tagNonConsent/ReluctancePutting A Bitch In Her Place

Putting A Bitch In Her Place


This is the story of a man named Evan, his cheating wife, Leila, and his three close friends: Holly, Mia, and Emily.



Evan White was the happiest man in the world. He was about to marry the love of his life, Leila Powell. They met a couple of years back. It was like something straight out of a movie. The whole love-at-first-sight story. He asked her out and she accepted. As they dated, he started to notice that he was falling in love with her and felt that she just might be the one. She was very beautiful. She was a brunette with a nice, firm, B cup and a killer ass. She was 5ft 5" and her face looked as if it had been carved by angels. For the record, she was even in a couple of beauty pageants and won most of them as well.

Everything in life was perfect for Evan. Except that there was one problem....

"Evan, please, you're making a big mistake!" said Holly—a very good friend of his.

"She'll just hurt you!" said Mia—another very good friend of his.

"Please Evan, we care about you." said Emily—the third of his very good friends.

Holly, Mia, and Emily do not like Leila. These three girls are Evan's closest friends and they do not approve of her. They were happy for Evan at first, but then as time started to pass, they all started to dislike Leila more and more.

"Please you three, not now." Evan said, tired of this.

"Please Evan, during the bachelorette party, she fucked the stripper!" Mia informed him.

"What?! She'd never do that!" Evan said, irritated.

"It's true Evan." Holly said, siding with Mia.

"We saw her blow him and then they went off somewhere." Emily added.

Evan was getting fed up. The more he dated Leila, the more his three friends complained about her. He took the situation as Leila and the three not liking each other, but for his sake, they dealt with it. It was exactly that. However, this did not make him any less upset. He just could not take it anymore; he never believed that they would stoop so low as to lie to him about this. He could not believe they would do such a thing.

"She's fake Evan, everything about her! Her eyes, her lips, her boobs!" Emily complained.

The other two joined in and immaturely started to call her fake as well. Evan did not want to put up with this anymore. Emily was a very sweet girl and she was the shyest of his three friends. For her to say such a thing made him angry. What made it worse was the fact that she was such a nice person. He never would have expected that from her. Holly and Mia joining her just added to his anger and irritation.

"No! She's perfect! She is not fake, her eyes, her lips, nothing is fake! And for the record, her boobs aren't fake either! I've touched them!"

"Eww gross." Mia and Holly said mockingly.

"I didn't need to know that." Emily said in a disgusted manner.

Now Evan was pissed.

"You know what Emily! You're just jealous of her! You're just calling her fake because she's beautiful and has boobs you never could have!"

"Evan!" Mia said.

Holly was quiet; she did not know what to say. That was low. She and Mia, and Evan knew that Emily was very sensitive about her breast size. So Emily had never been in a beauty pageant, but she was still very attractive. She was a B cup, but unlike Leila, they were borderline A's. However, what made up for that was her ass and face. Her ass, in Holly and Mia's honest opinions, could give Leila a run for her money. Her face was very sweet and innocent, which made her very cute. She had nice green eyes and straight jet black hair that went down just below her shoulder blades. She had a shy nerdy personality, pale skin, and always wore those thick black nerdy glasses to go with her personality, but that's what added to her cute look. What also made her very cute was her height. She was not even that tall compared to everyone else. She was only 5ft.

Holly herself was very attractive as well. She was a beautiful blonde with blue eyes and a very adventurous personality. She was 5ft 5" like Leila and although she could not compete with Leila when it came to ass, her breasts beat her without question. She had a nice C cup.

Mia too was a very attractive woman. She was a gorgeous redhead with a magnificent C cup and a lovely ass. However, like Holly, she could not compete with Leila when it came to being bottom heavy. The only thing she could beat her at was cup size. She also had mesmerizing hazel eyes and was 5ft 4".

Evan was so angry now that he did not care about what he said.

"If you three are truly my friends, you'd be happy for me! Be there for me, or leave. And don't you dare do anything to ruin today!"

Evan looked at them. Emily looked like she was about to cry and Mia and Holly looked—and most likely were—angry at him for what he said to Emily. He just turned and went to get ready.

At the wedding, Evan could feel his gut about to burst with all the butterflies inside. The priest asked Leila,

"Do you, Leila Powell, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." Leila said with a smile.

"And do you, Evan White, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." Evan said happily.

"If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot be legally joined in marriage, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

Evan was nervous. He trusted his three close friends not to interfere, but after their fight, he was unsure. He looked out into the crowd, but he could not find them. They were not present.

That hurt.

Although it was hurtful of them to not be there for him, he still found it petty of him to say what he said to Emily. Immediately after he had calmed down, he felt so guilty for saying that to her. He knew how much she hated the fact that she was so small up there. He decided that he'll apologize after the honeymoon to amend the fight he had with his three close friends. But for now, he wanted to focus on what was happening at this moment. He should not be unhappy on his wedding day. He should not let anything ruin this wonderful, unforgettable day.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride."

Evan kissed his beautiful bride and he felt that nothing could make this day any better. Later, after the reception, it was time for their honeymoon to officially start. Evan carried his bride to the bed. She giggled as he tossed her onto it.

"I'm gonna fuck you 'til you can't walk straight."

"Oh no! You're gonna put your big fat cock in my poor, tight little pussy?" Leila said in a playful tone.

Evan climbed on top of her and kissed her passionately. She started pressing her tongue against his lips and he opened them. Their tongues played together in each other's mouths. Evan started to press his erection against her groin.

"Oh! Evan! I want you inside me!"

Evan stripped off his clothes and Leila did the same. Within seconds, Evan was standing there, naked in front of his new wife. Leila was lying there in front of him, showing him everything. While she lied there, she was admiring his masculine features. Her husband was a handsome 6ft man with six pack abs, a muscular chest with toned shoulders, and a very attractive face. She spread her legs to show him her pussy, to offer it to him. She started to fondle her breasts as she smiled at him.

"Get on top of me and fuck me!"

Evan quickly got on the bed, on top of Leila and kissed her while he poked at her entrance. He looked into her eyes lovingly and she gave him a smile. They enjoyed the moment of intimate eye contact. Then...

"Oh fuck!" Leila gasped.

...Evan was inside her. She grabbed his head with both hands and kissed him. He easily slipped in with her wetness. Evan could not have been happier. Leila gave him such a warm, loving look into his eyes while giving his cock such a warm, wet, smooth grip.

He started to pull out of her slowly. Once he had everything but the tip of his cock out, he slid his whole shaft back in her. She moaned in pleasure and started to kiss his neck. He continued this again a couple of times, then started to pick up the pace. Leila clung to him more as he started to fuck her harder and faster.

"Oh Evan! Evan!"

He kept fucking her for almost 30 minutes, but then she asked him,

"Babe, can I be on top now?"


Evan got off Leila and laid down next to her. She got up and started to kneel with both her knees next to each side of Evan's six pack. She grabbed his cock and guided it to her lips. Once she felt the tip at her entrance, she sat her weight down on his cock. It slipped in and she immediately started to bounce on his cock. Her hands were placed on his chest.

"Ah Leila, I love you!"

"Oh fuck, this is fucking amazing!"

Evan grabbed Leila's breasts and played with them. She took her hands off his chest and put them on his hands as he squeezed her breasts. They continued this for another thirty minutes until Evan asked her in a passive tone,

"Babe, can we do it doggy style?"

He knew Leila never liked that position and thus never gave him the opportunity to try it. So, he asked in a passive tone in hopes that she would agree with the help of her ecstasy now. It was their honeymoon; it would be wonderful if he could take her that way.

"No! Baby, I'm not some bitch!"

"Okay honey.... Can we 69?"

"Uh...I would love to, but it's already inside me, I don't wanna taste myself."

"Alright babe, that's okay."

'Damn, oh well, it was worth a shot.' Evan thought to himself.

They continued to do this for one more hour. Leila moaned, "Oh Evan, I'm gonna cum!" as she rode his cock faster.

She cried out and her vaginal walls were constricting around his cock, massaging him to climax. Evan came not too long after Leila. He filled her pussy with his seed. Leila could feel it shooting inside her. It was a warm and amazing sensation for her. He filled her pussy so much that it was leaking out of her while he was still inside. The newlyweds lied there in bed, ready to pass out together and drift to sleep. Leila fell asleep in a few seconds. However, Evan was still bothered by what had happened between him and his friends.

He decided to text them a group apology:

-hey guys

-I'm sorry about how I acted & what I said

-especially 2 u emily

-it was uncalled 4 & completely unnecessary

Evan waited for a bit, but there was still no answer. He knew he said something he would end up regretting. After a couple of suspenseful minutes, he felt his phone vibrate in his hand. It was Mia.

-its cool

-friends fight all da time

-we still luv u


-I'm sorry 2

'Phew, Mia's good. What about Holly and Emily?'

Soon enough, his phone vibrated again. It was Holly this time.

-it was a stupid fight

-its ok though

-I'm sorry 2


Mia and Holly were good. Now it was just Emily left. She was the one that he hurt out of anger. Evan waited and waited, but there was still no text. He eventually fell asleep waiting for the text. Right when he lost consciousness, his phone vibrated.

-its ok Evan

-its my fault 4 making u mad

-I'm sorry

-goodnite & have fun

After the honeymoon, Evan and Leila got a new house that was two stories with beautiful, elegant décor. With the fancy furniture, it appeared as if one was in a mansion. There was even an indoor hot tub. Things could not be better and more in order as Evan could have hoped...

...or so he thought.

Chapter 1

Over the course of a year, Leila started becoming less interested in sex with Evan. She would often pull the whole 'Not right now, I'm not in the mood' or 'All you want from me is sex' card. As sex became less frequent, Evan became less happy. Other factors that contributed to Evan's unhappiness were that Leila mistreated and underappreciated him more and more as the months passed.

He was the cook of the house and she would always be grateful to him during the time when they dated. But now, after they married, Leila would just eat without saying anything to him sometimes. Evan sometimes felt that, in Leila's eyes, he was no different than the coffee maker, fridge or toaster. Like he was just another tool for her to use.

Evan was also the one who paid for their expenses. He was the one who paid for their new house. Leila did not even chip in a penny. Evan did not want her to, but she never showed any interest of mutualism. As month after month passed, Leila disregarded her financial dependence on Evan more and more.

Leila also became an overly jealous spouse. It was to the point where she did not allow Holly, Mia, or Emily around their home. Evan would have to meet them somewhere away from home. Yet, Evan never complained once when she found an actor or model to be cute. She was becoming a real bitch. Unfortunately, Evan was too blinded by love to see or care about the situation.

Whenever he would spend time with Holly, Mia, and Emily, they would tell him that there was nothing wrong with wanting sex from your wife when you have not been having sex recently. Many times, the girls would tell him that she was being an unfair bitch. Evan did not really listen to them, thinking their thoughts were too bias from their opinions on her. He would often reason in his head,

'I didn't get married just to get a divorce a year later because I'm impatient with sex.'

One fateful day, Evan came home early. This day would be the beginning of emotional events that would change his life forever. He heard moaning in the bedroom. It sounded like Leila. He went upstairs and got to the door of their bedroom. Evan opened the door and saw something he would never forget.

"Oh Brad, oh fuck! Yes, fuck me!" Leila moaned.

'Brad' saw Evan and told Leila to stop. She turned to see Evan and exclaimed,

"Oh my God! Evan!"

"What the fuck Leila!"

Leila got up to walk to Evan. He turned around to leave before he lost control of himself and literally killed 'Brad' and ended up in jail for murder. He stormed down the stairs, not wanting to even look at Leila. He felt her hand on his shoulder.

"Don't touch me!"

He shrugged her hand off his shoulder and got in his car.

"Wait, Evan, please!"

The engine went off and his tires screeched as he pulled out of his house fast. He could not think straight. Did he really see what he just saw? Was this real? Or just a bad nightmare? Never did he expect to come home to find this. His phone rang.


It was Leila. Ignore. Evan continued to drive down to nowhere. He did not know what to do, where to go, or what to think. All that was in him was pain and anger.

Leila had Brad leave from her home. She tried to call Evan several times, but he did not pick up. After several hours, he returned home. He opened the door and had eye contact with her for a brief moment. She had no idea where he had been, but she could pretty much guess. He smelled like alcohol and cigarettes. He had been drinking. In Evan's eyes, there was sorrow and anger. In Leila's, there was regret. Evan headed upstairs to bed. Leila was afraid that he would divorce her, so she slept on the couch and thought of ways to make up for what happened.

The morning after, Leila made a fancy breakfast and coffee for Evan. She wanted to show Evan that she was sorry for hurting him. Evan was in the shower during this time, staring forward at nothing, with nothing in his mind but 'this isn't happening' or 'why is this happening?' As he got out of the shower, he changed for work and went downstairs. He could smell coffee with bacon, eggs and other delicious foods he loved in the morning. He headed to the kitchen to see that Leila made him breakfast. Something she had not done in almost a year.

"Evan, I'm sorry, I know that there is no way for me to make it up to you. But please believe me when I say that I never wanted to hurt you. I regret what I did. Please, forgive me." Leila said while weeping.

Evan had finally had some time to think. In the end, because he had such a good heart and forgiving nature, he decided to forgive her. They talked for a long time. So many emotions had flooded the room. After they finished talking, she served him breakfast as if he was a customer in a diner and she was his waitress. She did all she could to show him she was sorry. She was even ready to give him sex, but he had to go to work. He was already late. He headed out the door and Leila kissed him goodbye. Evan drove away and Leila had an evil grin of triumph on her face.

As months passed again, Leila became less affectionate towards Evan again. Their sex life was going back the way it was before he caught her cheating. Holly, Mia and Emily never found out about the incident. Evan figured it would be best for him to not mention it. It was bad enough they were already on bad terms with his wife. If they found out about this, they would probably kill her. Within a few months, the way Leila treated Evan was back to normal. She did not give him sex, she continued to underappreciate him. However, worst of all, she continued to deceive him. Not too long after her behavior went back, Evan caught her again.

On Leila's birthday, Evan bought her an extremely beautiful and expensive grand piano. It cost him in the tens of thousands. But nothing was too good for his beautiful wife, his love. He decided to go home and relax since he did not have any more meetings that day. When he got home, he heard something he always feared of hearing again. There was moaning coming from upstairs. Evan walked up in horror. Hearing his wife moan again like how she did those many months ago. He slowly opened the door. It was that Brad guy again. They stopped the moment Evan opened the door.


Evan's eyes started to water from the sorrow and pain that immediately hit him. She had hurt him again. Leila could see he was about to cry. Evan turned so they would not see him cry. He once again stormed down the stairs and drove off, enraged, again. The painful memory was repeated once more. He felt like such a fool to trust her again. Evan kept driving away, with many thoughts in his head. All of which were evolving into darker and more negative thoughts.

'How could she do this again? After showing her how forgiving I was? I love her, spoil her, do anything to make her happy! Why are my efforts all for nothing?!'

'Why is this happening? Why am I being repaid like this? What did I do to deserve this?'

'Why do I suck? What am I doing existing? Why should I still live? Why—'


He knew it was Leila, he knew she was going to call. He looked at the phone. To his surprise, it was Mia.

'I can't pick it up.'

He let it ring until it stopped.

'I'm sorry Mia, I'm just so depressed right now. I'm in a dark place.'

Evan continued to feel his pain and sorrow crush him. The last time, he never talked to anyone about it. Now, he had been hurt again and would have to deal with not telling anyone a second time.

'My close friends hate my wife...I wanna die!'



Evan checked the phone, it was Mia again. He found it to be strange that Mia would try calling again so soon, so he assumed it must be urgent.


"Hey Evan! There was a sale on Smirnoff! I wanted to share some Green Apple with you. I know it's your favorite and all. I already gave Holly and Emily the flavors that they love. I wanted to give you some of yours."

Talk about great timing for some alcohol. He could not go there in his emotional condition, however, she would surely know that Leila hurt him.

"Sorry Mia, I'm kinda busy and stressed out right now."

"Oh! All the more to get it, come on!"

"Please Mia! Please! I'm busy!" Evan said while crying. He could not hide it anymore.

"Evan? What's wrong?! Are you okay?!" Mia asked concerned.

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