. Delicate round hips, a soft slightly sloped belly, thighs to bite in, and breasts to suck on, to sleep in, with those big nipples and large aureoles. And, to top it all, there is that marvel, that beautifully chiseled love-door she keeps bald for me as on the day she was born.

Tom was mesmerized, completely forgetting his spouse next to him. But she brought him back, squeezing his bulge in obvious desire. He put his arm around her shoulders, and pressed her to his side. Thus they both remained sitting opposite us on that couch. Lost in awe, and silent for a long time, they looked at my lovely wife as if she was a piece of art.

Which she is.

Finally, Tom, in a throaty voice, told Ruthie to turn around and present to them them her backside. She turned around, complying obediently, still red faced.

Now, finally, Tom and Laura came into action. Soon they were inspecting her like cheese in a shop, kneading Ruthie's fine body, inspecting her loins, feeling the soft flesh of her breasts, telling her to spread her thighs, and opening the cleft of her buttocks to reveal both her rosy ass-ring and her bald slit peeping out between her legs. I noticed she was moist. She shivered at each touch of their hands gliding over her body. But she held her own. This was her fantasy getting real.

And Tom and Laura chuckled appreciatively.

I had withdrawn, and stepped aside as they inspected Ruthie. But the sight of their probing hands on my young wife's naked body, gave me an erotic kick, more violent than I had thought conceivable. My prick was hardening in my pants. It annoyed me, but I couldn't restrain it.

Suddenly there was Laura's voice. "How about the guy, Tom?" she said, "You got the girl naked. Now I want that man of hers nude too."

There was a brief silence. But then Tom kissed his wife affectionately and invited her. "Well my dear, why don't you undress him yourself?"

I had not counted on that. In fact I had no clear idea about my role in this. I began to sweat all over, feeling blood rise to my face. But at the same time I thought, what the heck, this is a sexual game and exposing Ruthie's to our guests has made me hot, so I might as well join in. And, more importantly, wouldn't it be quite erotic to be undressed by such a sexy woman? Maybe I was more submissive than I would have admitted to myself.

Suddenly, like a revelation, the thrill of humiliation forced itself on me, on my mind, on my persona. I could feel it in my balls. Ruthie and I would be in this together.

As in a silent film I saw Laura approach. Smiling she touched me. I trembled when she unclasped my belt. I felt alarmingly vulnerable to be handled like that by a strange woman.

When my pants fell down my legs, a wave of carnal confusion overtook me. I could not hide the ridge in my briefs. But Laura laughed happily at the embarrassing protrusion. "Look at that," she exclaimed, "He's excited... as excited as we are." Then, with a sudden sweep of her graceful arms, she lowered my underpants, exposing my straight standing member. I felt horrible and excited at the same time, having my weapon vigorously pierce the air right before our guests. Laura looked at it enthralled. Then, like in a happy child's play, she whacked it, making it swing like an inverted pendulum.

Not much later I stood fully naked before them, just as my delicious wife. To my ambivalent dismay my erection had not diminished. If anything, it had become even more rigid, showing off its glistening head, as if wanting to present it as a gift to our guests. It was this more than anything, which made me lower my head in shame.

Out of the the corners of my eyes I saw Ruthie's gorgeously appealing nudity close to me, heaving and lowering her luscious breasts as her breath accelerated. Her sexual body heat radiated to my skin. We exchanged a brief glance. She too was aroused. Her nipples were swollen and a drop of gleaming moisture trailed down the inner side of a luscious thigh. This was her fantasy materializing. And now I was in it too.

We both lowered our heads, guilty as proven.

It was too much for Tom and Laura. They couldn't restrain themselves any more and jumped upon us. I found myself being thrown to the ground. And before I knew what happened Laura had lowered her self squarely on my face and mouth. She wasn't wearing any panties! I tasted the hairy flesh of her cunt, which suddenly filled my mouth. It felt dirty and smelled. Obviously she was in great sexual heat. With all the weight of her lower body she squashed my head, cutting off the air from my mouth and nose. I panicked and gasped for breath, trying to fight her off by clawing her firm thighs with both my hands. But she was too heavy, and began to grind herself all over my face. Just as I feared I would loose consciousness she suddenly convulsed in a drowning orgasm that forced me to swallow her juices. But it gave me a chance to dislodge her and I threw her off. She fell like a rag doll in between me and Ruthie, staying there, and panting heavily.

In the mean time, Ruthie, on her back next to me, trampled her legs wildly in all directions. She screamed her lungs out while being raped by Tom, who pounded into her like a raging bull, his pants down to his ankles, his hairy buttocks thrashing ferociously between her thighs.

That was how Ruthie and I were evaluated.


Early next day Tom was on the phone. We'd provided them with a lovely experience, he said in his powerful voice. And then he gave me their verdict: "Laura and I, we would like to own Ruthie."

I was taken aback by the blunt remark, spoken so calmly on that phone. What exactly does that imply, own? I barely kept my voice from trembling when I asked for clarifications.

"Well, it's really simple," he said, "Would you mind if your wife became our property?" He made it sound almost like a business proposition.

I didn't know what to say. How serious was this? And property? Was that what Ruthie wanted? I kept my silence and waited for him to explain himself more clearly.

Finally he said: "Listen, we just want her to be ours. But you need not separate from her, or divorce or something. We wouldn't want that. What I mean is a deal. Like this: whenever we feel like it, your wife should come over to our place to be used. Or we could fuck her at your home, like we did yesterday."

I recall how my heart skipped a beat. This did not only concern Ruthie. I thought she might well agree to such a deal. After all, wasn't it this why she started the whole thing anyway? But what about me? I still had my doubts about sharing her lovely body. So finally I answered: "But listen, even if Ruthie would agree to your freaky proposal, where does that leave me?"

There was a brief silence. Then Tom's voice again: "I'll ask Laura what she thinks. She likes you. We'll call you back."

Within minutes he was on the phone again. "Don't worry," he said, "we'll find ways to amuse ourselves with you too."


Slowly I return to the world from a deep blackness of sleep. Where am I? In our bed? Our conjugal bed? Yes! And it's warm and cozy, as on any early morning.

Then I realize that I have been awakened by a soft kneading of my flaccid ball sack. Opening my still sleepy eyes, I see a beautiful woman. Not Ruthie, but Laura.

Of course Laura...

Her face hovers over me. Her sharp intelligent nose, her almond eyes, her lush lips. I want her to grab me, embrace me, press those warm naked breast of hers against my chest. But my body does not obey. Of course! Last night they tied my wrists to the headboard of our bed.

All I can do is to look up in frustration. To that beautiful face, framed so delicately with black hair.

She smiles back. "Hello lover," she says. She heaves herself up a little and caresses my chest with a warm feminine hand, but does not stop her other hand between my thighs, "Awake again after last night?"

Of course I am awake. Fully awake, though helpless. But at the same time those hands lift me to the clouds. I close my eyes. My member is massaged with soft fingers. I harden fast.

Suddenly there is a heavy shaking of our bed. What's going on?

Where is Ruthie?!

I almost forgot my dear wife. But when I turn my head to look if she too is in our bed, at my side, I see her head being shaken wildly, being kicked up and down into her cushion, her breasts clawed with the big hands of an unshaved man, heavily breathing. Tom. He's fucking her like a beast. The quilted comforter on her side of our bed jumps furiously over his rocking buttocks.

Ruthie's arms, like mine, are raised above her head and tied to the headboard. She cannot respond to Tom's pounding in any other way than with crying.

Suddenly I feel a stinging pain in my face. Laura has slapped me. Immediately I see her fiery eyes. "Look at me, you stupid ass!" she says, "Look at me!"

Another slap.

"Pay attention!," she barks, mounting herself over my hard member, "Pleasure me! Get on with it!"

And she fucks me flat.

When Laura, with a cry, finally spasms over me, Tom gruntingly sprouts himself in Ruthie. The ripples of his pleasure make him wriggle like a snake finding its nest.

Together they collapse on our bodies, more or less in unison. Satiated and exhausted, they remain lying upon us, holding hands and smiling to each other.

Of course they never have any wish to pleasure us. We know that. Tom had made it abundantly clear, already during that fateful telephone call. This was to concern their pleasure, not ours. For Ruthie and me it was take or leave. But we conceded. We couldn't resist such an arrangement, given the strong appeal of fusing fantasy with reality. And once experienced, that fusion became an unbreakable alloy. They hooked us with it, and now we're addicted.

When finally their suffocating weights get off us, they quit our martial bed. Without even looking at us they shower behind the large see-through glass wall in our bedroom, quietly talking to each other while refreshing themselves. Then they dress for the day and, without speaking to us, untie our bonds before they leave. De door closes; we hear the front door slam, and then their car drive off.


As usual, the free use of our bodies for their own pleasure, and their careless departure, leaves me in humiliating ambivalence.

I turn to Ruthie. She smiles back at me with glowing cheeks and crawls over, curling up in my arms. Thus we start wiggling and slowly make passionate love. And when I add my seed to that of Tom, Ruthie has become a flower, more desirous and beautiful than ever before.

It's our secret reward for having become Tom and Laura's property.

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