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It was another Tuesday night PTA meeting. As usual, there were a relatively small number of parents there. Eighty percent were mothers with a few fathers in the mix. Of the men, they were pretty much of two varieties. First there were the divorced guys who had heard on good authority that the PTA was a great place to meet women, single or otherwise. They were pretty obvious, paying no attention at all to the discussion and instead focusing their attention on scoping out the other attendees. And none of them were getting the slightest return in interest. The other subset of men were dorks. Most of them were overweight and very concerned with participation. Few of them had much in the way of social skills. It was somewhat of a mystery as to how they found partners to have the children who were now students.

The rest of the audience was made up of various categories of mothers. There were the overachievers who wanted to demonstrate that they knew how to do everything and better than everyone else. And there were the lurkers, knowing that the PTA was important so they should come to the meetings but desperate to avoid actually doing anything. Most of the women were there to help out in any way necessary, not wanting to lead things but happy to do what was needed. They made up most of the leadership team, despite the overachievers' conviction that they could do it all. Finally there were the newbies. They were usually mothers whose first children were just entering school. They were eager to help but generally had no clue as to what to do.

As Christine stood up in front of everyone, she could clearly see who were in the different groups. She was recruiting for someone to help her with the arts program. As the parent of a sixth grade girl, she had grown the program to the point where it was the most popular thing that the PTA was doing. She wanted to find someone who would continue to nurture it and keep it healthy as her own daughter moved on. Beyond that, she was looking for a certain type of woman with whom to work; a young fresh face who was not burnt out and who was excited to help. Christine didn't want one of the women who volunteered for everything but had lost their enthusiasm some time ago.

Christine had always been a gifted speaker. Dynamic and articulate, she was able to convey well what she was looking for to the attendees. Beyond her presence, Christine was very handsome. Older than most of the other parents, Christine had her child when she was in her mid-thirties and as a single women. But she kept very good care of herself, working out 5 or 6 times a week for at least an hour. Her long auburn hair cascaded down her back. Christine was always careful to wear clothes that showed her off to her best advantage. At forty-six, she was well aware of her body and what would flatter her and what wouldn't. Tonight she had on a tight sweater and a simple but form fitting sheath skirt. She finished up with a smile and expressed her hope that those interested would talk to her later.

Sitting down, Christine noticed a younger woman somewhat nervously watching her. Meeting her glance, Christine flashed an encouraging smile. "She looks interesting," Christine thought.

Kara was indeed interesting. She was likely the youngest mother in the crowd. While many of the other mothers had been in the workplace for a while before getting married and having kids, Kara married her boyfriend during the summer after high school graduation. He was three years older than her and had been away at college. Afraid of losing him, she encouraged him to pop the question. It was not long before she was pregnant and before she was twenty, had already the mother of a baby boy. Now five years later and with a kindergartner, she looked the young, still somewhat innocent and sexy twenty-four year old that she was. She had some curves but they were all from the natural shape of her body. She too worked out to make sure that she stayed attractive. She was just barely a C cup but her breasts were the perfect size and shape for her body. Her black hair was cut short to a stylish bob that framed her heart-shaped face. While she would have been extremely attractive no matter what, it was her sky blue eyes with the dark hair that made her stunning.

Art had always been one of her favorite things, but not one that her husband had encouraged. He was busy with his job selling business system software. He often didn't have enough time for her anyhow, let alone to do something in which he had no interest. Kara was looking for something to help her feel a little more valued and perhaps volunteering with something that she enjoyed would be just the thing.

After the meeting, Kara wandered over to try and talk with Christine but she had to wait. A couple of the other PTA leaders were talking with her. Christine noticed her waiting and nodded at her, again with that encouraging smile. Feeling a bit like a student waiting to talk to her teacher, Kara tried to be patient. After what seemed like forever the other two women left. One of them gave her a glance and then looked back at Christine with a slight smile.

Christine stood looking at Kara, waiting for her to come closer. Still showing her nervousness, Kara moved forward. Kara was not particularly tall, nor was Christine extremely tall but somehow Kara still felt little next to her. Even talking to Christine's friendly face seemed intimidating.

"You're Kara, correct?" Christine asked with her rich pleasant voice. She had long ago figured out the value of learning people's names. It put them at ease and made them feel recognized. Christine reached out and shook Kara's hand. "I'm Christine. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"Yes, that's right," Kara responded. As intended, she was flattered that Christine was aware of her. "It's very nice to meet you too." Withdrawing her hand from Christine's, Kara was conscious of the feeling of lingering warmth from Christine's fingers. "I was listening to you talk about the art program, and well, I'm interested in helping."

"Excellent! I am glad someone is! I can't believe how hard it has been to find other parents with a passion for art!" Christine's eyes sparkled as she got more enthusiastic. "Perhaps we could get together for coffee some morning this week and talk further about it."

After comparing calendars, they settled on a day and time to meet. With the meeting breaking up, both of them also wanted to get home.

The following Thursday, the two women met at a locally owned coffee shop. It was very homey in an older building. The barista did a great job making them a couple of delicious mochas. An eclectic building, Kara and Christine were able to find a nook where they could talk without interruption. As she did so often, Christine emphasized her points by touching Kara's arm or hand. The two of them quickly felt a connection. Kara's innate intelligence shone through despite not having gone to college. She was quick and curious, two features that delighted Christine.

For her part, Kara found Christine fascinating. She had the education that Kara lacked and then used it to build a successful software company that Microsoft had gobbled up. Even though she had a great offer to go to work for Microsoft, Christine chose to take the money and move on. Her life was filled with lots of travel around the world and meeting interesting people. As their conversation went on, Kara at times wondered why Christine would want to talk to her. As far as Kara was concerned, she considered herself uninteresting, especially in comparison to some of the people Christine was describing to her.

When Christine discovered that Kara had not been to the art museum downtown, she insisted that they make plans to go see it. "Kara, if you want to help on the art program, don't you think it would be wonderful if you had the chance to see some of the art we want to teach?" Christine asked.

For Kara, it was hard not to let Christine's cosmopolitan manner intimidate her, or at least awe her. Christine had done so many things about which Kara had dreamed of doing. She often found herself tongue-tied when Christine would ask her something. She worried that Christine was going to think she was a flighty person.

The truth was just the opposite. Christine found Kara's manner quite cute and adorable. And one thing that Christine loved was to introduce someone to things that she was certain they would like. She liked leading them in exploration.

It turned out that the next day was free for both of them. They could do the museum in the morning and have time for a nice lunch before needing to be back before the children came home from school.

"It's settled," Christine said. "I'll pick you up around 9:30 and we can drive into town. We will get there just about when it opens." As they stood, Christine hugged Kara close and lightly brushed her lips against Kara's cheek. "See you tomorrow," Christine said and quickly slipped out the door.

Christine's touch completely disoriented Kara. Even though there was really nothing left in her cup, Kara sat back down to compose herself. The contact between them had almost been a shock of electricity. She could still feel exactly where Christine's lips touched her. Kara took a deep breath to try and calm herself. But the lingering scent of Christine's perfume didn't help. What was going on, Kara wondered. It was completely unlike her. The closest she could think was the feeling she had gotten back in high school when she got a crush on someone, that breathless feeling of being with someone she hoped would notice and like her back. But those were guys! It wasn't the same thing at all, she assured herself. She just enjoyed being with Christine.

As she got up to leave, she completely missed the man who was checking her out and especially admiring how her erect nipples were showing so nicely through her t-shirt.

That night at dinner, Kara tried to tell her husband about meeting with Christine and most importantly their plans for the next day. She was so excited to be going to the art museum that she was practically bubbling. But he wasn't in the least bit interested. He listened for a moment and then shifted the subject to complaining about how his boss wasn't supporting him in ongoing battle with a coworker over a trivial point of credit for a sale. He didn't even need a response from Kara. He just kept talking on and on.

Kara felt crushed by his disregard. She so rarely tried to talk with him about her own interests and when she did, it was as if it didn't matter. He was lost in his own thoughts and concerns and never seemed to pay attention to hers. She couldn't help compare him to Christine, who was so very interested in what she thought. Christine made her feel appreciated and like she was something special.

"Maybe that is why I felt like that. It has been so long since I felt very valued," Kara thought. The more she thought about it, the more irritated she became with her husband.

After dinner, Kara played with her son until it was time to start the bedtime ritual. As usual, it included a struggle to get him to take a bath. Even though she could have used a hand, her husband remained in the basement watching the ball game. Once her son was in bed, Kara would often join him even though she had little interest in baseball. But tonight she was in no mood to spend time with him doing something that she didn't like. It crossed her mind as she headed to the bedroom that earlier in the day she had been a little horny and had a vague plan to let him know that she would like to fool around. Now, although he had no idea, she felt like she was getting a little revenge in "denying" him sex tonight. Instead she slipped into her nightgown and got into bed. Picking up a book, she read for a while. Well before her husband came to bed, she became drowsy and turned off the light. As she drifted off to sleep, her last thought was about Christine and being hugged by her. In a blend of barely awake and the first hint of dream, her recollection of the hug was closer and the kiss was on the lips, not the cheek. With a soft sigh and a little smile, Kara went to sleep.

In the morning, the erotic bent of her dream was forgotten. It was another busy morning getting out of bed and helping others get their days started. Neither her husband nor her son was particularly good about getting up and it once again took her getting irritated and snapping before they budged. Then she made breakfasts and lunches for both of them. By the time they were out the door, her first thought was that she needed a nap. A moment after that, she remembered the plan for going to the museum with Christine.

She looked at the clock. Kara still had almost an hour and a half to get ready. Her mind went to what she should wear and Kara immediately started to feel butterflies in her stomach. She couldn't explain it but she had a nervous feeling that she had to wear something to impress Christine. Then she realized it wasn't really to impress Christine; she wanted to please Christine with her choice. Despite having known her only for a couple of days, Christine's opinion was already very important to her.

Without realizing it, Kara started the same process that she used when she was getting ready for a date night with her husband. Starting a scented bubble bath, Kara got out her body lotions that went with the bubble bath. In getting into the tub, Kara tried to relax in the warm water. What was normally almost automatic was inexplicably difficult. Rather than taking a long soak, Kara found herself more focused, washing her hair and then her body. After carefully shaving her legs so that they were silky smooth, Kara looked at her pussy. Normally she just trimmed it enough to not be visible when wearing a bathing suit. Now she felt hairy and unattractive. Taking her razor, she slowly and delicately trimmed it down until it was just a light strip of hair.

Running her fingers over her pussy, Kara felt a little wicked. It had been years since her pussy had looked like this. It made her feel more like how she was before her son was born. The light touch of her fingers felt good. She did it again, this time pressing a little harder. One touch followed another. Masturbating wasn't unusual for her. Given how busy they were and the lack of romantic talent on her husband's part, Kara had become quick used to it. Today was different. There was something that was getting her more and more excited. She was about to let loose when she noticed the clock. She was starting to run short on time. As much as she wanted to cum, she wanted to be right for Christine. Sighing, she would have to save it for later.

After toweling off, Kara put on her body lotion. Once again, she had to restrain herself. Rubbing it on her breasts, Kara found herself paying special attention to her nipples. It wasn't until she started pulling on them that she realized what she was doing. She was now very horny and almost gave into to it. But again the clock intervened. She was down to half an hour and she still hadn't picked out her clothes. Growling with frustration, Kara moved to her closet.

She spent 15 minutes picking out her outfit. She would have to spend more than that once she got home putting away the clothes that she discarded. She almost went with pair of skin tight jeans and peasant top but something made her want to show off her legs. Kara knew that they were very noticeable. Instead she put on a skirt that was just a shade short of being respectable. It was tight around her ass but then flared just a bit so that walking was easy. For a top, she picked out a light top that wasn't too tight but had a deep V-neck. It showed off her breasts in the best way possible. She accented it by wearing a long silver necklace with the outline of a heart dangling at the end of it.

As she looked at herself, Kara felt pleased. She knew how attractive she looked and it felt like it had been too long since she had gone to this trouble. Just like a date night, she finished getting ready by putting a little dab of perfume between her breasts. It was such a habit that she didn't realize she had done it.

The minutes counted down as Kara waited for Christine to arrive. Every few seconds, she checked herself in the mirror to make sure that nothing had been messed up. Her hair, her lips, her eyes, Kara needed to confirm that they all were perfect for Christine. When the doorbell rang, her heart felt like it went into overdrive. Looking in the mirror one final time, Kara went to the door to open it.

Christine was there wearing a pair of skin-tight jeans like the ones that Kara had considered. She had on a fancy leather jacket over a V-neck shirt. She was more well-endowed than Kara and her cleavage was very noticeable.

"Oh, don't you look cute," Christine said as she moved forward to give Kara a hug in greeting.

Hoping that the blush that spread across her checks wasn't too noticeable, Kara returned the hug. "You look great too, Christine."

With a little smile on her lips, Christine thanked her and asked if Kara was ready to go. Kara nodded, grabbed her purse and locked the door behind her. Walking to the driveway, Kara saw Christine's car for the first time. It was a little black BMW sports car.

"Nice!" Kara commented. "It must be fun to drive!"

Christine laughed her throaty laugh. "It is! It definitely is." Her smile became a little wry. "Maybe if you are a good girl today, I will let you drive it home!" She laughed again.

Kara was still a little too intimidated by Christine to know how to engage in the light banter. Her face flushed again and she finally weakly said, "I'll try to be good, then."

As she got into the car, Kara could feel how close Christine was to her. As much as she tried to ignore it, it only increased her nervousness.

Sensing her nervousness, Christine reached over and patted Kara's hand. "Don't worry; I am a very safe driver."

Kara knew that wasn't why she was nervous, but it was as good an excuse as any as to why she was on edge. "I trust you, Christine," Kara replied.

Christine's smile grew warmer and her fingers reached out to take Kara's hand in hers, gently squeezing it. "I'm glad you do, dear."

Without conscious thought, Kara's hand turned so that it could hold Christine's in return. Kara wasn't even aware that she had done it until Christine had to pull her hand away so that she could start the car and maneuver out of the driveway. The little hand hold added to Kara's feeling of confusion. Those few seconds where she had held Christine's hand had felt very nice. Unlike the feeling of shock from the previous day, holding Christine's hand had felt nice and a sense of warm was there. When it was withdrawn, that was when Kara had felt the shock. This time it was from the withdrawal of contact. Kara couldn't figure out what was going on.

The drive into town was exhilarating. While a very controlled driver, Christine also liked to go fast. Her stops were quick and her accelerations were powerful. When taking a corner, the little car whipped around it. More than once, Kara felt the centrifugal force push her against Christine when the car turned right. Kara tried to just relax. As she got used to it, Kara didn't move so quickly away from Christine after the turn was done. Christine seemed so strong. Her body hardly moved when the car turned. It was still confusing Kara but she admitted to herself that there was something about being in contact with Christine that felt good.

As Christine drove into a parking garage, she warned Kara. Grab on, I like taking the turns up here quick too." To avoid being thrown against the door, Kara leaned over and took Christine's arm. She could feel the force of the turn trying to pull her back but she kept holding on. Her cheek was pressing against Christine's shoulder. Even after Christine stopped going up and was backing into a parking space, Kara didn't pull away.

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