tagInterracial LovePTA Ch. 02-03

PTA Ch. 02-03


Harmon Brubaker, having been awakened his alarm clock on schedule, knew what to do next. Robin Cawdor, the sultry schoolteacher he had met earlier that evening at the PTA meeting, was there waiting for him to fuck her hard.

"Alright, remember, I am in charge. I am going to fuck you hard, and I'm gonna spank you as well. Think you can handle it?"


"Good, so put your cute, naked ass over my lap so I can spank it hard."

She gladly complied with his command, and immediately found his right hand smacking her buttocks. The left hand was busy fondling her thighs, and then it moved in between them to tickle her cunt. Robin felt an amazing rush of joy into that region, and knew that the spanking and tickling were combining to make it better.

The sheer arousal that she felt from having this man's hands manipulating her sex and her buns was drenching her to the point that she was already impatient for his penis to penetrate her. Every slap across her buttocks intensified the feeling of exultation, as she relished the feeling of those coarse, swarthy hands on her derriere.

When she felt as hot as she could possibly be, he moved her in front of her, inserted his fingers to help her pussy accommodate his impressive cock, and then invaded her cunt with all of his power. She moaned and whimpered a bit as he first entered her, as she was still getting adjusted to his dick.

Her body became soaked with perspiration, as he hammered away at her, really driving toward her womb. She remembered that she was ovulating, but she didn't mention a word, because she wanted him to keep at it. He banged her doggie-style for a long time, stretching her cunt even further as he did so with his rather large penis.

Robin Cawdor felt the most intense orgasm of her life at this point, as she was able at last to fully appreciate her partner's huge dick. Not only the size, but the stamina was enough to send her up the wall. She began to shriek, as the exquisite pleasure she felt reached its apex, and then she went into another spasm, since Brubaker wasn't going to leave her pussy until it was time for him to cum.

He finally did cum a few minutes later, and by that point, she was climaxing yet again. She looked quite limp for a while, as he looked down at her, grinning with satisfaction about having fucked this blonde out of her mind. She wanted more of his Indian ass (or cock, as it were), that was certain!

"Oh, God! Harmon! That was the most exciting, exhausting fuck I've ever had! How the hell do you not have a billion girlfriends!"

"Thank you, but I've had trouble keeping them in the past. I'm too horny, and they get tired of trying to keep me. I've ended up either dumping them or being dumped. I must admit that I've cheated on a few as well."

"I had only 3 boyfriends in the past, and I cheated on all of them, but they also cheated on me. I finally just gave up on monogamy- looks good on paper, but doesn't usually pan out."

"Same here. I stopped believing in fairy tale endings long ago."

"You mean 'happily ever after'? It's a wonder those storytellers aren't sued!"

"Except that most of them are dead."

"True- lucky for them."

"So, what next? I haven't fucked your lovely ass, yet, have I?"

"So, what's stopping you? I would especially enjoy a dick in my backdoor right now."

At that, he grabbed her again, put her down on the bed face down, and just sank his cock into her rectum. She loved it, as it was obvious, from the gasping way she shouted her arousal, as his mammoth dick took to pillaging her browntown. He just kept penetrating her anal tunnel, making her increasingly winded, until she at last nearly destroyed his eardrums with a ghoulish scream.

"Oh, fucking shit- that's the best I've been buggered in ages! Please cum in my ass, and fill it with your semen- I want your jism in every hole!"

"Wow! You're really going for this, aren't you? Does this dick make you my bitch, my desperate sex slave willing to surrender to it completely and absolutely?"

"Yes! Fuck yes! You've got the biggest dick in town! I'm your bitch, your girl, your woman!"

Brubaker now had to cum, because Robin's enthusiastic response to his question, along with her overall enthusiasm for him and his dick, made her one of the sexiest ladies he knew. He really creamed her buns, and then he stuck his fingers in the substance and let her lick his fingers clean of it. She didn't hesitate to taste it, either, and even plunged her own digits into her pucker, licking the cum off of them afterward.

The sight of that made him seize her hips, shove his tongue up her ass, and start rimming away, licking all of his own juice from her butt. She really yelled out her ecstasy at the sensation of his mouth between her buns, and she soon moaned another climax. His lips and tongue basically made a meal out of her ass, and she loved being the entree. He moved away from her butt, and finished the night's session with a French kiss that included both spit, cum, and anal sweat.

They both agreed almost telepathically, as they looked at each other's delighted faces, that it was the most delicious thing they had ever tasted. They would have to share cum-filled kisses in the future.

2 weeks later, Robin asked Vivian to call her dad over to the school, and when he came, she told both of them.

"You guys, I want both of you to know that I'm late with my period. I'm pregnant with your baby, Harmon."

"You fucked my dad!"

"Yep, and he loved it. So did I! We've been fucking ever since, though I told him that I don't want a commitment. I feel differently now, though, because I'm in love with him, and this is his baby. I won't ask for monogamy, just his love."

"That's all I can give, Robin, but you definitely have it."


"Yes, I fell in love with you that first night, when I saw your willingness to do whatever I instructed you. You're the best woman I know, aside from my daughter, and I want you to be my wife. Marry me."

"Marry you? Oh, my God, yes! I'll share you, obey you, and quite happily marry you! Just don't get jealous, please, 'cause I won't."

"I know. Vivian, can you accept this? Will you be alright with me marrying your teacher?"

"Dad, it'll be hard, but I'll get over the teasing."

"Good, because, from now on, you're definitely the teacher's pet."

"Well, since you're gonna be my step-mom, I should be! If it were any other teacher, I'd have a lot more problems, but you, Ms. Cawdor, are a great person all around."

"Ah, kissing the teacher's ass? Don't need to do that- I do it for you!"

"Yeah, but I suck up to you, so we're even!"

"Oh, Dad, cut it out! That's embarrassing!"

"Too bad, 'cause she's gonna be around a lot more!"

"Fine with me, but just don't get all mushy- you're a retired Master Chief, after all! You should act like it!"

"Sorry, but I'm gonna have to be very atypical on that point, dear!"

"Alright, Dad. Just remember, though, that she is my teacher. No incidents in front of the class, please."

"Deal.", they both lied.

Chapter 3

Harmon Brubaker knew that his fiancée, Robin Cawdor, was a slut by nature. That didn't bother him, any more than his being a skirt-chaser bothered her. However, even with the understanding that monogamy was off the table and theirs would have to be an open marriage because of their predispositions, they would still have to slow things down a bit. Her pregnancy meant that they would soon have new responsibilities. After a certain stage, they agreed that Robin should quit her job and focus on raising the child. That way, they would have more time and energy for both their children and their sex life.

Even so, swinging would have to be reduced to what opportunities they might get in the future. Vivian and Alec were teens now, so they would leave home in a few years, but they would still have to be active in their children's upbringing. Neither of them was the deadbeat type. Furthermore, Robin would be sore for a couple of months after delivery.

Luckily, both of them had agreed to use protection and get sterilized. That would eliminate the risk of more children (they figured that 3 between them was enough) and reduce the danger of HIV and STDs.

Because of the pressures of time, money, and energy facing them with this new baby, they decided to have as many wild encounters as they could in the early stages of her pregnancy. There were plenty of former students of both sexes that Robin knew who would be interested in threesomes and things of that nature. This "inner circle" would help with locating sex partners and managing their schedules to allow for more swinging. She was even interested in experimenting with women, although she hadn't really tried that before. She wanted to make sure that Harmon knew she wanted to please him.

The night of their first opportunity came a week later, when the kids were both with their other parents. Robin had found Tina, the older sister of a one-time favorite student named Eric. She was 23 and had recently broken an engagement to a man who turned out to be already married. Not wanting to get serious with anyone so soon, she was quite eager for a fling that might take care of her needs without the complications of a relationship. Even the idea of a threesome didn't bug her too much, as she was curious about girls.

Tina showed up in little more than a bra and a miniskirt, as if to say that she didn't plan to waste time with chitchat. She quickly asked Harmon to help her take off her bra, and then she pulled off her skirt. Now, totally nude, she offered to suck the former sailor's cock.

"Damn, he is definitely enjoying this blowjob!" Robin exclaimed. She had to admit to herself that the sight of her fiance getting head from a young woman made her wet.

"Why don't you lick her pussy while she sucks me off," Harmon told her.

Ms. Cawdor was quite willing to do as he asked her. She badly wanted to please him and that meant tasting a woman for the first time. She put herself underneath Tina and began sampling the girl's cunt. Although it wasn't the most delicious flavor in the world, it was clearly something that she could learn to appreciate during their marriage. If her guy wanted a threesome, that was what he would get; he was understanding of her needs, after all. She was a "wild and loose woman" and she knew him to be a skirt-chaser. There would be plenty of "one-on-one" attention after the baby was born and they had little time for any other kind of sex.

It was hardly shocking that Tina loved the feeling of Robin's tongue between her pussy lips and her mouth on her clit. She sucked harder on Harmon's cock and he exploded into her throat. She felt the salty jism heading toward her stomach and relished that experience. The sensation moved her a few steps closer to a climax of her own.

Finally, after several minutes of resisting it, Tina came on Ms. Cawdor's face. Robin responded by licking her butt-crack for a while before letting go and standing up. She planted a wild kiss on Tina's lips and even slipped her some tongue. The young lady reveled in the taste of her juices in the older woman's mouth.

While the girls focused on tangling their tongues, Harmon slipped on a condom and prepared to enter Tina's pussy. What he didn't count on was her decision to spread her ass cheeks and offer him the chance to fuck her there. Apparently, Robin's butt-licking had stimulated that area and the 23 year old wanted to be ravished that way.

Brubaker entered Tina's bottom, at first with some gentleness, and then with some force. She seemed to desire this experience. The girl's tight tush squeezed and milked his cock, making it difficult to control his urge to cum. He thrust fiercely into her sphincter, becoming sweatier with each push. It wasn't long before he expelled his seed into her backdoor.

"Oh, fuck, that was great! I hope that I get that in my pussy too in the near future!" Tina exclaimed as he pulled out of her derriere.

"So do I," Harmon replied with a satisfied grin.

"In the meantime, how about pleasuring MY pussy now? I have needs too!" Robin spoke up.

"Sure, baby, that sounds nice. Why don't you rim her, Tina, while I taste her sex?" Brubaker told the college grad.

Tina was happy to follow that instruction, moving her tongue between Robin's cheeks while Harmon explored her cunt with his mouth. He sucked on her clit and made her wetter every minute that he did so. The devouring of both her womanhood and her ass-crack gave her an intense pleasure that increased the pressure for her to climax.

"AWWW!" she screamed as she finally came from the delectable feeling of being eaten by her lover and this sexy girl.

The three of them, now fatigued, collapsed that evening on the bed. They rested for a couple of minutes. Then they ate supper and watched some TV, before falling asleep for the rest of the night. This was definitely an experience that they would seek to repeat when possible.

4 months later...

"Do you, Harmon Osceola Brubaker, take this woman, Robin Ellen Cawdor, as your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, to love, cherish, and protect, for better or for worse, for rich or for poor, in sickness as in health, as long as you both shall live?" the justice of the peace asked the happy groom.

"I do," Brubaker said.

"And do you, Robin Ellen Cawdor, take this man, Harmon Osceola Brubaker, as your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, to love, honor, and obey, for better or for worse, for rich or for poor, in sickness as in health, as long as you both shall live?" the officiator asked the pregnant bride.

"I do," Cawdor replied.

"Then, by the power vested in me by the State of Oregon, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride," the JP announced.

As the various people came up to congratulate the bride and groom, including Vivian and Alec, Harmon saw Tina in the audience. She winked at him, indicating that she would accept their invitation to join the honeymoon (albeit secretly). He whispered this to Robin, who flushed red as she thought about the kind of fun they would on their little vacation.

The End, at least for this serial...

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