Prototype Ch. 09


"Anywhere you want- as long as it's inside me," She gasped in response, her hand continuing to milk my cock with increasing speed.

"Good answer," I growled, turning her head down to pull her mouth into a warm and very welcoming kiss. My hands explored her lithe and muscular frame beneath the soft and luxurious cloth that was hiding it. The more I explored, the more excited she seem to get.

"Why do you wear such conservative cloths?" I asked her once I had pulled far enough away from her to inspect the clothing that was still preventing me from seeing her naked.

"I work at a legal office- and I got tired of the way men would look at me."

"With a body like yours I can't imagine it really made that much of a difference." I told her honestly as I started untucking her blouse. "I wanted you the moment I laid eyes on you the other day."

"Most men do," Came her arrogant reply. "I used to hate it, but now- ungh..."

I interrupted her answer with a hand sliding beneath her top to grasp one of her breasts through her bra and give it a good squeeze. "What about now?"

"Now? All those men, undressing me with their eyes." She groaned against me as my other hand rose up and slipped back down to grab another mound of her flesh without the hindrance of her pants in the way. "I think I might enjoy it- a reminder of... of how bad I want you. Of how good it feels when you look at me... like that."

"You like it when I undress you with my eyes," I asked her between another long and needy kiss. "Would you like to undress for me now?"

"Fuck yes!"

"Get to it, then." I commanded, smacking her on the ass as I pushed her towards the bed. "Strip!"

"I was beginning to think you'd never ask and that cock was out just to torment me!"

I smiled at the zeal with which she removed her clothing to reveal the incredible body beneath. Her skin was tanned, though not as dark as Rachel, and it ran smoothly up a pair of incredibly well-defined legs that seemed to go on forever, especially after she slipped her high heels back on as the sole accent to her otherwise naked flesh. Her breasts were modest, larger than Maggie's but not even half of Rachel's- though they were certainly still perky enough to titillate.

The thought of Maggie and Rachel against the vision that lay before me summoned the tiniest of inner voices- begging me to reconsider. "Rachel's enslavement had been almost an accident. How would Maggie feel if she knew I was taking yet another woman to bed instead of her? Would she feel betrayed, yet again?"

I let my desire and my growing relish for the power my machine was granting me loose to chase those doubts back into the abyss. Rachel loved being enslaved- she had told me so herself. As for Maggie, whatever it was that was keeping her from loving me could be removed the next time she sat at my machine. She would enjoy my growing collection of slaves right along with me- if for no other reason than because I wanted her to.

An impatient moan from my most recent victim drew me out of the dark spiral that had briefly captured my thoughts. "You are a lot stronger than you look, aren't you." I said- a statement, not a question. Answered in a similar fashion as she ran her tight and toned arms up and down her well defined stomach.

"I have never had to try so hard to get a man to fuck me," She teased, reclining back onto the bed and shoving two fingers in and out of her pussy repeatedly, then raising them to her lips and making a show of licking off her own juices.

I stepped up to the bed and crawled over her, taking one of her breasts in my mouth and sucking at it- circling the nipple with my tongue before threatening to bite down on it with my teeth. She only gasped beneath me, her hands reaching for my cock as she tried frantically to guide it into her-partially succeeding.

I leaned up and replaced my teeth with a thumb and forefinger around her nipple instead- squeezing it hard enough until she was all but hissing at me with pain. "That fucking hurts, dammit!" She said, making furtive efforts to smack my hand away from her breasts. Which required her to stop trying for force my cock any further inside of her than it already was.

"Will you stick around tonight for some more training?" I asked her with an evil grin on my face as I continued to inflict my tiny torture on her otherwise inflamed body. "Stop fucking fighting me and answer the question!"

She stopped trying to force my hand away but continued to squirm beneath me. "Fuck! Alright. What? Training?" I shifted my weight in order to pin her more effectively while still leaving my cock only barely parting the lips of her pussy. "Yeah, sure," She hissed. "Whatever you want. Fucking a-"

"Whatever I want?" I quoted her, pushing my cock just a little bit deeper until I could feel her react to my presence, subconsciously shifting her own weight to try and draw me in even further. I pulled out- nearly all the way out. "You mean anything I want, right?"

Anna moaned between gritted teeth as she renewed her search for my cock, quickly finding it with one hand and ensuring that it did not leave her completely. "Yesss, fuck! Anything- just- just..."

I leaned down closer to her, whispering in her ear. "That's a Good Girl, Anna." I was pleasantly surprised at the way her voice immediately slurred and her body began to spasm beneath me.

"Oooooh... gawd-" She started to moan, biting it off as she nearly screamed when I let go of her nipple and the pain from the blood pouring back into the starved flesh tore its way into her mind.

Then I pushed myself inside her, as deep as I could go in one quick thrust- calling her a 'Good Girl' one more time. As I started pounding in and out of her I could see her eyes beginning to roll up into her head. It didn't take long after that for the level of her vocabulary to melt into words consisting of single syllables or less.

She had asked me to fuck her. She had even asked nicely. So I gave her what she asked for- enjoying myself immensely.

Once again my inherent stamina, while improving quickly, was not quite able to keep up with the women I was collecting. Even Maggie was in better shape that I was- though if I had any chance of fucking someone under the table, as it were, it would have been her. I don't know why that should have surprised me- all three of them took much better care of themselves than I did.

The faint tickle of Rachel's suggestion earlier in the week reminded me that I had the ability to do something about that. And not just in the 'I should go to the gym more often' type of resolution. I could ensure that I would do it with just a few fragments and another short training session.

"Have to be a lot more careful about that, though." Anna's reaction when I had called her a 'Good Girl' had banished any doubts. "When you are in the zone it's not just the text fragments that will affect you- anything you hear slips through as well." Even with my limited understanding of the brain it sort of made sense. If the fragments were passing through to the subconscious because the conscious mind was hyper-focused on solving the problems- then wouldn't spoken words be filtered out as just more useless noise? I would have to test it to be sure, but it seemed like spoken commands were at least as powerful as the repeated fragments - if not more so.

It was a new variable- greatly expanding the potential of the machine as well as its potential danger to anyone that used it. What would stray comments or bits of conversation do if you were to hear them while you were hooked up to the machine? And what of actual background noise like radio or television. The thought of commercial advertising running amuck in my subconscious gave me shivers. I resolved to make doubly sure the front door was locked and I was completely alone whenever I was training myself. Perhaps even get some earplugs.

Anna shifted her weight just a bit as she basked in the afterglow of a good hard fuck- the moment drawing me out of hypotheticals and reminding me that I had a ready source of at least a few answers laying naked right beside me. I drew breath to ask her one of the many questions that were on the tip of my tongue, but she beat me to the punch.

"Everything is different now, isn't it." She asked, lifting her head just enough to look at me with those deep brown eyes. They seemed to be swimming with emotion so close to the surface I couldn't help but get drawn into them just a bit- more than enough to wash away most of my own thoughts, at least for the moment.

"What do you mean?" I asked her, waiting to see where this would lead.

She looked away, tracing a figure eight across my chest with her fingers absently. "Yesterday I was angry at myself, and everyone else. All the abuse I had to endure every day at home, at the office- all because I was a failure." Her gaze turned back to me, her eyes brimming with fresh tears. "But now, thanks to you and your machine, I'm going to be a lawyer someday. My dreams are finally going to come true... and it's all because of you."

"I don't know about all that," I half stammered- suddenly feeling slightly awkward at the outpouring of emotion. "It's still going to take a lot of work. Law school takes years, and-"

"I know that," She said, smiling gently with a grin that reached all the way to her eyes and seemed to make her face shine. "But that's what I mean. I had given up on it all, and it was everyone's fault but my own." Her cheeks flushed a bit as her glance once again dropped to my chest, following her hand as it moved further and further down.

"I meant what I said- before," She said softly.

"Meant what?" I asked, confused by the seemingly sudden change of topic.

"That I would do anything... to become a lawyer. It's been my dream since I was a child." She leaned up on one arm to kiss me even as her other hand finally reached low enough to wrap around my spent cock- though it was slowly beginning to show signs of life. "Make me a lawyer with that machine of yours and I will do anything you want. I am yours in every way that matters for as long as you'll have me."

"That sounds pretty serious, Anna," I whispered, reaching up to move a few stray locks of hair from her face. My fingers were wet with freshly shed tears when I finally pulled my hand away from her. "We just met a few days ago. I know we just fucked and all, but I already have a couple girls that I'm sort of-"

She suddenly seemed so very fragile. "I know it's sudden. And I don't- I mean I'm not trying to scare you. It's just that I- I mean... I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said-"

"Anna, calm down. Take a deep breath. I'm not going to run away screaming. What are you trying to tell me?" It made it a lot easier to accept a little bit crazy when you were the one that made her that way. But I wasn't going to let her off the hook entirely. I wanted to hear it from her first.

She did as she was told, taking a deep breath, and then a second just for good measure as she worked to put her thoughts together. "I've never fallen so hard for someone so fast before in my life," She whispered finally. "I- I mean, I understand if you don't feel the same way. But that doesn't matter, not to me. I'm not trying to... I don't expect you to be exclusive. I mean, it makes total sense- a guy like you would... I mean, we've barely just met and I'm head over heels for you- crazy right? All I know... is that- Please, just don't send me away. All I know is that I don't know what I'd do without you. I need this. Now that I have it- I would do anything to keep it. Anything. Please let me have this? Please?"

I pretended to consider her argument for a while as she continued to slowly breathed life into my hardening cock with each gentle caress of her fingers. "I help you achieve a life-long dream, and in return you swear from this day forward to serve me faithfully as my... I mean, if you're not expecting to be my girlfriend, then what would I even call you?"

"I would be yours, in every sense of the word," She purred, evidently assuming my lack of refusal was tantamount to acceptance of her offer. "That means you could call me whatever you wanted. I would be in no position to refuse."

"Servant. Maid. Minion... Whore? I can think of a quite a lot of things that would fall under 'anything', not all of which would be exactly legal." I attempted my best impression of Vulcan surprise. "You're sure that's what you want?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life. And as far as issues of dubious legality are concerned- I guess it's a good thing you're about to have such a devoted lawyer at your beck and call," She said, leaning down and slowly kissing her way down my chest. I noted absently that she was following the same trailing figure eight her hands had left not that long ago. "Or, maybe even a whole office of them if I have my way..." She murmured softly.

"Why do you say that?" I asked, feigning ignorance as I relaxed back into the bed beneath her delicate attentions.

"That machine of yours. Have you thought about what it could do other than just random puzzles or helping to memorize reams of legal precedents? Sneak in a few commands here or there, almost like a... a post hypnotic suggestion or something. Who knows what you could accomplish." She had closed the distance between my cock and her mouth. The warm touch of her tongue sliding up the length of my now hardening shaft sent fresh shivers up my spine.

"Have some experience with hypnosis, have you?" I asked as her mouth wrapped itself around me and slowly sank down until it was half buried in her throat. "God that feels good."

"MmHmm," She hummed against me before pulling back up for air. "Tried some self-hypnosis tapes once or twice with varying degrees of success. God, your cock tastes fucking amazing! Is that your cum from before?" A cheshire grin spread across her face as she slipped a hand between her legs- moaning with pleasure a moment later as she licked off what little cum she could recover. "I can't wait to see what it tastes like when it's fresh." And with that she went back to sucking my cock with an almost wild abandon.

"Careful," I warned her. "I may be hard again, but that doesn't mean I'm not still sensitive from before. And you may find getting another load out of me challenging tonight."

"Aaah. Fuck." Her disappointment was palpable as she sat up onto her legs beside me.

"I didn't say stop. A softer touch, is all. I believe sucking my cock would fall under 'anything', right?"

Her smile quickly returned. "I believe it would at that. I was the one who offered the contract after all. Any ambiguity should therefore be ruled in your favor."

"Is that why you tried to convince your friend to have a session with my machine?" I asked her, as she slowly worshiped me with her lips, mouth, and tongue. "To give me an entire office under my control?"

"Just because I couldn't pass a stupid standardized test," She said, while taking a break to rest her mouth and letting her well moistened hands keep me moaning in pleasure. "Doesn't mean I'm not good at being a conniving bitch. I've just recently redirected those particular skills towards different ends."

"That I can believe," I said honestly, allowing her to concentrate on the use of her mouth for my pleasure for a time. She wasn't as skilled as Rachel- but I gave her props for her enthusiasm. She had given me a lot to think about though, and a lot of work to do as well. First off- I would need to change her training file to reinforce the new world view she seemed to have adopted so easily just from my accidental verbal indoctrination. I wasn't going to trust such a large change so fast from a new variable I hadn't even begun to test. Best to make sure to lock it in with a good four hour marathon with the updated software.

"I could give it a try- you know. Making some mental modifications with my machine? Care to be a guinea pig for an evil mind controlling villain-in-training? I feel it only fair to warn you, if you're right it could result in you becoming one of many devoted sex-slaves."

Anna pulled her mouth off of my cock with an audible pop. "I thought we already went over this. Let me try again. We have verbal, but binding agreement. Therefore, if you think of something, consider the following two caveats. Am I physically capable of doing it? Does it fall under the category of 'anything'? If so, then I am contractually obligated and very willing to carry out my end of the bargain- and do whatever the fuck you want. Understand?"

I attempted to raise an eyebrow at her. "Should I be expecting a bill for this consultation?"

"Anyone else, fuck yes. For you," She said, leaning back down to run her tongue along the length of my shaft. "I will always offer my services pro bono."

I couldn't resist. "Good girl," I said aloud, smiling at the way she melted into a puddle of moans between my legs.

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