tagGay MalePunished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 12

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 12


After my oral submission to you, I'm left quietly in the corner to reflect on everything that's happened so far till now. Mrs. Jones leaves satisfied, having "conquered" yet another sissy boy with her obscene weapon. After ten minutes you call me back to your side and announces that next week will be my final punishment session.

I feel both relieved and saddened at the same time. How could I suddenly feel this way, saddened that my PUNISHMENTS will be over after next week? I don't really understand this strange emotion...

But fortunately you have a proposal for me. You asks me if I'd consider renting a room in your house for free, in exchange for performing maid duties -- as a "houseboy". That sounds like a great idea, I can save money for college tuition, and I know I need to learn responsibility for performing chores as I've become too lazy living on my own. However, you inform me sternly that I will be subjected to continuing corporal punishment should I decide to move in with you, for slacking on my duties, and general naughtiness, etc. I'm also told that I will be receiving regular bare-bottom spankings every week from now on as a necessary reminder to behave at all times.

My still inflamed asscheeks clench involuntarily upon hearing your pronouncement of my fate. While I am a little apprehensive about the never-ending discipline regime I'll live in from now on under your hand (and over your knee), I also somehow feel that I belong there. I know that I'm a very naughty asian boy who requires the constant firm guidance by a strong masculine man like you.

"You should also understand," you say with a keen stare at my flushed face, "that if you decides to accept my proposal, you will often be... shall we say, 'used' by me, whenever my urges strike."

I blush even redder than I thought possible, knowing exactly what you mean with that statement. I mentally cringe at the continuous humiliation of submitting to forced sodomy that I must frequently endure from now on in your household.

"Quite often," you add, to my further distress.

You give me until next week to give you an answer but I know I don't need to consider it for that long. I'm already certain of my choice.

"Since you've behaved well accepting your punishments as you fully deserve, I've decided to let you choose what punishment you feel is most appropriate for your last session next week. Let me know when you've decided about that."

That night I toss and turn in bed, unable to sleep. I think hard and deep about what my choices should be, and by the restless morning I've a firm decision in my head. I come to see you as soon as your store is open, and tell you that I'm going to rent your room in exchange for maid duties as you proposed. I see you're very happy to hear that. I then shock you with what I decided would be the most deserving punishment I should undergo for my final session. Staring down at my feet in utter shame, I tell you I want to be publicly spanked -- and buttfucked -- in front of all our mutual friends.

"Are you sure about that?" You ask with concern, knowing that I'm normally an extremely shy and private person.

I nod my head quietly by firmly. I feel that I deserve to have my shame witnessed by all of them. This will complete my final humiliation, and it will also let everyone know what is going to happen to me from now on after I move in with you. They deserve to know the truth that I will be subject to regular corporal punishment -- as well as being turned into you little chinese bitch. They need to know that I will be frequently bent over by you over your sofa back, the dinning table, the kitchen counter, and any and all parts of the house and be penetrated by your manly cock over and over again. So they might as well watch you actually assfuck me in front of them to remove any remaining doubt in their mind...

However, as soon as I step out of your office I'm beginning to have second thoughts. Even though I believe that this is the most appropriate punishment for my "payback" session in your store, how could I possibly go though with the sheer humiliation of having my feminine submission seen by so many people?! But I know it's too late to go back on my decision now. I'll just have to face it somehow.

The day fast approaches and before I know it I'm back in your office with everyone else there. Your three employees, the chinese mother-daughter pair, and Peng. You've already informed them of my choice when you were inviting them to this occasion. Knowing full well what's going to take place today each of them was given the option to decline your invitation. But alas, they've all decided to attend my last official shoplifter's penalty session for moral support (and perhaps something else I'm sure...)

Without further ado I stripped completely naked was laid across your knee for a sound hand-spanking which leaves me yelping and squealing like a silly naughty girl. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Everyone can see my milky white ass flesh pinkens and reddens graduately under your repeated slaps. You have to restrain my slim wrists behind my back to prevent me from squirming too much over your lap. After 15 minutes of intense hand-spanking you stop and let me catch my breath over your knee and sooth my bright red behind with tender caresses.

Then you ask Mrs. Jones to hand you the hairbrush with which you then proceed to blister my naughty bum without mercy. Drops of tear roll down my face as I helplessly suffer this agony for another 15 minutes. Despite the stings, however, I suddenly realize that I'm stiff again, proving to me beyond doubt that being punished like that over a man's lap is what I ultimately desire and need. At that moment I'm really glad that I've made the right decision to become your maid which ensures that I'll continue to receive this kind of punishment from you on a regular basis.

After my round bottom has been sufficiently hairbrushed into a deep crimson shade of red, I'm put to the corner for 10 minutes while everyone else takes an "intermission" and have some soda and drinks. There are the usual snobbish comments on my bawling like a girl, etc. Rick even comes up behind me to crop a feel. Standing directly behind me with his eager palms planted firmly on my warm cheeks, he whispers into my ear that, "You have such a girly body, Ling! Your butt and legs feel just like Mei's!" Placing his thick thumb at the entrance to my sensitive anus to emphasize his point, he adds that, "I bet fucking you up this tight asian asshole would feel just like when I stick my horse dick up Mei's poppy chute this morning!"

From the corner of my eyes I notice the pretty nineteen-year-old chinese girl blushes deep red when she overhears his comment. While I'm glad that I'm no longer the only asian in the room having had our oriental assholes speared open by men cocks, it doesn't ease the anxiety that I'm feeling knowing everyone will be watching me "get it" in front of them very soon. I only have myself to blame of course, for choose to face such indignation of my own free will...

Quickly it's time and I'm now being "prepared" for my public debasement. You had let me decide what position I wish to be taken in, and feeling that I need to be rendered completely helpless so that I could accept my fate with resignation I requested to be tied up with rope over a stool. Someone had already placed a tall round bar-stool with a fluffy pillow on the top in the middle of the room where I'm being led to. Everything seems to be in a haze for me as I've stopped noticing the details in my surroundings, locked deep within my own private emotions. I feel a hand on the middle of my smooth bare back gentle pushing my upper body over the stool. I'm now bent comfortably over the stool, my soft belly resting snuggly on the pillow below me.

Someone grabs hold of both my slim wrists and pin them together against the small of my back. I feel a piece of thick rope being looped around my bare arms several times interspaced and then my wrists are tied securely behind my back. At the same time someone else, I don't know who or really care at that moment, applies another piece of rope to tie my ankles to the stool legs. For good measure they also add some rope to tie each of my creamy white thighs around the middle to the stool legs to further restrain my movement. With me now totally secured and immobile, my "preparation" is done.

I now see a familiar throbbing cock sticking out right at my face. I understand that I am to suck your cock for lubrication. I have no choice but to reluctantly open my lips and accept your huge manhood, giving everyone a lewd show of how I willingly swallow the full length of a man's iron-hard erection down my throat. After roughly face-fucking me for a couple of minutes you pull out and walk around to my back. I let out a sigh, mentally bracing myself for my final degradation in front of the assembled audience.

I feel my asscheeks being spread wide apart by your hands. The hot, pulsating cockhead is now placed at the entrance to my soon-to-be-violated rectal canal. You push forward with steady pressure until my sphincter ring is suddenly stretched wide open in surrender to allow your ruthless anal invasion. In one swift lunge you've thrusted your whole thick shaft up my torn asshole. I wasn't ready for you, for such a brutal, violent impalement. I have the wind knocked out of my lungs and my mouth forms a perfect "O" as I let out an uncontrolled high-pitched squeal in agony.

"Yeah! This is how an asian bitch should be opened up in her backdoor!" Rick cheers in excitement, followed by a muffled yelp as apparently he was pinched by an equally embarrassed Mei standing next to him.

There is also some audible gasps coming from the attractive chinese mom. She leans in real close to my butt to have a up-close look of my anal muscles wrapped tightly around your fat sausage.

I desperately try to relax my inner walls to accommodate your fullness and fortunately you stand still behind me for a couple of minutes after burying your steel-pole completely up my rear end. It takes quite a moment of squirming around and internal struggle before I can finally accept you in me without involuntarily trying to reject your cock from it's rightful place -- not that I would be able to anyway. I know that once a man's cock is embedded in my love-passage like that the only way my body can be rid of it is after it has fucked me into its sexual gratification and left a pool of man-seed deep inside me. My only role is to surrender to this engorged organ and let it has its way with me... And feeling your legs and lower torso pressed tightly against my upturned buttocks and the back of my smooth long legs, I know that you are now "balls-deep" up my ass.

Sensing that my soft body has given up its futile fight against your intrusion and has now yielded to your manhood in sexual submission, you firmly hold each side of my feminine hips and start to pull out, getting ready to fuck me. As your dick slides out slowly I begin to feel this emptiness in my backside longing to be filled to the brink again. And I am not to be disappointed, of course. As your dick pulls almost all the way out you push back again returning me the fullness I so crave, thus beginning our intimate sexual dance with slow, long fucking strokes.

A sultry moan of pleasure escapes my throat, as I begin to feel the strange mixture of pain and pleasure I so often experienced during each of our previous intercourse. With my body securely bound I can safely relax and concentrate on this other-worldly sensation I feel with your each thrust. I am now being slow-fucked just as I should be... FUCKED like the asian ass-whore that I am.

The room has now fallen silent, with the only sound being the repeated flesh-slapping-flesh noise our bodies made as our sexual organs mate with each other. I glance around the room with dreamy, half-closed eyes. I see that Jing has her palms placed on her asscheeks behind and is unconsciously rubbing in slow circles and spreading them open and close. I bet watching me being sodomized by you like that, and knowing that her daughter also had her ass cherry taken, are fueling her desire to experience what it's like to finally have her own backdoor poked by a long man-shaft like yours...

Mei is shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot, no doubt remembering the pain from her own first time being buttfucked. Rick, however, is thoroughly enjoying himself. He's spotting a large bulge in front of his pants, and he has his hand under Mei's mini-skirt behind her, fondling her bare ass skin and probably also teasing her puckered pink anus with his thick fingers.

Tammy, on the other hand, is as giggly as ever and making derogatory comments about me being such a sissy girl submitting to a man like this. "I'm going to tell ALL my sorority sisters about this! Hee hee hee..." she giggles in almost hysteria. "I wish they're here to see THIS! They'd get SUCH a kick watching you getting humped like a GIRL! Oh yes!"

Peng is being very quiet, just watching intently with a mild disgust but also morbid fascination on his expression.

Mrs. Jones appear calm and composed outwardly, but I think she's probably very wet on her crotch as well. She has always liked my femininely-shaped buns, and I guess probably other girly-boys like me as well. I bet she'd love to have my unnaturally-widened pink asshole skewered on her thick black strap-on while she mercilessly dominates me as her oriental ass-whore again. Maybe she will have the chance in the future...

Meanwhile, our own intercourse has picked up in pace and intensity, as you start to pound into my soft backside relentlessly, producing loud smacking noise almost like I'm being spanked again. It feels so right for me to be underneath you, receiving you, and providing you tremendous sexual pleasure with my tight ass-pussy. It's like I'm meant to be the one to be fucked by you always. I should always be used by you for your manly urges, and to become your little asian sex-toy from now on...

All these unspeakable sensations and my most shameful inner thoughts have finally driven me over the edge and I climax spilling out droplets of creamy cum onto the floor. This triggers your built-up tension and you unleashes a torrential flood of hot liquid cum deep inside my well-fucked bowels.

With that, my shame is now complete. I have been made into yours in this carnal "ceremony", in front of half-a-dozen witnesses who have just watched me on the receiving end of anal intercourse with you, from beginning to end. You, and I, and they all know that from now on I will be possessed by you, fondled by you, spanked and punished by you, and most of all -- bent over and ass-fucked by you everyday!


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I wish Ling would have been made to drink Brian's cum after the blow job. Also does Brian make Ling take female hormones to grow breasts?

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