tagNonConsent/ReluctancePurchasing Suzanne Ch. 03

Purchasing Suzanne Ch. 03


For the rest of the story see Part 1 and Part 2

I originally had some big plans for today but I was a little spent after yesterday's festivities, so I thought I'd let Suzanne off easy. After we ate the breakfast she made, I told her to take a shower and get dressed in one of her tight tank-tops, a short skirt and a pair of heels. My plan was for us to spend the day driving around and sightseeing. Sure I thought I'd make her expose herself to some guys along the way but nothing major.

Then she came downstairs and I just lost it with anger. I could see the straps of a bra under her tank-top. I don't know why but I was furious with her. I barked at her to come over to me right now! As she stood in front of me clearly unsure at the sudden turn of my mood I reached up her skirt and roughly felt at her pussy. As I thought, she was wearing panties.

"What did I tell you to wear?!" I screamed at her.

She answered meekly, 'a tank-top, short skirt and high heals'.

"And where on that list is a bra and panties? Take them off now!'

She did as she was told but I was still angry at being disobeyed. I am not sure why, it's not like I'd ever had a sex slave before or I normally tell my girlfriends how to dress but I was so pissed at her and she was going to pay.

"You can kiss your nice easy day goodbye, bitch. Get in the car."

We drove into to town in silence until we pulled into the parking lot of the local strip club.

"What are we doing here?" she asked but I was in no mood to answer questions.

I understood why she asked, one thing I knew about Suzanne was that she was disgusted by the thought of being with another woman. Just looking at the scantily glad women in the bar, let alone the naked woman writhing on stage must have been hell for her. She was shaking as we walked in and found a table.

The place isn't that bad for a small town club. The fact that it's a fairly exclusive getaway town means there's enough money to draw in some bigger city talent for short stays and there's a college town about an hour away that provides a reasonable supply of young hotties.

It was one of these younger ones that I asked to come over. She was about 5' 5", slim but not too skinny, long red hair, perky tits and great smile on a beautiful face. She said her name was Cherry (of course it was) and she wanted to know if either of us would like a dance? I said I would but my friend was a little shy about trying this out.

Cherry gave me a great lap dance with plenty of grinding and a lot of moaning in my ear, which I really like. When she slipped the cheap gown she was wearing off her shoulders to expose her pert tits and erect nipples, I noticed Suzanne look away but I took her chin and turned her back to me and told her to watch. I am never quite sure how far a particular girl will go in a club like this but young Cherry let me run my hands right up her legs to her ass and thrust her hips on to my rapidly hardening cock. We dry fucked for awhile so intensely that I almost shot a load right there in my pants and neither of had realized that the song ended. I asked her how much the dance was a she said $5 was the minimum but tips were always welcomed. After admonishing her to never give all that away for so little I slid a couple of tens down her garter and asked her to join us. Not surprisingly she said yes.

I sat Suzanne between the two of us and put a fifty on the table, "I like you to hang out with us and talk for awhile". Considering there were more dancers than customers Cherry was more than happy to oblige.

Unfortunately, before she could, she was called to the stage for her two song nude show but she assured us she'd be right back as she eyed the money on the table.

While she was gone I told Suzanne that she was to play along and under no circumstances mention our deal. There was a look of disgust and fear in her eyes that I really enjoyed seeing.

After Cherry returned and a little small talk I asked her when the last time she had sex was. She was a little taken aback but gamely admitted it had been the weekend before. She didn't have a boyfriend but had been at a frat party, gotten drunk and wound up with hooking up with two of the fraternity brothers.

"At the same time?", I asked only to be disappointed when she said no.

"Tell us about it" I said as I threw some more money on the table.

"Well, I don't remember to much about the second guy because I was totally trashed by then but the first guy was kind of cute. He'd been in here a couple of nights before and I was totally embarrassed when I saw him and was hoping he wouldn't remember me. He came over and started flirting with me and didn't seem to remember me from the club. I wanted to hook up with him so bad! I hadn't gotten any in awhile since my stupid boyfriend back home cheated on me but didn't want to seem to easy. Then out of no where he told me he really loved my dancing at the club and the way I rubbed my ass on his crotch. Something about it was so obnoxious that I didn't want him anymore and tried to walk away but he told me he tell everyone here what I did if I didn't go up to his room and fuck him. I was kinda pissed he was blackmailing me into fucking. but since I wanted him I thought why not and there's no way I want it to get around school that I work here I figured why not?

Well, it was totally worth it! He was fucking awesome. After we were kissing and fooling around I pulled out his cock and was shocked at how big it was. I licked it and played with until he got hard and really started to suck on him after that. God, he grabbed my head and forced me down onto that cock! I thought my jaw was going to break but it felt so good and I loved the way he was holding my head against his body, I could barely breathe.

After that he told me he wanted to fuck me but I didn't think he could fit it in me so I told him he was going to have to eat me out for awhile to get me nice and wet if I was going to get that thing in me. He didn't mind it at all"

I noticed that Cherry had started sliding her dress up and discreetly rubbing her obviously bald pussy as she remembered her college stud sticking his face between her legs.

"I see you shave your pussy, was it like that that nigh?t"

She was a little embarrassed as she realized what she was doing even though she showed it dozens of times a day on stage and I'd just seen it. "Um, yeah. I guess it was"

"Don't be embarrassed, Suzanne shaves hers, don't you dear?"

A nod yes was all she replied.

"Yes you do. Show it to Cherry, honey".

And slowly Suzanne raised her skirt and spread her legs.

Cherry gasped a little before saying, "That's a lovely pussy you have Suzanne, I bet your boyfriend here really loves it too" and gently stroked her leg.

Suzanne jumped a little and Cherry quickly apologized.

"Don't worry about it, I told you she's a little shy"

"What about you guys, if I maybe so bold to ask, when was the last time you fucked?".

I was a little shocked that she would ask but very pleased.

"Well it's funny you should ask. Why don't you tell her Suzanne"

And with that Suzanne recounted her ordeal from the night before with the waiter from the restaurant. With a little prompting she also told Cherry about how I had tied her up and fucked her in the ass.

Cherry was shocked but enraptured hearing this story. By now both Cherry and I were leaning into Suzanne and each rubbing a leg, each of us getting closer to her bare pussy.

When she finally finished the story Cherry was flushed and I was harder than a rock.

"Well you two are quite the adventuresome couple, aren't you?"

"We have our moments. That's actually one of the reasons we are here. As I've told you and you've seen for yourself, Suzanne is a little shy about being with another woman but we'd like to try it. Do you mind dancing for a woman or with another one of the girls here?"

"Well, there's one girl that I do two girl shows with but she's not here. I generally don't like dancing for women but you and Suzanne are so cool I would totally do it with her"

"I was thinking a private dance with an attractive and open girl like you might be a good starting point."

"Unfortunately, we don't have private rooms anymore. Apparently, some of the girls were going too far in there and the cops made the owner shut it down".

Damn I thought, so close.

"But, my shift is ending soon. I get off early so I can go to class but I wouldn't mind blowing it off to do a private show for you guys".

"That's great. Isn't it Suzanne? So, what do private shows go for these days?" My guess is she was going to name a figure so low as to be laughable but why pay more than you have to, right?

"Well, I've never done one" she claimed with some degree of believability, "But I hear the going rate is one-hundr...", remembering the $50 already on the table for just talking she quickly modified that to, "um I mean, two-hundred an hour plus tips of course and depending on what we want to do:

I countered "How about this...$1,500 for 3 hours starting when we get back to our place, no tips, no limitations?"

She agreed as long as it wasn't anything that hurt or was 'too kinky', whatever that meant.

I gave her the address and told her to be there within the hour or the deal was off.

The car ride back was pretty quiet until Suzanne asked, 'What are you going to make me do with that girl?'

Without looking at her I reminded her of the condition of our deal, "First of all I am not going to make you do anything. You can say no at anytime"

"But then I won't get the money for Tony's business".

"No you won't. But that's the deal we made. I will live up to my end of it but you have to live up to your end. If you chose not to, then I will respect that decision and get you home right away, you know that. I am not going to kidnap or rape you".

"But you'll blackmail me, won't you"

"Sweetie, you called me with this idea, yeah, I upped the ante beyond what you offered or expected but I wasn't going to call you out of the blue with an idea to turn you into my sex slave for money. No honey, that's all on you. As far as the girl, you know what I am setting up and what's going to happen"

Now the tears were streaming down her face.

"But you know how I feel about this!"

"Yes, I knew how fucking a stranger fucking you up the ass would make you feel. I know you, I know your likes and dislikes and your hopes and fears. And you are going to face most of them while being used as my sex toy over the next few days. Now, do you want to go through with this or not?"

Through the sobs I heard her say, 'yes'.

Disgustedly I added, "You shouldn't have put on the underwear, you've got no one to blame but yourself". Why not rub it in?

Cherry arrived well within the allotted time and she looked even better in the light than she did in the dark strip club which is not necessarily a given.

She was wearing tight jeans and cutoff t-shirt but she had a bag with all of her 'work clothes' as she called them. After we took care of the business end of our relationship I went and got us drinks, she went and got changed.

I sat on the couch and had Suzanne sit on my lap so that her back was laying against my chest and ass was on my crotch. I wanted to be touching her as much as possible when Cherry began to dance for us.

Cherry quickly came out and joined us. She was wearing a matching black bra and panty set that looked great against her soft white skin and red hair. She brought a CD of what she called 'hot dance music' and put it in the CD player.

As she walked towards us she smiled the most seductive little smile I have ever seen and when the music kicked in she began to touch her tits with one hand and brush her pussy with the other. Finally, she was standing right in front of Suzanne and I and she dropped to her knees.

She started caressing Suzanne's legs and telling her not to worry that she would take care of everything and to sit back, relax and enjoy all the attention she was about to get. As she spread Suzanne's legs wider she began to kiss the inside of her thighs, slowly working up to her exposed pussy. With one final push Cherry had all the material of Suzanne's skirt up around her waist and free access to her pussy.

She licked her finger to moisten it and then she began to trace her way around Suzanne's pussy, stopping only to give a little extra attention to her clit.

Suzanne's rigid body shot up as if she had been struck by lightning, throwing her head back into my shoulder, digging her hands into my thighs and kicking wildly with her legs all while letting out a moan that was equal parts revulsion and arousal.

Cherry jumped back in surprise and I struggled to gain control of Suzanne. I hooked my ankles around hers and pined her feet to the floor and the couch while grabbing arms at each elbow and pulling her back. She struggled for a second but then calmed a down enough for me to tell Cherry to continue. But Suzanne's display had spooked her and she was having second thoughts about what she was getting into.

"I am not sure she really wants to do this"

I knew if this was going to happen I had to get control back quickly.

"Suzanne. Do you want to do this? You've scared Cherry, tell her what you want".

Her body was tense but it wasn't taking as much effort to prevent her from bolting. Finally her breathing calmed down enough that she could talk.

"I am sorry Cherry, I've never had a woman touch me there before. It won't happen again, I promise. It felt....good. Please, do it again, please touch my pussy".

Thankfully Cherry was satisfied and continued.

Again I felt Suzanne's body tense as Cherry lowered her head between her legs. Suzanne could feel the young woman's hot breath just inches away from her pussy and finally Cherry's fingers and tongue began to do their dance inside Suzanne's pussy.

After a few minutes Suzanne moaned a little, not from ecstasy but from release and shame. Clearly her body was betraying her. From bellow I could here Cherry laugh and say, "judging by how wet you are Suzanne, I guess you don't mind this at all. Do you?"

'mmmm' was all she could manage in reply.

I decided I needed a better view so I began to rotate Suzanne's body onto couch but still on top of me. This way I could sit up and look down the couch and see what Cherry was doing while still feeling it though Suzanne's body. Cherry got the idea and slid herself along with us, never taking her tongue out of Suzanne's pussy.

Cherry only came up for air long enough to tell me that my girlfriend, 'maybe shy about women but she has never seen another woman so wet'.

Throughout this all I still had Suzanne's armed pinned back. I wanted to let her go, to get her to touch Cherry's head or own tits but when I let one go she simply tried to cover her eyes, so I had to keep holding on to them. I could feel Suzanne's hips starting to move and hear her breathing become more like panting. I loved the idea that this woman was about to cum because this hot little 20 something redheaded stripper was nestled between her legs furiously licking and kissing her pussy and clit and running her fingers in and out of her pussy. The best part was I knew how much Suzanne hated it. She hated that she was being touched in this most intimate way by a woman and that her body was betraying her, that despite the revulsion she was feeling there was a raging orgasm building within her that was about to explode.

Sure enough as her bucking hips began to thrust up to get even a little bit more of Cherry's tongue and finger into her she tried to roll of the couch and run away. But I had a good hold on her and held arms and legs pinned so that Cherry could use Suzanne's body in whatever way she want to.

Finally it became to much for Suzanne and she started screaming, "oh God, no, no, oh yes, there, let me go, let me go, let me go, please" but she wasn't going anywhere until Cherry had made cum.

"You like having a woman fucking you with her mouth don't you, bitch"

"No, no, no. ohhhhhhh. Yes, there, lick me, suck it, suck it, there oh God, oh God, oh God, Let me goooo, pleaseeeee....

And with that Suzanne shook and convulsed while she came all over Cherry's mouth. When it all died down Cherry looked up exhausted and smiling. "How was that Suzanne" she asked. All Suzanne could manage in reply was a satisfied growl.

"I think you should show Cherry how grateful you are by giving her a kiss" I added with a smile to Cherry. She instantly took the hint and began to slither up Suzanne's body and proceeded to give her a long, slow, deep kiss that enabled Suzanne to get a little taste of her own pussy.

When they were finished Cherry looked over at the CD player and back to me and with a smile asked, 'we've still got plenty of time left, what do you want to do with me next?"

I definitely had some ideas for that.

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