tagNonConsent/ReluctancePunished for Teasing Ch. 03

Punished for Teasing Ch. 03


After Sam and I returned from the park Jack came home from work. The three of us spent the evening together, lounging around the house. We ordered pizza and watched a movie. Tension was high between Sam and me, but Jack didn't seem to notice anything.

The next morning I had to work and the two boys had the day to themselves. At work I couldn't stop thinking about Sam. I had enjoyed our time together, but I was worried that Jack would figure things out. Sam was only going to be staying with us for a few more days. I wondered if we could make it the next few days without Jack catching on to our secret affair. Would Sam continue torturing me or was he done punishing me for teasing him during our online chat sessions?

When I returned from work that afternoon I found the two boys sitting in the living room. It was quiet when I walked in, as if I had just interrupted a conversation about me. Jack was sitting in the middle of the couch and Sam was in the chair next to the couch.

"Come sit down," Jack said as he motioned for me to sit on the couch between him and Sam. "Sam has been telling me some interesting things."

I sat down quietly. I looked fearfully at Sam. What stories had he told Jack? How would he have twisted it to make me the bad guy? Sam fucked me while I was tied up. Can he make that my fault? I opened my mouth to defend myself but Jack stopped me.

"Don't bother trying to lie your way through this," Jack warned. "I've been friends with Sam a lot longer than I've been fucking you. I know what a cock-tease you are. Everything Sam told me about how you begged him to fuck you is believable to me. He showed me the slutty outfit you wore when he took you out to eat yesterday."

Tears came to my eyes. I looked at Sam. He was grinning.

"But Jack," I cried. "I didn't..."

"Shhh," Jack said. He put his finger to my lips and more tears streamed from my eyes. I was defeated.

Jack put his arm around me. His hand ran down my arm. Suddenly he pulled my arms behind my back and I felt handcuffs lock around my wrists. Jack stood up and backed away from me.

Jack looked down on me, bound and crying, and said, "If you don't want me to leave you, you're going to have to beg for me to stay."

"Please!" I said, suddenly hopeful. I looked up into his eyes. He was smiling. "Please don't leave. I'll do anything!"

I dropped to my knees in front of him to show my submission. "Please don't leave me," I cried.

Jack pulled a knife out of his pocket. I gasped as he came towards me with it. He grabbed me by the shirt and pointed the knife towards my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut, wondering if this is how he planned on ending the relationship. Had I made him that crazy? But the knife pulled away from my throat as he used it to rip my shirt off of me. He continued to undress me using the knife until I was naked on the floor with my hands still cuffed behind my back.

"Sam convinced me not to leave you. He said that all you need is a little punishment," Jack said. I looked to Sam as he smiled widely at me. Hadn't Sam punished me enough already? He denied me an orgasm all day yesterday, submitted me to public humiliation, and then fucked me in the ass while I was tied up in the forest. Was that just my punishment for teasing Sam? And now Jack has to punish me for cheating?

Jack pulled me off the floor towards the wooden coffee table. He laid me on my back across the low table. My head hung over one edge and my feet touched the ground on the other side. Jack knelt down by my head and I watched him take his big dick out of his pants. He slid his dick into my mouth and kept going in until I gagged on him. He thrust in and out, barely letting me breath, making me gag with every thrust.

I felt Sam's hands on my thighs. He pulled my legs apart and ran his hands up my inner thighs as he knelt between my legs. His fingers slid easily inside my wet pussy and I moaned in between gagging on Jack's dick. I felt Sam's tongue slide up and down my slit as he stroked his finger inside of me. Jack thrust harder down my throat and Sam continued to tease my sensitive areas with his tongue and fingers. I knew I was going to cum soon.

Jack and Sam both pulled out at the same time, right before I orgasmed. But Jack wasn't finished. He grabbed his dick and stroked a couple of times before pumping his hot cum all over my face. Jack stood up and Sam came over to take his place. His dick was also hard. He jerked off and came on my face as well.

The guys helped me up off the table and pulled me towards the front door. They directed me to kneel in front of the door and left me there with cum dripping down my face. Sam and Jack pulled their pants back up and headed back into the living room, ordering me to stay.

"Are you hungry?" I heard Jack ask Sam. The boys ordered a pizza and sat down in front of the tv to play video games.

I stayed where they had left me by the door. Their cum began hardening on my cheeks. I waited there for 30 minutes before the doorbell rang. Jack paused the game and walked to the door. He opened the door wide and invited the pizza guy in. A gust of cool air blew in before Jack shut the door, making my nipples harden.

The pizza delivery guy noticed me at once. He must not have been much older than 19. The boner protruding through his jeans gave away that he must not have seen a grown woman naked with cum on her face before.

Jack took the pizza and told the delivery guy, "She will take care of the tip. Open up, Sweetheart," Jack said to me, "This is the only dinner you are getting. The pizza is for me and Sam."

Jack returned to the living room with the pizza and I heard the video game resume. He called to the pizza delivery guy, "Let yourself out when you are done."

The delivery guy approached me. I could tell this wouldn't take long, judging by how hard he was and by his youth and inexperience. He pulled his hard dick out and I opened my mouth for him. He eagerly pumped in and out of my mouth. I sucked and licked his shaft. He pulled on my hair and pumped furiously down my throat. The delivery guy pulled out quickly. Having seen the dried cum on my face, he decided to add to it. He aimed his sperm towards my forehead, some of it landing in my hair. He continued to pump out his seed, letting it drip onto my cheeks and lips and finally aimed the last of it towards my chest.

He pulled himself together and turned and walked out the door without a word. I remained on my knees, degraded and humiliated. Jack had heard the door close, but made me wait even longer. Quietly, I began to cry, tears mixing with the cum on my cheeks. Was this the punishment they had in mind for me? They have denied me an orgasm and humiliated me again, forcing me to suck off a stranger.

I didn't even notice when the guys approached me. I looked up in time to see a camera flash. The guys were laughing, enjoying their photograph. I must have seemed so pathetic.

"Get up," Jack said. He helped me to my feet and directed me towards the bathroom, slapping my bare ass as I walked past him. Sam led me into the bathroom and helped me into the shower. He uncuffed one of my hands and pulled my arms above me, reattaching the handcuffs around the showerhead. He made sure my hands were secure above my head and then grabbed the shower hose attachment, turning on the cold water.

Sam hosed me down, focusing on my face. I coughed and spluttered as water and semen rushed over my face. He was sure to get the cum out of my hair and off my chest. When he was confident I was clean he shut off the water and began toweling me off. Sam uncuffed my hands from the showerhead. Then he led me into the bedroom where Jack was waiting. He was lying on the bed naked. Jack motioned for me to come to him. When I got close enough, he pulled me on top of him, straddling him.

I leaned into Jack, kissing his neck. I really do love him and I felt so sorry for messing around with his best friend behind his back. Jack held me close and I felt him slide inside of me. Jack and I began making love, forgetting that Sam was even in the room. Sam moved in behind me and put his hands on my hips. I jumped and stopped fucking Jack when I felt Sam trying to enter me from behind.

"Hold still," Jack said. "Don't fight it."

Sam pushed into my ass and I screamed as I felt my ass stretch around him. I felt so full with two hard cocks inside of me, one in my pussy and the other in my ass. It hurt at first as they both pushed into me. But soon the three of us developed a rhythm. I rocked back and forth between the two of them, moaning as they grew harder inside of me. Their dicks pressed against every sensitive spot inside of me, causing me to orgasm quickly. But the guys kept pumping away inside of me even as I came down from my first orgasm of the day. Another orgasm quickly began building again.

Sam pulled on my hair as he rode me from behind. Jack pulled on my nipples.

"Who's your master now?" Sam said into my ear. I was so confused. I knew he would like me to say he was, but I couldn't. What would Jack want me to say?

I felt Jack squeeze my nipples hard. I cried out in pain. "Answer him," Jack said.

"You are, Jack!" I screamed out. "You are my only master!"

"That's right," Sam said, and he slapped my ass hard. I began cumming again while Jack kneaded my breasts in his hands. I grinded against the two of them while I screamed. Sam didn't loosen his grip on my hair and Jack continued to tease my breasts.

Sam and Jack pumped ferociously into me as my orgasm squeezed against both of them. They came simultaneously as I came down from my orgasm. We all three collapsed on the bed together, exhausted.

Jack kissed me and said, "I forgive you."

I smiled, feeling relief, and drifted off to sleep.

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