Punish the Freak

bySean Renaud©

"You know you are such a fucking freak." The smile threatening to tear Jermaine's face in half could only be described as Cheshire in nature. If he'd torn off his own head and stood on it to make some obscene joke it would have been a little less frightening than the smile. There was something about the way Jermaine expressed glee that couldn't possibly be human. It was euphoric and sadistic at the same time. "It turns me on knowing that you're just a fucking animal. A mistake of nature." It was impossible but the smile continued to grow. It seemed like Jermaine's face might unzip at the seams. "That's what you are. A freak of nature."

Jermaine's demonic grin thankfully remained static as he took the first step forward. If he'd done anything else Marie probably would have lost her nerve. It wouldn't have mattered though. Her hands were bound behind her back thrusting her enormous melons forward and providing an ample target for Jermaine's twisted lust. Marie's half bra held the pair up for whatever Jermaine desired and still bore welts from the riding crop he'd gotten last night.

The half bra covered more of her breasts than the skirt did of Marie's lower half. That was partially due to its length. It was probably more accurate to describe her skirt as a belt with a zipper and then to speak in terms of width not length. For a belt it was pretty wide and came almost halfway down her succulent rump in the back. The front was held up by her erection. Nearly six inches of flesh that seemed out of place on the otherwise feminine frame. "Is that the only reason I turn you on? Because I'm a freak?" Marie wriggled her hips slightly so her cock would sway.

Leaning in as close as he dared to his restrained partner Jermaine lowered his tone to a dangerous whisper. "You know the truth Marie? You'd be a freak even without this." He reached down and cupped her scrotum in his hand gently kneading her flesh. "You know why you're a freak?" He squeezed Marie's balls gently. "You're a freak because it turns you on to dress up like a little school girl and let me handcuff you and blind fold you." Jermaine leaned even closer so she could smell the mint on his breath with each word he spoke. What had been a gentle kneading picked up speed and intensity. "You're a freak because you know that I'm going to rape your tiny, tight rectum and flood it with my cum." His grip tightened until he saw Marie's face twist slightly. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of a whimper but he could see it in her eyes. "You're a freak because you get off on pain." He lunged forward crushing his lips to hers in a brutal kiss. "The answer is yes. The only reason you turn me on is because you're a fucking freak."

When Jermaine broke the kiss Marie was literally breathless and dragging air into her heaving breasts. "You know you're not supposed to be romancing me right?" Marie smiled up at Jermaine from her knees. There really was something wrong with him. She could see it in his eyes, a fever that would drive most men to the very edge of madness. "You're supposed to be training me to be a good bitch."

Jermaine clasped his hands behind his back and started walking until he was behind Marie. "You're already a good bitch." He crouched behind her took a fist full of hair and yanked her head back and started roughly nipping at her throat leaving bright red circles in his wake. "I'm here to fuck a freak." He snarled into her ear then bit down hard enough to coax a whine from her lips before he released her.

Releasing her hair Jermaine reached around and scooped Marie's tits in either hand. "Such great tits. A perfect fucking handful." He pulled her back against him so she could feel his erection grinding between her shoulder blades. After just roughly squeezing Marie's breasts Jermaine turned his attention to her erect nipples clearly visible through the light fabric. Yanking the half bra completely out of the way Jermaine pinched down on Marie's nipples and slowly started tugging them. Jermaine pressed his lips against Marie's neck before he spoke. "Go on. Whimper. Cry out. Beg me to stop. You know you want to." Determined to get at sound Jermaine started twisting Marie's nipples. He took his time; he was trying to rip them off her. That wouldn't be any fun at all but there was a sadistic need in him to hear her whimper.

Marie's entire body trembled but she set her jaw and refused to give Jermaine what he wanted. She screwed her eyes shut and shook her head defiantly as he cooed his suggestions into her ear. Without realizing it she was pumping her left leg spreading the slick juices of her arousal around. Finally she uttered a single whimper but no one would have mistaken that breathy moan as anything but pleasure. "Is that all?" She smiled. "You promised you would make it hurt. That you'd punish me for being such a freak!"

There was nothing remotely human about the way Jermaine smiled when he pushed Marie face down on the hard wood floor. He'd stopped shy of slamming her head, but not far enough that she didn't feel the sting through her cheek. "Oh you'll learn your lesson you vicious little cunt." Jermaine spat on her asshole then pushed the tip of his cock against her. "You think you're ready for this?" He knew he was a little intimidating for most women. Eight and a half inches was enough to make some women think twice. Marie growled as his barely lubed cock inched towards her core. "Really?" Jermaine whispered in a heated tone. Her refusal to cry out was both a turn on and a source of frustration. Any mercy he'd considered evaporated when he'd bottomed out and she was still silent.

There was a long silence before Marie twisted back slightly so she could see the look in Jermaine's eyes when she broke the silence. She broke the silence by giggling lightly. "Was that it?" She smiled and stuck out her tongue. Anchoring her shoulder as best she could manage Marie pushed back against Jermaine further impaling herself. "I thought you were gonna punish me for being a freak!"

Insulting Jermaine always got the same response. He'd do his best to make her cry and beg. He grabbed her cuffed wrists and pulled them up forcing her face down against the floor and power fucked her. Each thrust sent an echoing slap through the tiny room. They would have slid her slight frame forward but his grip on the cuffs kept her in place. If that hadn't Jermaine's iron clad grip on Maria's cock would have. He was more crushing the firm rod than massaging it. "Fuck!" Marie whimpered. The very first concession she'd made to Jermaine the entire evening.

The two of them had been a couple for almost three years. She knew the sadistic side of him well enough to know that her pain wasn't going to make him stop. There was something dark in him that got off on knowing he'd hurt her. That was what really got Jermaine off was hearing her whimper so she played it up. Twisting and writhing like the cock in her bowels was forged from molten lava. She howled when pushed her down toe floor crushing her tits against the floor and mercilessly butt fucked her until he dumped his load. The sudden warmth filling her was enough and she came as well coating Jermaine's fingers in semen.

Jermaine enjoyed the moment then slowly pulled out of Marie yanking her back up to her knees by her hair. "You fucking freak." He whispered lovingly then slapped her across the face with his sperm splattered hand. Marie smiled.

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