Queen's Questions


"I love you too Bee." Jo sniffled over Bellinda's shoulder and both women squeezed each other comfortingly once more before pulling away.

"Now let's get inside before we freeze to death. You can relax by the fireplace, I doubt Mavin will mind." Bellinda said with a smile.

"Okay," Jo breathed and placed a kiss on Bella's forehead, "Let's go, my nipples are tingling."

Giggling like naughty undergrads Bellinda and Jo walked arm in arm to the door and rang the bell. Jo silently marveled at the subtle lavishness of the mansion. Well, the part that wasn't buried in snow anyway. Her attention was snapped back to the door when a woman greeted them. It wasn't Mavin, and thus Jo was a bit confused at first wondering if they were in the right place. Her confusion was elated when the woman gestured them in and then pulled Bella into a tight hug.

"Oh sweetheart, I'm so glad to see you Cherie." Becca pulled back and kissed the redhead on both cheeks. "My goodness, look at you! Here, let me take your coats ladies."

"Thank you Becca," Bellinda smiled genuinely and motioned to Jo who had been watching the interaction while trying to hide her puzzled expression even as they both peeled off their winter coats, "Becca, this is my best friend Joann. I hope you don't mind us, I didn't think you'd still be around."

"Oh nonsense!" Becca proceeded to hug and kiss Jo as she had Becca. Jo accepted the affection gracefully. "You are family now. This is your abode as well. So then, don't let me keep you child. Mavin is in the den. If you'll excuse me I need to go find the girls, they have immunization appointments today and have been hiding from me. Carry on this way," Becca ushered them towards the den, "Would like something warm to drink, hot tea or chocolate...have you had something to eat all day?... you look awfully wan my dear." Becca dotted, slipping into her nurturing mode instantly. Joann smiled and decided then and there that she liked the robust woman with her spicy French accent.

"Oh Becca, it's alright we'll find our way around, you go ahead. It wouldn't be wise to have to reschedule or drive too late with this weather." Bellinda implored.

"Well, then I'll get going. Make yourselves at home. I should be back by seven." Becca said and hugged the women once more before she disappeared around a corner.

"I like her." Joann giggled, "She's very bubbly."

"Oh yeah, that's Becca alright." Bellinda smiled as they continued towards the den.

They arrived at the den with Bellinda's heart racing and Joann's senses absorbing the decor. They found Mavin lying on a duvet that was spread on the carpeted floor. The tall dark woman seemed to be napping. Bellinda moved to her and knelt by her heaving form. She studied the expression on Mavin's face for a moment and leaned down over her.

"Hey sleepy," Bella nudged the napping woman. She roused slowly and took deep breaths to awaken her senses.

Mavin caught the familiar scent of the redhead and her hazel eyes popped open. When she realized Bellinda was about two inches away from her, Mavin crested her body into a sitting position as Bellinda jumped into her open arms. Mavin felt the warmth of Bellinda's skin wash through her, she couldn't even fathom letting go. She embraced the redhead fully, as much as her sitting position allowed. It seemed like ages ago since she'd held the redhead. Both of them desperate to feel close and secure in one another snuggled more into the other and their tussling wound them rolling on the duvet and then settling with Mavin sprawled over Bella and the redhead's limbs secured tightly around the dark woman.

"Oh Baby..." Mavin said and gulped for air in the closeness of Bella's body, "Bellinda."

"I'm here." Bella replied and wallowed in the serenity of Mavin's arms. She felt safe and so happy that she barely registered what Mavin was saying at first. The vibrations of Mavin's voice however clued her in. "What did you say?"

"Who did this?" Mavin was asking. She had seen the bruises; bluish and greenish on the redhead's jaw and neck, dark circles for eyes, and some healing cuts where skin had been broken.

Bellinda felt Mavin's body trembling; she looked to Joann who was still at the mouth of the den. Mavin turned around and followed her gaze and caught the blond, registering her presence for the first time. "I don't know. I-I c-can't remember anything from it."

Mavin nodded slowly though her body still shook. She moved them both to their feet and pulled Bellinda closer to her body. She observed the redhead in her arms once more, acknowledging the harm done and then Mavin turned to Joann, "Thank you for bringing her Joann."

"Oh...it's no sweat. Besides, if I didn't she'd have driven here by herself." Jo said honestly with a smile about her lips.

"How are you holding up?" Mavin asked, wanting to be sure.

"I'm better now thanks." Jo smiled and glimpsed a flash in Mavin's dark eyes. She wondered at the strip of oddity holding the conversation together.

"If you want to hang a while, there's plenty of room. The entertainment room is down the hall to your left. Bathroom's a little further down on the right. Geraldine is the high chef and head of staff...hold on a sec." Mavin moved to the near wall of the den where the intercom was for this room. She tapped the right button and buzzed into the system. "Geraldine, please some to the den."

"On my way." The response buzzed back.

As they waited for the chef to arrive, Bellinda pressed her body closer to Mavin. The tall butch responded in kind and held the redhead even closer as she ran her fingers through the strawberry drenched hair on Bella's head.

"You called?" Geraldine peered around the corner.

"Yes, I don't believe you've met Bellinda and Joann. They'll be here for a while. Do make us something light and filling for dinner," Mavin turned to Jo, "Unless you'd prefer something else in particular?"

"No, that's good." Jo said quickly and then added, "No peanuts though, I'm allergic to those."

"Very well, anything else?" Geraldine made her notes.

"Joann will be in the entertainment lounge. I'd give her a tour right now but-"

"It's okay really, as long as you have good cable and popcorn, I'll be just fine." Jo said with a laugh and Mavin smiled thankfully.

"Alright then we'll leave you to your devices. Make yourself at home and if you need anything, just buzz Geraldine. If you need me, tap the green button on this side." Mavin showed Joann where the button was on the intercom and then put her hand out waiting for Jo to take it. "Thank you again Joann. It's really good to see you too."

"No problem." Joann lost her palm in Mavin's and then turned to Geraldine, "Hi, I'm Joann. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Pleasure's all mine." Geraldine smiled warmly and turned to leave the den, "Come with me Joann, I'll give you a tour."

Joann followed and disappeared with Geraldine around the wall. Mavin sighed and grasped the woman standing next to her again. "Shall we?"

Bellinda nodded and moved with Mavin toward her wing of the mansion. They got to Mavin's master suite and settled in her living room. So many questions, so many thoughts, so many other things pounded through both of them. Mavin took note of Bella's attire of fitting jeans and a simple top with a hooded sweater for added warmth. Her feet were clad in winter boots of some fashionable style- that didn't immediately look like road kill; and Mavin let her eyes wander back up to Bellinda's face. She moved to touch Bella's skin very gently and her twitching began once more.

"It's okay I don't really hurt too bad. Just my wrists feel sore and I've got few bruises here and there." Bellinda said as she watched the butch take in her body.

"I'm going to find who did this..." Mavin said in a deathly final tone. "Whoever it is will... I promise."

"Baby, I don't even remember much, if any of what happened." Bellinda moved closer, "And I sure as hell don't want you going on some rampage when all I want is to enjoy our time together and put all this behind us."

"You don't remember anything?" Mavin asked, a bit puzzled by this new detail.

"No. But I remember the row we had at the club. I never got the chance to apologize for that and I guess I'm apologizing now." Bellinda said wanting to steer the conversation in a direction she actually could relate to.

"No, that was my fault. I can't expect you to understand what happened."

"No I should have trusted you." Bellinda said and a silence fell between them.

"You know what, I don't want to argue." Mavin breathed. "I'm happy to see you."

"You have no idea. When I woke up at the hospital I was looking for you but I was a bit out of it."

"Oh babe," Mavin pulled the redhead into her lap. She didn't want to rehash any details of the days of Bellinda's absence. Still, the feeling in her gut told her there was more to the story yet to unfold.

Bellinda squirmed in Mavin's arms as she got comfortable. She felt the butch's chest rise and fall with her deep breaths. She heard the rhythm of Mavin's thudding heart and let it soothe her.

They sat there for a good while, just feeling each other be. Mavin breathed in Bella's scent, filling her lungs with it. The aroma was with a hint of vanilla. Sweet and creamy and a touch of her natural musk; Mavin felt the buzz spread through her like a drug.

Bellinda sighed contentedly, with her arms around Mavin's neck with the tall woman's head angled in her bosom. Bella didn't mind it one bit. She was too busy enjoying the feel of Mavin's firm body wrapped around hers. She moved slightly and placed a kiss on Mavin's right temple. She pressed her lips to the dark woman's head and felt the pulse pumping through. It tickled her, awakened her. Mavin wasn't complaining so she continued.

Her fingers in their place had easy access to Mavin's ears. She caressed them and felt Mavin shiver in their embrace. The tall woman pulled back and sighed as she looked up into the Bellinda's green eyes.

"Join me for a warm shower." She said after a while of staring at the woman perched in her lap.

Bellinda was mildly shocked at the request but it came just as quickly to her why Mavin had asked, "If you wanted to see my body you could have just said so."

Mavin smiled a little and smoothed her fingers through Bellinda's fire tinted hair. "Well, I also want a warm shower and don't intend on letting you out of my sight so what'll it be?"

"I don't think I have a choice." Bella laughed and got up from Mavin's lap. "Let's go."

Bellinda led them to the bathroom and once the door shut behind them, they stood facing each other. Bellinda reached for the hem of Mavin's t-shirt and began tugging the shirt up. Mavin lifted her arms and helped to pull the shirt off. Bella flung the shirt away as the sight of Mavin's chocolate body greeted her.

Tentatively, the tall butch also began removing the redhead's sweater and then her top. There were mild bruises and scrapes all over her torso and Mavin fought to swallow her rage. Still, the caramel cream skin called to her. She ran her palms over Bella's shoulders and caressed the redhead's clavicle.

The jet heads in the shower were on a timer and burst to life behind the pair. Bellinda turned to the distraction and smiled at Mavin. "I think that's our cue."

The redhead shucked her jeans and Mavin again bit down her bile-flavored rage as she saw the bruises on Bella's thighs and buttocks. Bella set her emerald gaze on Mavin and saw the void of Mavin's expression.

"You don't have to be so quiet." Bellinda's voice quavered, "I don't remember what happened...but I have my fears too!"

Having removed her sweatpants, Mavin stepped into Bella's space, leaning into her back and feeling the unsheathed warmth of the woman's soft skin against her chest.

"I'm sorry baby." Mavin whispered, "Come on, let's get in." as she bodied the redhead into the shower.

The warm water hit them with delicious force and the tall butch couldn't keep the moan from escaping her lips as she surrendered her aching body to the liquid massage. Mavin's hands followed the streams of water dripping down Bella's warm skin. She kneaded the flesh of Bella's neck and shoulders, being careful not to pressure the bruises too intensely.

Mavin had questions running amok in her head. She couldn't absorb it quickly enough that Bellinda was in her arms, their bodies beginning the dance of one. Still the memory of Bellinda in that hospital bed plagued her. What tests were they compelled to perform? Had she been assaulted as she feared?

Over and over, her mind churned but she bit her tongue. She wanted to enjoy the moment. But the moment was so tainted. The vision of Bellinda's bruised flesh did not sit well with the dark woman. The thought of how they came to be was unsettling. The prospect of Bellinda having been violated...

"Mmmm..." Bellinda moaned under the jets of steamy water as Mavin's strong fingers coaxed the tension from her body. She felt the deft hands moving down her body, unclasping her strapless bra and tossing the wet material off to the side with a splash.

Bellinda felt her nipples harden immediately as the kiss of cool air circled with rising steam. She felt Mavin's palms snaking up her sides to her breasts, cupping them and squeezing tenderly. Bella arched her back and craned her head to expose her neck. Mavin took the invitation and pressed her lips to Bellinda's wet skin.

Bella moved her hips back and felt Mavin's slick body pressing into hers. The feel of Mavin's groin hairs brushing her ass sent electric prickles up her spine. The tall woman's lips played at the redhead's neck; sucking, nipping and tasting Bellinda.

"I've missed you so much." Mavin groaned into Bella's shoulder as her need escaped the confines of rationale. She pressed her hips forward, desperate to feel more of Bellinda's plump ass against her. Her fingers toyed with the redhead's peaked nipples; tugging, twisting and feeling Bellinda.

Bella grabbed Mavin's head and whimpered her approval. Her left hand moved to Mavin's palm over her breast and dragged it down her body to the enclave between her thighs. "I need you."

Mavin hugged the redhead closer, sealing the remaining space between them as their bodies fit together within the rising vapors. The waters pelted them from all angles except the wall with the doors. And the shower room looked big enough to hold about twenty people. Bellinda faced the door and Mavin stood glued to her back, with the jets streaming at them.

Bellinda sighed and shoved Mavin's hand deeper between her legs. Mavin sucked hard on Bella's neck and followed the redhead's desire. She felt the bush of Bella's sex graze her fingers and a hot tingle made her own hips buck.

"Fuck!" Mavin gasped as a sweet ache permeated her fingers; driving them further between Bellinda's wet thighs.

"Oh Mavin...don't tease me." Bella pleaded in a strained voice as she felt Mavin's fingers kissing her clit.

Mavin felt the hot blood pooling in her loins; being in the shower made her feel deliciously dirty; being ensconced in hot wetness made her head spin and Bella's breathy voice in her head rattled her lust.

Bella's legs quivered as the tall butch's fingers caressed her folds back and forth; spreading around the sticky slick moisture that had been gathering there all along. The fingers were strong and determined yet, they trembled with staccato tension in the intent of Mavin's tenderness. Bellinda sensed Mavin's nipples poking her back and the tall woman's torso twitching as her hips bucked slowly.

"Take me...now," Bellinda craned her neck and turned her head to face Mavin, pressing her hot breath into Mavin's ear, "Please."

Mavin could hardly be told once. Her fingers ached to reacquaint themselves inside Bellinda's warm body. Her mouth watered as though the gallons cascading over them weren't worthy. Her body trembled in anticipation of Bellinda's release at her doings. And in the back of her mind, she could hear Bellinda screaming and pleading.

"Mmmm...ohh..." Bellinda panted as Mavin slipped inside her; first with one long finger then with two. In and out, Bellinda's walls tried to keep Mavin inside her, "Deeper...I want you deep inside me."

The tall woman clenched her hips into Bella's ass, liking the slippery feel of the redhead's skin pressed into her throbbing clit. She pinched Bella's right nipple once more before moving her hand down to join the other. "You just don't know." Mavin muttered against Bella's cheek as the redhead turned to press her mouth to Mavin's tongue.

Bellinda sucked Mavin's tongue into her mouth. The height difference between them allowed Mavin to angle her body just right. Mavin's tongue danced in Bella's mouth, happy to find its mate wriggling in the moist orifice.

In and out, Mavin's fingers drilled on one hand while the other went in soft circles pressed lightly over Bella's stiff clit. In and out, the dark butch's tongue snaked inside the redhead's hot mouth while Mavin's hips pressed tight circles into Bella's juicy ass.

Mavin flexed her left arm and thrust deeper, almost lifting Bellinda off her feet. She felt Bella's walls vibrate and tapped her right palm on Bellinda's clit.

"Mmghm..." Bella mewled through the kiss and sucked Mavin's tongue deeper into her mouth.

Mavin kept up her actions, increasing the tempo of her tapping and thrusting deeper and deeper. Bellinda's body tingled as she spread her legs wider. Mavin thrust faster, the jets drowning out the sounds and yet, the walls amplifying them all with acoustic resonance. She felt her fingers sliding in with real ease and began rolling both wrists in opposite circles.

Bella broke the kiss to suck in some air, "Oh god!"

"Does that feel good baby?" Mavin whispered hotly as she too heaved for oxygen.

"Yesssss..." Bellinda's eyes rolled into her head, "Yesss...fuck me!"

"So...tight..." Mavin panted with her effort, and doubled them. She rolled her thrusting wrist once more and went back to delving deep within Bella's honey walls. She rubbed Bella's stiff clit in fast circles now and the redhead's body began to convulse.

"M-Mavin..." Bellinda moaned and jerked her hips with the butch's cadence.

"You like it like that?" Mavin growled as her clit throbbed against Bella's palpitating ass.

The tall butch curled her fingers away from their bodies so that they brush Bella's back wall on the way out and nosed into her spongy front wall on the way in. "Ay...aaa...ahhhh!" Bellinda panted and moaned; every nerve in her body firing as Mavin's body glided hotly against hers.

Mavin pressed her body further into Bellinda and thrust a few more times, she added just a bit more pressure going in; tapping the small, firm area in the redhead's hot secret and Bella came undone.

"YeeeaaaahhhhhH!" The redhead screamed as her muscles clenched violently, "Oh fuck...fuck...fuck YEAH," trapping Mavin's fingers inside her. Her thighs, trying to clamp down on Mavin's wrists but the butch kept thrusting, lifting Bellinda off her feet as she humped the redhead's luscious ass. The slickness of Bella's derrière rubbing her hard clit, even as it pressed into Bellinda's cleft was enough to set Mavin off.

"Uhn...fuuuuck...yeahhhhh..." Mavin hissed and kept her motions up, helping them both to a long ride on the climax train. Aftershocks be damned; Mavin struggled to keep their balance and managed to wedge them against the far wall with the doors. Her fingers were still lost in Bella's paradise, moving very slowly and her clit was still quivering over Bella's slick ass. "You feel so good."

"Ohh..." Bellinda panted and slowly allowed her body to relax. Mavin didn't pull away for another few minutes and when she finally did, she pulled the redhead into a wet kiss before licking her fingers slowly. Bellinda felt her nipples screaming again and dragged Mavin's lips back over hers for another tongue dance with her own juices as flavor.

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