tagBDSMPuppy Girl's Nipple Piercing

Puppy Girl's Nipple Piercing


He snapped the clothespin on her tongue, "Puppies don't talk."

Tears pricked her eyes and saliva quickly pooled in her mouth and threatened to overflow. The sounds issuing from her were appropriate puppy whimpers- not because she was orchestrating them to be so, but because they simply were. His cock twitched at the sounds, and it was difficult for Him not to smile as He looked at His pet.

"Up girl!"

His command lifted her to her knees, elbows in to her sides, fingers curved and just the sides of her breasts. His boot kicked her knees apart and He could see her hard clit sticking out from her shaven pussy lips. He had considered letting the hair grow their, but He liked being able to see her clit. It always told on her.

He reached down tugged at one of the now healed pierced nipples which still held the ring from the original piercing. She'd been surprised by that. Strapping her spread eagle to His examination table, He had groomed her as He normally did. He'd waxed her and then probed and inspected her cunt and ass. Inserting two fingers deep into her cunt, He'd twisted them around, telling her, "Good girl, your cunt feels tight. Very good girl- very wet." Pulling His fingers to His nostrils, He'd inhaled deeply before putting the fingers into her mouth, searching inside her mouth and so wiping her cunt juices all over the inside of her mouth.

Then He placed a wooden block between her teeth and said, "Bite down and hold. Do not let it go until I tell you to, girl."


His hands moved to investigate her breasts. He bent and bit her nipple sucking long and hard on it. She arched to Him. Her neck was secured to the table so she could not lift her head to watch Him. He wiped her nipple with the alcohol swap and watched the bud tighten even more. Pulling the nipple taunt, He pushed the piercing needle through and heard her scream behind the wood board in her teeth. "Shhh shhhh. There, there girl," He rubbed her belly after He inserted the ring. Finally, His eyes went to her face. Leaning close, He said, "That wasn't so bad. One more."

She sucked in her belly and her eyes went wild, but her teeth remained clamped on the board. She knew what was coming this time and her body tensed in anticipation of the sharp pain. He quickly pierced her second nipple, reached and removed the wooden block from her teeth. She was panting hard. Her wet eyes, panting mouth, and new nipple rings were too much. He released her ankle straps, pushed her knees up, and mounted her. He fucked her hard and fast with long stabbing strokes, His eyes glued to her nipple rings bouncing from His thrusts.


He smiled at the memory and removed the clothespin from her tongue. "Pet, how will I know where you are?" She crinkled her brows confused by His question, but she did not speak. He tugged on one of the nipple rings. Her eyes closed and moans of pleasure came out her throat. Her pussy heated and she began to bounce up and down as if trying to ride an invisible cock. The action was causing her clit to hit against the grass.

"Cunt need something?" He asked with a laugh.

She nodded.

"Want it rubbed?"

She nodded vigorously, drool now dripping down her chin.

"Sit back, pet."

She planted her ass on the grass.

"Now rub your cunt."

She knew better than to use her hands, and His stare warned her not to do so. She needed no further prodding though. Her heated cunt needed friction. She ground her cunt against the grass, working her cunt back and forth, bending forward trying to get her clit to hit and rub at the right spot. Her neck stretched as she fucked the grass. He held on to the nipple ring, the pad of His thumb rubbing her nipple.


He knew His pet and watched in satisfaction as her body stiffened and then shook with her orgasm.

"Roll over."

On her back, knees and arms bent in puppy-form, she stared up at Him. He reached into His pocket and pulled out what look like two little decorative silver bell with a ring attached to the top of each. He shook them, and they made a tiny tinkling sound. He removed her nipple rings and replaced them with the bells. He flicked each one in turn. Her moan did not drown out the sound. He smiled.

Standing with her leash in hand, He called, "Heel," and she turned over onto all fours and moved to His heel. He unsnapped the leash. She was busy looking down at the bells on her breasts. He threw her red chew toy a little distance away. Swatting her ass, he said, "Fetch girl!" Automatically, she lifted her head and looked for her toy. She moved on all fours towards her toy. He sat on the grass and laughed heartily as He heard the bells ringing as she moved. When she returned with the toy in her mouth, He squeezed her breasts and flicked the bells a few times before taking the toy from her mouth. Then He pulled her onto His lap on her back. She held her knees and arms in the right puppy position. He rubbed her open pussy and then went back to playing with her nipple bells. "Now I will always know where you are, pet."

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