tagFetishPunished in Wet Frillies

Punished in Wet Frillies


I think I'm in trouble. Cindy told me I had to do some chores while she was at work, but I forgot all about it and she's walking through the door. There was something about a bag of washing but I can't remember and she's furious. She looks so sexy in her smart top, her white stockings and little black pleated skirt and I know what I want to do but her face seems to be telling me that's not about to happen. She thrusts the laundry bag into my hands and asks me to explain why I haven't done what she told me. Meekly I look into the bag and see various items of underwear.

'So I forgot, do it yourself, it's your stuff' I laugh and that was the dumbest possible thing to do.

'Jim, I don't ask you to do much in the house, but I needed my frillies washed today, I have an important meeting tomorrow and I need my best panties properly cleaned. Explain why you've not done what I wanted.'

'Why do you need your best underwear for a meeting?' I ask.

'Because it makes me feel powerful and sexy.'

'Why do you need to feel sexy?' I wonder and she suddenly does something she's never done. She turns me around, pushes me against the wall and smacks my bottom three times. It doesn't hurt because I've got trousers and boxers on but I'm shocked that she'd do such a thing. I decide it's time to reassert some authority.

'I'm not your maid,' I say, " I don't need to help you feel sexy for your meeting.

'That's just a warning, Jim. Next time it will be on your pants and much harder.'

'Yeah right,' I say, grinning at the absurdity of this, and I wander off to do some emails.

I turn around after a while and see Cindy in the kitchen, bending over to put the washing in. Her little skirt has ridden up and her pale blue frilly knickers are showing over the tops of her white stockings. I can't help looking at her little pale blue knickers. I should be spanking her, she's the naughty one, teasing me with her little peep-show. Of course, as luck would have it, she turns around at exactly that moment and sees me looking. She stands up and comes right over to me.

'Jim, are you looking at my panties? I've had about enough of this. If you like looking at my panties then you ought to know how to wash them when they're dirty!'

I protest again: 'I am not your maid, and I will not wash your dirty knickers.' Suddenly, before I have a chance to do anything, she's pulled down my trousers, turned me around and smacked me hard on my pants six times.

'Anything else to say for yourself? Or do you need another smack-bottom?' Of course I do the worst possible thing: I laugh at her.

She pulls down my pants and smacks my bare bottom six times. I instinctively move my hands to protect myself but she forces both my hands above my head and carries on with my punishment. When she's spanked my wriggling botty about twenty times she orders me into the corner. '

You can stand there, Jim, with your hands on your head and your bottom showing, until I say you've had enough.' Overcome by her forcefulness, I walk - or rather waddle - over to the corner and stand with my face to the wall.

I'm grinning and I say: 'Cindy. I'm sorry about the knickers. I should have washed them and I forgot. You've had your fun, I've been taught a lesson. Enough.' That brings me another short sharp slap on my sore bottom.

Then she goes, she lets me stand there. She chats to her friends on the phone. She sits and watches TV for a while. Suddenly she orders me to turn around to face her.

'Jim, let me show you something.' She lifts her black pleated skirt to reveal her pretty pale blue panties.

'I wear these all day, Jim, while you're lounging around, and they get dirty, they get wet and dirty. I need them washed, and since we can't afford a maid, it's just one little thing you can do while I earn our money. Okay? So you're being taught a lesson and it's high time you learned it.'

I move my hands to protest, and she looks like she can't believe I did such a thing. 'Hands over your head, Jim, or you're going across my knee like a naughty schoolgirl.' Again I choose the wrong option, and try to make light of the situation:

'Come on, Cindy, it's just some knickers.' All at once she strides over to one of the kitchen chairs, drags it into the middle of the floor, then comes over to me, grabs my arm and, before I can say a word of protest, I'm across her white-stockinged knees having my bare bottom spanked repeatedly.

'A naughty maid needs - to be taught - a lesson!' she says as she rhythmically spanks. I'm actually crying out in pain.

When the spanking is over, she pushes me to the floor. I can't help putting my hands to my now very red and throbbing behind, but she hasn't finished with me.

'Right Jim. I've had enough of this.'

She bends down, kicks off her shiny black heels, and I see the little brown mark at the big toes of her white stockings. She lifts her little skirt to unhook her suspender-belt, then rolls the dirty stockings off. She marches over to me and uses them to tie my wrists together, then to secure them above my head.

'You're going to stand there and be quiet while I relax. Any problem with that?'

'Yes, what if I don't want to?'

'I told you to be quiet, Jim, by which I mean silent. If you say another word, you'll be gagged.'

'Oh for heaven's sake - ' I can't help saying, but suddenly the short black pleated skirt is lifted - allowing me to catch a glimpse of a little stain on her pale blue panties - and I realise she's actually taking them off. She rolls them down her lovely white-stockinged legs, then she marches over to me and orders me to open my mouth.

'Look, this is ridiculous,' I say.

'Another word out of you, Jim, and I swear I will gag you with my knickers.'

'No you won't,' I say but it's the last thing I do say before the damp and smelly blue panties are stuffed in my mouth.

'There,' says Cindy. 'You can wear your panty-gag.' I complain about my treatment but she obviously can't hear what I'm saying.

'If you won't do what you're told and wash my knickers when I say then you can stand there tasting them.' I make a muffled protest but it's hard to talk with my mouth full of her soaking-wet frilly undies.

'Another sound out of you and there will be serious consequences.'

I'm trying to say 'I refuse to be gagged!' but the very attempt to make a sound infuriates her.

'Right. you are going to be taught a lesson you'll never forget.'

She goes out for a minute, and I stand there, still arguing, or trying to, over the pungent smell of her sweat and pee. When she returns, she's brought the whole laundry-basket.

'You want to know what happens when my knickers don't get washed?' she demands? 'This happens.' Out of the depths of the basket she produces a pair of scrolled-up white flowery knickers. The next thing I know, she's put them over my head. The dirty gusset is right against my nose and mouth. She whips out the pale blue pair she was wearing all day. 'You'll be wearing these tomorrow,' she says, and throws them across the room.

Without my gag, I try to argue 'Cindy I've learnt my lesson, I won't - ' but it's too late -

'Kiss my panties. Kiss the gusset of my dirty panties right now or I will take a picture of you and upload it to my friends.'

Needless to say I start kissing the gusset. At this point I'm crying from rage and humiliation.

'Oh, are you crying, Jim?'


'Kiss every flower on my dirty knickers, every flower or you'll go across my knee again.'

'Yes Cindy.'

'Every flower. Kiss every flower.'

'Yes Cindy.'

She leaves me at my punishment, then walks over and retrieves the pale blue panties she wore to work. Soon she's pulling them up my hopelessly-kicking legs.

'You're going to wear my panties, Jim, or I will upload some photos.' I realize there's no way out of this, and soon I'm wearing her tight frilly knickers.

I'm unhooked from the beam she tied me to, and marched into the middle of the room. She orders me to lie down.

'Cindy, I've had my punishment, you've put me in your knickers, you've gagged me, you've made me kiss them, I think we can draw a line here?'

No chance.

Soon she's sitting over me. Her skirt rides up and I see she's put on another pair of knickers, the cream pair with black frills that she wore yesterday. They smell like she wore them yesterday. By now, I know what's coming. Any protest is muffled underneath her panties as she sits right over my face.

'I'm going to get myself comfortable now, Jim, at least until I need to use the bathroom. Then again, maybe I can find a toilet closer to home...'

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