tagFetishQueen Kiera Ch. 05

Queen Kiera Ch. 05


Copyright 2011 Peter Omez, all rights reserved

REVIEW: While Kiera and Darcy are in Bellewood partying with their 19-year-old boytoy Tyler, Dave and Patty spend quality alone time at the house in Trentstown ... the house Dave purchased 7 years ago but which, these days, can only be considered KIERA's house. Her rules govern everything Dave and Patty do, with the result that the normally sweet, agreeable Patty has subjected her beloved "Davey" to two long pussy-licking sessions which seriously cut into his sleep time. To make matters worse, Kiera's infernal necktie chastity restraint device inflicted unusually severe punishment to Dave's penis during the night, requiring several exhausting ice-pack applications. To make matters worst of all, in the morning Patty couldn't be roused to join Dave for a little togetherness, before he leaves for work Wednesday morning.

Dave feels hurt as Patty slumbers soundly upstairs, and it's here that we begin...

PART 5 ("Tyrants are People, Too")

In the kitchen, I stared into the refrigerator. It was full of food, but my eyes registered nothing. I was preoccupied. When we experience new love, our emotional state is so precarious. Just hours ago, with my face under the covers and buried in Patty's pussy, I felt like I occupied the center of her universe. Now, standing in the kitchen, alone, I felt like an exiled nomad, thousands of miles separated from her presence. It was a cold, empty feeling. I missed her.

I couldn't bear to wait until I got back home before seeing or talking to her. So I remembered that I could leave my cell phone at the house for her use, and call her from a phone at work. I left it on the dining room table that morning, with a note. Along with instructions, I made sure to mention I loved her.

When we spoke by phone later, Patty said it was lonely when she got up, and she had missed me. She wished she had gotten up with me, but, she said, her body had felt so heavy, and she had felt so cozy that morning, she just couldn't budge. She'd been fully relaxed from all that pussy-licking. But, she expected, nights like that would be rare in the future. She was sympathizing with how tired I was, stuck at work.

So that made me feel much better. It gave me a lift, and the rest of the workday went smoothly.

When I got home, Patty came to the door, where we repeated the previous day's ritual, according to Kiera's instructions. I went to my knees and lowered my head to the floor to kiss her bare feet. She cooed, staying put for about 20 seconds. Then she turned around, slipped her jeans and panties down, and I tongued her asshole. Then, again per Kiera's orders, since I wasn't allowed to change clothes yet, I followed her to the kitchen to help with dinner.

At that point she informed me that Kiera had called to say she and Darcy were on her way back. They should arrive around 6, and we were all going to sit down and eat dinner together. After that, Kiera said, we were having an important "family meeting" in the living room.

When Kiera and Darcy arrived, they made me go out to bring their things in from the car and take them to their rooms. Darcy surveyed our work in her bedroom, and was pleased with the furnishings and shelves. Then the four of us sat down at the dining room table. Kiera sat in the seat anyone would have thought of as the "head" of the table, with me on her right, closest to the kitchen in case someone needed me to fetch something. Darcy sat on Kiera's left. Patty sat at my right, and across from Kiera.

At one point, Darcy said, "Megan and Ashley are kinda pissed at me for moving out, 'cause they said they were counting on me finishing out the lease period. So now they have to pick up my share of the rent."

"How much was that?" Kiera asked.

"250 a month, so since there's 3 months left, they say I owe them 750 dollars."

"Hmmm." Kiera frowned. "Well, I don't wanna piss them off, 'cause they're pretty cool. So ... I guess we're gonna have to pay it, but we can't pay 750 right now. I'm not even sure we could come up with a hundred this month."

I chimed in. "With a part-time job you could easily come up with that much."

"Who, me?" Kiera asked.

"Well, I meant Darcy but--"

"Davey, who asked for your opinion on this? Are you in charge of the money?"

"Uhhhh ... well ..."

"The answer is no. You're not. Duh. I am. When there's a money issue, I'll handle it. You keep your mouth shut and do as you're told unless I ask your advice."

My response was a bit mopey, and Her Royal Highness got royally pissed. She dropped her fork to point at me. "Davey, I'm this close to slappin' you. Don't sit there and pout when you know fuckin' well you were out of line by even suggesting Darcy get a job. That's not for you to suggest. If I want her to work, I'll send her to work. That has nothin' to do with you. I know what you're tryin' to do, you're tryin' to be a man and be the problem-solver and the one who has all the answers. There are three women here, and any one of us can damn well figure out how to come up with a few hundred dollars. We don't need your man-help."

She paused for a moment, glaring and pointing at me, then picked up her fork. "OK, Davey, I'm done lecturing you, so what do you say?"

For a moment I thought she was asking for my thoughts or opinions. So I was a little slow ... but then I caught on to what she meant. "Yes ma'am," I said.

"Good boy." She treated me to a little smile at that point, and even gave my hand a pat. At the same time, Patty reached under the table and gave my thigh an affectionate squeeze.

A few minutes later, Darcy was in mid-sentence talking about something else when Kiera suddenly straightened up in her chair, dropped her fork, clapped her hands together and interjected, "Oh! Oh! I've got it! Patty. When you get back home I need you to get a waitressing job doing lunch shifts. Every waitressing job, they always need more servers to come in and do lunch, 'cause no one wants to do just that, everyone wants night shifts. You tell 'em you only want to do lunches."

"Ummmm," said Patty. "Well ..."

"What's wrong, hun?"

"Well ... I've never done waitressing before."

"Oh, it's easy, you can do it. And you'll be great, too, 'cause you're sooo sweet, and you're nice to everyone and want to make everybody feel good. You're perfect. Actually lemme tell you ... you're even more perfect than most of the girls who do it, 'cause most of them are bitches. Hahaha. Like me. I did it, and I'm a bitch. I still made good money. But I know you, you won't complain about your sidework and bitch about the customers and bitch about how shitty your tips are and all that. While the rest of 'em are bitchin' you'll just doing your job and making all the customers happy, and they'll be tippin' you like mad."

"You think?" Patty smiled shyly.

I noticed that Patty's only concern was whether she was sufficiently qualified to wait tables, not whether it was appropriate for Kiera to demand she work a second job to pay a debt for someone who was working NO job. Naturally, I thought my "man" solution was much more obvious, but if Kiera was so determined to support Darcy (from my income, no less) and didn't want her working, then shouldn't KIERA be the one to get a job? She had more earning potential than Darcy anyway. I certainly thought it was tremendously unfair for Kiera to expect PATTY to be the one to bring in the money they needed.

And ... I made the mistake of opening my mouth again.

"But ... won't Patty have to work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays then?"

Kiera glared at me. There was a long, awkward pause, during which I half-expected a hard slap to land on my face at any moment. Patty broke the silence, laying her hand on my arm and saying, "Shhh."

Kiera stopped staring me down long enough to take a bite of her food. Feeling grateful that I'd been shown some mercy, I said, "I'm sorry."

Everyone was silent while Kiera took another bite. Then she said, "Davey, if Patty doesn't have days off anymore to come visit, you'll just have to go to Bellewood every weekend. You're the one who should have to spend all the hours in the car to make the relationship work anyway, not her. And I know she works Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, but that's OK 'cause I'm sure with workin' two jobs she'll have dishes that need done, laundry, vacuuming, etc. You can deliver food to her at the video store when she gets hungry. She'll be tired when she gets home and might need her feet rubbed, or a nice, hot bath or something. Anyway there'll be plenty for you to do while she's working. I'm sure Mom'll have chores for you at her house, too."

"Yes ma'am."

"We need to get you a cell phone, too, Patty. Damn. Darcy, I might have to send you to work after all." She let that thought hang in the air for a moment, then said, "What do you think of that, Davey? Darcy getting a job?"

I glanced around the table before answering. "Um. I think ... uh, I think that's up to you."

She smiled and crooked her finger, indicating I should come toward her. When I leaned in her direction, she wrapped her right hand around the back of my neck, pulled me to her, and kissed me on the forehead, with a "mmmmwah! Good BOY, Davey, that's the right answer."

Strangely, I felt very proud.

When we finished eating, Patty stood up to start clearing plates, but Kiera said, "You and Davey can leave this for now. Everyone into the living room. Family meeting!"

When we were all in the living room, Kiera said, "OK, Patty, go upstairs and get five ties and a dirty pair of your panties, like the ones you wore yesterday or whatever. Darcy, sit there." She pointed to a recliner. I started to take a seat on the couch, but was told to kneel on the floor, about a foot or two away from the couch, and facing it. Patty returned and handed Kiera the neckties. "OK, sweetie, go in and get one of the dining room chairs. We're gonna put it right here behind Davey."

Kiera stood beside me as Patty brought in the dining room chair and positioned it behind me. Then Kiera said, "OK, take your jeans off, hun. OK, now take your panties off and put 'em in Davey's mouth. Now let me show you how to gag him." And Kiera tied the necktie around my head so that a knot in front of my mouth held the panties in. It was also tight enough that my mouth was held open. "OK, now take these other panties and hold them over his nose so he can smell your pussy on 'em. Good. Hold 'em right there." Then Kiera used the other tie to hold this pair of panties in place. My breathing became heavy as I tried to draw oxygen in, past both pairs of panties. Then Kiera tied my wrists behind my back with a third necktie. A fourth went around my ankles, and the fifth connected the third and fourth together, so I couldn't stand up. "OK ... now have a seat right here behind Davey, 'cause what I'm about to tell him might upset him a little, and if it does, you can hug him, and kiss him, and comfort him, OK?"

Hmmm. I did not like the sound of that.

Kiera sat on the couch, directly in front of me. "OK, Davey, I'm gonna tell you what happened the other night while you were in bed. And I'll tell you right now you're not gonna like it, but that's because you won't understand it. I will TRY MY BEST TO EXPLAAAIN it to your dumb ass, but if I know you, we'll probably have to go over this again a couple more times before your pea-brain can really get it.

"Now before I tell you, keep in mind this was two nights ago, and since then you and Patty have had a wonderful time together, right? And you know she loves you. So that should help you put this in perspective.

"OK, now, Tyler ... let's talk about Tyler. He's an immature little punk. OK? He's not boyfriend material for anybody right now, he's got a lot of growin' up to do. But he also happens to have a huge dick. I knew when Darcy and I met him at the video store. I said, This guy's packin' some serious meat. I could just tell. Here's something you may not know about women, Davey, we can tell if a guy has a huge dick. It's in the way they act.

"Now ... someone like Tyler is only good for sex. I wouldn't date him, and I wouldn't let Darcy date him. But for partyin' and havin' some fun? Oh hell yeah. So we're down here in the living room, we're all drinkin', we're partyin', and before you know it, Darcy and I have got his dick out, and we're both blowin' him.

"Now ... Davey ... listen very carefully. Tyler is 19 years old. He's at his sexual peak. Men reach it early, as your dumb ass may or may not know. But women reach their peak later. Patty is 38. She's in HER sexual prime. She has needs she doesn't even know she has. You've met her right at the point in her life when you're not gonna be able to keep up with her. And if I let YOU be the one who decides what you and Patty's sex life is like, you will fuck it up COMPLETELY.

"Now since you're not gonna be able to satisfy all of Patty's sexual urges, you're gonna need help from others. Patty, left to her own, would not seek out others. She would just settle for not being completely satisfied. But I'm not gonna let that happen."

I really didn't like where this was going, and it showed in my furrowed eyebrows. I was already starting to cry as well, in anticipation of the news that Kiera must have put Patty and her punk-kid co-worker together while I lay upstairs alone with a necktie around my dick. I wasn't sure I could bear the details.

"Now like I said, no woman in her right mind would fall in love with Tyler, at least not now. 'Cause he's just a stallion. He's out there wild, just lookin' to score as much pussy as he can. Well ... I mean ... Darcy might fall in love with someone like that without me there to stop her, but ... I mean, he's not ready to settle down with one woman.

"So ... I asked Tyler what he thought of Patty, and if he ever thought of tryin' to tap that cougar ass, hahaha. And he's like, 'Whaaa? Pfff. No! Patty's like 40 years old.' I said, 'So? You never been with an older woman?' He goes, 'Not THAT old, she's like my mom's age.' So I called Patty down here to teach them both a little something."

Oh, no, I thought. Here it comes. I was already crying, and by my breathing Patty knew to hug me from behind. She kissed the top of my head.

Kiera paused. She studied my face carefully (what she could see of it). She exhaled heavily. She pursed her lips. She uncrossed her legs and then crossed them the other way.

"Now Davey, I'm gonna give you a choice. You could choose for me to stop right here. 'Cause I've really made the most important points already. Number 1: Sexually, Tyler and Patty each have impulses that match well at this point in their lives. Number 2: The only thing Tyler has to offer any woman is sex. Number 3: You have NO HOPE of satisfying Patty completely. Number 4: She loves you, and you love her.

"So I don't even see the point in saying anything else, and if you've really been learning what I've been tryin' to teach you, then you'll realize you don't really need to HEAR anything else. So we could just stop.

"Or ... you could choose to hear the details. When you hear them, you SHOULD be happy for Patty and say, 'That's great. I'm glad you had fun, dear.' But you're probably gonna pout and feel sorry for yourself instead. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you get pissed at Patty for this. You can be pissed at me all you want, I don't give a shit. I can take it, Patty can't.

"So what's it gonna be, Davey? You want me to go on?"

My heartbroken face nodded up and down. Kiera sighed.

"Well ... I'm kinda disappointed to hear that, Davey. 'Cause you should just accept that the girls knew what we were doing. On the other hand maybe hearing about this will turn you on in spite of yourself. That might be good, 'cause I'm tellin' you right now it won't be the last time Patty gets some playtime that doesn't involve you. So you might need to just learn to get some enjoyment out of it.

"All right ... well ... I told Patty to come down here, and Darcy and I were already naked or close to it, Tyler's sittin' right here where I'm sittin', with his pants down and huge dick pokin' up. Patty comes down in her tee shirt and panties, and she's like 'Oh my.' Haha. She didn't expect to see us gettin' freaky down here. I made her come down and see Tyler's cock. I'm like 'Did you have any idea your co-worker was packin' this??' She's like 'Ummmm, well, no, I never really thought about it.' I said, 'Well ... you will now, hahaha.'

"I said, 'Come here Patty' and led her right to where you are now, Davey. I made her get on her knees right here in front of Tyler and watch while me and Darcy got on either side of him and took turns suckin' his dick.

"I said, 'Does that look hot, Patty?' She said yes. I took her arms and guided one hand to her pussy and one to her tits and told her to rub herself through her clothes. I made her watch a little more while she rubbed herself, then I asked Tyler if he ever had three girls suck his cock at the same time. He said yes. Hahahaha! I wasn't surprised. The little shit. Hahaha.

"I said, 'Get on in here, Patty, and suck Tyler's dick with us.' I could see in her eyes, Davey, she was hungry for it. She wanted it BAD. But she can't help it, Davey. That's what you have to understand. It doesn't mean she doesn't love you any less. It's just she's peakin'. See, Davey, I took anatomy and physiology and all that, and I know about this stuff. I'm a nurse; I know about hormones. When women get to the end of their childbearing years, especially if they haven't had any kids, their body makes them desperate for sex, like it's tryin' to trick 'em into getting pregnant. She's gotta have it, she can't help it.

"Now I doubt seriously if Patty's on any birth control, so I wasn't gonna let Tyler fuck her. But suckin' his cock? Absolutely! Hahaha. Of course now, when she's back in Bellewood and I'm not there to keep an eye on her, I can't prevent her from gettin' knocked up by him, but ... that'll be her choice. If it happens, I guess you'll finally get that family you always wanted. 'Cause you know damn well Tyler ain't raisin' no kid. And if you think I'd let YOU walk away from it, you're livin' on another planet. No way would I let you abandon her when she'd need you the most.

"Anyway ... I made her suck Tyler's dick, and while she was doin' it I reached down and played with her pussy. I told Darcy to rub and squeeze Patty's tits. And Patty put us to shame with her cocksucking. Hahaha. Oh my GOD! She was hot! So of course Tyler's like 'YYYYYYEAHHH!! OHHH FUCK!' She was slobbering all over his cock. Oh god it was fuckin' HOT. So I said, 'Not bad, huh, Tyler?' and he was like 'Fuck. I never woulda guessed she could give such a hot fuckin' blow job. God DAMN!'

"So then, I'm like 'OK Tyler stand up and really give it to Patty good, I mean, just grab her by the hair and FUCK that face.' So Darcy and I sat back and watched the show, and this little fucker stood up and just started drilling your girlfriend's mouth, hahaha. He's chokin' her, she's gagging, he's got her by the hair and he's just POUNDIN' her mouth. It was right about then I heard you start to come down the steps, and I came up and stopped you. You weren't ready to see something like that, Davey. Some time you might be able to handle it, you might even enjoy watching it, but it wasn't time yet.

"So then he's got Patty on her hands and knees, and he's holding her head with both hands and just rockin' back and forth, fuckin' the SHIT out of her face. And you shoulda seen the look in her eyes, Davey, she was just ... like ... drunk with pleasure. And Tyler reaches down and tries to slide her panties over so he can smack her ass while she's suckin' him. I helped him out, I came around behind Patty and slid her panties down to the middle of her thighs. He starts slappin' her ass, and she's goin' 'nnnh, nnnh, nnnnnh!'

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