tagGay MalePunished By The Police Ch. 01

Punished By The Police Ch. 01


God I was tired. I had been to a late night cruise bar in the hope of picking someone up, but some nights it seems to be just the same old faces. Uninteresting ones at that. I got really bored so downed my last pint, got in my car and started on the fifty minute drive home. It was the end of the week and I’d gone out straight from work, bringing my ‘overnight gear’ with me in case I got lucky, and I had been drinking steadily all night. I could still see in focus and walk in a straight line and so I felt sober enough to drive, or so I thought.

The streetlight flashing past on the edge of town soon started to have a hypnotic effect on me and, by the time I was out in open country, I felt my eyelids starting to get heavy.

‘Well that was a waste of time and fucking money,’ I said to myself as I tried to stifle a yawn.

It started to dawn on me that I probably wouldn’t make it home without having some sort of accident after all, it was getting near impossible to fight off sleep. I was approaching a place called ‘Cider Woods’, a pick nick and parking area set back from the road and hidden among trees and decided to stop there for a sleep. Once recovered I would carry on home. It seemed like a good plan at the time.

It was a hot, August night. The air was still and thick with heat and, once the air conditioning went off in the car I started to sweat uncomfortably. There had been no other cars in the car park, it was well after midnight and I had parked up in the most secluded part so I judged it o.k. to strip off, put the diver’s seat right back and lie down. I was still up tight at not finding trade and still needed to jerk off before I could properly settle down. I turned on the interior light, took one of my one-hander story books from the glove compartment, and had a read.

I’m a top, always heave been, I have never had anyone touch my arse apart from the occasional rimming, and I like reading stories about other tops. How they give those smooth young bottoms something to scream about as they pound their asses with their huge hairy meat. I’d only read a few pages before I spurted over my stomach and chest. That really finished me off. I chucked the book on the passenger seat with my clothes, flicked off the light and more or less passed out.

I don’t know exactly how much time had passed, but I was suddenly woken by a sharp tapping on the window. It took me a moment of grogginess to realise where I was and that a torch was being shone through the glass and into my face. And then I heard a deep, growling voice that made my blood freeze.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’

I shielded the light from my eyes enough to see the face. A slightly overweight police officer with a thick moustache and a sarcastic grin on his face was looking into the car and searching around it with his flashlight.

‘Oh, hi..’ I stammered as I sat bolt upright, trying to adjust the car seat. ‘I stopped because I was tired. It was dangerous for me to drive on…’

‘Is that so?’ the policeman’s gaze returned to my face before slowly travelling down my body, following the trail made by his flashlight.

I remembered that I was naked, swore and made a grab for my clothes.

‘Don’t touch anything and get out of the car.’ His voice had lost its sarcastic edge, now it was full of menace and he was opening my door.

‘But I’m naked…’ I tried to say. I was embarrassed and starting to get worried.

‘Just get out of the car now,’ he ordered. ‘And leave those clothes where they are.

A strong hand landed on my shoulder and started to tug me from safety. I climbed out, trying to cover my modesty with my hands, and stood there looking at my feet. I remember thinking ‘it’s cooler outside than in the car,’ before my scrambled thoughts were interrupted.

‘Hands down by your sides,’ the policeman barked.

I nervously moved them as he told me to. I felt a slight breeze brush against my balls which tingled and shrank right up.

‘Well now,’ he said grabbing me abruptly by my hair. ‘What do we have here?’ He pushed my head back to stare straight into my face. ‘What have you been up to lying there naked? And with… what’s that? A queer porn mag lying open on the seat next to you. You some kind of pervert?’

‘No,’ I protested. ‘I undressed because it was so hot, I told you I had to stop or else I’d have had an accident.’

His expression did not change and my confidence waned.

‘I’d been out at a bar and… well, I wanted to… That is…’

He smirked, his moustache rose slightly on one side and he turned his head.

‘Hey Mike,’ he called back into the night. ‘Looks like we’ve found us some kind of pervert.’

It was then that I realised that there was more than one of them. I saw a figure walk across the headlight beam of the police car and approach. He was slightly younger than the officer who still held me by the head and was more muscular, better built. When he came close enough I could see a face sneering from behind a dark beard.

‘Fucking pervert,’ he spat as he looked first at me and then at the older cop. ‘What you gunna do with him sir?’

I was starting to get scared now and tried to say something in protest at the way they were treating me.

‘Shut up and speak only when told to, scumbag,’ the older officer clipped my ear. ‘I reckon we should check him over and make sure he’s not hiding anything. Get over here.’

His powerful fingers twisted the hair at the back of my neck as he pushed me around towards the back of the car. I was shoved hard and nearly stumbled but he gripped me like a vice and pointed me to face the boot of the car.

‘Now bend over that boy, I want to see if you’re hiding anything…up there,’ he pushed me roughly down.

‘You can’t do this…’ I tried to resist but he was too strong and bent me over.

‘Say one more word boy and I’ll make you very sorry,’ he hissed sharply.

He pressed my face side on to the metal of the boot, held me there and shouted, ‘Mike, check what’s in the car and bring it out. All of it.’

I knew what was in there and I knew that them finding it wouldn’t do me any favours. I tried one more time to speak.


Smack! A sharp slash of pain stopped me dead. And then another. Smack. He had spanked my arse so hard I nearly had the wind knocked out of me.

‘I told you not to speak didn’t I? You piece of shit.’

Another three, really hard hits brought tears to my eyes. I heard the sound of the slaps echo into the deserted black woods around me. I was totally helpless. And my arse was stinging like mad. Abruptly he stopped and said, ‘that’s just for starters. Do as you’re told and it might turn out fine. Time to look up that arse of yours and see what you’re hiding.’

Oh God, no! I thought. Nobody had ever been there, I’d never allowed it. I was a top, always, I’d never let anyone get that kind of power over me.

‘Stay in that position and don’t move lad,’ he ordered.

I felt him squat down behind me and his rough hands started to part the cheeks of my smacked arse. Parted them so far I thought I would split.

Suddenly I heard a thud and the rattle of metal hitting the ground just behind me.

‘You were right sir,’ the other cop said. ‘He is a pervert, a fucking queer. Look at all this stuff.’

The one in charge must have looked at what had been tipped from my bag, my ‘overnight gear’, but he kept my cheeks spread as far apart from each other as was possible as he said, ‘holly shit! You are one sick mother…’

Then he paused before saying, ‘mind you, some of this might come in handy.’

What was he on about? I knew what had been in the bag, I knew what hey were looking at, and I knew the kind of things I did with it, on my subs. I was nervous, I lost control and farted.

‘You dirty bastard,’ the older cop shouted.

He stood up quickly, put one hand on the middle of my back and slapped at my right arse cheek with his other. Smack. Smack. Smack. And then he changed hands and attacked the other side. Smack. Smack. Smack.

‘Do you think you’re clever? I’ll teach you not to be clever with me,’ he grunted with the rhythm of his smacking.

My arse felt red raw and with every slap my groin was pushed into the hard steel of the back of the car. Even though I was scared shitless my dick seemed to have a will of its own. It grew harder with every smack.

After several minutes of constant spanking the policeman finally said, ‘that’s enough for now.’ He was hardly out of breath. ‘Have you learned your lesson boy?’

‘Yes sir,’ I gasped back weakly.

‘Good lad. That’s what I like to hear.’ He ran the palm of his hand over my hot, swollen arse. ‘Mike, pass me that Hot Lube.’

My mind started to race again. What was he going to do now? I didn’t have time to think further, he answered for me buy pulling my left arse cheek painfully to one side.

‘Like I said I’m going to see if you got anything hidden up inside that smooth skinned arse of yours. I’ve put this cream on my fingers and I’m gunna inspect you now. Don’t move. Mike, you keep these rosy cheeks apart for me so I can get a proper look.’

‘Sure thing sir. Don’t mind if I do.’

I felt ‘Mike’ put his solid hands on my arse and spread my cheeks open. I couldn’t believe what was happening. And I couldn’t believe that my cock, now fully stiff, was starting to leak.

The older policeman put his finger straight on my hole and started spreading the lube around the rim. He was unexpectedly gentle, in contrast to the rough spanking he’d just dealt me and this caught me off guard. I let out a small moan of pleasure. Before the sting of the hot lube started to take effect and my hole clamped shut against the pain.

But then his finger was pressing against that puckered entrance, the gel allowing him to force his finger tip just inside. Then he started to rotate it.

All of a sudden I realised that I was actually enjoying this. As long as they didn’t tell me to turn around and display the erection I was trying to hide from them. I knew that would mean real trouble. The fingertip was removed quickly and my sphincter felt looser than it had before.

‘Hey Mike,’ he was saying, ‘get your head closer and have a good look at this.’

There was the sound of feet scuffling into another position and then, without warning, the finger was shoved back in. This time it felt like he’d jabbed me with all of it, I gritted my teeth and drew in a sharp breath. Once again the finger was rotated for a few seconds and then he started to pull it out. Before it was fully out though he slid it back in; making me wince. I felt it search around inside me. I felt the two cops so close behind me that their breath was hot against my glowing flesh. Out came the finger, nearly all the way, and then right back in again, a little further each time. I was aware of whispering behind me, I wondered what they were saying.

And then, without warning, two fingers were shoved deep inside me. The pain shot through me and I cried out. My protest was met by a few more slaps. This time, I guessed from Mike, they were harder, his hands were larger.

‘For good measure,’ I heard him say and my cock dribbled more precum.

‘Can’t seem to feel anything there,’ the one in charge said and I started to relax, thinking that this would soon be over. ‘Guess we’ll just have to look deeper.’

Deeper! What the fuck did he mean?

‘Stand up boy,’ the policeman ordered. He grabbed me by the hair again and pulled me up straight, turned me around.

My face felt as red hot as my arse as my hard on swung around and into view.

‘Jesus sir,’ I heard Mike say as he grabbed me by the shoulders. I had closed my eyes against my embarrassment. ‘Look at this, he’s been enjoying himself!’

‘Well, we can put a stop to that,’ the other one grunted. ‘We’ll take him in there, to the clearing behind those trees. We’ll finish the inspection there. You,’ he barked at me, ‘pick up this stuff and carry it.’

With that, Mike released me and kicked at the bag at my feet. I opened my eyes but did not dare look at the two of them. I quickly picked up my bag of gear before being shoved towards the blackness of the woods ahead.

‘That arse is really red raw,’ I heard the older guy whisper into my ear as we walked. ‘You enjoying this boy?’

‘Yes…no. No, I’m not….sorry…I…’ I was both excited and scared. ‘I’m confused.’

‘Good. You’ll be even more confused before long. Stand still.’

From what I could make out in the dim light of approaching dawn we had reached a small clearing in the woods. Not far from the car park and the silent road. A semi circle of trees stood around like voyeurs in a back room, shadows waited between their trunks and nothing moved in the stillness behind them.

‘Get on your knees and put your hands on the ground,’ I was ordered. ‘I have to finish my inspection.’

I dropped the bag and did as I was instructed.

‘What now sir?’ I heard Mike ask and there was an enthusiasm to his voice that I hadn’t noticed before.

‘I want you to inspect him this time,’ his boss directed. ‘I’ll keep those cute cheeks apart. You, spread your legs wider lad.’

I moved them slightly, pine needles and twigs sticking into my knees. A boot kicked against my ankle, there was the sound of quick movement and he shouted, ‘wider!’

A palm, feeling like a wooden paddle, landed hard against the centre of my crack, slapping hot air and flesh against my stinging kin. ‘Wider!’ Another slap right on the centre brought a dull numbness to my open hole. And then the numbness went and the soreness returned. I did as I was told straight away. I was trying to figure out what was happening, why I was enjoying this treatment and I was wondering what they were going to do to me next.

Then I felt hands spreading my cheeks wide open again and felt the night air rush around, trying to cool me down. But it did not stay there long. A thick finger started to invade my hole, this time the probing was more amateurish, compared to the boss’ treatment. Mike was rougher, quicker, not as sensitive. This time he shoved in right up to the hilt and I felt more pain than I had experienced before. I thought I would pass out; my breath was taken from me.

The finger rested for a second and then started to move; left then to the right and then in circles. And the pain started to go away as he slowly withdrew, opening me up more with his knuckles. I’d never felt anything like it in my life. Suddenly I didn’t want it to stop. My cock was rock solid and painfully swollen and my head was light and spinning.

Mike pushed in again with such force that my face was forced to the ground and another moan escaped from my dry mouth.

All at once the older policeman let go of my cheeks and moved around in front of me. He jerked my head up from the floor and made me look at him.

‘You enjoying having that finger up your arse then, eh? Are you getting off on it?’


‘Eh? Do you want more boy?’

I didn’t have time to answer as he ignored me and looked up to his deputy. ‘I think you should try using that on him,’ he was indicating something out of my sight and leaned away to reach for it. He turned back to face me again. ‘Let’s see if you still enjoy it, with this,’ he said and held up my own thick, black dildo before shuffling around behind me.

I knew I was in trouble. A finger hurt badly enough, I knew I would not be able to cope with a thing that size. I used it on my trade, I forced it into them, other people liked having that shoved in their insides. Not me.

Mike’s finger pulled out with a popping sound and I grunted at the sudden release. The next thing I knew I could feel the slippery, rubber end of the dildo sliding up and down my crack. I held my breath, screwed up my eyes and felt the deputy slowly start to push it in.

I wanted to scream the forest down. The pain was almost too much to tolerate and I felt as if my arse was going to split wide open. Mike started to apply a bit more pressure and another inch was forced in. Then he withdrew it a little and I breathed again. But then a quick shove, a searing hot pain and I realised that, so far, only the head had gone in. My hole clamped up around the rim of the rubber cock-head like it was trying to grip it, to stop it going further. But to no avail. I was in fucking agony as the thing was slid in another merciless inch.

And yet, at the same time, my cock was ready to explode. I’d never felt pleasure and pain like this before. Never felt the two things so perfectly opposed. I didn’t know if I could stand this without passing out but I did know that now I didn’t want it to stop.

I could feel Mike’s fingers scraping against my raw arse cheeks and realised that the dildo was all the way in. My breathing calmed as he rested there, letting me recover, and slowly the pain subsided. I adjusted, I relaxed and then all I felt was pure ecstasy.

And then the rhythm started. Slowly at first. Mike gently pulled the dildo back, I felt its wide rim pull at the inside of my sphincter, it relaxed and the rubber rod was free. Then he pushed it slowly back inside and this time my muscle let it in without resistance. I felt the shaft get swallowed as six inches of pleasure made itself at home, slowly, gently, smoothly. His fist met with my glowing flesh pushing my whole body forward, and he twisted the thing, scraping his knuckles against me before pulling it back out again.

His rhythm quickened, sliding it into me, twisting it, pulling it out. In again, his fist against my skin, I could feel the material of his uniform brush against my legs and I could feel his weight as he sat across one of my legs. And this time when he pulled it back out something remained. His other hand cupped my balls and began to play with them. He clenched his fist around them, unclenched, squeezed again.

‘I can’t believe how excited he is sir,’ I heard him say. ‘He’s really enjoying this.’

With that he slid his hand up the shaft of my rock hard cock and held it, one of his fingers exploring the precum that moistened the swollen head. That was almost enough to send me over the edge there and then but then I heard him say, ‘God, he’s leaking cum all over the place,’ as he slid the dildo back inside me.

‘Let’s see if he likes this then.’ The older cop had reappeared in front of me. He knelt down, grabbed my head and pushed it towards the solid bulge in his trousers.

‘I don’t need to remind you not to do anything stupid boy,’ he threatened while sliding his belt away from its loops. ‘You’re going to service my dick with that sweet, young mouth of yours. And if I feel any teeth I’m gunna thrash you with this, got it?’

I nodded. My mind was on keeping myself from coming as the deputy massaged my cock and kept up his slow fucking with the dildo. Before me the older cop pulled down his zip, reached inside with one hand and eased out his cock. I forgot about my own state when I saw it.

His circumcised head glistened purple in the half light and crowned a long, dark shaft contoured with thick veins. It grew out like a log from a thicket of black and grey pubes and beneath it he released a set of weighty, wrinkled balls. Taking his shaft in one fist he slapped it across my face a few times and then instructed me to put it in my mouth.

I licked his precum from the tip.

‘Any bitch can do that boy, suck it!’

Mike slapped my arse so hard I could feel welts coming up.

‘Suck his fucking dick. Suck it good you cocksucker.’

I opened my mouth as far as it would go, I stretched it, felt my lips pulled taught. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to take the thickness of the meat that was before me, scared that I should scrape it and get more punishment. The boss pushed his sweat-smelling cock head into my mouth and I tried to take it all the way back. I only got half way before I had to breathe. I tried to back off but he gripped my hair tighter and pushed my head forward, impaling my face on his cock.

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