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Pumpkin Patch


It was a spur of the moment decision. Indian summer was giving way to fall. Jillian's hair was a mix of summer-bleached hues. She wanted to return it to her own rich brown-auburn shade. On a whim, she'd also bought a second color called "Pumpkin Spice" and graduated the color onto the bottom of her long wavy hair. Looking at the leftover coloring, she decided to match her neatly trimmed "carpet" to the "drapes," giggling at herself.

Jillian felt an excited rush. She'd been feeling that more and more ever since she started seeing Richard. He was hazel-eyed, brown-haired and average height with a little bit extra around the middle like most men heading into their mid-thirties. That wasn't it. She'd dated hunkier men. There was heartiness to his laugh, a resonance to his voice, and that yummy firm linger to his touches. There was no mistaking it. He was all man.

As the brown and pumpkin coloring swirled down the shower drain, Jillian's hands found their way over her own body, trailing warm suds. She dreamt of what it would be like to have Richard's firm, large hands gliding on her naked skin. The soap washed clear from her lower patch, with her own fingers pressing along her folds. Her body undulated at each touch. Her cell phone pinged an alarm, startling her from her dreams.

"Oh no!"

What had been a relaxing, slow pamper session had now changed into a harried dash to get into costume. The party was to have a 1600's setting so her bar wench costume fit. Richard's reaction to her mention of it was more than a "tell" to confirm her choice. Now that she tugged the last pieces into place, she began to wonder. The gauzy blouse dipped far lower than she recalled, and her cleavage threatened to burst out as she stuffed and tugged herself into it. Stuff she did when the doorbell rang earlier than expected.

Jillian yanked open the door to Richard, with rust and yellow leaves wafting behind him. They both gasped and spoke at once.

"You're gorgeous!" "You're prompt and... Mmm!"

Jillian was so busy taking in his broad-shouldered costume with long leather vestment that she was nearly bowled over by Richard pulling her to him. He enfolded and kissed her deeply, wantonly, driving open her lips. Instead of ending the heated greeting kiss, he pressed himself against her, taking advantage of the height similarity afforded by the doorstep. Breathless and flushed as their embrace finally separated, Jillian swore that he wore no codpiece under his tights. She was sure her outfit held even less by way of protection when it came to the gathered sheer cotton of her blouse.

"Your hair..." Richard ran his fingers through it, pulling the stands to the pumpkin tips. "Is this your real color?"

"Some of it." A giggle escaped Jillian's well-kissed lips, fingertips brushing away what was sure to be lipstick smears. "You'll have to wait to find out."

"Wait?" His turn to chuckle. "I'm a patient man, but not about some things." He let out a deep moaning breath, his hazel eyes locking onto hers.

The tug she felt deep in her belly when she was near him turned into a fiery hunger.

He reached down to the bench where he'd placed the roses- two dozen dark red ones. "Perhaps I could step inside for a moment while you put these in water?"

In one movement, Jillian hugged the roses to her and yanked him inside by his vest. She closed the door with her booted foot. "Can the party wait?"


The roses were without their vase. Jillian's vest ties were somewhere on the floor of her room along with their boots and all the under garments. Both still had on shirts. Her breasts were out in full glory, blouse pulled below them. Her dress was shifting higher and higher on the curve of her thighs.

Jillian slid her hand ever lower on his body, blushing beet red as it reached what any codpiece would have been proud to protect. Her gasp was covered by the brush of his lips on hers.

He followed a bite to her lip as his hand reached the juncture of her legs, cupping and squeezing her. His kiss turned to a plunging kiss as his fingers pressed inward. Jillian gave a whimper of sheer need, clenching his fingers.

He growled, trailing his kisses lower, nibbling her breasts. "Now to see about your lower hair color." He moaned moving lower still.


It was only when she came to her senses did she respond. "The auburn-brown is mine. The pumpkin color is borrowed..."

His head rose above her skirts. He laughed. "I can't wait to see what color other seasons will bring."

She extended a hand to him. Without hesitation, he climbed up and pulled her close. He grabbed a well-placed packet and bit it open. No words were exchanged just a questioning flash to his hazel-brown, golden eyes. She nodded, drinking in the locked gaze, but the gaze was short lived. He sank deeply into her. Lost to the moment, flashes exploded behind her eyelids.

"Ohhhhh!" came her cry.

Richard was big bodied in so many ways. Delicious, mind-altering ways. Rocking and pulsing into each other, they drew each other's needs to the edge and tipped them over. Way over.


"How do you feel about being fashionably late?" Richard grinned, walking back from the bathroom in his billowing shirt, carrying a glass of water to Jillian.

She sat up, drank the water, and handed back the glass. Smiling a dopey, afterglow smile she said, "I think we're past fashionably late, but sure, I'd love to show off my hair color to my girlfriends."

It was then that Richard dropped the glass, spilling water right onto the crotch of his tights.

Laughing, Jillian added, "I didn't mean my pumpkin patch."

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by Anonymous11/07/17


What happens next? Keep going please.

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by Anonymous10/29/17

Yes! I agree!!

Keep writing!

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Nice start. Keep writing.

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by Anonymous10/24/17

New to this?

After reading this I saw your other story. You seem new to this. Really like your writing style- easy to visualize!! Maybe you can turn up the heat by giving a bit more of the action? (In my case, notmore...

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by WatcherRob10/24/17

A good story

Not a great story but a decent one. The end is cute, can you call erotica "cute"?

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