tagNonHumanPushing Boundaries Ch. 04

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 04


NB: I did my own editing for this one, so pardon any mistakes. Also, any reference to the actual names and locations of places are purely fictional. On that note, happy reading!


"Secure the perimeters and make sure you keep her in sight at all times!"

The head vanguard acknowledged the order and signed off; his holographic transmission disconnected from the communications mainframe.

"Helene, there is no need to be hasty. You are risking the discovery of our best vanguards and alerting her of our presence!"

The baritone voiced woman looked up at the speaker and slapped him.

"I have waited over two centuries to find the answers so don't you dare stop me! This is my Order and my money funding the research. I do not answer to anyone and certainly not to you!"

"We should stick to our plan. Kidnapping her in plain sight is going to be counterproductive... I have already set my plan in motion. We will have the bait lured..."

Helene took a deep breath before letting it out slowly.

"Very well," she conceded. "But if your plan fails, we're doing this my way."

"Yes Madam."

"And make sure you keep it under the radar of your Council. That child is here under the concessions of the European Council and I don't want either Council to nose around. So do your job. There is a reason I put you in charge of it."

"Indeed you have..."


Alex felt stupid... okay he didn't feel stupid but she always managed to make him look stupid. And the fact that Riley had just ordered him up here to appease and/or suck up to her reminded him that it was a stupid idea.

"So... you've come here to make an official apology." It wasn't a question and not even a statement. She was mocking him.


"Because your boss told you to?"

He restrained himself from rolling his eyes. "Yes."

"Good, then you can go." She wasn't even looking at him but rifling through some files on her desk.

"So you're not... pressing charges?"

"No. Now get out."

Alex stared at the impossible woman in front of him for a moment in disbelief. She was acting like they did not know each other.

"Keona..." he pleaded.

"I said you can go, Alex. Or has your hearing deteriorated along with your mind?"

Alex narrowed his eyes at her. She was such a bitch.

"I can hear you Alex." There was not an ounce of emotion in the delivery of that sentence.

I stand corrected then. You're a cold hearted bitch.

This time she lifted her eyes to meet him and smiled --an icy smile that bore no actual joy in it.

"This is who I am," she said before getting up. "You can see yourself out. I have to do some routine checks."

Alex didn't stop her. Truth was, he did screw up and not just with the whole misunderstanding thing five years ago but also with what happened yesterday. He had thought that she was trying to murder the wolf on her operating table when she was trying to save its life.

The fact that he didn't even know she was a certified canine specialist reminded him of his negligence to update himself on everyone back home. It was like they didn't exist... and yet here she was --five years later and still angry at him.

Clenching his fist tightly, Alex decided, "What the hell. She's mine and I'm not letting her have her way this time."

He pushed the door of the shelter open and tried to follow her scent --except that there wasn't any. It just occurred to him then that ever since he stepped into that shelter today, he hadn't noticed her scent at all.

"Maybe it's a new ability she perfected over the years," he told himself with a shrug. Guess he'll just have to find her the non-wolf way. It wasn't hard. She was not too far away from the shelter, administering some sort of medicine to some of the wolves lying on the ground in an enclosed compound.

Alex heard his wolf howl in despair at seeing his kind caged up like that but the human part of Alex understood the reason behind it.

"I'm sorry buddy but our friends there are sick and this is to prevent them from running away before they fully recover," he tried to soothe the animal as he walked into the enclosure. Even though those wolves were not Weres, he still held some sort of affinity to them and he felt their pain.

"Key..." he called softly, leaning against the gates, waiting for her to respond.

"You shouldn't be here," she replied curtly. "You've done what you need to do so go."

Alex kept quiet; his eyes watching the way she soothed the wolf under her with so much care and tenderness. He actually felt a second of jealousy. How stupid was that? Getting jealous over a normal wolf? However, his own inner wolf seemed to think that wasn't stupid.

"I've stayed away for five years Keona... and it hasn't been easy."

Keona remained silent; stroking the wolf beneath her gently as she administered an injection. The animal howled sadly and Alex could feel it's' pain.

Then he felt hers.

She was hurting inside and it was partly due to all the injured canines but part of it was also because he was standing there behind her; watching her and knowing that she was hurting. Keona always had a need to hide her emotions and Alex knew that she had exposed too much of her weakness to him once and he had crippled her.

Moving closer, he knelt down and wrapped his arms tightly around her. He didn't see the tears, didn't feel her body trembling but he could hear her cries inside his head, sense her shields dropping away...

"Shh... it'll be fine honey, it'll be fine," he whispered, trying to soothe her.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the wolves perking their heads up as though sensing her distress. Busybodies.

"She's mine. Keep your noses to yourself," he warned, knowing how stupid he sounded seeing that they weren't even Weres to begin with.

"Someone was doing tests on them Alex," she whispered. "The wolves were stronger so they survived but the wolf dogs and the dogs suffered. I couldn't save them all Alex. And the ones that I could save? They're so scared of me... of anyone that they don't even let me touch them unless I use my abilities to soothe them. And it's exhausting..."

Alex held her closer, rocking on his heels slightly to calm her down. "I'm sorry..."

Keona let Alex hold her for a second longer before going rigid in his embrace.

"Leave me alone Alex," she forced the words out. "I shouldn't have even let you touch me."

"I was just doing what another pack member would have done."

She didn't reply him and tried to move over to the next canine. But the atmosphere between them had chilled.

"Any other pack member would understand when I say leave me alone," she warned, shrugging his hands off her.

For a moment Alex went completely still. He understood what she was implying --that she was the dominant between them, as she probably is amongst the pack. But Alex hadn't been back in a long time to actually have a rank in the pack so her authority here --if she even had any --meant squat.

"I'm not leaving you alone. You're my mate and you can't run from that forever. So look at me," he demanded. "Look at me!"

She turned reluctantly; her green eyes flashing angrily at him. "Don't you dare use that word. You have no right. No right!" she lashed out.

"Do you want me to fight you down for those rights again? Huh? Coz I damn well can get you on your ass in five seconds flat, no doubt about that," he challenged, knowing full well she would take the bait.

And she almost...

"Grow up Alex... we're not kids anymore," she sighed in resignation.

"I'm not the one still sulking here. I've grown up. I've gotten over whatever it was that you seemed to have misunderstood. And no, we're not kids anymore... but you are. You are acting like one! You're the one who needs to grow up!"

She tilted her face slowly; her eyes full of challenge and anger. "Run Alex," she whispered, slowly getting up.

"What?" he asked obviously confused.

"Run me out or you can have no right to shout at me."

Before she could even move, he was already out the gate; taking his tie and shirt off while in motion. Keona had no idea how he was undressing while running but she was interested enough to see that she slowed down just a little.

What a mistake.

He didn't take off his boxers.

But that second of slowing down cost her for he was at least ten feet ahead of her and already in his wolf form --and Keona knew that Alex the wolf was a born tracker which meant that besides being one of the fastest Werewolves in the compound, he was also impossible to track down.

I'm winning Key and this is really fun.

"Damn it!" she hissed, kicking off her own shoes and started running barefooted across the hard soil. She zigzagged through the old firs and pine trees, trying to follow his scent but this was not her forest and there were just too many new smells and unexpected fallen logs and craters that she kept fumbling around. It was like she was moving blindly and it was not funny. She needed a bird's eye view, literally... and that's when she decided it was time.


Alex was sure that Keona was running behind him just a minute ago and then she was gone. It was bad enough that she had no scent but he could no longer hear any footsteps or breathing --nothing! The only person who could disappear like this was Marine and even then he could still hear whispers of her heartbeat.

He stopped; heightening his senses to try and 'feel' her out. Then his eyes started raking up one of trees, wondering if perhaps she had climbed it.

"She's not a cat. Hell, she's not even a wolf. And no woman can climb a tree in a minute," he told himself and heard the wolf part of him laugh mockingly. "Yeah yeah, she's not just any woman either. I know you like her you flirt. Now use your damn nose and find her or I'll lose."

The wolf actually sulked. Then it happened.

A small feathered bird landed on top of his nose and freaking pecked at his head! It wasn't so much as its beak but its talons digging into Alex's snout that made him go crazy; shaking his head from side to side and jumping up and down as though on fire.

Get off! Get off!

Haha, sucker.

Alex stilled. Was he hearing things? The bird had stilled too and was staring at him with amusement in its eyes. Alex did the next other thing he could think of to get the bird off his face --he shifted back.

The sudden force of the physiological change startled the bird enough that it let go of its talons and landed neatly on its feet a few feet away from a very puzzled and annoyed Alex.

"You --come here," he said, hooking his fingers in a come hither sign. The bird simply blinked and cocked its head slightly to the left; a blank look on its face. Alex raised his eyebrows then narrowed his eyes.

"You're a female aren't you? Okay, now shoo. Don't you have some eggs to hatch or something?"

The bird gave a fatal cry.

"What? You want to argue with me about that? Geez what am I doing? I'm talking to a bird for godsake!" he swore and rolled his eyes. As he got up, he saw the bird eyeing him suspiciously. "Oh no you don't! This is not a snack so stop looking at it!" he snapped, covering his crotch with his hands. Turning around, he was about to shift back to his wolf form when he heard hysterical laughter coming from behind him.

"This is not a snack? Seriously?" Keona was lying on her back, holding her stomach and laughing hard.

For a moment, he forgot all about his nakedness --not that Keona wasn't used to nakedness but the last time they were naked together, he was 10 and they hated each others' guts which they still do --so he turned. She was still dressed --barely --in a white tank top and white boxer shorts.

"Did you chase after me in just that?" he asked in confusion. "Without shoes?"

"It helps me run better. Besides, I don't like going all commando," she replied, flickering her eyes down to where his hands were for a second before returning her gaze to his eyes.

Alex's eyes widened. "I don't have a choice. The clothes don't stay on. Anyway, where were you? I actually lost you there for a second. Seems you've improved from the last time we met."

The smile died in her eyes and they turned cold again, as though she remembered that she wasn't supposed to have fun around Alex.

"We should go back," she said. "Good run Alex."

His face hardened. "No, you don't get to dictate terms around me right now Keona. I came, I apologized and I kept explaining to you what happened back then. But you pushed me away! You pushed me! For what should have been a wonderful adventure for both of us!" He kept advancing towards her with every word.

"Get away from me!" she shouted when he pinned her down. He was so swift that she didn't even have time to react until she was beneath him. But the truth was, Keona wasn't sure she wanted to react the way her brain wanted her to --which was to use any ability to get away. Her heart was pounding and as much as she denied it, she actually wanted him.

Her father was right. There was no way mates could be separated for they'd always find each other; get attracted to each other without realizing it. Or maybe it was just fate's twisted little game. Whatever it was, Alex was right on top of her now and he knew that she knew what they both wanted.

"I hate you," she said through gritted teeth.

"I know." His words came out like a wolf's snarl right before it wants to pounce on its mate.

There was no teasing or gentleness to his kiss but a primal and possessive streak to the way he took her mouth; kissing her with a brutal passion that allowed them only a second to catch their breaths before pressing their lips together again.

Their kisses continued to be brutal and fevered even as they rolled on the hard ground; each wanting to be more dominant than the other. Keona was strong and Alex soon found himself flipped hard on his back --not that he wouldn't enjoy her being on top --but they were playing his game and by his rules now.

He grabbed a handful of her tank top and yanked it away; exposing flesh he'd always dream of but never seen... until now. Growling at her, he flipped her back beneath him and immediately clamped his teeth at the tender muscle near her neck.

On a cry of protest, her hands immediately went to his back; nails scratching hard against the exposed flesh even as her legs wound around his waist. Alex's growl grew louder as her cotton crotch pressed dangerously against his erection. She obviously did not like being marked.

"Stop fighting me," he warned, sinking his teeth deeper into her flesh. On other Weres, this was clearly a sign to yield but knowing Keona, she was going to fight him all the way even if it kills them both. "Fine," he snarled, baring his teeth at her.

Ignoring the stinging of her scratches on his back, he pushed himself up; hands quickly holding on to her fleshy butt as he walked to the nearest tree and slammed her back against the wooden trunk.

He didn't even give her a chance to gasp at the brutality for he had loosened her legs from around his waist and propped them up on his shoulders instead; her back resting against the tree trunk, leaving her exposed to Alex's mercy. As with her tank top, he didn't bother with gentleness but ripped the boxer shorts aside and pounced immediately on his prize.

The instant his tongue licked at her wet folds, Keona gave a sharp cry and almost lost her balance. It was getting harder to hold on to the tree for support when his tongue was doing all sorts of delicious things to her that she hadn't imagine was possible. Was this what the other girls in the pack meant when they described their first ever...


"Oh my god Alex!" she screamed, bucking her hips against his face as the waves of sensations gripped her body. She was slipping downwards but Alex continued his torment, spreading her thighs even further apart --this time, going in slow lazy circles around her clit before sucking it hard over and over again.

He smiled when he felt her thighs shaking, a second before she let out another scream; trying to close her legs together as though hoping to stop the oncoming pleasure. But Alex wasn't done with her. As soon as her orgasm subsided, he held her legs tight and brought it down to wrap around his waist.

She didn't get time to protest for he had impaled her on his hard cock in one swift movement before grounding into her; the force of his thrusts slamming her back against the tree violently. Keona cried out as the pain translated to pleasure coursing through her body. She wanted more and demanded her need by meeting each and every one of his downward movements with an upward thrust of her hips.

When she gave another scream of pleasure, he covered her mouth with his own; tonge wrestling with hers as his hands grabbed and squeezed her breasts possessively. They wanted each other --there was no mistaking in that --and their primal instincts were taking over, groins grounding against each other with furious need. She was slick with desire; her inner muscles clenching deliriously around his invading cock. He was stretching her oh so good that Keona wasn't sure she could hold on much longer.

Their breathing became more labored as their sweaty bodies slapped against each other in wild abandon --she digging her nails into his skin and he pounding into her against the tree --eventually pushing them both into a mind-blowing climax. Only this time, Keona felt the earth move as the pleasure robbed her of her senses; blanking her out for a minute even as Alex pumped every drop of himself deep inside of her.

When she opened her eyes, Keona noticed that they hadn't moved from their position. She tried to move but found herself inconveniently trapped between the tree and a really muscular chest. Keona didn't want to look up but could hear Alex's breathing; almost as fast as his heartbeat.

She continued to stare at his chest, wondering since when had he grown so broad and so toned. It made her want to lick and bite every inch of his body... oh my god, did she just say that? No. They just had animal sex in the freaking woods for god sake --that was it. Just sex.

"Alex, let me go," she demanded, struggling against him. However he kept still and instead lowered his face to the side of her neck, nuzzling almost lovingly against her skin.

"You shouldn't have let me be so rough," he whispered, pressing gentle kisses up her neck to her ears. "Even though you wanted me to," he added, flicking at her earlobes playfully.

Keona had the urge to strangle him, except that she was stuck to him...

"Alex..." she sounded unsure at first then became very pissed. "You have got to be kidding me!"

"What?" he asked innocently.

"This!" she cried in exasperation, pointing to their conjoined bodies. "I did not give you permission to do so!" Keona narrowed her eyes at Alex. He had the nerve to grin at her as a reply. How did she let herself get marked and mated like a bitch in heat so easily?

"Don't be so angry honey," he murmured, making sure she could hear the amusement in his voice.

"Urgh! Alexander MacFarlane! You... you are the most obnoxious creature that I've ever met! Urgh! Get off me right now!" she bawled, slapping her hands on his chest.

To her surprise, he released his hold on her with ease and Keona dared herself to flick a quick look at his... wow --no wonder she felt like dying from her last orgasm.

"Like it do you?" he teased, leaning his body against the tree; his eyes roaming her body, giving her a once over.

"No," she replied defiantly, picking up her torn pieces of clothes in an effort to not look at his naked body.


"Shut up."

When he actually didn't reply her, Keona turned to look at him and saw that he had already shifted into his wolf form. She wouldn't admit it out loud to him of course but she always found his sleek black fur very alluring. Despite being fairer than his sisters, Alex had surprisingly shown a melanistic variant of the grey coat characteristic of his family members.

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