tagGay MalePup Ch. 10

Pup Ch. 10


I didn't want to be parted from Gavin. I clung to him as his heavy body covered my smaller one completely, enjoying the weight of him over me. His breath tickled my neck and after a long, intimate silence he spoke quietly.

"How're you feeling, pup?" There was sincerity and slight concern in his voice, but he kept his face buried in my neck so I couldn't see his expression.

"Happy." I murmured back, the quiet contentment filling my body almost too much for one word to describe, but I wanted him to know that I had no regrets. My body ached but in a way that I knew I would cherish.

It would remind me of being with Gavin for the first time, and that was a memory I would treasure for the rest of my life.

"Good. Cause I don't think I'll ever be able to let you go now that I have you." Finally he raised his head and looked over me, his dark eyes so serious and so vulnerable. His voice dipped and I felt my heart clench at his next words. "I don't want to let you go, Matt."

Gavin may have been the one who usually shouldered most of the responsibility between us, he may have been the one who I looked to for guidance on most things, he may have been the one who was introducing me to things about myself I barely knew.. But right now he was just my friend.

Telling me in so many words he was scared of losing me, just like I was scared of losing him.

"Then don't. I don't want you to let go." I reached up to cup his cheek and met his gaze steadily so he knew I was just as serious as he was.

He kissed me then, and it was different than any other kiss we'd shared. I remembered reading the Princess Bride, and one of the lines came to mind as his lips moved so gently, so sweetly over mine.

There have been five great kisses since 1642 B.C... And the precise rating of kisses is a terribly difficult thing, often leading to great controversy... Well, this one left them all behind.

When we finally parted he just smiled at me, and nuzzled his nose against mine in a display of affection that I wouldn't have expected from him. Gavin may have been a bit closed off at first, but he seemed to soften now.

Just for me.

"We should clean up, huh? Let's take a shower pup." I was growing to love being called pup, something about the way Gavin's voice softened when he said it. It was even softer than the way he said my name. I would have to ask him eventually what it meant to him.

But all of my thoughts were scattered as soon as I felt myself being lifted up and carried to the bathroom. I immediately started squirming, he can't just carry me around like a baby- I'm 19 years old!

"Put me down!" I tried to sound firm like I had earlier but my voice came out as a squeak, and I yelp when Gavin slapped my ass casually on the way across the living room.

"Quiet down. If I want to take care of you, I will." I huffed and he just chuckled setting me down once we reached the bathroom to start fiddling with the knobs in the shower, adjusting the temperature until it was just how he wanted it.

I took the moment to take him in, his muscled body and tattooed torso. My mind flashed back to the sight of him over me, the way his muscles moved beneath his skin as he fucked me, the way he so easily manhandled me into whatever position he pleased..

"Someone's enjoying themselves." Gavin's teasing voice cut through my daydreams and I blushed, realizing I had completely zoned out fantasizing about him. I'd only just lost my virginity less than an hour ago and I'm already daydreaming about fucking him again?

The man had skill.

"I was.. Was just thinking." I explained weakly, trying to casually cover my crotch knowing I was growing hard the more I thought about my fantasies.

"Oh no you don't, move your hands pup." The shower was apparently forgotten as all of Gavin's attention honed in on me, and a wicked gleam appeared in his eyes.

"Show me how hard you are for me." I moved my hands and dropped my gaze, unable to hide how much the embarrassment flooding my body only made me ache more.

Gavin walked over to me and cornered me against the counter, his own erection rising as he spoke. "My load is still inside you, but you just want more don't you?" His voice, his beautiful, hypnotic voice, was destroying any rational thoughts I had.

In that moment my only thought was Gavin.

"Yes.." My face was burning but still I was only getting more and more aroused. How did he do this to me so easily?

"Such a needy puppy you are. And all mine." There was a flash of dark satisfaction in his gaze, and suddenly his hands were on me. Turning me around until I was facing the mirror above the sink and bent over the counter.

"I want you to see just how fucking sexy you are when you fall apart for me." His words were husky in my ear and all I could see was my lithe body covered in marks from Gavin's stronger form.

There were slight bruises on my hips in the shape of his hands, my neck was covered in hickeys and strangely.. I wanted more.

I wanted anyone who saw me to know that I had been thoroughly claimed by this man. This man who meant the world to me.

So when Gavin's hands moved over my skin with very little gentleness I didn't complain. He smirked as I shivered and blushed when he spread my cheeks, his heated gaze making me want to squirm.

I could only imagine what he thought when he saw my no longer virgin hole leaking his cum, but thankfully he didn't leave me there aching for long. He pressed the head of his thick shaft into me and slid home, using his own cum for lube as he stretched me open once again.

"You're still so fucking tight." He groaned and I was glad of the mirror, because I could see him as well as I could see myself. I could see the pleasure etched on his face. I could see the way his arms and abs flexed as he held me still while he fucked me, and it was a glorious sight to behold. My attention however, was torn. It was hard to focus on anything besides his ridiculously fat cock in my ass, and yet I couldn't drag my eyes away from him.

But of course, Gavin apparently had no other goal than fucking me until my mind was blank.

He held my hip still with one hand, and with the other he forced me to arch my back further. The action caused him to hit that spot inside me that made the world narrow down to just the sensation Gavin was evoking in me. All thoughts scattered and the only thing I knew was the pleasure Gavin was drawing out of me with impeccable skill.

The shower was still running as Gavin ravaged me, apparently done being gentle now that he knew I was okay. He pounded into me without mercy and I loved him for it. It was too much, but it was just enough. I wanted to be lost in the sensation of him and he gave me that.

Soon I was cumming again, and this time Gavin was right there with me. Filling me again until his cum leaked down my thighs.

By the time he finally pulled away from me I was a wreck, in the mirror I could see the blissful almost mindless expression on my face and the blush that covered my cheeks. Gavin stood behind me, his tattooed chest heaving as he caught his breath and after a moment of admiring his handiwork he helped me up and lead me to the shower.

I was sore and aching and yet I wouldn't have it any other way, I wanted to ache with the reminder of how much Gavin wanted me.

He held me gently though, so different from the way he was when he was fucking me. He washed me slowly as the water rained down on us, his large warm hands cleaning my marked skin with a possessive undertone beneath every touch.

It was heaven, being cared for like this. It reminded me of what Gavin had said earlier, that he wanted to take me apart but also put me back together.

I felt safe in his arms, because I knew no matter how many times I broke, he would put me back together.

Later when we were laying in bed, just talking quietly about nothing- more focused on little touches and soft smiles, my phone rang.

I froze.

The last time my mother called me, and I was sure it was my mother because no one else would bother to call me, it was because she'd decided to act like a mother and give me a curfew. Gavin was watching me closely as I hesitantly reached out to grab my phone and answered it.

"Yeah mom?" My voice was shaking and my heart was beating hard because I was already expecting the worst, my mother was a fickle women on the best of days- but when she got in one of her moods all hell broke loose.

"Where are you? I haven't seen you for days, you haven't checked in with me to let me know where you are, you could've been hurt or kidnapped or killed and I never would've known-" She was already having a fit and I'd barely said a word. I winced as she went on and felt my good mood slowly fade away as my heart grew heavy listening to my mother's ranting. When she finally took a breath I tried to explain calmly.

"Mom, I'm with Gavin remember? I told you before I left, and I haven't been anywhere else. I'm fine." My voice was hesitant as I spoke and I tried not to focus on the frown on Gavin's face that I could see out of the corner of my eye.

"Come home Matthew. Now." My mother's voice had that ridiculous authoritative tone that she got whenever she felt like not only being my mother but also being the disciplinarian of the house. Sometimes I wanted to yell at her that she was about 19 years too late to start trying to be a mother now, but I was stuck in her house so there wasn't much I could do.

She hung up before I could say another word and I was left sitting on Gavin's bed silently, all my previous happiness and relaxation tainted by that one phone call.

"I'll explain that it was my fault for keeping you out so long. You did nothing wrong pup." Gavin reached out to pull me onto his lap, cradling me against his chest and I let his arms be my safe haven from my worries. In his arms I could pretend it would all be fine.

This time when he drove me home Gavin kept one hand entwined with mine while the other was on the wheel, and he told me funny stories of dumb things him and his friends did to try and make me laugh. And it worked, by the time we got to my house I was more relaxed and not as worried as before.

But my mom was waiting at the door when Gavin walked me to the porch and I could already tell she was going to make a scene. It was something about the stubborn set of her chin and the way her eyes were narrowed as she looked at me.

I headed inside after I reluctantly let go of Gavin's hand, and missed the dirty look my mom shot him before following me into the house. The minute I entered the light of the foyer I froze when I felt my mom's eyes burning into me.

I didn't realize my biggest mistake until my mom started yelling.

"What is on your neck?" She grabbed by chin and jerked my head to the side to examine my neck, which was covered in dark hickeys and bite marks I had foolishly forgotten to cover up. "What happened to you, it looks like you've been attacked!"

"Mom, calm down. They're just hickeys." I pulled away from her and looked for Gavin instinctively, only to feel a slight fear when I remembered he was probably on his way home by now.

"And who gave them to you? You were with Gavin-" I could tell the exact moment she figured it out. Her eyes grew cold and her voice was sharp enough to make me flinch when she continued. "Gavin did this to you?"

"Mom, it's fine. Calm down." I tried weakly but the obvious revulsion in her gaze made me want to hide.

"Patricia's been telling me about how deviant Gavin's become and I was hesitant to let you go with him after I found out, and now I see I should have done something sooner. He will not turn you into a.. A faggot." She spit out the word and I felt the blood drain from my face, never expecting to have a word filled with so much hatred flung around like it was nothing- and by my own mother.

"Mom you can't be serious." Was all I could get out before my I had to take a minute to wrap my head around what she just said. "What did Gavin's mom say?"

"She told me that ever since they moved to New York Gavin had been running around with those.. boys and freaks covered in tattoos and piercings, just completely running wild. I thought maybe you would be a good influence on him so I let you hang out with him a bit, but look what he's done to you! He's trying to turn you into one of them." She sounded genuinely concerned beneath her disgust and that somehow made it all worse.

"Mom, he's not turning me into anything." I pointed out quietly.

"You're not a fag Matthew. You've.. you've never been with any other boys like this before." She frowned and crossed her arms over her chest, and I knew she was digging her heels in- getting ready to disregard whatever I had to say, but I had to try.

"I've never been with anyone before, mom. And stop saying that word. Gavin's gay, and I'm his boyfriend." I didn't know if we were actually boyfriends, we'd never said the actual word but he said I was his. That had to count for something, and I had the feeling if I used anything less than definite terms my mother wouldn't listen.

"No you're not! I won't allow it." My mother's voice was rising in pitch and I couldn't handle it anymore. I took out my phone and texted Gavin that I needed him to come pick me up, and right after I pressed send my mother snatched my phone away from me.

"Oh no you don't. I will not allow you to stay with that unnatural boy." I flinched at the hatred that filled her voice and went upstairs to pack some clothes as quick as I could before going back downstairs to wait on the porch for Gavin.

My mother grabbed at my arm trying to bring me back into the house but she couldn't scream at me, because god forbid the neighbors found out her son was one of them.

I dodged her hand and stood on the porch steps, silently urging Gavin to hurry up.

"Matthew Roberts get in this house right now!" She kept her voice quiet enough that the neighbors wouldn't hear but the demand in her voice was clear. But I ignored her as best I could, trying to block out memories of previous fights in family. Before my dad died she and my dad would have the same kind of fights, yelling inside, barely civil tones outside.

I hated it.

Thankfully Gavin apparently hadn't gotten far because he pulled up to the house in only a few minutes.

I ran to him and he immediately took me in his arms, glaring over my shoulder at my mother. I could hear her approaching and then to make things worse I heard Ms. Hunt's voice joining in a few minutes later.

"What's going on Karen?" Then she saw me in Gavin 's arms and let out a quiet sound of disgust. "I didn't know Matt was one of them."

"He's not, Patricia, Gavin's trying to turn him into a fag." My mother whined and I saw in that moment how desperate she was for Ms. Hunt's approval.

Of course, now it all made sense. My mother usually didn't care enough about me to throw this big of a fuss over anything I did.

My mother wanted to impress her fancy friend from New York by being just as bigoted and hateful as Ms. Hunt was.

"Gavin how could you?" His mother was appalled, and she went too far when she continued. "Leave that nice young boy this instant. Don't ruin his life like you ruined yours."

That was when Gavin snapped.

"Matt is 19, he's a legal adult so you have no fucking say what he does or who he's with. And you mom," he spit out the word like it was the nicest thing he could have called a woman like Patricia Hunt. "You don't have any say over me anymore. So both of you can shut the fuck up."

"Matt.. Matt still lives with me, so he has to follow my rules." My mother argued even though she was starting to look doubtful. Unfortunately Gavin's mother had no such hesitation.

"Exactly. If Matt doesn't do as his mother says she can cut him off." I hated Gavin's mom in that moment. There was an ugly smile on her lips, like she was happy to cause her son misery.

"I'll take care of Matt. He's the only reason I came back with you to this place anyway." My gaze snapped to Gavin and I gaped at him, shocked by the enormity of his statement.

"But Gavin-" I started, not sure what I could do but not wanting to have him be put under the pressure of trying to support me when we were just barely a couple.

"Do you trust me pup?" He turned his dark eyes to me and suddenly it was like our mothers stopped mattering. It was just the two of us.

"Of course. But-" I admitted, and even though I had my doubts, I couldn't help the small kernel of hope growing in my chest.

"Then trust me to take care of you. We'll figure something out." He smiled at me then, and even though it was strained it still put me more at ease.

Our mothers were still glaring at us from across the lawn but when Gavin opened the car door for me I got in obediently. Before Gavin drove off I saw my mother embracing Gavin's mom, who was watching us leave with unfiltered hatred in her eyes.

It sent a chill down my spine, but I just gripped Gavin's hand tighter.

It was going to be alright.

It had to be.

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