tagLoving WivesPrudish Wife Surprises Me Ch. 02

Prudish Wife Surprises Me Ch. 02


This story is the second about the times I and my friends were able to talk my wife Anita into playing a strip card game. Contrary to the beliefs of some of the odder people who comment on similar stories I have no problems with my own sexual prowess or equipment, I just get a buzz out of other men seeing my wife naked, watching them seduce her, and encouraging her to broaden her experience and enjoy her sexuality.

We were in our late 20's married about 2 years and living in Kent. Anita is a petite size 8, then and still now, about 5' 2ins and weighing about 8 stone. My profile page shows a picture of her taken from behind in her underwear about 6 months ago. She is in her 50's now but doesn't look it. She has small beautifully pert breasts which are still firm with very pink nipples and a dark only lightly trimmed bush a tight smooth bottom and lovely tapered smooth legs.

After that first time I tried to talk to Anita about how sexy and exciting it had been to watch her losing her clothes in front of my 3 male friends but she was clearly uncomfortable talking about it and seemed to prefer to pretend that it hadn't actually happened.

For whatever reason we didn't meet up with Andy, Steve and Graham the following month and it was about seven weeks later that Andy and I fixed another night for them to come over and for us all to go out for a drink, Andy somewhat diffidently asked whether they would still be invited back for coffee and I assured him that I had enjoyed watching them try and strip Anita and that whilst she would probably refuse to play again anything they could convince her to do was OK with me. He was pleased and surprised and said that the three of them had talked a lot about what had happened and that once Anita was down to her underwear if I had invented a reason to leave her alone with them they would have pushed her to go further, but as I hadn't they assumed I wanted things to stop. Now that he understood that I wanted to see everything myself and wouldn't stop them he said he would tell the others.

I mentioned in the first story that although always being very shy, demure and reserved Anita had very feminine and appealing matched bra and panty sets and she also had a suspender belt, a white one. She had worn it with white stockings at our wedding but I couldn't recall her having worn it since, it was always tights worn over panties. Accordingly you can imagine my surprise that, when the night for our drink arrived, as we were getting ready to go out Anita suddenly swore loudly as she was putting her tights on and said that she had put a hole in them and that she didn't have any others clean. I turned round to see her standing in her bra and panties holding the tights in her hand. She was wearing white lacy panties that tied at the side with white ribbon and the back panel of which was virtually transparent, the front was so lacy that her dark bush was clearly visible and the matching bra was a lacy half cup that covered her nipples and was a little more conservative than the panties; this was the outfit she had first worn for our wedding. She'd worn the bra and panties since but with tights.

It was not normal for Anita to comment as she got dressed but having exclaimed about the tights she now said that there was nothing for it but to wear stockings as there wasn't time to wash another pair of tights and she didn't want to go out bare legged. I told her that I was delighted she would be wearing stockings again and watched excitedly as she fastened the white belt around her waist and fed the four suspenders down the inside of her panties before rolling on a new pair of tan coloured stockings and clipping them in place. She looked absolutely wonderful and I told her so, I could scarcely believe that she must have actually chosen to dress like this, it was just too unusual for her not to have any spare clean tights and to make such a production about getting dressed but did it actually mean that she was thinking of what might happen later?

Anita finished dressing by putting on a flared black skirt and a pale blue roll neck jumper, the skirt came down to her knees so the effect was to give a very conservative modest look with no hint of what she was actually wearing underneath, but again she did seem to take extra care with her make-up, I was so caught up with excitement and anticipation of the possibilities that I didn't want to think at all, I was just anxious for us to get out, meet up with Andy, Steve and Graham and get on with the evening.

We met up with my friends at a pub in Faversham. To start with Anita was quieter than usual and Steve and Graham also seemed a little nervous but Andy flattered Anita, told her how well she looked and how good it was to see her again and soon we were back to being a noisy relaxed group. I went off to the toilet at one stage and Andy followed me in and asked if Anita had yet said anything about what had happened on the last visit. I explained that she hadn't, in fact quite the opposite, she refused to let me talk about it or acknowledge that it had happened however I said that if you could get to see what she is wearing underneath that skirt you would get a very pleasant surprise. I left it at that and it was clear that Andy was intrigued. When Anita went off to the loo he told the others what I had said and asked for further details which I refused to supply. I told them it was up to them to see if they could find out for themselves.

Closing time was approaching and I was getting increasingly anxious, was Anita dressed like that just for her my enjoyment or was she planning to let my friends enjoy how she looked as well, in retrospect I don't know if she actually knew herself. Last orders were called and Andy said that he would actually prefer a coffee so should we head back to our place, Steve and Graham immediately said that that got their vote and there was a pregnant pause as we all looked at Anita. After a brief silence Anita said OK but just for coffee, she didn't elaborate so she might have meant no more alcohol or no funny business, I didn't care I was just glad that the evening hadn't ended. Anita and I drove back together with the others following and there was a strained sort of silence in the car, we were both clearly lost in our own thoughts.

When we got back Anita went into the kitchen to make the coffee whilst the rest of us settled in the lounge, drawing the curtains turning on some low level lighting and selecting some music. When Anita came in with the coffee Andy said it was traditional for us to have a brandy with our coffee and he would like one if there was any on offer, I didn't look at Anita, just said of course and got us all one including Anita- I made sure hers was a generous one!

We continued to chat about this and that as we drank our coffee and brandies and as Andy and Steve had almost finished their drinks I asked if anyone was ready for a repeat, Andy quickly said that he would like a repeat of the tradition we had started on their last visit and that we should play cards again, particularly as we hadn't really finished the game last time. Steve and Graham immediately agreed and asked me to get the cards at which stage Anita said that we were all welcome to play but that she wasn't going to. I went off to get the cards and left the 3 guys trying to talk Anita into joining in with them. They were making it very clear how keen they were for her to play strip pontoon with them and she wasn't getting angry just sort of smiling nervously and saying that she wasn't going to play. Andy asked her for one good reason why she wouldn't play and she said' well apart from anything else I am not dressed for it' which immediately resulted in a lot of close questioning but she refused to elaborate and clearly wished she hadn't said that. Eventually Steve said how about if we agree that you can stop any time you like and we won't pressure you, so you can stop as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable. There was no immediate response so seizing his opportunity Andy said how about if we write out a list of forfeits and if you lose and don't want to take something off you do a forfeit instead?

I was so full of nervous excitement I was drinking faster than was sensible and was certainly feeling the effects, into the silence I heard myself saying to Anita that I didn't think she could ever be better dressed for playing strip pontoon and that it would be sad to call an end to the evening now when everyone was so hyped up and what could she lose by going along with the plan to play for forfeits instead of clothes.

I knew we had won when she asked who would decide on the forfeits....

Andy Steve and Graham couldn't hide their enthusiasm and I later learned that what followed was mainly due to the fact that Graham's older brother had often played various strip card games with a big mixed group at university and had told Graham of his experiences.

In essence the three of them convinced Anita that it was in her best interests to have separate forfeits for her and them and that the forfeits should be divided between those that should be performed instead of losing a piece of clothing and those that would be performed if there was no clothing left to lose. Initially Anita said that there was no point in the latter group as she might stop before she lost any clothing and certainly would stop before she lost all of it but the guys pointed out that it might apply more for them if she was particularly lucky and they made it clear that there were forfeits they liked to imagine her performing! At this stage Anita looked at me and asked if I was going to say anything about this. I'd had a lot to drink but I knew how Anita was likely to react to a challenge or to any suggestion that she was a bit staid so I told her that I thought she looked fabulous undressed but that she never seemed to believe me and that if she saw the effect she had on my friends then perhaps she might be a bit more relaxed with me but that in any event I knew she would stop the game before she became too uncomfortable and certainly she would stop it before I did. There was another brief silence before Steve said come on then let's get writing.

As I went to get more drinks Graham suggested that the guys write 3 forfeits each for Anita's 2 bowls but that she could write as many as she could think of for theirs and they then separated to write out the forfeits, the guys clearly colluding to avoid , so I thought, duplication. Eventually we were ready to start the game, all this hadn't actually taken very long but there was a clear sense of excited anticipation emanating from the men, especially me, and a sort of quiet resignation/determination from Anita.

The rules were simple, the game was strip pontoon and the lowest hand or hands if there were 2 equally low hands, would have to remove an item of clothing or select a forfeit. The winner would be the person with the highest hand though if anyone went bust all the others would be deemed winners. No one could 'stick 'on less than 14. The forfeit could be chosen from either of the 2 bowls but it was understood that the bowl containing forfeits for when there was no clothing left was likely to contain more explicit challenges- Anita said she would not be going near her 2nd bowl but accepted that she would have to if all the forfeits in her first bowl were used up but as there were 9 she didn't think this likely. I was to be judge if there was any doubt whether a forfeit had been paid and having opted for a forfeit it had to be paid before anyone could declare that they were no longer playing. In short Anita could stop playing at any time but not before she had removed an item of clothing or performed a forfeit if she had just lost a round. As judge I was also elected dealer/banker and it seemed to be understood that once again I wouldn't actually play.

Anita was watching me closely as I dealt the first round and I resolved not to try and fiddle the cards or give her any other excuse to stop playing, stopping would have to be her clear decision. We were seated around the low coffee table, Anita and Graham were on the sofa and Andy and Steve were in armchairs either side of the sofa whilst I sat on the floor.

In the first 2 rounds it was Steve and Andy who lost and each removed their shoes. We were all waiting for Anita to lose which she did in round 3 and removed her shoes at which stage Graham said that anything being removed had to be removed in the room and that as Anita wasn't wearing trousers this time he hoped that wouldn't be an issue. She just laughed and said what made him think she would remove anything else. Andy lost again next and said he would see what Anita's forfeits were like; he pulled a piece of paper from the bowl read it and said 'Ah'. OK Andy read it out I said, - the rule was that you read out your forfeit yourself.

It says that the next time I lose a piece of clothing I have to choose another guy to remove it for me... Anita laughed; it was becoming clear that the guys might not get too much joy from her forfeits.

The game continued and Anita lost the next round. She thought for a minute then said that she would try a forfeit; clearly she and I both knew that losing any further clothing even a stocking would cause her to give away more than she wanted about how she was dressed. She pulled a piece of paper from the bowl and read it to herself. Read it out please I had to remind her. 'I am not sure about this '- she said and read out in a soft voice-

'I agree to have a slow dance with the winner of the round during which I will allow him to kiss and caress any part of my body not covered by clothing'

There were immediate shouts of Oh Yes from both Andy and Graham. Anita protested that this couldn't be right but both of them had had scores of twenty with similar cards and both now claimed their dance. Anita reluctantly agreed but wanted it clearly understood that apart from her hands, forearms and face she was covered by clothing- this wasn't quite true but only she and I knew about the flesh uncovered between her stocking tops and panties and I was still hoping that the game would continue so confirmed the rule of the forfeit. Andy went to the record player and put on a slow Aretha Franklin track, it was the longest he could find quickly but was only 4 or 5 minutes long and Anita said that at least she was getting that forfeit out of the way and got up to join Andy and Graham in the middle of the room.

Andy went to put his arms round Anita but she pushed him back with a smile and said that he couldn't do that as he would be touching her through clothes so laughing he took her hands and stroked his fingers up and down the backs of her hands and wrists while swaying gently to the music. Meanwhile Graham stood behind Anita and I saw her flinch as he raised his hands and ran his fingers through her hair as he moved it away from her ears before bending forward to gently kiss and nibble her left ear. Anita looked very surprised and shocked but realised that there was nothing she could object to although she did try to move her head away whereupon Andy bent down and started to do the same to her right ear. Graham reached round and took control of her left hand which Andy relinquished to concentrate on her right so that each of them had one of her hands between two of theirs as they kissed licked and nibbled her ears. Neither of them tried to kiss her mouth which was probably wise but it was fantastic to watch and I had a huge erection tenting the front of my trousers as did all 3 of the other guys. As the 2 dancing with her moved closer to Anita she must have felt the strength of their arousal as she tried to stop their bodies coming into contact with hers but moving away from one brought her into closer contact with the other. Through the daze I was in I became aware that the track had ended and another had begun but it was several seconds before Anita became aware, broke away and said that the dance had ended, she looked slightly dishevelled and was breathing quite fast and as she retook her seat on the sofa I saw her glance at the prominent outlines in all our trousers.

I started dealing the cards again before Anita could think of stopping and as she picked hers up she laughed and said again that she was glad she had got that forfeit out of the way.

The guys lost several rounds in a row and Andy accordingly had to ask Steve to remove his socks for him following which they clearly decided not to risk another of Anita's forfeits and removed clothes instead. By the time Anita next lost a round Graham was in his shirt and boxers, he had a burn scar on his shoulder about which he was self conscious and so had opted to lose his trousers rather than his shirt, whilst Andy and Steve still had trousers and shirts over their underwear but it was clear everyone was still excited, and winning and the drink encouraged Anita to carry on playing.

When she next lost Anita said that she needed another drink while she thought and the tension went up a notch as she weighed her options as I got the drinks. Eventually she clearly decided that the forfeits were best taken while she was fully dressed but you could tell she was wondering how she would have coped in the dance if either the guys or she had been wearing less clothing. Anyway she said that she still had no intention of losing any more clothes and opted for another forfeit.

Apart from the music in the background there was complete silence as Anita read the forfeit to herself but I noticed my friends give knowing looks to each other. What I didn't find out until later was that they had replicated just 2 forfeits several times and having had the first they were now hoping for the second and Anita's silence showed them that it must be the other forfeit she had drawn.

Anita was clearly thinking hard and so I asked her to read the forfeit out. 'I am very clear that this isn't fair' she said' but I will admit that it is clever '.

'Just read it please' I said.

She gave me a look and then whispered rather than read 'I promise that I will play one more round and if I lose I will allow the winner to remove whatever item of my clothing he chooses, I will not be allowed a forfeit.'

Steve Graham and Andy were grinning from ear to ear whilst I could feel pre cum oozing into my pants just from hearing my shy demure wife say those words.

Anita said that was it, the game was over but the guys reminded her that she couldn't stop without performing the forfeit. I pointed out that it was only one round and if she won she could then stop. Andy said that if I wanted to call a halt they would understand but that Anita had won far more rounds than she had lost and that all she had done so far was lose her shoes and do one forfeit. I said that Anita would stop the game before I did so it wasn't up to me but under the rules I thought she should play the next round and without looking at her I dealt the cards.

The guys picked up their cards but for several seconds Anita just left hers on the table, looking at them as though hoping to see what they were without touching them. Graham said my turn first I think and I will twist, I gave him a card which was a 6 and he said he'd stick. Anita it's your turn, he said. We all waited expectantly and eventually she obviously reached a decision and picked up her cards while giving me a look of clear reproach. She said she would stick. Andy went for one card and then stuck and Anita was looking hopeful but Steve kept asking for more cards all of which were low and as he had 5 cards without busting it was clear that Anita was not likely to win. I hadn't fiddled the cards but it was somehow inevitable that she would lose, the rest of us had been willing it, and as the cards were turned over she showed a picture and an 8 , everyone else had 19 or higher. So Steve was the winner and Anita the loser.

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