PTA Ch. 01


Harmon Brubaker was a retired Master Chief in the Navy, who had decided to move to Salem, Oregon, to be in the same town as his 17 year old daughter, Vivian. She was living with her mother, Harmon's ex-girlfriend Sandy, who had since married and made 2 children with her husband, Linus.

Harmon had never married, as he had decided to concentrate on helping raise Vivian as much as possible, achieve higher rank in the Navy, and have fun in the meantime with plenty of girls. He was a swinger, and he made no pretense of being otherwise.

Brubaker's 8 and a half inch cock certainly helped him in the last area, and many women found his looks compelling as well, as he was a rather tall, muscular, broad-shouldered man, with a shaved head and tough look to him.

He was also quite charming. It didn't hurt that he was a full-blooded Seminole Indian, which made him look rather soulful and exotic at the same time.

Being in the same neighborhood as his daughter, he was able to get involved in her school, including the PTA, which he had agreed to attend. He had a lot more free time, due to his Navy pension, which helped him afford to live on his income as a consultant on military matters to writers, editors, networks, and movie studios.

Having those 2 incomes, he was finally able to truly focus more on his parental role, and the PTA was part of that. He certainly never expected to get involved with his daughter's history teacher, a Ms. Robin Cawdor.

Miss Cawdor was 33, still single, and rumored to be a slut, although no one had the "goods" on her for that yet. She had a kid, too, a 13 year old son named Alec, who apparently lived up to his name (that's another story).

She had been teaching at that high school for just a year, and so did not have tenure. She was also very much a history buff, and her excitement about the subject made her more effective than most of her fellow teachers, which was just one of the reasons that she was unpopular with her colleagues.

The other was that she was a complete babe, with long legs, a great bosom, and a voluptuous ass. Her luscious blonde hair fell down shamelessly toward her exquisitely curved waist, and it was rather wavy at that. She was also quite tanned, and so she must have spent some summers sunbathing, not to mention swimming, as her well-conditioned body demonstrated.

In short, she was the sexiest teacher at that school, and most Moms in the neighborhoods dared not encourage their husbands to attend the PTA meetings, for fear that this "siren" would attract their attention.

On the day in question, Brubaker arrived with a specific reason to meet with Ms. Cawdor, since she was teaching Vivian's most difficult class. He wanted to be sure that this teacher would not give up on his daughter, as a previous one had, resulting in Vivian attending summer school last year.

Vivian was always better at math than at history or English, and Brubaker wanted to make sure that he and Sandy got their money's worth.

"Ms. Cawdor?"

"Yes. You are?"

"Harmon Brubaker. I'm Vivian's father."

"Ah, yes, Viv! She's actually been doing better this year, from what I've heard compared to last."

"I'm glad to hear that! So, you are not giving up on her, like her previous teacher did? She had to attend summer school because of that."

"Yeah, I heard about that- it's pretty sorry to just 'give up' on a student, like that, just because she may be struggling."

"I'm pleased to hear that from you."

"Say, Mr. Brubaker, now that we've discussed Viv, assuming that you have no more business to talk about, what would you say to getting a guided tour of the classroom?"

"Are you offering me one, Ms. Cawdor?"

"Of course I am, Mr. Brubaker- can I call you 'Harmon'? I'd like you to call me 'Robin'."

"I've seen the classroom, Robin."

"Yes, but not with it's most beautiful feature."

"What's that?"

"Me, silly!"

"Are you suggesting...?"

"Oh, holy cow, Harmon! I am offering to fuck you- is that a clear enough invitation for you? I am horny, and meeting you has made even hornier.

You've gotta help me there- my libido is operating at its highest setting, can't you see? I need to be screwed, hopefully by you!"

"Alright, but is the classroom the best place for that?"

"I suppose you're right about the danger, but I want to get laid soon, so if you have a better idea, you've got about 15 minutes to suggest it, before I just grab you and take you right here!"

"Damn it, Robin, you are horny, and you're making me horny, so let's fuck at my place- no one's home tonight!"

"Well, as it happens, my son is with his Dad, so your place sounds terrific- plenty of privacy, and all!"

The direct approach was working wonders for Robin, because that appealed to the veteran's aggressive, candid nature. They took his truck to his apartment, and she remarked at his whole manly demeanor, which really turned her on.

"I love tough guys, ya know- they are so sexy, because I feel safe when they are around. I am a bit of a slut, as people may have told you, so don't feel like you're obligated to commit- I don't! It's just friendly, neighborly, mature, getting over the frustration sex- how does that sound to you?"

"Wonderful! So, do you want me to go pick up some condoms? I am out."

"At this point, I am so damn horny, I'd sell my soul to get laid, so pregnancy, STDs, and HIV are not a big deal to me! They're risks- having more stress is a certainty! Just take me to your place and make it well worth the risk, Ok?"

"Alright, ma'am. At least if we have a kid, it will be in the same town as both of its parents."

"True, so when are we getting to your apartment? I really need it, now- it's urgent!"

"Wow! You're as horny as guys like me get alot! Maybe we should have a quickie, take a breather, and then start over with foreplay, for an all-nighter."

"Sounds splendid, but how far to your place now?"

"Another block- why?"

"Can you stop for a second?"

"We'll take longer getting there."

"I don't care anymore- I want to have the quickie you talked about- here!"

"In the truck?"

"In the bed of it- appropriate, isn't it?"

"Guess so. Alright, here is a park- we can hide from public view- how's that?"

"Great, now fuck me, please!"

"With our clothes on?"

"Yes- we might not get caught that way- please, just drop your pants, pull up my skirt, and fuck me here!"

With that, he did as she requested, since he was sure that she really was desperate for a lay, and she was so sexy when she pleaded for it that way.

His pants came off in seconds, followed by his briefs, and her skirt was easy enough to hike up, at which point he noticed that she was not wearing any panties. Ms. Cawdor was clearly the type to make access easy for a man. She was quite "user-friendly", as it were!

Such a slut deserved a thoroughly powerful fucking, to get off her as quickly as possible, and reward her for being so good to mankind. Brubaker rapidly entered Robin, who seemed to be groveling for it, almost.

She made a gasp, and her pussy, although more than little stretched by her many sexual experiences and her son's delivery, was expert at the art of tightening itself for the benefit of any man nice enough to do her this favor.

Brubaker made a considerable effort to prolong it within reason, but her enthusiasm for the quickie was making it more than a little difficult for him. She kept thrashing wildly, wrapping her legs around his torso, and meeting him halfway. He continued to pound her for about 12 more minutes, but finally, he yielded to his scrotum's need to empty itself, and sent a king-sized load of sperm into Robin's cunt.

Her body did not stop convulsing yet, though, until at last, she yelled out, "Oh, for Pete's sake- I'm cumming! I'm cumming, you Navy stud! See what you've done to me- I'm cumming, and I'm going to soak your awesome cock! This slut wants more- please, let me take it again, right here in this truck bed! I love it when military men fuck me! I love it, you damn, sexy hunk!"

She seemed almost possessed, as she held onto him with her legs, pressed up against him, and begged him to fuck her all over again. He couldn't help himself, because in her super-aroused state, she was simply too hot to refuse. Her cum around his cock just made the experience even better, as she kept lunging forward at him, giving him a deliciously energetic fuck, until he just had to cum again inside her. That feeling of another creamy spill inside her vagina was more than sufficient to provoke her 2nd orgasm of the evening.

She looked at him, all sweaty and tired like herself, and she knew that she had gained a "friend with benefits", as some call it. He withdrew in a mood of exhausted elation, knowing that he had just fucked his daughter's history teacher, and that she would be giving him even more tail when they got to his place. Now, of course, they had to actually arrive, so they put their clothes back to normal, and sat back in the truck's cab with the naughtiest grins on their faces.

When they stepped inside, Brubaker thought that she would still need some rest after that double-fuck, but she made it evident that she preferred to postpone sleep.

"Please eat me, Harmon! Eat me out, 'cause I really need it! I'm asking nicely, aren't I? I get all submissive when I'm horny, to the point of surrendering to the guy's demands, whatever they are, just to get laid!"

"Surrender? Submission? Wow, those words from you really appeal to the disciplinarian in me! I will eat you, but you have to show that you are serious about giving in to my demands!"

"Anything, sir!"

"Don't call me 'sir'- I work for a living! That's rule one! Secondly, I want you to suck my cock afterward, for exactly as long as it takes to make me cum! Fail to make me cum, and you are sent to the stockade for the night; that's the spare bedroom- understood?"

"You mean no more sex tonight, if I don't get you off? Harmon, I will get you off, whatever it takes, I promise! Anything for sex all night long! Fucking 'til we drop- that's all I want!"

"Good, now lift up your skirt and spread your legs!"

She did as ordered, and Brubaker knelt in front of her, planting kisses on her pussy at first, before he began to really devour her delectable genitalia. She was really struggling not to cum just yet, because she was afraid that would anger this wonderfully domineering man. He especially teased her labia, licking them repeatedly, kissing them, and even fondling them. She was soon breathing harder, her blond hair soaking from the perspiration as she held back as long as she thought practictally possible.

Brubaker used his tongue to close in on her clitoris. She moaned, gritted her teeth, and held onto her climax, as this slow, tantalizing cunnilingual experience continued, with no end in sight. Finally, however, she had surpassed her limits, and she came noisily, while gushing out enough vaginal juices to make Harmon's chin drip with it. She reclined for a second in the chair, and Brubaker let her for that second, but then he instructed her to get on her knees and suck his cock.

She commenced the fellatio with several licking and kissing motions, making sure that Harmon knew that she enjoyed his cock. She really did her best, deep-throating him repeatedly after the first minute, and licking the opening of the glans, the head of the penis. She especially tickled the cockhead, because she knew from her experience that this was an ultra-sensitive part of the male sex organ. The look of her face, so adorably eager to please, so slavishly happy to service him, and so dedicated to the task at hand, made her successful in her goal, finally making him cum down her throat.

She made no complaints about his decision to just shoot his semen into her esophagus, because that was what pleased him, and her as well. Nothing tasted better to Robin Cawdor than a man's seminal fluid.

She had been sucking cock and swallowing cum since she was 16, and she had started out by seducing her step-father, whom she fucked every day until she left home, never telling her Mom, of course. That was what had made her decide to embrace her slutty nature- it was just too much fun!

She had partly chosen teaching to help teens learn, but the other reason was to fuck macho men like Brubaker, especially the husbands, fiances, and boyfriends, but also single guys like Harmon.

She loved having her summers free, too, because she used them to stay tanned and seduce guys at the beach, when their inhibitions, like them-selves, were quite relaxed. She had even fucked former students, using her familiarity and their pent-up lust for her to get them into bed.

Anyway, she was extremely pleased with herself, as she knew that she had earned a whole night of sex, and she was going to use it to get into Harmon Brubaker's pants alot in the future.

She meant what she had said- no commitments, because she did not want to give up her slutty ways, and she didn't want to scare off the men as well. What he did with other chicks was none of her business, as long as she got fucked by him often.

Brubaker led her into the bedroom, telling that he needed to rest for an hour, but she was to stay awake and masturbate, until the alarm clock sounded. He wanted her horny and eager, while he got rest, because he planned to wear her out.

That plan sounded delicious to her, so she proceeded with the self-stimulation, fingering her own pussy for the entire hour, and taking turns with the fingers.

She was right in the middle of this action, when it was abruptly interrupted by the alarm, just as Harmon had indicated, and he sat up in bed, ready for the night's marathon.

See part 2 for the rest of that night's endeavors!

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