tagTransgender & CrossdressersProud To Be A Sissy Ch. 03

Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 03


I woke Monday morning actually looking forward to what the day may hold and feeling good about myself. I felt like I was a different person and as I thought about it realized that in a few ways I was. I laid in bed thinking I did have a little better understanding of my sexuality now that was so confusing just a week before. For a long time now I have known of my attraction to other boys, but until just recently had no real chance to explore what that was all about.

Having Jeff, who bullied and taunted me almost daily for as long as I can remember forcing me to orally please him twice in less than a week. Though the second time he didn't really have to force me as I was actually anticipating the next encounter with him. The submissiveness nature of my persona enjoyed being forced and told to do nasty things.

I even got excited of the humiliation I felt thinking of how Mr. Clark used the photos he took of me and Jeff in his car while I had sucked off his cock to black mail me. Forcing me to suck his penis and then to dress in his long departed ex-wife and daughter's clothing.

Though it was painful when he forced his cock into my ass the first time, I did begin to enjoy being taken anally by him and by the time it ended we orgasmed together. Then the next day to actually willingly, lower myself onto his erection and riding on his lap until he pushed me to my knees to pound at my butt from behind until his seed exploded into me.

Yes, I was a totally new person no, one that knew his desires to dress like a girl and to service men when they told me too. Smiling to myself I wondered when the next chance to please Jeff's large member would happen or when my new daddy would want me to come over to play the role of his sissy girly boy again.

My revelry was broken suddenly by my mom's call to get up and get ready for school. For once I didn't even feel the usual fear that gripped me at the thought of going there. I had survived all this time through their teasing and taunts and now felt happy with myself anyway, I was pleased with whom I was becoming and no one could take that away from me. As I started to dress I retrieved the hidden panties my new daddy let me wear home the day before and put them on under my boy clothes.

Mr. Clark was getting his morning paper as we left the house and waved saying good morning to me as I got in mom's car. I actually felt a flutter in my chest and hope that he'd ask me to do some work for him after school. My mom just snorted with her displeasure of the man and ignored him as usual.

School was mostly uneventful with the usual bullies picking on the little guy when they got their chance. Today though it seemed so much easier for me to just ignore all the names and debasements that my fellow students threw at me. I even wondered as with Jeff, would they enjoy the pleasures I could give them or that maybe they might be just like me.

I began to take more notice of girls watching they way moved, the way their faces were made up and especially what they wore. I only wished I could have been dressed like them too. I felt very comfortable in the clothes my new daddy made me wear, allot more than the baggy jeans and over large t-shirt I had on now. Only the feeling of the tight string of the panties rubbing over my very sensitive anus hidden beneath them gave me some pleasure.

Jeff's car was parked a few blocks from the school as I made my way home and I felt a pleasing sensation run through me when the door swung open as I neared it. I quickly got in and beaming with anticipation smiling at him.

"Oh fuck," he sneered, "don't look at me like that faggot."

"I'm sorry Jeff," I meekly replied, "thanks for picking me up."

"Just shut the fuck up and pay for your ride cocksucker." He demanded as the car sped up.

So I did what we both wanted, Jeff wanted me to relieve the pressure of his young large cock while I just wanted to enjoy the feeling of his hard flesh sliding between my lips. I took my time lavishing his cock with gentle caresses and tonguing every inch of it. Slowly stroking the thick shaft with both hands I kissed and swirled my tongue around the glans of his beautiful penis.

Jeff groaned as his body trembled beneath with my efforts hoping to make him last longer this time and smiled to myself knowing how easy I could control him in this way. I felt the car stop moving and I knew we had arrived on my street and I wondered if my new daddy was watching for me.

Holding his shaft in both hands I gently stroked him while softly tonguing the glans between my lips while his hips jerked up towards me. Jeff managed to last about five minutes, though it didn't seem near long enough for me before he started to shake rapidly and I felt his semen flooding my mouth.

As soon as Jeff stopped cumming, I sat up opening the car door and just blew him a kiss before walking away without looking back. I made it to the door of my house before I could hear his car accelerate away and that kind of made me feel good. I knew that he'd be coming back to me for the pleasure I would willingly give him and wondered how much pleasure besides just sucking his big beautiful cock I could get him to willingly give to me.

The house was quite and empty, when I entered so after dropping my books on the kitchen counter I thought I go next door just to see if my new daddy would need anything. Going in through the backdoor the place seemed really quiet but I did as expected removing my boy clothes before going any further. That's when I noticed the paper laying on the counter beside the sink.

It was written in large letters from daddy of course saying, "Sissy, went with some old buddy's to do some fishing be back in few days enjoy yourself and don't be afraid to do a little cleaning up while I'm gone."

I felt a little dejected knowing that my new daddy wasn't there to tell me what to do personally but I did go and find some girl clothes to put on and happily cleaned around the house for him while he was gone. I really began to feel complete adorned in girl clothing doing little household chores for him. So every day right after school I went straight to his house and became the little girl I wanted to be and going home before my parents did.

I didn't go totally without a taste of cock though because Jeff seemed to make sure every day or two to find me somewhere on the way home. I found that I could control his cock enough so I could enjoy the pleasure of his long hard shaft longer and longer every time I did him. He even began to speak to me more civilly most times though he had his moments of vulgarity; I kind of liked that too. I couldn't help but think of his big cock forcing itself into my ass but I wasn't sure if he could handle that idea or even how to broach the subject without Jeff freaking out or something.

On Thursday evening after supper my father told me that he and mom would going away for the weekend, leaving tomorrow afternoon and wouldn't be back till sometime late Sunday evening. I tried not to show how excited I became this opportunity presented and hoped Mr. Clark would be home soon. The idea of being dressed up for entire weekend sent a thrill through my body I just hoped that my new daddy would let me bring home a few things. It was hard for me to get to sleep that night filled with anticipation of sleeping in my bed tomorrow night in one of the soft silky night gowns I had found in the boxes next door.

My little cock stayed erect almost continuously through the night and I rubbed over it through my panties like I imagined a girl would. I experienced three orgasms freeing my hard little cock just in time to catch the semen in my palm to savour as I'm sure my new daddy would want me too before I finally fell asleep.

I didn't even bother with any ugly boy underwear that morning as I dressed for school and even with my usual baggy jeans and t-shirt I could feel the panties hugging my groin beneath them. I felt kind of sexy and a little naughty as I moved around the room getting ready to start my day. I heard a car door slam close by and got to the window in time to see my new daddy coming home. I would never have imagined that I could of become excited over seeing fat old Mr. Clark walking up his drive way.

I felt flushed as my excitement level grew thinking now for sure my prospects for the week end would truly be great. I actually looked forward to getting to school to get it over with so I could start the festivities off.

My parents did dampen my spirits a bit by lecturing me all morning during breakfast and on the way to school about the dos and don'ts and not going anywhere except next door if I was needed there. I was to be in the house by nine every night so that I'd receive their call to check on me and of course not to forget the list of chores to keep me busy over the next three days.

I mutely agree with them as they went on and on while I imagined myself prancing around the yard or digging in the garden wearing those tiny white shorts with the t-shirt that had sexy written across the chest. I could even feel the bra I would be wearing underneath it wrapped snugly around me.

So lost in make believe I hadn't realized the car had stopped until my father cleared his throat. I wished a them to have a good time while they repeated to be careful for about the hundredth time as I got out of the car and walked to the school doors waving good bye.

My anticipation seemed to make the day drag on forever and I can't recall I single thing that happened while I was encased in that prison for those six hours. I felt my panties every time I squirmed on the hard chairs, constantly building on my already heighten excitement. By the time the final bell rang to signal my freedom I was trembling with nervous anticipation.

I couldn't help but smile to myself as I quickly walked towards home. Then a few blocks from school Jeff's car stopped beside me, the door swung open and I quickly hopped in this was more than I had hoped for to start off a wonderful weekend.

Wasting no time, leaning towards Jeff to be hidden under the dash I quickly undid his pants and freed the object of my devotion. I was always so amazed at his large cock, so soft and warm before quickly growing so hard and hot as I lavishly displayed my appreciation of his beautiful penis. As always I tried to take my time so I could enjoy his organ between my lips for as long as I could, but I did have other plans for this special day.

I shifted my body to get a bit more comfortable and felt my shirt move across my back, but thought nothing of it at that moment.

"What's this we got here?" Jeff snickered

I briefly wondered what he could be talking about and to engrossed in his penis to really care at that moment when suddenly his hand slipped into the back of my jeans. A shock of fear jolted through my body and I was momentarily stunned into immobility. Jeff grasped the back of my panties and pulled wedging the material tightly between my ass cheeks forcing his cock deeper between my slackened lips. Pushing down with his hand on top of my head and I started to gag on his fat penis.

"No one told you to stop fag," He growled down at me releasing my head. "I guess you really are a sissy fag boy aren't you?"

I just groaned my answer around his cock and sped up my motions, now wanting to get this over as fast as possible. He chuckled and continued to tug the back of my panties upwards in a jerking motion timed to the bobbing of my mouth on his cock. The crotch rubbed up against my anus and excited penis even more.

"Just look at you," he continued, "sucking cock and wearing a girl's little pink underwear, and you probably wish you were a girl so you could get fucked."

He pulled a little harder and I almost came moaning loudly around his cock.

"Yeah," He groaned starting to breathe heavier, "maybe you want to fucked up that little white ass of yours decked out in your entire frilly sissy under things."

Just the thought of his big cock forcing its way up my ass set my hips shaking in orgasm and wet my panties with semen. At the same moment Jeff's organ spewed its seed into my mouth with allot more force than any other time that I had sucked him off. I immediately felt the hope that my wish might someday come true.

Jeff leaned back in his seat releasing my panties and sighed contentedly as I sat up seeing Mr. Clark at the window smiling lopsidedly and I smiled back I waved to him.

"Where are you going to be this week end?" Jeff groaned, "In case I need that faggy mouth of yours again before Monday."

"I have to stay home, while my parents are away." I whispered shyly, "But probably I'll be doing chores for my neighbour."

"Really," he leered at me, "maybe I'll just have to come over one night then and give you the fucking you're begging for."

"I have to be in at nine every night." I replied with a smile hoping he'd take me up on the invitation before getting out of his car.

Mr Clark was still at his window when I turned away from the car and waving for me to come in. Going quickly to the back door I was hoping that I could get into the bedroom and change before my new daddy could see my soiled panties. Just as I hung up my pants he entered the kitchen so I turned to face him covering my shame with my hands.

"Move your hands." He ordered.

His eyes moved down to my soiled crotch and he shook his head his before stating, "Do you know what happens to bad little sissy boys who soil their panties and suck off cocks in cars."

"No daddy." I meekly replied shaking in fear.

They get punished," He yelled glaring down at me, "now follow me missy."

Turning to go in the other room to sit in the middle of the couch I followed him on shaking legs with my head down, fear and excitement seemed to clash inside of me knowing what was about to happen. As started to kneel at his feet when daddy grabbed my arm and forced me to lie across his lap and without hesitation began spanking my buttocks. It seemed to last an eternity while his hand rained slaps down on me and I could feel the heat of my flesh increase with every smack of his hand while tears ran down my face. Finally he stopped and while he huffed and puffed to catch his breath, pushed me off his lap to lay by his feet.

"I hope you learned your lesson." He gasped, "Now go home and clean yourself up, I left a few things out for you so get the clean panties to take with you and get back as soon as you can."

"Yes daddy," I replied humbly, rising to do what he told me.

Laid out on the bed was a shiny pink satin dress that looked so pretty but I refused to let myself take the time to inspect it closer right now. Grabbing the panties I headed to the back door to find my clothes gone. I turned to see my new daddy standing in the door way with an evil looking grin across his face.

"Just think of this as part of your punishment, He laughed, "and be sure what's in your hand is all you're wearing when you come back."

I looked down to realize in my haste I had also taken the matching bra from the bed and said, "I'm sorry daddy, but I didn't realize I took this too."

"Good," he replied looking at my hand, "get your sissy ass moving before I send you out the front door and you might want to be quick about it before your mom and dad get home"

"They've gone away for the week end." I told him.

"Good." he smiled, "that's all the better, now get sissy."

I quickly let myself out and looked around hoping no one was out in their yards and stepped down of the porch in bare feet. I stopped to peek around the corner between the house and still seeing no one I made a dash for the safety of my home. Thankfully we always kept a spare key under the mat and let myself in feeling a wave of relief overcome me as the door slammed shut.

While in the shower I saw a razor, probably left behind by my mother and looking down at my sparse pubic hairs I wondered if daddy would be surprised to see me bald there. So carefully shaving it all off before quickly finishing and cleaning the soiled panties I got out and dried myself. I used a blow drier on my hair hoping I could fluff it up to look more feminine and came to conclusion that I'd just have to wait and let it grow out some more.

Picking up the panties I brought home with me I took a moment to look them over before putting them on, I hadn't seen them when I went through the clothing before. They were just so nice looking all shiny and pink and edged with soft white lace. Then I noticed the price tag still on the bra and realized my new daddy had bought these just for me. It made me feel so happy my throat tightened with pleasure as happy tears watered my eyes. I quickly pulled them up my legs settling the waist band just under my belly button while the crotch nestled snugly between my ass cheeks. The matching bra fit perfect on my skinny chest and I just couldn't wait to get back next door to thank my daddy properly for such beautiful things especially since he had punished me for being so bad..

After putting back the key and locking the door then trying to hide while searching the area for anyone that might be looking before stepping off the porch. With fear that someone might see me I tip toed to the corner of the house and peaked around the side and seeing no body so I once again made a quick dash to safety.

Finding Mr. Clark in his usual chair I went to kneel before him and looking up I smiled and said, "Thank you daddy for the new beautiful things you gave me and I'm sorry I was so bad."

"You're welcome sweetie," he smiled and patted my head, "now go finish getting dressed and then you can thank me proper."

I wanted to thank him proper right there but did as I was told and went back to the bed room to finish making myself into the girl I wanted to be. Along with the dress were also a garter belt and stockings and remembering from pictures I'd seen before in my father's magazines how the straps went under the panties, I took them off just long enough to the hose.

The dress over whelmed me it was so nice, the material was the same as the bra and panties with the same lace adorning every edge. The neck line plunge down almost to my bra and short sleeves puffed out just past my shoulders. The hem stopped at mid thigh, just below the top of my hose and several layers of stiff white satin beneath the skirts held the dress out away from my body.

I felt so good looking at the reflection in the mirror this outfit made me look just like a little girl so I did my make up in very soft tones using just enough to show that it was there but trying to keep that innocent little girl look that I'm sure my daddy would like and then I went out to face him.

I walked to the center of the room and did a full turn as he reached for his camera I stopped and posed for him while it flashed at me. I shivered thinking how nice it was to feel so sexy and adored enough to have someone want to take so many pictures of me. I kneeled before him and slid my hands up the inside of his thighs until I reached the fastenings of his trousers.

"Thank you so much for all the lovely new clothes daddy." I gushed at him.

He just smiled and nodded intently on the developing picture while I undid his pants to find the opening of his boxers and searching like a kid with a present until a found the prize within. I withdrew his warm penis and grasping it with both hands I brought my lips to it kiss the very tip softly.

"You're very welcome Kary." He smiled down at me, "I knew when I saw it you would look great in it."

He patted me on the head and leaned back into his chair letting me thank him properly. I slowly took his hardening penis deep into my mouth and nursed on it as he sighed contentedly. Once daddy's cock was fully erect I started slowly moving up and down the shaft gently sucking while he moaned his pleasure. It made me feel so good having a hard cock to please and control, I had the power to make it quickly explode or I could draw the act out for as long as I choose.

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