tagNonConsent/ReluctancePurchasing Suzanne Ch. 02

Purchasing Suzanne Ch. 02


Suzanne was still sobbing but I didn't care. Normally I am a pretty compassionate guy but something had taken over me. All the years of being mad at Suzanne for dumping me, the fact that she came to me to financially bail out her current boyfriend and the fact that she was as hot as ever, just got the better of me. Now that we had started down this path I was going to milk it for all it was worth.

She was a mess but that was to be expected, she was a cum slut now. This prim, proper woman had been used an abused today. She'd just fucked a guy she'd never met before and had two cocks in her for the first time in her life, neither of which even belonged to the man she'd been dating for the last 5 years. She'd had cum poured on her face and down her throat more than once today. The woman was used to being treated like a princess and now this was how she was going to spend the next 5 days.

It had been a long day already but the day wasn't over.

I told her to get off the bed and take a shower. She had 10 minutes to get cleaned up and look presentable.

When the water stopped running I went into the bathroom and found her toweling off. She seemed to have regained her composure and accepted that this was her idea and she was going to have to go through with it. I laid our some lingerie on the vanity and told her to put it on. She just nodded but didn't move to do it. I realized that I had pushed her hard today but this was unacceptable.

"Suzanne"! The tone of my voice got her attention. "Do you remember our deal? I told you when you suggested this that you would do what I wanted willingly and enthusiastically. Either you start living up to your end of the deal or you don't get the money."

Something in that sentence struck us both. It have never occurred to me not to pay her but she hadn't been smart enough to get it up front, not even a part of it. She really wasn't a hooker, even if she was trying to play one. At the same time it dawned on her that she might have gone through this for nothing, that I would renege and she'd have nothing to show for debasing herself this way.

I went back to the bed and anxiously waited for he to come out. The minutes seemed like hours but this was going to be the culmination of my dreams. Sure she'd already sucked me dry a couple of times today. I'd felt her warm mouth around my cock and had cum all over that sweet face while I looked into those big brown eyes but I hadn't felt myself in that shaved little pussy of hers'. Yet.

When she came out of the bathroom it was as if she'd been transformed. She had a shy, sexy smile and asked me if I liked what I saw. I could barely get out the word, 'yes'. She was wearing what I had left out for her, a tight, black lacey corset, a black thong and black thigh high stockings. Apparently she decided to get with the program. Perhaps my off the cuff threat about not giving her the money had done the trick.

She was standing at the foot of the bed now, about to climb in with me. She crawled up the bed on her hands and knees until she was just inches from my face. She softly licked her lips and leaned in to kiss me. We probed each other's mouths for a bit and then she began to nibble on my ear and whisper to me.

"You've been wanting to fuck me for a long time and now is your chance. You saw how I reacted to having Joe fuck me and I don't even know him. I can't wait to have your thick cock stuffed in my pussy. I know you can do a better job of fucking me than that kid did. He was too quick but I know you are going to fuck me for a long time. My pussy is already so wet just thinking about having your cock inside me" She took in a sharp breath and moaned ever so slightly.

This was what I had been waiting years for and was finally going to have...a chance to fuck the shit out of Suzanne. Even though I was caught up in the moment, I suddenly realized she was taking control of the situation and I couldn't let that happen. These few days were about payback as much as sex and certainly more than romance.

I pulled her closer to me and kissed her again. As we pulled away she smiled softly and seductively. She reached back with her hand and began stroking my cock. As good as this felt, I needed to get control back.

"Suzanne, I want you to stand up at the foot of the bed again".

I saw confusion and a glimpse of relief in her eyes. She thought maybe she was going to get out of fucking but she couldn't have been more wrong.

I turned the stereo on and shuffled down to the edge of the bed with my feet on the floor and my legs straddling around her.

"I want you to do a striptease for me and give me a lap dance first".

She began stiffly at first but eventually she got moving. I told her to start taking off her clothes and she slowly and embarrassingly started taking off the corset. I took her hands and placed them on her tits. She slowly began playing with them, rubbing her nipples and turning them hard. I pulled her closer to me and began to lick and suck on them while grabbing her tight ass and pulling her closer to me.

I pushed her back slightly and told her I wanted her to sit on the desk behind her and play with her pussy while I watched. I knew this would be humiliating for her and hot for me. She began to lower her thong and spread her legs to expose her shaved pussy. At first she rubbed around the edges but slowly began to push one and then two fingers inside. It was clear she was making herself wet and I told her to lick her fingers. She didn't want to at first but she eventually sucked them dry and went back for more.

Then I had an idea. While Suzanne brought herself closer to cumming with her fingers, I went and got the restraints that I bought just for this occasion. I told her turn around and lean over the desk. When she did that I spread her arms across to the corners and tied her to the desk. While I was doing this she didn't say a word. I flipped her over so fast I had her tied down before she realized what was going on.

"Spread you legs and show me what that wet pussy looks like from behind". She did as she was told and I have to say it looked great. I wanted to shove my cock in her right then and there but I had a better plan.

"Suzanne, tell me what's going to happen next."

With a weak and somewhat scared voice she said, "You like the way my pussy looks from behind, don't you? I know you're going to take your cock and fuck me doggie style, aren't you? You're going to fuck me hard and make me cum all over you. Then you are going to take you dick out and jerk off all over me like you did before. You're going to make me eat your cum, I am going to have to swallow it again, aren't I"

I stroked the back of her head and told her, "No my dear you won't have to do that this time, I promise" and as I said that I took my finger which I'd covered in lube and stuck in between her ass checks and into her ass.

"OWWWWW!, oh, no that's not my pussy. Oh God, Stop, take it out!"

Suddenly I stopped stroking her hair and grabbed it into my fist and pulled her head back while shoving my finger deeper into what I assumed was her virgin ass.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass before Suzanne? Do you let your boyfriend, the one who fucked up and is the reason you are her right now, fuck you in the ass?"

She was sobbing now but she shook her head no. Good, this would be fun.

"Well, I am going to send you back to him with more than the money he needs. Maybe after you've tried this you'll let him stick his dick in there".

"Please don't do this. I don't want you to. Oh, God it will hurt and it's just so disgusting".

"Suzanne, you can say no but you won't get the money. You've got until I put the condom on to decide, what's it going to be"

I would have stopped if she had said no, I probably would have just fucked for her for the next few days but I wanted to fuck her in the ass, to own her totally and I wanted her to say it was okay.

"I am ready. What's it going to be? Yes or no?"

She hesitated.

"Decide. Now!"

In barely a whisper she said, 'do it'.

"Do what Suzanne?" I was going to make this as difficult for her as I could.

"Fuck my ass".

And with that I plunged my cock into her tight virgin ass. I tried to be gentle, not very, but I wasn't trying to rape her either.

It felt so good to have my dick in her tight hole. I was trying to let her adjust to having a cock stuck in her ass, to get let her muscles relax but I was too horny and just started to drive my cock in further. I had one hand on her hair, pulling it from the desk she was tied to and another on her hip, pulling myself deeper into her. I was lost in my own world of pleasure and didn't hear anything she was saying for the first few minutes.

As I began to get used to the sensation I started to hear her moans. The sobbing had stopped and was replaced groans and exhalations that matched my strokes deep into her ass. Her hips were beginning to fall into rhythm with mine. My God, she's beginning to enjoy this! What a slut. I knew it was in her. Realizing this turned me on more than I have ever been before. I grabbed both her hips now and increased my pace. I could feel that I wasn't going to last much longer.

"Oh, Suzanne, I am going cum, I am going to cum into your ass you fucking slut." She replied with grunts and panting.

Just as I was about to spew my load I pulled her hips tight to me and drove my cock deeper into her than I thought possible. I held it there as I shot my load into the condom.

I collapsed onto her back, my shrinking cock still embedded deep within her. I kissed her neck and check. We were breathing in unison now, closer than we had ever been before.

Slowly I pulled out of her and took the condom off my dick. I went around to the other side of the desk and picked up her head. Those big brown eyes were glazed over with a mixture of exhaustion, exhilaration and disgust. I loosened the restraints on her arms a bit so she could fully extend them and hold her torso off the desk. I looked into those eyes once more and kissed her more passionately than I had ever kissed another woman. Then I held the used condom up and poured the cum on the desk in front of her.

"Lick it up. All of it!"

Without hesitation or protest she did what she was told.

When she was done she looked at me and said simply, "I hate you".

I knew she did, but not for what I had done to her or made her do but for making her realize this is who she was. My plans for tomorrow would test whether that would stay the case or whether I'd push her beyond her breaking point.

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I Love You

I wish I too could hate you after you do me like that!
Are you as hot to see as you are to read??

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