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It was finally a nice day. I thought winter would never let go but spring seemed to have a solid grip on my town now and I was headed home from work with some plans to get started on a lot of those outdoor jobs that were waiting. My wife Christina and I live in a new suburban development so our yard still needs a lot of TLC to transform it from a square of grass and a couple trees. Funny that I am excited to be digging and planting but when you spend your whole day behind a desk working on computer code anything that uses some muscles is a nice break. Well, at least I think that.

I made the turn into my driveway and was surprised to see Christina standing in our side yard leaning on a golf club and talking with a man that was probably our new neighbor. I had seen him a few times coming and going but I hadn't met him since he moved into the house to our north just three weeks ago. Christina turned and waved while I pulled up to the garage.

I hopped out of the car and headed over. Christina smiled at me which never fails to make me smile back. She is so beautiful even when, like now, she was just wearing a Chicago Bears sweatshirt and black yoga pants. Her legs look amazing in yoga pants. The sweatshirt concealed the best part of her in yoga pants since it hung down past her nice tight butt. Maybe my plans to work in the yard will need a short diversion to take her inside for a bit.

"Hi Dave, this is Jake," my wife introduced her companion. "He is our new neighbor and just stopped by to say hi."

Jake extended his hand as I approached. "Hello Dave. Nice to finally get a chance to meet you," he said warmly. Jake was probably 6' 1", as he had a small advantage in height over me, and looked to be about our age. My guess is thirty plus or minus three years. "I was just headed off to work when I saw Christina taking some practice swings."

"Guess what Jake does?" Christina asked. "He is a golf pro over at Dillon Park County Club."

I could see golf pro. He was tall, lean and wearing the classic country club outfit of golf slacks and a golf shirt. I bet he made a killing with the country club wives wanting to take private lessons. He kind looked like the actor playing Super Man in recent movies.

I clasped hands with him for a standard firm handshake. "Nice to meet you Jake. Headed into work at six o'clock?" I asked.

"I have to give a lesson and then attend a board meeting," Jake said. "I work pretty normal daytime hours but at least once a week I have evening obligations so I get to head in later. Sorry to say hi and then run but I have got to get going. Another time for a beer maybe?" he said with a smile before turning and heading to his car.

"He seems nice. How did you happen to be in the side yard with a golf club and meet a handsome golf pro?" I asked while chuckling. The strangest coincidences always seem to follow her. She is the luckiest person I have ever met. Things go her way all the time and I guess that is why she often seems a bit naïve. When everything always works out why would you be aware or worried about anything?

"I was cleaning out the garage. I figured the nice weather called for some work instead of just lounging around. I had been reorganizing that back corner where we keep all the summer stuff and I found my clubs. I want to get better at golf so you won't feel like I am a burden when we go play together," she said while giving me a kind of guilty look.

"I don't think you are a burden. I love playing golf with you even though it does ruin my game to be staring at you all the time," I teased while headed for the garage. It really wasn't a problem to play with her but Christina is very competitive and I know it bothers her to be bad at something. "Hey, you made some great progress on the garage," I said on seeing the changes. The summer stuff was out front now and the winter stuff tucked away. "I am going to change and get some yard work done. Dinner around 7:30?" I asked.

"Sure, we are just having left-overs," she answered. "I am going to get these last things put away in here and then get cleaned up and I will see you for dinner."

About seven o'clock I had finished up removing sod from a new planting bed near the front walk. I was pretty beat and decided to call it for this evening. Maybe I could catch Christine in the shower. I wasn't too beat for that.

I came in quietly and the kitchen was empty. Maybe I got lucky and she really was in the shower. Sneaking back toward our bedroom I didn't hear the shower but I heard something better. There was the rhythmic buzzing of Christina's friend accompanied by an occasional soft moan. I was hard instantly. I love when I overhear her having fun.

"I bet she is picturing Jake," I thought. I mean if I had just met a new hot neighbor I might rub one out too. To be honest, when I met Julie Carson from across the street for the first time I did rub one out. No harm in a bit of fantasy. I have had wild passionate sex with Julie in all sorts of porn film scenarios. All in my head of course. I slunk back downstairs to give her a minute of privacy. Christina gets embarrassed when I catch her using Mr. Friendly. I banged the door and got some ice from the refrigerator and then headed back up the stairs.

"Honey, I am going to hop in the shower," I said as I ascended the stairs. By the time I got to our bedroom suite she was standing at her dresser putting on a tank top over some jean shorts. She smiled at me with a bit of lust in her eyes. I gave her a quick grope on the way past. "After dinner, maybe we can have some fun," I said and she stuck her hip out and looked over her shoulder at me. "It's a date," she purred.

I felt a stirring in my dick while I was in the shower thinking about Christina. She is either extremely naïve or she is extremely sly about her sex appeal. I have been married to her for five years and I still can't say which it is. She is five foot six with a slim athletic body. Her breasts are perfect for me, just big enough to look good in all style of clothes without being so large they look fake or make her top heavy. I don't know about cup sizes, etc. All I know is most men have to steal glances at her when she is bopping around. Does she know she is creating fantasies? Again, she seems oblivious but she certainly isn't stupid.

After dinner we were sitting out on our back porch drinking some wine and enjoying the cool evening. I glanced over toward Jake's house and asked, "so, what did you and your new friend talk about before I got home?" I had just a hint of friendly accusation in my voice.

"He asked me how's my golf game," she answered without seeming to take my bait. "I laughed and told him it was horrible. I want to be better and told him I hate being bad at things. He introduced himself and told me about being the new pro at the club," she continued.

"He asked me to take a couple of swings. I did and he said that I have decent mechanics which I guess is a good thing. That is about when you came into the driveway. Our total conversation was probably five minutes," she finished.

"He seemed like a nice enough guy," I said. "Maybe he can give you a few pointers on your game," I added. I kept my voice as neutral as possible. I wasn't jealous. Christina isn't about to go chasing after the neighbor or allow herself to be chased after. I have spent seven years watching guys orbit her and she never crosses the line. She can be flirty at times but again, not sure if it is innocence or subtlety but she keeps herself safe.

"That would be great. You wouldn't mind me asking him to help me with my swing?" she asked.

"No, that's fine by me. Maybe he can help me as well. I haven't been scoring as well this last year or two. I think the problem is in my head more than my swing though. Maybe I need to find a neighbor who is a psychologist," I joked.

"Ha, then you could work on more than just your golf game," she said with a restrained laugh and a twinkle in her eyes.

"You love all my idiosyncrasies," I shot back.

"Well, I love you in spite of them!"

I grabbed her and pulled her out of her chair. "Hey be nice," I exclaimed while I crushed her to me. "As long as you love me I guess I will have to put up with your mean streak."

"Time for that date your promised me earlier," she declared as she twisted out of my arms and took off inside the house giggling over her shoulder. "Well, if that wasn't an invitation to chase and ravage her I don't know what is," I thought as I took off after her.

The trail of shoes, shirt, shorts, and assorted other clothes that led from the porch to the bedroom explained why two naked bodies were twisted together in a heap on the bed twenty minutes later. We were a sweaty, laughing, smiling, cuddling mess. My arm was draped across her hip and my fingertips were lightly brushing through the small, sparse patch of hair she keeps above her slit. I was idly thinking about whether I could get her to shave completely when she said, "so, I think I will try to ask Jake about golf lessons tomorrow."

Now that was unexpected. Bringing up another guy while my fingers are playing near her pussy. "Great, but I think I may want another shot at this hole tonight," I said as I slid my finger down and into her wetness. "What do you think this is a par 5?" she asked and rolled over and kissed me. My dick began to harden for round two and all I could think about was the sexy woman in my arms.

Christina succeeded in arranging some golf lessons with Jake. She had been going to the club once a week for lessons at the driving range and then on Tuesday afternoons they worked on chipping and short shots in the side yard between our houses. They were usually finishing up when I got home from work. It became normal for me to run in and change and come back out with three beers and meet them on the back patio.

As I came out with the beers I saw Jake passing a $5 bill to Christina. "Take your money," I overheard him say. "Thank you sir," replied Christina.

"What's with the cash?" I asked as I handed each their drink.

"We had a bet on whether I could chip ten balls in a row into the bucket or not. I got thirteen," Christina said with a small fist pump in Jakes direction. Competition is probably her number one motivator. Christina grew up with three brothers and everything was a competition in their house. Thankfully she doesn't truly gamble because the words "I bet you" can have power over her.

"She is getting her short game down," said Jake. "I am impressed with how much more control she has on distance compared to a few weeks ago. I may have to be a lot more careful with my bets. She is already up $20 this week." He smiled and shook his head.

"Want to stay for some dinner?" I asked. "I think we are just going to grill something."

"No thanks. I have a date tonight," he replied with a shit eating grin. "I better kill this beer and get going so I can get ready."

"Yeah, don't want to keep a girl waiting," blurted out Christina.

"Well, if this date goes well enough for a follow-up date maybe we can all go out sometime," Jake replied.

"Good luck. If she is crazy enough to go out with you a second time we would be happy to try to talk some sense into her," I joked.

It was Tuesday, six weeks later. I was headed home to meet Jake and Christina after their lesson and then we were all going to pick up Amber, Jake's girlfriend, for dinner and some dancing. Jake had managed to have a good first date and Amber had been impressed enough to hang around. I liked her. She was sort of the opposite of Christina. She was curvy. She was hot tempered. She was clearly sensual and used it as a super power. The four of us usually had a lot of fun when we got together.

I got out of the car and waved to Jake and Christina. They looked like they had finished up and were just standing there with a club in hand chatting. "Want a quick beer before we head out?" I yelled over. "Sure, meet you on the patio," Jake yelled back. I noticed Christina was wearing a cute golf outfit today. Tight fitting purple golf shirt and a black golf skirt. Wow, her legs looked incredible. I wondered what the occasion was.

As I came out onto the porch I heard Jake say, "pink." "Nope," Christina replied and Jake passed over a five and then a one. There was no further explanation. It seemed that money was constantly on the way back and forth between the two of them. They bet on number of chip shots in the bucket. Who was closest to the bucket? Who could bounce it three times and get it in the bucket. I wasn't sure what pink meant but it was probably some part of their silly golf games.

We chatted about plans for the evening and drank our beers. Twenty minutes later Jake headed home and we went inside to change for our night out.

In the bedroom Christina pulled off her golf shirt and skirt. I got a bit of a boner right there as she moved around in her green thong and matching bra. She noticed my bulge as I was changing my pants. "Thanks for the compliment honey but we don't have time," she said as she stroked her hand across the front of my pants.

"I know but a man can dream. By the way, what was Jake saying when I came out to the patio? I heard him say 'pink' and you said no."

"Oh, just another silly bet. I won another $1 from him. I think that makes me about even with him for the month," she replied.

"Yeah, I figured it was a bet but what kind of bet?" I asked.

"Well, he was guessing what color of thong I was wearing," she said completely straight faced. It was like she had said he was guessing how many apples she could hold in her hand.

"What? You were betting about your thong? Has he been seeing your thong?" I asked with more heat in my voice than I should have used.

"Honey calm down. It is just a bet. We kind of ran out of golf bets. I mean we still bet on those things but we have fun with all sorts of other bets. I was squatting down to pick up all the golf balls and he said, 'If you were Amber I could probably see what color your thong is with how much her clothes move around on her.' And I said, 'Maybe I am not wearing any.'"

"He laughed and said, 'now that sounds even more like Amber.'"

"I then bet him he couldn't guess what color it was. I told him I would give five to one odds. That is when you came out as he guessed pink. Clearly, you can see the correct answer was green," she said and smiled while thrusting her hip out in a sexy pose.

I wasn't sure I liked my wife betting about personal details like her underwear. "Have you been betting other things like that? Seems kind of personal," I said.

"It isn't a big deal and no. But, I don't see why we wouldn't in the future. It is harmless fun. Besides, I think five to one gives me good odds to win. I am pretty sure I have at least seven or eight different colors plus I could always go commando to give me nine variations," she said and again it seemed like it was really not a big deal. Naïve or puppet master?

Well, dinner and dancing was fun that evening but I was a bit distracted compared to normal. I watched Christina and Jake like a hawk. Was there any sign that they were crossing a line? I hadn't been jealous until now but I didn't see any sign of anything. Christina was totally with me that evening. She joked equally with Jake and Amber. There wasn't any lovey eyes or touching or anything between Christina and Jake. Of course there were some bets like who could do a shot and then say the alphabet backwards faster. All in good fun.

By the end of the evening I had calmed down and was looking forward to getting Christina home. She had teased my hormone levels all evening. She was wearing a green sequined dress that hugged her body and came down to mid-thigh. The dress combined with some sexy heels put her at the perfect height for my hands to be on her tight ass half the night. I spent all the slow dances with her tits pressed against my chest or discretely cupped in my hand. I spent all the fast numbers watching those same tits bounce around. By midnight when we were leaving the club I had forgotten about my fears.

I was talking with the valet about our car when I heard Christina say "green" over my shoulder. I turned to see Jake smiling and nodding. I glanced at Amber to see if she knew what was going on but she was just spinning in place like a good party girl should.

As we entered our bedroom Christina reached for her zipper. I grabbed her and threw her on the bed, reached under her skirt and pulled her thong down her long legs. "Green," I said. "So Jake knows what color of thong I just took off my wife, doesn't he?"

"Yes." Christina propped herself up on her elbows and looked at me as she spread her legs apart at the knees.

I dove into her pussy. I love the smell of an aroused woman and I love the way Christina tastes. I raked my tongue up and down her slit and paused to flick back and forth from her clit to the hole.

"He asked what color they were so he might improve his chances for next time. So I told him," she panted. I don't know why but the fear and worry from earlier was replaced by the need to claim her. I slid upward while dropping my pants and impaled her. She was very wet and easily penetrated. I slammed into her while kissing her neck and ears.

I think she sensed that I was staking my claim and encouraged me with a lot of animalistic grunts and moans. "Finish in me. We can risk it. I shouldn't be fertile this week," she moaned. Normally we use condoms but tonight I was willing to risk it and unloaded a warm sticky delivery into her womb. She convulsed as my load hit home, wrapping her legs around me and cumming as well.

I rolled off her and propped myself up on my arm so I could see her oozing pussy. I have to admit that there is something primal and hot about seeing a woman leaking cum. Christina must have been having similar thoughts as she ran her finger through her slit and held it up for inspection. As she dragged her finger through a second time she gave a little quiver as a post orgasmic shock ran up her body.

"That was really hot babe," she said. "I liked being attacked. What caused that so we can do it again?" she asked.

"Nothing but your sexy body in that amazing dress," I lied. I wasn't ready to admit to her or to myself that I was jealous of Jake and inspired by that jealousy.

The next day at work I wasted several hours dwelling on the Christina -- Jake stuff. I went so far as to write out my "evidence" on a notepad. When I was done I had "1. Spend a lot of time together. 2. Share intimate details about personal items." in the suspicious column. In the nothing going on column I had, "1. No obvious sexual tension. 2. She has been honest as far as I can tell." I am not going to be one of those guys that jumps to conclusions and ends up pushing my wife away and into someone else's arms so I decided to just let it drop and enjoy my wife and my friends.

Tuesday afternoon again found me pulling into my driveway while Christina and Jake were hitting flop shots. They waved and Christina came over to greet me with a light kiss. "Amber is coming over and we are going to cook out and drink. Go put on something comfortable and meet us on the patio," she said with a smile.

I replied, "great, sounds like fun." My eyes scanned my wife as she turned away to lead Jake around back. She had on a sleeveless yellow golf shirt that was very clingy and I could clearly make out her nipples. Was she braless? Surely not. Christina never went without a bra no matter how much I told her that she was built for it and how much it turned me on.

As I was in the bedroom I decided to linger and spy out the window. Jake and Christina moved to the back patio and I saw her pass him some money. She smiled and looked down at her chest. Jake's eyes also took in her chest. They then looked up and laughed. Christina then headed for the house and I headed downstairs.

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