tagBDSMA Woman's Chastity Belt Torment

A Woman's Chastity Belt Torment


At last I have you in my arms. We are together and naked. We kiss passionately on the bed, with me on top of you. I can feel the wetness between your legs and you can feel my raging hard-on, as I want you so badly.

I turn over with you and you are now on top of me, ready to straddle me and shove my cock up inside of you and give you what you crave.

Instead I lift you easily with my strong arms and spin you effortlessly so that your head is facing my feet, your ass in my face. I lick your pussy as you quiver, and I enjoy the sound of you gasping as my tongue touches your asshole for the first time. And you...once you have gathered yourself from your surprise of being lifted, spun, and licked all in a matter of seconds, take the shaft of my cock into your mouth hungrily, licking and slurping it, enjoying its hardness and thinking of the eventual reward a good blow job can provide a girl.

I love to watch a girl's ass rise and fall from below her as her pussy is being licked and the orgasmic crescendo builds. Her breathing becomes quicker. Most begin to tremble slightly. She moans. She gasps. She makes that wonderful sound, that muffled, "ummmph," she struggles to make with a cock in the back of her throat. And you do it too, as I continue to lick your pussy and asshole while you shake. Your asshole muscles begin to contract involuntarily while my tongue probes your pussy. Each time I lick your clitoris, your asshole clenches slightly, as your pelvic floor muscles begin to get that feeling again, the one you love so much; the feeling you are about to cum.

You are right there, on the edge of orgasm, further along than I am, and I know this. This is when I have you, my dear.

Now I slow down, teasing you with my tongue for a few seconds, then pausing for a few seconds while I lick your inner thighs and run the tips of my fingers along your lower back, ass, and legs. There is a reason I do this: A woman on the edge of orgasm is one who can be controlled.

After several minutes of frustrated bliss, I am ready to cum. The wonderful sight of your ass bucking and shaking, trying to force itself to orgasm is too much for me. This is why I have to stop...for now.

I lift you off of me and lay you down onto the bed on your stomach. I climb on top of you, placing my rock hard cock at the top of your ass crack, right at your lower back. You are so ready for me, as I rock back and forth, rubbing my cock against your ass as I massage your back muscles.

Next, you feel something on your right wrist. Surprised, you turn your head and see a shiny pair of police handcuffs are fastened there. You try to pull your right arm away, but I have a hold of the other end of the cuffs, as well as your left wrist. I quickly bring both arms behind your back and cuff your wrists together within seconds. Now I have you.

You struggle against the cuffs, attempting uselessly to pull your arms apart, and then trying to pulling your slender wrists through the openings. But I have tightened them too much for this to be possible. I stand there with my ever stiffening cock pointing straight at you while you contemplate your predicament.

"Why did you handcuff me?" you ask.

"I like all my women in handcuffs."

Next, you do what every girl thinks she can do with her hands cuffed behind her: You try to pull your arms under your ass so that at least your wrists will be in front of you-a more comfortable position. But I am no fool. I have placed the rings of the cuffs above the bones of your lower wrists, making this impossible. Your wrists are locked behind you to stay.

Ready to explode, I lift you up and place you onto your knees in front of me while I stand over you. You take my cock back into your mouth and suck it wildly. I feel that familiar feeling again-the point of no return-as my balls begin to rise (a physiological requirement for a man to be able to orgasm), and the muscles just below my scrotum begin to knot up. Then I explode into your mouth, making sure to hold your head in place in case you decide not to swallow. I shoot long and deeply into the back of your throat, my salty semen taking with it all the lust my loins could possibly hold until I shudder as you swallow one last gulp.

I quickly take you up into my arms, my prick still stiff and wet from your saliva and my semen. I gently lay you face-down onto the bed. I climb next to you on the right and begin to kiss your mouth as I caress your cuffed wrists, then your ass. I then turn you gently to your back and, allowing you to squirm to find a comfortable position for your hands, spread your legs wide and begin licking your pussy again. I bring you along more slowly this time, taking my time to get you fully aroused and your juices flowing.

Time after time I bring you, my dear captive, to the brink of orgasm. You beg and beg me to let you cum. You plead with me to release the handcuffs, and you begin once again to make futile attempts to escape them.

After bringing you to the brink the first two times, you attempt to conceal your pending orgasm, knowing that I will stop licking you once I think you are about to cum. But I am one step ahead of you, as I can feel your pelvic floor muscles between your pussy and asshole begin to contract and quiver-a sure sign a woman is about to climax. By the sixth time I have you on the edge, you are screaming at me. There is more lust in you now than you can ever recall in your young life and you want to cum more than you have ever before.

But letting you come, my dear, would be too easy, now wouldn't it?

Remember when I said that a woman on the verge of orgasm is one who can be controlled?

I quickly turn you onto your stomach. I reach under the bed to retrieve the special shoes I bought just for you: 5-inch black patent spiked heels. They are not your regular 4-inch heels you see so many girls these days prancing about rather easily in. These, obviously, are an inch higher-"hooker heels"-as I've heard some call them, and significantly more difficult for a woman to master.

I slip them onto your feet quickly, buckling the straps around your gorgeous, slender ankles.

You feel something warm and strange around your asshole. "What is that," you wonder to yourself. Next you feel cold steel around your waist. Attempting to turn over, dizzy, and with a throbbing pussy, you ask me what the hell I am doing. I keep you on your stomach, however, as you feel more steel around your crotch and then feel an overwhelming tightening of the steel around your waist. You feel your pussy being penetrated now and you welcome this, though you can tell it isn't a man's cock, and are disappointed that what I have inserted only stays there, still, without thrusting back and forth and giving you the pleasure you so desperately need.

"That's a vaginal plug, my dear," I say. "And now I am going to insert the anal plug." I slip the plug into your ass gently and easily, thanks to the warm gel I just placed on your asshole.

You feel so full now and the feeling is overwhelming.

"What I am placing onto you, woman, is a stainless steel chastity belt. It has a locking waist band and a thin 'thong' band that goes from the front of the waist band, down between your legs, and locks onto the back of the waist band." You gasp at my words.

"The 'thong' part snaps onto both the vaginal and anal plugs so that, once the thong is locked onto the waist belt in the back, the plugs cannot be removed."

Next I snap both of the plugs and lock the thong onto the back of waist band with a small Master lock.

"This is where the fun begins," I tell you. Horrified, you see me holding a small device. "Looks like a remote," you think to yourself.

It is.

I turn it on and the plugs begin to vibrate as you moan your relief. The vaginal plug even has a small arm extending from it that massages your clitoris. Your pussy begins to pulsate as vibration from the plug in your ass is mind-blowing.

"Oh my God!" you say, as you no longer care about the belt or your cuffed hands.

"Did you hear me, girl?" This is where the fun begins-for me anyhow. "The part that goes around your waist has a built-in heart rate monitor. You know, just like the ones you see people wearing on their wrists or around their chests or waists at the gym."

You are barely listening to me because your are bucking wildly, preparing yourself for the greatest orgasm of your lifetime-spreading your legs far apart, wiggling your toes, taking deep breaths, tugging at your handcuffs. You are a slave to the vibrating plugs.

"A woman orgasms at about 110 to 115 heart beats per minute."

Now I have your attention.

"And I set the shut-off at 105 for you."

You don't believe me as you tense your leg muscles and bow your back to begin cumming. But the plugs are suddenly dead-not humming around inside of you and providing the salvation for your predicament.

But you were on the verge! You attempt to maneuver the chastity belt with your cuffed hands to bring some sort of stimulation to your throbbing pussy, but to no avail. You scream at the chastity belt. You scream at me.

"This thing is going to be locked onto you all day, woman." I say. "Once you get to 105 bpm, it will shut off for about 45 seconds, then start humming away again. You can't beat it. It is physiologically impossible. You will be on the brink of cumming all day long and there isn't a thing you can do about it. All sorts of things will be conjured up in that mind of yours due to your torment. You may offer to do anything for me, to pay me, or even to sell your soul to the Devil himself just to cum one time, but you won't be allowed to. There are worse ways to spend your day, my lady, though I currently can't think of any." It is 10:35 a.m.

I leave you in the house alone in your torment, just as the plugs begin to vibrate again, bringing you to the brink within minutes and shutting off for the second time. This is when reality runs up your spine and it hits you: You're not ever going to get to cum.

You do your best for the next half hour or so to get out of the cuffs and to remove the chastity belt. Finally, you decide to walk carefully in your sky-high stilettos into the kitchen to get a knife and, figuring that the plugs must have some sort of power cord between themselves and the belt, you use your cuffed hands and attempt ever so carefully to slide the knife into the space between the thong crotch of the belt and your skin, hoping you can cut this cord and shut off the torturous vibrations.

But there are no cords to be found, and you drop the knife, curse God, and with your pussy and ass humming and your feet aching you collapse to the floor just as the belt shuts off again. It is 11:10 a.m.

The next thing you do is to maneuver your hands to your feet, while lying on the floor, and unbuckle the ankle straps and remove those awful shoes. Then you go to lie on the bed face down to accommodate your cuffed wrists. You can't help but writhe in frustrated bliss as your confused body seems to beg you for relief as the plugs whirl away.

I arrive back home at 12:45 a.m. to find you writhing on the bed, soaking with sweat, tormented by your new stainless steel friend you were introduced to only about 2 hours before.

"Every woman in Hell must have one of these things locked onto her," I say to you, as the thought of an eternity on the verge of orgasm without release makes you shudder.

"Fuuuck You!!!" you scream at the top of your lungs.

"My goodness, how you have changed in the past 2 hours," I say, as you look at me with disgust.

"Please, oh my God, Jesus, please take this thing off of me! I surrender, I am yours, I will do whatever you want. I will have lesbian sex with my best fucking friend-fucking call her up right now and I will tell her myself, but....ummmmmm!... I have to get out of this thing!"

"And I really have to pee, too," you say.

"Why did you remove your heels," I ask you.

"My feet hurt," you reply.

"Then your feet will be adorned for the rest of the day in shoes you cannot remove."

"What the hell...oh God, that thing is vibrating again...ooooooooooooooh, what are you talking about 'shoes you can't remove?'"

I go to the next room and quickly come back out holding a pair of shoes much like the ones I put onto you in the morning. I lay you down onto the bed as you resist me wildly. I place the shoes onto your feet as you notice a slight difference. These shoes have locking ankle straps. 5 inches high with a small Master lock about one inch in size to lock the strap around the ankle. The add on the internet site that sold these said, "to keep her from kicking off those pretty heels."

You curse me for being such a "fucking pervert." Then you tell me that only a pervert could think of something as devious as locking a pair of high heels onto a woman.

I ignore you.

Next I lift you up off of the bed and stand you up next to me. My God, how beautiful you are. A magnificent creature standing before me clad in devastatingly high locking stilettos and a locking chastity belt with your wrists locked behind you.

"You can't pee with the belt on, honey," I say. "It's too tight."

"Those 2 hours of sexual torment have stimulated your bladder to fill. This is why many people have to pee after sex. I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait."

I go to the closet next and retrieve a long trench coat. I place it around you and tell you, "We're going out."

You can't believe what you just heard.

Despite your protests and quite significant about of struggling, I am able to tie the belt of the coat around your waist so that it looks like you just have your hands at your sides and I am able to get you into the car and head off to the video store. Once there, I have to drag you out of the car and practically push you inside.

"Honey," I say, "No one knows your hands are cuffed behind you, they just think you are cold," I say.

You are mortified. You do your best to navigate in the 5-inch heels, worried you might lose your balance, worried you may see someone you know and they may want to shake hands, worried that they may wonder why you are wearing those outrageous shoes and why they have what looks like locks on them. All of this while trying to maintain your poise with a full bladder and while your insides are about to explode in orgasmic bliss thanks to those pesky torturous plugs.

We get out of there pretty quickly, to your relief, with the DVD and head home.

You don't say a word on the way; you just moan each time the belt comes on, then curse a few minutes later the moment the humming stops. When we arrive, I get out of the car first and go over to your side, unbuckle the seat belt, and assist you in getting out. Then I watch you tip toe in those magnificent shoes into the house, careful not to lose your balance as your arms are useless.

I work fast. Standing you up at the edge of the bed with your back to me, I remove the trenchcoat. I take out the chastity remote, turn it off in mid-hum, and then take out the chastity key and unlock the belt from the back. Then I unsnap the anal plug from the belt, allowing that plug to stay inside your ass as I remove the belt completely, vaginal plug included, from you.

The anal plug is impossible for a woman to remove without the use of her hands, as the portion of the plug that the anal sphincter muscles wrap around is about a half inch in diameter, whereas the portion inside your body immediately increases significantly in diameter to about one and a quarter inches so that the plug cannot simple be "pushed" out. (There is a wonderfully erotic depiction of a girl standing with her arms tied over her head trying to "push" her anal plug out, unsuccessfully of course, in the recently produced porn video Fashionistas.)

Next, I unzip and pull out my throbbing cock, climb onto the bed, and lift your body up and over me, and then lower you until my stiff manhood impales your hungry pussy.

I have never seen a woman want to get fucked worse than you at this moment. Screaming, sweating, and bouncing as I hold your torso up, you seemingly are trying to rip my cock off and eat it with your body. You do the best a girl can do with her hands cuffed behind her, tirelessly sliding your ass up and down, massaging my cock with your wetness as you are now leaned all the way over onto me; our chests pressed together and a plug in your ass.

"If I allow you to cum, my girl, the belt goes immediately back on for 2 more hours and you won't be able to pee," I say. "Make the choice, dear, either you cum or you pee."

"I wanna cum!" you say after thinking it over a few tortured seconds.

I take your shoulders and lift you slightly and turn you over to your back carefully, allowing you to adjust your arms to accommodate the handcuffs, all without my cock ever leaving you. I pump you slowly as your impending climax makes you wonder if your body and mind can even take it.

Finally, you are about to have release. Your asshole begins to involuntarily contract thanks to those wonderful pelvic floor muscles responsible for orgasm. Your vaginal walls squeeze my cock like a desperate, hungry animal, milking me closer and closer to orgasm and releasing all of your pent up lusts, desires, worries, and frustrations in a matter of seconds. I can feel the plug in your ass moving as you cum; an exquisitely sexy and kinky turn on for me.

Spent, but grateful for my mercy, you open your mouth wide as I place my wet cock into your mouth for the second time to allow you the pleasure of tasting your own pussy. I cum hard and deeply into the back of your throat and you don't spill a drop.

Exhausted and sweaty, we both lie on the bed and I turn you over to unlock the handcuffs. Just then your body reminds you of your aching bladder and, as you begin to contemplate how you are going to make it for 2 more hours, I surprise you: First I turn you over and remove the anal plug slowly from your ass as you gasp. Then I tell you that you can go pee.

After you get back from the bathroom, I congratulate you and your resolve and tell you of my admiration for a woman who just went through what you did.

You now have my undying respect and adoration. And I mean it.

That night I take you to the finest restaurant in town, where we drink wine, eat, and then go out and dance the night away.

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I really appreciated the ending in the story, the cherry on top of the edge I reached while reading this.

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