tagBDSMPunishment from Poisoned Rose Ch. 01

Punishment from Poisoned Rose Ch. 01


I feel empowered; I feel control and even a bit god-like. I am the goddess of pain and retribution. This is my alter ego, The Poisoned Rose.

I use the St. Andrews cross completely vertical with four legs; better access to all his personal parts. He is completely restrained face down and at my hands.

He has been a very naughty little shit. I have to teach him how to appreciate my hard work.

I step between his legs and reach under to grab a hand full of his pubic hair and give a firm pull. He gives a slight grunt, but I know he is enjoying it. I take my other hand a slap his ass cheek hard enough to make it cherry nicely; then I slap the other.

Mmmmmm..........so warm under my hand. I love the feel of the fire I unleash to his rounded ass.

His cock begins to harden in my hand now as I stroke him and slap his globes again. I can also feel my juices start to flow while I look down on him.

His cock begins to throb under my ministrations and I stop and step back. He moans his need for me to finish him, but I'm not ready for him to release his load.

I step to the wall and grab my handy Cat of 7 complete with roses on the ends and bring it to his side. I raise my arm just slightly and give a twist of the wrist as I come down on the back of first one thigh and then the other. I continue to raise and come down sporadically to keep him guessing when the next slap of roses will hit and where.

I stop and step back once more to admire my handy work. I can see the leaves of my roses just under his globes and the red steaks across his thighs. I am enjoying myself too much; this little slut needs to pay.

I step to my wall of toys once more and grab first my rosebud anal plug and the Kali's Teeth Chastity to simulate my thorns. This naughty little shit needs to be taught that when a woman gives you something special you need to show appreciation.

He is not allowed to enjoy himself until I say. I place the chastity on him first and he gives a grunt/moan as the thorns bite into his still hard cock.

I can see the veins of his rod pulse under the pressure. I then lube the rosebud anal plug and insert it into his tight puckered hole and I shove slow but firmly. His breathing picks up, but he knows I don't want to hear any resistance from him.

I bend down to take a little bite out of his ass cheek as I push to the rose. Not too hard, just a nibble. Then I lick where I bit.

He is shivering now with pleasure and I am exhilarated. I am in control and very wet. I step around to the front of him and lift his face to me as I kneel in front of him. I ask him, "Who is my bitch?"

He seems to be in so much pleasure/pain he can't answer me. I repeat myself, something I rarely like to do, but he looks so hot on my cross. He answers this time, "I am your bitch, dear Rose." That is what I wanted to hear.

I lean down and offer my breast to his mouth and tell him to lick it; which he does so eagerly. I tell him to lick the other to make it even, just like I am making him even with me for not thanking me for my hard work.

I am ready to get off now, so I walk back to my wall and grab this time, my special toy. The one I can enjoy in front of him. This time he will appreciate my hard work.

I bring my 8" dildo with me as I walk back in front of him. I stick it to the floor with the suction cup right in front of him and make him lick my breast as I lower and raise myself up and down on the head of the always ready cock. He watches with strained eyes as I continue to go deeper with the fat cock. I tell him to look me in the eyes and keep them there.

His face contorts as I start to ride the dildo in front of him. His binds hold him down so he can't do more then watch.

I finally feel sorry for him and that was not the purpose of this exercise. I stop and stand to walk to the end of the cross and I release his chastity, but I leave the rose plug. I let his ankles loose and then return to his face to tell him he his now allowed to fuck me.

I release his wrist and step back. I tell him the plug is to stay and I turn and get on my hands and knees; my favorite position even though it may seem like I'm submitting.

He gets on his knees behind me and thrust his hard rod into me and I am in rapture. It is the hardest I have felt it. He and I complete each other; I should have punished him sooner.

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