tagFetishPunished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 06

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 06


My concerns that life would never be the same following my spanking session with my boss, Geoff, and my Parents in Law, Jane and Ben, were both right and wrong.

My work environment has continued on largely unchanged. Geoff has never mentioned the luncheon punishment at my Parents in Law's house. He has largely treated me as he did prior to the incident. Although sometimes I catch him staring at me through his office window with a small smile on his face. I am probably wrong, but I always imagine he is reliving the spanking incident, and is picturing my nude, exposed body receiving the riding crop on my buttocks or thighs. It sends a shiver up my spine and I cannot help blushing.

I have made a determined effort not to change my behaviour towards my boss, but in reality this has proven very difficult to achieve. When your boss has witnessed you in such an intimate, exposed manner, and had the opportunity to punish you severely, your attitude towards them cannot help but be altered. Right or wrong, it is the reality. Trust me on this.

There is no doubt I am more subservient towards Geoff. Not to the extreme that I am like a slave to him in the workplace, or even run around trying to please him all the time. But I do no longer view him with contempt and openly try to put him down. And when he does ask me to do something I try extra hard to achieve it, and enjoy receiving his positive feedback. Perhaps it is an indication that not only has my attitude to Geoff changed, but also perhaps my whole personality has undergone a change. Am I becoming a better person? A better wife? A better Daughter in Law?

Many weeks have passed since the luncheon incident with my boss, Geoff. However every single week I have been 'invited' to my Parents in Law's house at least once, sometimes twice. Mostly my 'invitations' are to drop in after work on my way home. If my husband, Michael, is away on business I am invited over for dinner, and these are always the most intense, drawn out punishment sessions.

On two occasions my Parents in Law have invited me over for lunch. On these occasions I need to ask for an extended lunch break from my boss. I always blush when I ask him if it is all right if I am back 30 minutes late from lunch as I have to visit my Parents in Law. Geoff readily agrees, with a knowing smile on his face. I get the impression he is hoping he will get a second invitation to join us all for lunch.

When my Parents in Law invite me to drop in after work I do not have a lot of time, as my husband, Michael, generally arrives home around 6.00 pm, which gives me an hour to spare. These after-work punish sessions tend to be straight to the point, and devoid of much of the preliminaries.

When I enter my Parents in Law house I briefly greet Jane and Ben before going straight into the lounge and standing in the corner. They have now changed my routine slightly, as I think they feel it adds to the embarrassment for me. I now stand in the corner fully dressed, waiting until they enter the lounge and are seated.

When instructed to do so, I then walk over to them and proceed to undress while they watch my every movement. I am no longer extended the courtesy of being able to remove my clothing in relative privacy. As I take off each item of clothing I pass it to Jane who carefully folds it and places it on the coffee table beside her. When she has completed the task she reaches out her hand towards me, which is my cue to remove the next item of clothing and hand it to her. Once I forgot to wait until she had put her hand out, and received an extra dose of spanking.

The most embarrassing part is always when I remove my panties. Not because it exposes my shaven genitalia to them, but because there is always a damp spot in the crotch of my panties, resulting from the sexual excitement caused by the anticipation of my upcoming humiliation and spanking. I have tried changing my panties just before I leave work to drive to my Parents in Law, but despite the fact that it is only a 15-minute drive I still have secretion on my panties when I arrive.

When I hand my panties to Jane she always goes through a little ritual of opening them up so she has got a clear view of the crotch. She views the wetness, and shakes her head disapprovingly. This always causes my lower lip to pout, and I am genuinely ashamed of myself.

To make matters worse she then passes them over to Ben who repeats the routine. He then likes to make me even more mortified by lifting my panties up to his nose and inhaling my aroma.

Once they have completed the panties routine, and I am totally naked, I must assume my lurid 'position'. I place my hands on my head, push my elbows back, and thrust my perky little breasts forward. Then I open my legs wide and wait. They then take the time to inspect my pubic area to ensure I am freshly shaven. If they feel the stubble is too long it is reason for additional punishment.

Initially it was always only Jane who inspected my pubic region, but now she shares the task with Ben. The whole process is torturingly humiliating, but is more so when it is Ben touching my genital area. Especially as it is evident through the bulge in his trousers that he is erect. Although the purpose for touching my pubes is supposedly to check that I am freshly shaven, both Jane and Ben always manage to 'accidentally' rub the back of their hand, or a finger, against my swollen lips and clitoris. On such occasions I struggle to stop myself from pushing my hips forward in an attempt to increase the pressure of their touch.

They both know well that these humiliation and punishment rituals are very sexually stimulating for me. However they never allow it to become overt, and is never spoken of outside of the punishment sessions. It would therefore be very poor form for me to act in a manner that was clearly, and overtly, sexual. I had the impression that if I thrust my hips forward they would be very disapproving, and the resulting punishment would be severe.

Once the inspection of my genitalia is complete I am pulled over Jane's knee without ceremony and given a short, sharp spanking. I must then thank her for the spanking before walking on my knees over to Ben to get a repeat dose. I then thank him also for the spanking. They know that I will shortly be on my way home to Michael and therefore take care to ensure my buttocks are not too tanned. In fact by the time I arrive home most of the redness is gone, although my buttocks are sensitive enough to remind me I what I have been through.

I think Ben and Jane know the humiliating ritual they put me through is almost worse than the actual spanking, therefore do not feel any need to make the spanking lengthy or overly painful.

Once they have finished spanking me I stand up in front of Jane and she takes the folded bundle of my clothes and methodically dresses me like a little child. Even to the extent of giving me a pat on my bottom to send me on my way home.

When I arrive home I am always on a high and feeling very sexual. I struggle to wait until bedtime so I can make love to my husband, Michael. Since my punishment sessions commenced my sexual appetite has skyrocketed, much to Michael's amazement, and extreme pleasure. When we have sex I love to feel his rough hands touching my tender buttocks. It makes my orgasms explosive.

Whenever Michael is going away on business, which tends to be every three weeks or so, my Parents in Law always invite me over for dinner. I know I will also be punished. What I do not know is how I will be punished. Ben and Jane always try to vary these sessions to find new ways of humiliating and punishing me.

On one of these dinner sessions, about six weeks ago, I arrived sharply at 6.30 as instructed. Jane said she had forgotten to get something for dinner and asked if I wanted to ride in the car with her to the supermarket. I was always wary of being in the house alone with Ben therefore readily agreed.

Jane backed out of the garage onto the road, but did not drive off. She turned her head towards me and looked me straight in the eye.

"Take down your jeans and panties and lower them to your knees."

I was shocked. Up until now my humiliation had always been conducted within the confines of my Parents in Law's home. And I always felt this is where it would remain. I was totally unprepared for Jane's request and sat there stunned, unable and unwilling to move.

"Take down your jeans and panties and lower them to your knees" She repeated herself slowly, as if talking to a child who was struggling to understand the request.

I wanted to say something to her about the inappropriateness of what she was asking of me, but as is often the case in these types of situations, words failed me.

I inhaled a few deep breaths, then reached down and unbuckled the belt of my jeans, and unfastened the fly. As inconspicuously as I could I raised my bum off the seat so I could lower my jeans and panties. As I lowered my backside I felt the roughness and cold of the car seat pressing against my nakedness.

"Lower them to your knees, as I asked."

I lowered my jeans and panties until they were bunched on my knees. Jane then reached into the glove box of the car and pulled out a box of tissues, removing several of them.

She leaned towards me with the tissues in her hand.

"Raise your bottom," Jane requested.

I looked back at her, frowning with confusion.

"Raise your bottom so I can put these tissues under you. I don't want you secreting your juices on my car seat, do I?"

Oh my God. How utterly and totally humiliating. Her propensity for finding new ways to humiliate me knew no boundaries.

I raised my bottom and felt totally foolish as she carefully laid the tissues under me. Once completed Jane set off for the supermarket

I began to get uneasy as we turned onto roads where there was more traffic. I was mortified someone would look into the car while we drove pass and see my nakedness.

Jane could see the apprehension written all over my face

"Don't even think of pulling your jeans up. If you do you will receive a severe punishment."

I hung my head and stared at the crumpled heap of clothing at my knees. I was afraid to look up in case I saw someone looking down at my naked thighs. We travelled the rest of the way to the supermarket in silence. As we arrived at the supermarket car park Jane drove past empty car parks until she found one that was directly under a light. She looked over at me with a self-satisfied smile

"Back shortly." Jane disappeared into the supermarket to do her shopping.

I furtively began looking around the car park, carefully watching for people moving about. If someone walked beside the car I would be fully exposed to them. What if it was somebody I knew. I then spotted a mother with her young daughter heading directly towards our car. In a blind panic I pulled my panties and jeans up. I did not have time to fasten them, but rested my hands in front of my pelvis to conceal myself.

As the woman walked right past the car she looked over at me and gave me a polite smile of acknowledgement. I sheepishly smiled back.

Once the woman and child were out of sight I looked over to the supermarket and spotted Jane walking towards me. I frantically lowered my jeans and panties, trying not to make it obvious to Jane what I was doing.

Jane placed the groceries in the back seat of the car, hopped into the driver's seat, and drove away without a word.

I silently blew a heavy sigh of relief. That was close. Almost busted.

We drove in total silence

We were nearly two-thirds of the way home when my Mother in Law pulled the car over to the side of the road.

She then turned to me and looked at me in anger.

"You pulled your panties and jeans up, didn't you?"

Oh darn. This was not good.

"Yes, Ma'am. But you don't understand. There was a mother and child walking directly past the car. They would have seen my nakedness."

"No you do not understand, Kym. When I give you an instruction, you know you must obey it. Now give me your belt."

I tried hard not to cry, but couldn't help sniffling. I pulled the belt out of my jeans and reticently handed it over to my Mother in Law. With the belt held in her hand Jane got out of the car and walked around to my door. As she opened my door she unfastened my seatbelt and before I knew it she had pulled me out of the car.

I grabbed hold of the car to maintain my balance as my jeans and panties were around my knees and very much restricting my movement.

With one hand on my shoulder she roughly turned me to face the car. Then to my mortification she reached down and lowered my jeans and panties to my ankles, exposing me even further. Even though the road was in an industrial area, and not a main thoroughfare, there was still a good chance of a vehicle driving past.

I then felt the bite of my own belt across my bare backside, and it caused me to cry out. Jane was not holding back. The spanks came fast and furious. Gone was her normal methodical approach of alternating the spanks between buttocks. Even my thighs were not spared. I buried my head in my arms on the side of car and tried to stifle my tears.

I heard the toot of a horn and looked up to find that a motor vehicle with two young teenagers in had driven past. They must have appreciated the view as they did a U turn and drove back past slowly. Even though it was semi-darkness they would have been able to see my naked backside was getting a damn good spanking. Jane continued on, undeterred by the sightseers.

Finally she stopped. My buttocks and thighs were on fire

"Take off your jeans and panties!"

I quickly complied, and handed them to my Mother in Law.

"Now get in the car."

The car seat felt like sandpaper against my buttocks, and I let out a low groan. The tissues were gone, and had obviously fallen out when I was pulled from the car. Jane noticed this.

"Are you wet?"

"No, Ma'am." I wasn't lying. Normally I am swollen and wet when I am humiliated, but what I had just received was a straight out punishment for misbehaving. It had happened so quickly, and been so severe that I was not sexually stimulated.

"Let me check. I am not sure I can trust you tonight."

With that she held her hand out in front of my pelvis. Reluctantly I slide my legs open to give her access to my vagina

"Lift up"

Gripping the sides of the seat I lifted myself up, careful to keep my legs spread. Embarrassingly she ran her fingers up and down my pubic lips several times. I willed myself not to become stimulated.

Even though I was sure I was dry she did not seem satisfied. Or perhaps it was just for the humiliation she knew it would cause me. She pulled more tissues from the box and placed them under me.

Satisfied I was now not going to stain the fabric on her car seat she started the car, and drove the rest of the journey in silence.

Once back at their house Jane drove into the garage and turned the engine off.

"Get out of the car, close the garage door, then come inside and tell Ben why you have been punished." Jane then exited the vehicle, my jeans, belt and panties in her hand.

I looked out the back of the car and could see the roadway through the open garage door. My Parents in Law's garage and house is off the road a bit, probably about forty yards. But close enough for anyone to get a clear view if they should look down the driveway. The road appeared deserted. Quickly I leapt out of the car and raced to the garage door. For what seemed an eternity I struggled to find the cord to pull the door closed, but finally completed the task. I then made my way into the warmth of the house.

Jane was in the kitchen completing her preparations for dinner. She ignored my presence. Meekly I put my head around the corner into the lounge and spotted Ben sitting in his favourite chair reading the newspaper. I gingerly walked over to him, only too aware of my nakedness from the waist down. Ben's face was hidden by the newspaper. I waited patiently, but he continued to read, seemingly unaware I was there.

I coughed polite to attract his attention. Ben slowly lowered the newspaper and looked at me enquiringly. If he was surprised by my nakedness he did not show it

"Yes Kym?" he enquired politely, but with a detectable hint of smugness.

"I have been punished by...your wife." I knew I was not to address my Mother in Law as Jane during our punishment sessions.

"And may I ask why?"

"Because I did not keep my jeans and panties down at my knees as asked."

"And how were you punished?" Ben was clearly enjoying the Question and Answer time.

"I was made to stand naked beside the car while your wife spanked me with my own belt."

"And did anybody see you?"

"Yes, sir. I think two teenagers saw me getting spanked and drove back a second time." This was gut-wrenchingly humiliating. But now I was back in the safety of my Parents in Law's house, having to recount the incident, I was finding the sexual excitement that had been previously absent. I squeezed my legs together and could feel the genital puffiness of early stimulation.

"Turn around and let me have a look at the belt marks on you rear end."

"Yes, Sir." I turned around, and lifted my top up so he could get a good clear view of my buttocks.

"Did you cry?"

"Yes, Sir. I tried to be brave and strong like you want me to be. But it hurt heaps and I could not help sobbing."

"Did you wet the seat of my car?" Jane yelled from the kitchen, so loud I was sure the neighbours would hear.

"No, Ma'am."

"No what?"

"No, Ma'am, I did not wet the seat of your car." Jane could totally humiliate me just with her words

"You know I do not trust you tonight. Go and fetch the tissues so that I can inspect them."

Flushed with embarrassment I walked back to the garage, rummaged around in the car to find the tissues I had been sitting on, then returned them to the kitchen where my Mother in Law was waiting from me. I placed the tissues on the kitchen bench, then stood silently, waiting, hands by my side. I felt like such a little child.

Finally Jane finished stirring the pot on the stove, and nonchalantly turned to where I had placed the tissues. She made a real show of inspecting each tissue for any sign of dampness. Then to be doubly sure she brought them to her nose and sniffed.

"All right, I believe you on this occasion. Now take off the rest of your clothes."

I removed my blouse and bra so I was totally naked.

"Now set the table for me."

"Yes, ma'am."

We then sat down to eat. I was very self-conscious, being totally nude while we chatted away and ate our meal. I tried to act normally but it was damn hard. I was also very aware of my tender backside and thighs. I was not comfortable in my chair, but tried not to wriggle around too much.

Once the meal was finished and we had cleaned up, I was expecting to be taken into the lounge for further punishment. But as I mentioned, my Parents in Law have developed the habit of varying my punishments during these evening sessions.

Ben pointed to the side door that went out into the back yard. "I want you to go out into the yard and wait for me to come out. I want to have a cup of coffee first, and then I will be out to finish your punishment."

I stood aghast. Even though high fences enclosed the yard, the neighbouring houses were close by.

"And stand in the middle of the yard where we can see you."

Again the boundaries were being pushed by my Parents in Law. However I did not even attempt to argue the point. I knew better than that. Gingerly I opened the back door and peered out into the yard. The lights from the neighbours meant the yard was surprisingly well lit.

I walked to the middle of the yard. Even though I knew the neighbours could not see me I still felt very vulnerable and exposed. I looked up at the kitchen window and saw Jane and Ben both staring at me as they drank their coffee. I stood with my hands crossed in front of my breasts, partly because it was cool outside, but also it preserved some of my modesty if a nosey neighbour happened to peek over the fence.

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