tagNonConsent/ReluctancePut in Bay Honeymoon Ch. 02

Put in Bay Honeymoon Ch. 02


I barely slept that night. I felt so horrible about what had happened and how I had reacted. My husband snored next to me as I tried to think of some way out of this dilemma. I hoped I could talk my husband into leaving, instead of staying one more night. But what was I going to do about the tape Brad made? I just hoped he would never show it to anyone, and maybe I could talk him into destroying it.

I finally drifted off to sleep and was awoken at 8 AM by a knock on the door. I look through the peephole and saw it was Brad. I thought about not opening it, but he kept knocking, so I opened it slowly.

"Hey babe. How's it going?" He asked smiling.

"Fine." Was all I said.

"We're all meeting for breakfast. You going to join us?" He asked.

"No. I think we're going home today." I said hopefully.

"Oh. I was hoping to spend more time with you." He said with a grin.

I turned and looked at my husband who was still sleeping and snoring.

"Brad. What happened last night was a mistake. I'm happily married. Can we just forget it? I really feel bad about the whole thing." I asked.

"No can do babe." He said as he pushed his way gently into the room and stood in front of me.

"I had too much fun last night with you. And I cannot wait for another turn." He said softly as he moved closer to me.

I looked over again at my sleeping husband. And when I looked back, Brad was right in front of me grinning. My stomach was now in knots. Brad grabbed my wrist and gently pushed me towards a wall out of sight of my sleeping husband. His hand quickly went under my nightshirt and began to explore my body.

"Stop." I said quietly but firmly as I tried to stop him from mauling me.

Brad ignored me as his hand went into my panties and he began to run his finger all around the outside of my vagina as he leaned in to kiss me. I turned my head. So instead he kissed my ear and then whispered.

"You're one hot fuck lady. And I cannot wait to fuck you again."

He took his other hand and grabbed mine and pressed it against the front of his shorts. He was already hard and ready. I was shocked at his stiffness and size. I had already forgotten how big he was. I tried to pull my hand away and tried to push his big body away from me.

"Stop. My husband is right there." I said in a firm whisper.

"Maybe I should wake him up and show him the tape." He said with an evil grin.

Fear coursed through my body. I knew I could not let that happen. Tears formed in my eyes and I stopped trying to push him away.

"Now that's more like it." He said.

Brad quickly sensed my acquiescence and quickly began to run his finger in and out of my vagina. He also lifted my shirt and nursed on my nipples. I stood there horrified, listening to my husband snore as I let this young man do whatever he wanted to me. He did this for about a minute and then stood up and unzipped his shorts.

"No. I can't do that here. My husband." I begged.

"OK. Then my room in two minutes." He said.

"Please. I can't. Can't you just leave me alone?" I begged quietly.

"No can do babe. You be in my room in two minutes. Or I come back here and I preview the tape for sleeping beauty over there." He said grinning.

"Please Brad. Don't do that." I begged.

"Two minutes or I'll come back." He said as he zipped back up and went to the door. "Two minutes."

And then he left and quietly closed the door.

My mind was whirling with thoughts. What could I do? I wanted to wake up my husband and run from this place, hoping Brad would never find me. Could we leave in two minutes? Tears were in my eyes and my stomach was in knots. What was I going to do? I kept thinking and thinking, but I could not see any way out of this dilemma.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I looked through the peephole and it was Brad and he was waving a tape in front of the peephole. I had no choice. I opened the door quietly.

"Give me a second to change. Please." I asked.

"You got 30 seconds. I'll wait out here.

I shut the door and quickly looked around. I grabbed my bathing suit and a wrap and quickly put them on. I thought I could tell my husband I'd gone for a swim if he woke up and wondered where I was. I opened the door to find Brad smiling at me. I wanted to kill him for the way he was grinning at me. We went to his room and entered. I turned to him and made my last stand.

"I'll do this. But you'll have to promise me you'll give me that tape after we're done." I asked.

"Sure babe. You can have it." He said smiling. "I'll put it right here. You can pick it up on your way out." He said as he put in on a table.

Part of me felt relief. I had a way out. I just had to get this over with and quickly before my husband awoke. I decided to go for it. I looked at Brad and removed my wrap. Then I slid the bathing suit off my shoulders and pulled in down and stood totally naked in front of him. He smiled and quickly dropped his bathing suit on the floor.

My brief moment of boldness was lost as I saw his penis again. He was already hard and it was the biggest thing I've ever seen. He quickly moved in front of me, grabbing me and kissing me passionately as his hands explored me. The suddenness startled me and I briefly put up my hands in front of me.

Brad quickly maneuvered me to the bed and laid me down. He lay on top of me kissing me while he explored every inch of my body. He told me how beautiful and sexy I was. How he was going to fuck me good and make me cum like last night. I just wanted to get it over with. His hands were everywhere and his kisses were deep and full of passion.

I pushed him over to his back and thought I would get him off orally. I moved down to his crotch and there it was. The biggest penis I'd ever seen, up close and personal. I stopped briefly and then told myself I could get through this. I took his hard young shaft in my hand and opened my mouth and took him in.

I tried my best to fellate him, but I was having trouble with his length and his girth. I was doing my best when I felt him pull my lower body around and he lifted me onto his face. He spread my legs and his tongue began to quickly explore my vagina.

I tried to concentrate on getting Brad off, but he began to lick, suck, and slide his finger in and out of my vagina at a very intense pace. He began to focus on my clitoris as he moved his finger in and out of me. I found myself getting moist as I tried to concentrate on his large and very stiff penis.

I tried to think of my husband. And that just made me angry. I saw him with that tramp straddling him while he was in the hot tub. I thought of how he ignored me. I thought of how he insulted me. I thought of how this was his entire fault, me getting caught up with Brad. And I got madder and madder. And then I decided something. I was going to fuck this young man. And I was going to fuck him good.

I began to suck Brad's cock with increased passion and I began to actively hump against his face. He responded by pushing up into my mouth and licking and sucking my clitoris harder and faster. I ground down against him and felt myself get wetter and wetter as I took more and more of his hard young cock into my mouth.

I was getting lost in passion. I stopped sucking Brad's cock and I quickly turned and straddled him. I grabbed his cock and looked into his eyes and I positioned it at my opening.

"You ready?" I asked him.

"Yeah baby." He replied as he placed his strong hands on my hips.

I pushed down and felt myself open and the feeling was incredible. I felt his strong hands pull me down as more and more of him went up inside me. I could not believe the feeling. I was stretching and accommodating his cock and I looked down and he still had more to go.

I pushed down as he grabbed my hips and pushed up. I heard myself scream as I orgasmed and my body shuddered in pleasure as his hard young cock hit bottom. I put my hands in his strong chest and began to pump against him as my pussy pulsated in pleasure.

I rode him for several minutes like that until I orgasmed again. Then he pulled me down and began to nurse on my nipples as he fucked up into me. I was lost in passion, feeling things I'd never felt before as I let him fuck his huge stiff young cock up into me.

I orgasmed again as he sucked and nibbled on my sensitive nipples. I could not believe how hot and wet my pussy felt. It was full of his hard young cock and I was responding as I've never before.

He stopped and moved out from under me. He got behind me and grabbed my hips and pulled them up. He positioned his cock at my opening and shoved it home. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck me so hard, so fast, and so deep, it took my breath away.

I was lost in an ocean of passion. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me as this young man pounded me hard from behind. I began to lose track of the orgasms I had. They seemed to be coming every few seconds as I lay there letting him fuck me. I felt his cum filled balls slapping against me and I longed for their fruit

Brad began to grunt and moan and I knew it would not be long. I pushed back hard against him and began to beg for him cum. He pumped and grunted several more times before he slammed deep inside me and gave me my reward. I felt its hot spray coat my insides as I orgasmed another time on his magnificent cock.

He collapsed on top of me and I lay there a spent mess. I began to come back to my senses and knew I had to clean up and get back to my room before my husband awoke. I got up and went to the shower. On the way, I grabbed the tape.

Once in the bathroom, I turned on the shower. And then I grabbed the tape and smashed it on the corner of the counter. I broke it and grabbed the tape and pulled and tore at it until it was in shreds. I felt safe again.

I quickly showered and put on my suit. I left the bedroom and went to say goodbye to Brad. I was done and safe. And I'd just gotten the hottest sex of my life. But it was time to go back to the real world and I would put this weekend behind me.

As I approached Brad I saw him watching something. My stomach immediately knotted as I saw him watching what had just happened between him and I.

"What? How could you?" I screamed.

"You never said anything about another tape babe. And this one is better than the other." He said grinning.

I wanted to hit him. I felt betrayed.

"Brad. Please destroy that. I did what you asked. Please." I begged him.

"After tonight babe. We're having a party. And you are the guest of honor. When you're finished there. You can have this tape and I won't make anymore." He said grinning.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You'll find out tonight babe. Just be prepared." He said smiling.

I wanted to hit him, to take his camera and smash it. But I knew I could never overpower him. I looked at the clock and knew I had to return to my room before my husband awoke.

I left the room and returned to find my husband still sleeping. I went into the bathroom and ran a hot bath. What was I going to do? What did that evil bastard have in mind for me? Was there anyway I could get out of this?

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