Pure Heart Pt. 01


"That's fantastic." I gasped.

She swung her hips back and forth a little, like she was dancing to a slow melody. To my surprise, she lowered her panties even more until the entire length of her crack was exposed. I was completely mesmerized and drank in the perfect view my little sister was offering me. She kept moving her hips back and forth and I watched the gentle squeeze of her buttocks as they tightened and relaxed with her swaying.

"Better?" I heard her say, still facing away from me.

I just let out a sigh. She finally looked back. Her face was pretty rosy and her skin was shining.

"I think I'm ready, if you wanted to see." I told her. She must have, for she turned her head back even more and locked her eyes on my crotch. I finally allowed myself to grab my dick and start jerking it as I stared at her perfect butt. I couldn't help but let my hips rock forward and back as my cock strained against my boxers with each stroke. Sara looked hypnotized as she watched me, her brother, pumping his dick.

I stroked and stroked, but realized it just wasn't happening yet. "Sorry," I said, still pumping, "I think I'm a little nervous letting you watch."

She nodded silently, then to my shock, she let go of the elastic of her panties with one hand, raised it up to a cheek, and pulled it away from the other by just a bit. "There, how's that?" She said, not really a question.

My boxers were soaked before I even realized I was cumming. My hips bucked and my legs shook as I poured out stream after stream of milky cum into my boxers. I was straining so hard against the fabric that the white fluid began to appear on the surface where Sara could see it. I was gasping and shaking by the time my body settled down, and I could feel the copious puddles of cum all over my groin, seeping between my legs.

I finally looked back at Sara who smiled nervously but continued holding her butt apart absently. Her face was flushed and red and her hair was clinging to itself. Slowly, she pulled her panties back up, then pulled her shorts up. She hesitantly came over to me at the bed and I knew she could smell the scent of my cum and wet boxers. She leaned in to give me a peck on the cheek, and I could feel the heat radiating off of her face. Then she turned, smiled at me again, and left my room. I was beside myself with amazement…and really, really sticky.

Chapter 7

The next day I didn't really see much of Sara as I had planned to go to the house of one of my buddies from my classes. But on Monday morning Sara and I again had breakfast together. When our parents were gone, she looked up at me with an embarrassed smile.

"Hey, um, I'm sorry if I got a little carried away the other night," She said.

I smiled kindly at her. "Sara, it's okay. Did you feel bad about it??

"Well, a little." She looked at her cereal. "I was really turned on and I felt like I was pushing you…like I went too far."

I reached across the table and put my hand on her arm. "Sara…listen. I respect you. And I love you. I know you're trying to help me." She looked up at me. "I've stayed away from the computer and I would still try even if you didn't come over to help me out. Okay?"

Sara smiled. Coyly, she said, "But you do like the help, right?"

I chuckled. "I love the help." She smiled.

I let go of her arm but she took my hand and gave it a little squeeze before letting it go. We finished our breakfast, then both went our separate ways. Just before leaving the house, Sara caught me at the door and gave me another little friendly kiss on the cheek. That kiss carried me though the day, distracted me all through classes, and made me lose sleep that night.

Chapter 8

By the time Tuesday evening came, it was clear to me that I'd need Sara's help again because I had a hard-on all day. The desire to sit in front of my computer and visit my old favorite porn sites was incredibly strong, but I had no desire to disappoint my sister…not to mention that her letting me masturbate by looking at her was so far very superior to poor quality video clips.

So I again found myself knocking on her bedroom door that evening. She was inside on her computer and was happy to see me. She couldn't help but to grin when I asked for her help again. She had been rather playful and giddy all evening and it seemed like she had been expecting me to come and ask.

"Do you want to stay here in my room this time?" She asked. "You can sit here if you want." Sara got out of her seat and sat on her bed. I agreed and sat. She looked at me with eyes that seemed to sparkle from inside. "Are you planning on messing up your jeans?"

"Oh, um, no…" I stammered and stood back up. I hadn't expected her to be ready for me already. I also felt really, really awkward as I pulled my jeans down to stand there in her bedroom in just my boxers and t-shirt.

She grinned. "Now you know how I feel!" She teased. I chuckled and sat. My dick was already halfway erect and I really didn't want to advertise it. "Hmm, I guess you do know how I feel." She said, and I realized she had noticed my erection anyway. I couldn't help but blush a bit.

She sat there for a moment, and then happily sprang to life. She stood up on her bed and started to sway and dance like she had last time, but this time the music in her head must have been a little faster. We grinned at each other when we made eye contact and she swayed her hips a little extra in that moment. She was again wearing her pajama shorts and a light yellow tank top with spaghetti straps; her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail.

I watched her closely as she danced and began to lift up the edge of her shirt. She dropped down to her knees but continued moving as though she were dancing. She lifted the edge of her shirt higher and higher, showing off her tanned stomach. I watched her abs flex and move as she swayed her hips around. She had pulled the middle of her shirt up between her breasts, showing me everything from under her breasts down to her shorts.

She glanced up at me, smiling. "How's it going?"

I smiled back, still bashful. "Really well." I said. She giggled.

"So, you like this, huh?" She said, starting to pull her shirt up an inch more. I nodded, concentrating my eyes where I could just barely start to see the skin of her breasts. She raised her shirt a little more and the curve of her breasts came into view. My hand was shaking as I started to rub my dick through my boxers.

"Sorry, I'm not giving you a good enough view." She said, quietly, and slipped the straps of her shirt over her shoulders with her other hand. Her shirt flopped down, uncovering a lot of her cleavage. She continued moving around, swaying her hips and arching her back. With the hand holding the bottom edge of her shirt between her breasts, she hooked her fingers on the top edge and pulled it together in her hand, drawing the fabric tight across her breasts. Then with her free hand, she took hold of the edge of her shorts and started to slide the front down. More and more skin came into view until I could just see a hint of hair. I gasped, now stroking my penis fully as I looked at my sister's body.

She gave me an alluring look and smile, swiveling her hips. She rubbed her hand on her chest around in small circles, pressing her breasts from side to side. The hand holding her shorts moved around as well, sometimes showing less skin, sometimes showing more. I grabbed my dick more firmly now, even to the point where I had my fingers wrapped around it over my boxers. At the moment, I didn't care so much that she could see so much of me. I watched as more of her light pubic hair was revealed and responded by stroking myself even more methodically, focusing on the tip of my penis. In return the hand on her chest happened to tug one edge of her shirt up a little further and more of the underside of one breast came into view. I felt my precum leak out and begin to wet my boxers and I rubbed the slick fabric around the head of my dick.

Then she slid a finger right into her shorts, right in the front, right where her hair was, and it went down pretty far. She wouldn't look up at me. I pumped my dick as I stared at her hand and watched it go even further down, and she started to move it. The hand she held her shirt continued to move too, rubbing the center of her chest tightly. Her body seemed to be shining and I realized it was sweat. Her hand kept moving, her shorts, advertising her movements.

Sara finally looked back at me, her face rosy, and our eyes met. I didn't mean to ejaculate right then, but I did and her eyes remained on mine the entire time I shot my load. As the last shot was coming out, her face grimaced and she grunted. I was still rubbing my dick as she worked her hand and we could both hear the sounds of wet flesh coming from each side of the room. Our eyes stayed locked until she gasped hard, licked her lips and closed her eyes.

Sara let go of her shirt and pulled her hand out of her shorts. Her shirt almost slipped down, but she caught it and slipped her straps back up. She rested for a minute on her bed. Finally we looked at each other and smiled. The room was quiet, but it felt intimate. It smelled intimate, too.

"Sara," I began, then just shook my head and grinned at her. She smiled and looked down bashfully.

Not wishing to sit there in my own cum anymore, I started to get up. She stopped me just as I stood and said, "I really like seeing that I caused all that." and gestured at my soaked boxers. She grinned at me and I shook my head and chuckled. I grabbed all my stuff and looked back at her and she looked at me. It felt weird, but I felt strange leaving her. I could tell by her look that she didn't really want me to go.

"Um…" I stammered, "Would you mind if I came back after I get changed and we can just sit and chat?" She grinned happily and agreed. I left her room and returned a few minutes later. We just sat there and talked quietly for a while. We didn't really talk about anything in particular; it just seemed that we both just needed to be with each other for a little while longer. I left her room a little after midnight.


[Author's note: Don't worry, there's more on the way…make sure you bookmark appropriately and keep an eye out!]

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