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Punishments & Rewards


She had been so wicked to me. She'd thought that the arousal from her teasing would fire me to want her. In that she was right. But also wrong. I wanted her regardless, now I also wanted to play with her, to bring HER to her knees if I could. We both loved this, this tug of war between hearts and between our legs. I watched her hands tremble beautifully as she reached for the cords she had tied me with.

"Dela, you know what I am going to do with you? How I am going to use your body? Can you imagine the punishments I can take from you, even when you are screaming that you are Cumming for me?" I asked her.

"I... I, oh god... I think so Sir... maybe" She looked down at this, her lips parting of their own, shiny with the anticipation of my skin slipping in their, letting her suckle me to placate my heat.

I waited quietly, letting her finish my legs first, then her now visibly shaking hands reached for the cords of my wrists. She had teased, prodded, made me her own. I had loved every second of it even as I screamed at her to stop or she would pay. Every groan, curse, plea drove her devils hips to fuck me faster, her cunt to suck the seed from me that she feasted on, pulled from me to devour like it was honey. As the last knot slipped away from my wrist she bolted, darting away to stall what she wanted and was afraid of.

To be honest, her speed surprised me. But how do you escape what you want? How do you outrun one whose need now engulfs your own? Dela made it to the door, then almost fell when my hand clenched her shoulder, pulling her back.

"Fast... very... very fast... slut... but now you pay" I hissed this right into her ear, my hands reaching to cup and squeeze her golden breasts. I reached for her nipples, pinching harder than before. I wanted this to sting, so that when I released she would feel the contrast. Dela shook in my arms, her gaze now on my hands, the fingers pulling her nipples. I released, getting harder still at her moan of passion and release as her now free nipples ached for more. I cupped her breast, pulling it up, up. I pushed the nipple to her lips. Dela shook her head 'No'. With my other hand I pulled her jaw down, watched her relax, suck her still burning nipple in to cool it down, her own fires now dripping from her legs. I released Dela's jaw, now wanting to feel her vulva. I was shocked at her wetness, the aching push as she thrust at me. I pushed two fingers in, lewdly fucking her with my hand straight out, pumping like a cock.

Dela's hips pushed back, trying to quell that need quickly. I could feel the muscles working, so close, she was so close. I pulled them out with a sucking labia screaming 'please.. More'. I wanted her fire to grow, to match MY need. I had waited so long when she teased me. I pushed back in then, fucking her again, trying to get her closer.

"Push Dela, PUSH... do it, yes baby... push for me, fuck my hand like you want my cock. Dela... I want you... I WANT... YOU... fuck for me Dela... that's IT, YESSSSSsssssssss... " My voice trailed off, still clicking in her ear as she came for me, my hands drenched with her.

"DOWN... DOWN Dela... " I laid her across my knee.

My cock was like steel, poking her stomach as she lay across me. I almost melted when she looked at me then, that angels face turned up to plead with her eyes to fuck her, PLEASE? Then I remembered that same face with a wicked grin as I asked the same thing.

"Count Dela, each one, out loud. " I brought my hand down on her bare ass.

"Owww! one" her cheeks pinked so beautifully as I looked at her.


"TWO!! " she was squirming now, at only two, her ass pumping up to meet me. She had her eyes closed, her teeth biting her lower lip.


"THREE... FOOOOOOURR... F.. F.. Five" Her voice was trailing now, her breathing ragged.

This went on till I reached ten. I could no longer deny her or myself. I pulled Dela up, facing me. She reached down, grabbing my cock as she fell on me. I went in like into a warm ocean. Her pussy grabbed me, milking me as I kissed her tears, the salt on my tongue. She sucked my tongue in, her hips a blur as we fucked, her mouth on me still, like another cock for her to enjoy. She came again, grinding on me. She pushed off me, sitting at me knees, pushing them open wide. I looked at her face as she stared at my wet cock. It had just been inside her. She looked like I've seen lions on TV look at prey. Her mouth was open when she started forward to me. My eyes closed involuntarily as I felt Dela engulf me. I was hers, totally. We played that I was Sir, her master, she a concubine, a whore, a pet. But like this, her head bobbing on me, I was lost. I would have done as she asked, begged her like she loved to hear.

"GOD DELA... SUCK me... god yesssssssss, suck me... you feel so fucking good... yessss. " I grabbed her face, feeling my cock as it pistoned in... out, her jaw working me inside. I went in deep then, the tip slipping inside her throat, so wonderful. " That's is Dela, suck... feed on me do it... do it... do it... " I trailed of then, just grunts, moans as I tried to focus.

She was relentless, pulling my sperm up, out to her mouth. I shot off in clingy ropes of cum. Each spasm she moaned deeper, pulled on my shaft harder. I was loved, milked by her mouth. I started this to playfully get even, but now I was again lost in her. I pushed her back again. She looked at me again with that same wicked grin, her chin wet with her exertions, my cum. I watched her as she stared into my eyes, daring me to look away. She carefully, slowly scooped each drop off her chin, feeding the white finger like a child cleans the spoons when you bake a cake. I was her icing, a treat.

I reached for her again, felt her sliding away. I pulled her then, her gales of giggling like a whisper in your ear. I kissed her deeply again, twining my tongue with her, opening her cheeks as I fingered both her pussy and ass. I loved that gasp as she was violated. She tensed then released, again slipping my cock inside as I held her, my fingers and cocks fighting to go deeper. I pulled the fingers from her cunt out, still fucking her ass as I fucker her pussy with my cock. I was gone at that point, no longer rational. Dela drives me to this, this rapture where I no longer feel myself, I feel only the connection as we fire into each other, melt inside. Her legs were locked up around my head, that wonderful dancers limberness making me drive her down harder, try to grind her hips to dust as I fucked.

We rolled, fucked, slapped asses other to drive the other on. She yelled for me, cried out my name, called me lover, bastard, angel. I think I did the same. I did not care. I only existed to fuck her again, to feel her work me, pulled me inside her. I felt the contraction inside, pulling out to again feel her mouth on me. I placed my cock between her breasts, like fleshy globes to squeeze me. Her mouth sucked me in on each stroke. I was close then, her tongue out waiting again. I screamed out 'yesssss', cum coating her tongue and chin again. I painted her white, more semen than I can ever remember, especially so close to the other orgasm. Dela looked like a crazed woman then, sucking me to get that last drop out. She had gone to that state she calls 'fuck drunk'. I was no longer there, I was a cock for her, her toy then. I watched her cheeks cave in, sucking me, the tongue sliding up and down my shaft, making my toes curl up again. I could watch her do it forever I thought. I knew again, I was lost, her punishment my reward till the next time, when I would again be the one begging, 'yes... please... more... again, yes'

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