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Queen for a Special Night


Esmeralda was celebrating her 70ies birthday. She was a fun-loving and still very vivid woman. Esmeralda had been attracted to women all her life but had also always been a bit shy. So there had not been a lot sexual relationships in her life. In the last years she had discovered the internet for getting to know new women and having fun with sexy e-mails.

Esmeralda was about 1,62 m (about 5f 4i) tall and was not slim at all. One could call her “chubby”. She had quite curvy hips and very voluptuous thighs and arse. Her face was also chubby and round and therefore still quite lovely. She had full, red lips and white teeth. Her brunette hair was cut quite short. Due to her figure also her breasts were not small at all. In spite of her age, her skin did not have a lot of wrinkles, which was a benefit of her chubby body. She did really take care of herself and tried to stay in shape.

She had been looking forward to her birthday celebrations. She had invited all her friends and on a separate evening her two best friends, Joan and Barbara, had wanted an evening reserved. So Esmeralda had willingly invited them.

Esmeralda had prepared some food and some tasty wine, but when she asked her friends to sit down, Joan said:

“We will not stay long, Esmeralda. We just wanted to bring you our present. A special present.” Both women smiled. And it was kind of naughty smile. Esmeralda was starting to get really curious now, even a bit excited. What special present could that be?

Both her friends smiled a very knowing smile. Joana put at a small package out of her bag and presented it to Esmeralda. She was very excited when opening it.

Wrapped within the papers was a small golden crown. Esmeralda did not know what to say exactly.

“Today you shall feel like a Queen,” Barbara smiled and after a short pause added “…and a Queen needs two things. A crown and a personal maid.” The last word was spoken out very loud and in the same moment the door opened again and a young woman dressed in a white Toga and her face hidden by an oriental-style veil.

The young woman was a bit higher than Esmeralda but fell to her knees immediately after she had closed the door behind her. The young woman had a very good figure, slim but very curvy, with voluptuous firm breasts that were clearly outlined beneath her toga. Blonde to brunette hair went down beneath her shoulders.

Joan took the little crown out of Esmeraldas hands and put it on her head, fixing it in her hair. Barbara and Joan kissed their friends cheeks. “A happy 70ies birthday, Esmeralda and a happy Queen-day. Enjoy!”, they said in a chorus, smiled and before the surprised mature woman could even say a word both her friends had left her house.

Esmeralda was excited now, really excited – or it was even more. A big wave of sexual arousal swept her body. Had her friends really bought her a callgirl? She had never had sex with any prostitute; had never thought of it. But now that a young woman was kneeling in front of her the thought of it was very arousing to her.

She swallowed, her hands were even a bit shaky and she felt the arousal reach her nipples, making them hard and reach her pussy, soaking it.

“Can I see your face?”, the seventy year old woman finally managed to say. “The face and more,” a young voice answered her question. “Your are the Queen and I´m your maid for this night. I will do whatever you command and whatever makes you happy, my Queen!”

With these words the young woman took the white toga and slowly lifted it above her head. She wore only black panties beneath. She really had wonderful, big, round and firm young breasts. Her nipples were half erect already. Esmeralda could not take her eyes off this beautiful, sexy sight. Never before in all her life had she been so close to such beautiful breasts – and they really were meant to be hers tonight. She had to breath hard, due to her arousal.

Finally the young woman also lifted her veil and showed her face. Esmeralda´s eyes went wide with surprise and even more excitement. This was even better, much better than any Callgirl. She knew that face. It was the face of Sarah. She had seen her picture.

Sarah was an online friend of her. She was 20 only and thus 50 years younger than herself. She had been talking to Sarah online for quite a while. Sarah was a lesbian girl, who even had a fixed girl-friend, but who was enormously fascinated by mature ladies. So their talks had been very sexually orientated.

“Joan and Barbara contacted me via e-mail about your seventies birthday. And they asked me if I would like to be your maid for a day. And god, you know all our talks, I have always wanted to be with a mature woman like you, have always wanted to serve a mature woman as her willing maid. I agreed for this night. I have not told my girlfriend, as it´s only sex for this night. But this night I´m completely your maid, your servant and I want to make it a very special, unforgettable night for my Queen.”, Sarah offered a short explanation to the old lady.

“Oh my, god. Sarah, you don´t know how much I have dreamed of that. So you will really sleep with me?”

“We can also sleep if you want. You are the Queen, but I could imagine some more funny things, my Queen,” Sarah teased.

“Hmm. You are as naughty, as online,” Esmeralda sighed aroused.

“Yes, my Queen. I´m your naughty little maid. I will be as naughty as you want me to be…and I hope you will like me very naughty!”

With these words the 20year old girl moved towards her lady for the night and gently lifted her dress. Esmeralda wore some white panties beneath. Sarah could already smell her arousal. Gently she placed some kisses on her panties. She could feel the moistness on her lips.

“Shall I undress you, my Queen?”, Sarah asked. Esmeralda only nodded.

Sarah rose and unzipped her dress at her back. Very slowly she started lifting her dress, pressing the fabric to her skin and thus stroking up her thighs, her hips, the sides of her breasts till she finally lifted it above her head.

Sarah gently kissed Esmeraldas neck, while she opened her bra. She did not just let it fall down, but the girl grabbed it at the front and moved it round her breasts. She could feel the mature ladies hard nipples through the fabric and her fingers finally touched the skin of breasts and touched her aroused nipples when she removed the bra.

Esmeralda was breathing real hard. She felt her juices flowing. It had been a real long time since she had been aroused like this. This young girl really already was a perfect seductress.

Sarah kissed down the ladies back, starting from her neck till she almost reached her big arse. Her hands followed down at the front, stroking her soft, chubby belly.

“You are so beautiful, such a mature beauty, my Queen. I really love your soft body.,” Sarah sighed in between her kisses. “I love your mature, soft, chubby body even more than in my fantasies, my Queen.”

Sarah´s tongue licked along her spine and one of her hands now moved up and down between Esmeralda´s legs. Her panties were soaking wet now. The mature woman sighed of lust. Her legs already felt like rubber. Sarah´s other hand shoved down the back of her panties over her big arse and her lips and tongue immediately followed worshipping the skin of her bum, kissing and licking every inch of it.

Sarah too was extremely aroused. Alone the thought of the situation, of being a willing maid to her seventy year old chubby friend, who really was a mature beauty to her, made her juices flow wild. She loved it and her passionate kisses and eager licks clearly showed how much she loved it.

Her hand was now slipping into the front of her panties, finding a very wet pussy there and immediately starting to caress it.

“I can stand it any longer, Sarah. I have to sit down. God, I´m so aroused, please relieve me, please…”, Esmeralda sighed.

Sarah quickly stripped her of her panties.

“As it pleases you, my Queen,” she answered and kissed her soft bum, crawling on her knees behind Esmeralda who walked to a near couch.

Esmeralda sat down, her legs spread wide. The old ladies eyes clearly feasted on the young, sexy body of Sarah, on her fantastic breasts, with now rock hard nipples. Also Sarah feasted on her mature Queen´s body. She liked the special look of Esmeralda´s soft breasts, that were sagging quite a bit, she loved her chubby belly and hips, was aroused by the small wrinkles on her thighs and in between and the sight of her mature, soaking wet pussy made her real hot.

Sarah knelt between the old ladies spread legs. One of her hands was gently playing in her pussy, her fingers moving up and down her wet slit, teasing her.

Her face was close to the mature, round face of Esmeralda. Both could feel the breath of the other. Their lips finally touched and soon parted. Their tongues entangled in a long and passionate kiss.

Esmeralda could not keep her hands still. She started feeling out the gorgeous breasts of Sarah, massaging her tits and playing with her nipples. Her firm, young breasts felt so wonderful. In the meantime Sarah was still playing at her pussy and now she started kissing down her body.

She kissed the mature ladies lips again, kissed her cheeks and let her lips go down along the side of her neck and find their way to her breasts. With one hand she now massaged both her sagging tits and her so hard nipples. Her mouth changed from one soft breast to the other, her tongue teased both her nipples.

Only after quite a while of kissing, sucking and licking both of her soft, big, mature tits Sarah´s kisses went over her belly and finally found her pussy. Both her hands rested on her thighs now. For a moment the 20year old girl just took in the sight of her 50years older “Queen for the night” pussy and enjoyed the moment. Than she could wait no longer and also Esmeralda was too excited now to waste any time.

The lady had both her hands on her head, playing with the girls soft long, blonde hair. Gently she pressed her face between her legs and Sarah eagerly followed.

Her lips touched the ladies pussy now. Sarah loved the wetness on her lips and she loved the smell of sex in her nose. Her lips parted and her tongue reached out to take in her taste. It was a wonderful taste to her. She always loved the taste of pussy, but this was something even special to her.

Eagerly Sarah started licking. She changed between soft kisses and long licks up and down her slit. Her tongue circled the ladies hard clit and tried to enter her cunt, tried to fuck her wet pussy. She sucked her clit. She changed between soft and hard strokes up and down.

Esmeralda was getting loud now. She was close to coming and never before had she felt so high, even before reaching her orgasm. She wanted that great feeling to remain forever but wanted to come immediately as well. Her hands were pressing Sarah´s face hard into her pussy now.

Sarah was getting wild too now. One of her hands was between her own legs now, playing with her own pussy. She was rubbing her own clit and had inserted one finger into herself, slowly moving in and out. And licking this lady was really arousing her. Passionately her tongue moved all over her pussy and finally her mouth fixed on her clit and wildly sucked it and her tongue circled it.

Esmeralda´s moans became cries. A shiver went to her body and then she came. She came in a way she never had before. A gush of pussy juice swept Sarah´s face and eagerly the girl tried to lick up all of it. Esmeraldas eyes were closed and her hips rode her pussy against the girls face. It took quite some time till she went calmer again.

All the while Sarah did not stop licking and kissing her. She gently kissed her mount of venus and tried to lick every drop of her pussy juices.

“That was the best feeling I have ever had, Sarah!”, Esmeralda finally sighed. “I want to kiss you!”

“I love it that I could please you, my Queen!”, Sarah smiled, her face still completely covered with her juices.

The 20 year old girl and the 70year old lady melt into a passionate kiss and Esmerlada tasted her own juices from the girls lips and tongue. She liked the taste.

“Follow me to my bedroom now, Sarah. I want to feast on your beautiful body now too, I want to taste your pussy and suck your breasts!”

“I think I have not pleased you enough too, my Queen!”, Sarah said while they walked to the bedroom. “There is still a lot of pleasure to bring to your wonderful tits, arse and pussy tonight, my dear Queen.”

Sarah quickly stripped off her black panties and lay on the bed her legs spread wide, presenting her sweat, wet pussy to her mature lady. Her hands were playing with her own breasts, teasing her nipples. Esmeralda eagerly dove between her legs, planting the first kiss onto her aroused pussy, opening the next – but not at all the last – round of hot lesbian love for this special night.

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