tagErotic HorrorQueen's Night Ch. 03

Queen's Night Ch. 03


Well, everyone, here we go. As always, thanks to my amazing editor, and thanks to you awesome readers for reviewing!


Parker grasped into the sheets, his head tossed back in the heights of pleasure. "Oh, fuck."

On the bed, kneeling between his thighs, was the woman from the street. Her dark hair draped around her elegant, enchanting features. She reached up, and placed one long finger on his lips, the ruby tip tracing a pattern only she understood.

"Hush, love. Let me take care of you." She purred, and slid her milky, nude body against his skin.

Parker ached with need, his blood rushing from less necessary parts of him to his groin. His member throbbed as she slid her hips against his. Her skin wasn't warm, but cool and soft. The alien feeling aroused him, enticing. It was new and different, and he felt like she filled a need he never knew existed.

"Who are you?" He asked, his voice rasping even as he looked up into her brilliant green eyes.

"Your queen, my knight." She whispered. The woman leaned down, and pressed her lips to his in a soft kiss. Parker would have called it chaste, at first, if it hadn't stirred the fire so well.

A short, quick kiss grew into a longer one. Their lips attacked one another, hungry for more of the other. Parker slid a hand around the woman's waist, pulling her against him. She moaned against his mouth, and slid her tongue, wrapping it around his to duel with him.

Parker finally had to pull himself away from her, and moaned out in a rough tone. "I need you."

"Then you shall have me, my knight." She whispered. The woman moved down his body, tasting, sampling every inch of him. Parker's back arched in pleasure, his hips thrusting into the air.

"Excited, are we?" A grin crossed her face as she licked his navel.

"You've got the answer to that yourself." Parker grunted.

The woman encircled her hand around his arousal. "Indeed." Her grip was firm, but as she stroked his cock, she did it with a mastery that sent Parker's head tossed back in a groan of pleasure.

Parker closed his eyes a moment, panting as she started to stroke him. Her fist moved up and down his shaft, working his sensitive skin. Her thumb started to flick over the sensitive head of his shaft.

She brought her hand off of him, eliciting a loud moan from him. "Why'd you stop?" He groaned.

"Because, I want a taste." She flashed him a smile with two pearly fangs protruding from her teeth. A chill ran through Parker, and he started to wonder what the hell was going on.

But thinking could wait. The woman lowered her head, her lips parting as she engulfed his cock in her warm, wet mouth. Parker thrust his hips up, unable to restrain his wild need, shouting in pleasure as she-

Parker awoke with a start, gasping as he came back to the land of the conscious and awake.

He took a survey of his surroundings. He was no longer in the plush bed of his dreams, but of the slightly uncomfortable hotel bed. The red numbers on the alarm clock read that it was a little past five-thirty.

"Aw, hell," He grunted, and rolled out of bed. A quick inspection revealed that his erection from his dream hadn't dampened at all with his quick awakening.

Thirty minutes later, he stepped out of the shower, his lust very unsatisfied. He'd attempted stroking himself but had simply found no relief. It had left him with a very swollen, annoyingly aroused member. He got back into the shower and made it cold this time. That helped, if only a little.

Parker got himself dressed in a pair of dark jeans, a gray t-shirt, and a flannel plaid shirt over it. He pulled on his dark coat, and slipped his various tools of the trade into the pockets. He slid his paddle holster over his waist, always the careful one. He checked himself in the mirror, always to make sure he looked, if not professional, clean, and headed out.

The cool morning air nipped at him. It was barely six-thirty, and the bitter tang of the brisk weather set his senses on a level he usually didn't get at this early. The mountain air smelled lovely, full of the nearby forest, and the blue sky greeted him for a lovely day. It was too bad he was working.

He took a bearing of is surroundings, figuring out where in town he was. He was thankful it was such a small town, as he could walk back to the Sheriff's when he needed to pick up his SUV. In the meantime, however, his rumbling stomach required attention.

He walked towards the sheriff's office, instinct telling him that with cops came food, generally. About two blocks away, he found a diner that was open. He headed in, and was immediately greeted with familiar smells. Decent coffee, one or two burnt dishes, and an overall good menu. He took a seat at the counter.

A young woman, a copper-haired girl in her late teens, offered him a smile. "What can I get you, Mister?" She asked, with all the cheeriness that one got from waitresses in smaller towns.

"Cup of coffee, and some eggs, Canadian bacon, hash browns, and two slices of toast?" He watched as she jotted down the notes. "Please," Parker added, his mother's insistence on manners creeping in on him.

"Sure thing, Mister." She said, and gave him a cheery smile.

"Thanks, Rebecca." He said, catching the name off her name tag.

He was halfway through his second cup of coffee when Deputy Rick Fisher sat down next to him. "Hey, statie." He gave Parker a big grin. "How's it going?"

"Hey, Rick. And it's going decent. Slept like a log last night." He said, Sure, it wasn't entirely true, but it was a male thing. Lie about your well-being, stiff upper lip and all that.

"Awesome. Sheriff asked me to watch over you." He grinned. "Make sure you don't hurt yourself or anything."

"Oh, haha." He smirked. "But thanks. Was going to take a look at Roger Olson today."

"Okay, fine by me. I'd be more than willing to show you around the logging company. They start pretty early, so we should be able to catch them out there."

"All right, sure thing." Parker nodded. "Let me just wrap up breakfast first."

"Sure thing man." Rick agreed. He ordered a cup of coffee and some French toast, to which Rebecca cheerfully noted down. "So, what made you become a state agent?" He asked when they were both eating.

"Always wanted to be a cop." He said. "I decided on the CBI mostly because they were a decent fast track to become an investigator. After that, it was either the Violent Crimes or Illegal Substances Unit."

"And you ended up in Violent Crimes?" Rick asked.

Parker sighed. "Yea. ISU was my front-runner for a while, but they're crazy there. Submachine guns and shotguns, not handcuffs." He smirked. "I took Violent Crimes, and worked the hell out of it. Became a Senior Investigator six months ago, and got my own desk with a pile of cases."

"Living the dream, man." Rick chuckled.

"So how'd you end up as a deputy here?"

Rick shrugged. "It's my hometown. My dad was sheriff, once upon a time, and it's a bit of a family deal. If Kelly ever moves on to something bigger and better than being sheriff of a town of 1500 in the middle of nowhere, I'm running for office."

"So, what's Kelly's deal?" Parker asked. "Is she an ice queen, or..."

Rick dropped his voice. ""Well, no one's called her an ice queen before," He started. "But yea, she's a bit serious. Big Mama Wolf to the rest of us."

"Don't you mean Mama Bear?"

"Same difference." He shrugged it off. "She seems to have taken a shine to you. She wouldn't have stuck around like that if she hadn't. I would have half-expected her to write it on a sticky note and paste it to your forehead."

"Nice to know I'm appreciated."

"Any time, statie."


They swung back to the station and picked up Parker's SUV. It was a fifteen minute drive out to the logging company, and from there they hoofed it out on foot to the area where Roger Olson was working, according to his supervisor.

They were heading out on a poorly marked trail, but Rick seemed to know where he was going. Being the one foreign to town, Parker gladly let him lead.

"So, a theory," Parker said. "About our John Doe."

"Go for it." Rick replied. "I'm all ears."

"So, you guys haven't had any missing persons reports filed, and this guy's been dead over a week."

"Okay, I follow."

"He's from out of town. Possibly related to that car wreck Sheriff Kelly mentioned yesterday."

"The car wreck?" He furrowed his brow. "Well, there's something. McCormick and Sands were looking into it, haven't heard anything of what they found. I was already out when they got back."

"Just a thought." Parker said. "Since his prints got shipped off to the state labs, we should be running them through, and if it's got my name attached to it, we should get something back soon."

"Yea, we'll see if they all match." Rick nodded. "Good thinking, though."

"I do try every once in a while." Parker said. "Are we near where Olson's working?"

"With how loud you are, I'm sure he'll hear us soon."

"Hey, I am not loud!" Parker protested.

A voice came off from the distance. "I'd beg to differ."

Parker spun to the direction of the voice. The man was dressed large, squat with a large wooly jacket over his flannel shirt. He had dark shaggy hair and a short beard that made Parker wonder if he'd walked straight out of the cliché.

"Roger!" Rick grinned. "Hey, man. How's it going?

Roger Olson gave Rick a smile as the two of them approached and shook hands. "Can't complain. You here about the body over at the River?" He asked.

"Yea," Rick answered. "Rog, this is Agent McLaren, he's from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations."

Roger gave a polite nod in Parker's direction. "Agent McLaren," He said. "So, what did you want to know?"

Parker started. "I wanted to ask you a few questions."

"Go right ahead," Roger said. "Anything I can do to help."

Parker shoved his hands in his jacket, and found his notebook.. "So, I wanted to ask how you found the body."

"Uhm, just was walking, I guess. I was out west past the river, doing some surveys for the company. It was getting late, so I headed back across the river through a low point. There was a crow circling the remains, and so I checked it. First thought it was leftovers from some animal. But then I saw the fingers, and well," He shrugged. "Called it in to the Sheriff."

Parker nodded. "Can you think of anything...odd, out of place? I mean, apart from the body."

"Yea," He nodded. "There was one thing. There wasn't a lot of blood. Yea, I mean, I don't have much experiences with corpses, but for how mutilated that was..."

Parker jotted that down. The rest of the questioning was much the same, with Parker turning up nothing new. They let Olson continue his work, and they headed back to the car.

By the time they were back at the car, it was noon. They were driving back to the Sheriff's office when Roger got a call. He flipped out his cell and had a conversation of agreeing sounds and grunts.

When he closed the phone, he said. "We've got an ID on our vic. Drive like a madman, statie."


Parker nearly ran into the Sheriff's office. "Who, what-"

"Calm down." Kelly said. "We got the results faxed to us just a few minutes ago ourselves." She handed him a manila folder, already labeled with the case number and the name of the victim, Eric Standwell.

He opened the file and studied it. It was the fingerprints. Eric Standwell had been a daycare worker, and as such had his prints in the system. He was twenty-seven, originally from Pagosa Springs, and worked part-time at a community daycare.

"His car was found crashed outside of town." Said one of the other deputies, a tall red-haired man.

Parker shook his head as he continued reading the file. He looked like a good guy, from what the file showed. Handsome, very little debt, and the man had a lean record. "Any idea what our Mister Standwell was doing here in town?"

"Not from what we can tell. We'll put up a canvas." Said the deputy. "And we couldn't dig anything up on the car."

"Have we contacted the next of kin yet?"

Kelly shook her head. "No next of kin. Guy was an orphan. Lived on his own. The only contact we can even try is his supervisor."

"I can take that call." Parker said.

Kelly nodded, and said. "Her number's in the file." She said, and went back to her desk.

Parker took one of the empty seats at a vacant desk, setting himself up there temporarily. He popped out his phone and dialed the number of Eric Standwell's supervisor.

After a few rings, a feminine voice answered. "Theresa Samuels." She answered, her voice crisp and professional.

"Hello, Miss Samuels?" Parker began. "My name is Agent Parker McLaren, with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation."

"Colorado Bureau of..." She paused for a moment, and said. "Oh, you're calling about Eric."

"Yes, ma'am, I am." Parker answered. "I'm sorry, we couldn't find anyone else to call."

"Eric doesn't have a family. He was orphaned, I'm afraid." She said. "He...something's happened, hasn't it? Eric always was so responsible, he said he'd call a few days ago..."

"I'm afraid his body was found near Cold River, Colorado, Miss Samuels."

"Oh, my..." She sighed. "How unfortunate. He was such a good man. Cold River, you say?"

"Yes, ma'am. Does that mean anything to you?" Parker asked.

"It does. He took two weeks off work so he could go there. He was visiting a doctor, if I recall correct. Something about his parents."

Parker started to take notes quickly. "Do you happen to remember the doctor's name?"

"I don't think he even said the doctor's name." A voice came on from the background. "Listen, I have to go. I have to open the daycare. I'll call you if I remember anything else."

"Thank you, Miss Samuels, for your time." Parker said, though he found himself speaking to a dead line. He turned to Kelly, and asked. "How many doctors do you have in this town?"


All right, everyone. Chapter 3 is done. This one took a bit longer, but Chapter 4 is really kicking! Please read and review, it's like crack to hear comments!

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