Quenching Thirst


Warning this story is about gay interracial sex. It borders on sexually deviant and if this offends you I'm warning you ahead of time so you are not reading anything you don't want to.


I had just turned 19 and was completely in a slutty phase in my life. I was good at pullin bitches, but at the same time, with men, I was the bitch, and I LOVED it. At the time of this chapter of my life I was in a relationship with a cute little mixed girl. I was about 5'8" 135 lbs tight little booty. She was green eyed, 5'3" fat little booty, skinny, curly brown hair that was dyed blonde, so sexy. I really liked her a lot. We had great sex, I was always in control, she did anything I said. Undoubtedly, I had a constant desire to drop to my knees and worship a cock. And this night was what made me understand that I needed to let my freak flag fly.

I was at the gas station buying a blunt. A large black man, about 6'4" 225 lbs, muscled up, in a tank top and some sagging jeans, approached me from behind, i could feel his gaze on my ass. He was looking me up and down licking his lips, and i kinda liked it.

"Damn white boy...you are cute at fuck." He paused as i gazed at his structured jaw. "You need to make some fuckin money?" The beautiful dark skinned man said to me while reaching for his wallet.

We were broke. I had just gotten this mediocre at best apartment on a whim so I had a place to fuck my girl. I definitely could not afford this place but its all I could do. So, naturally, after 3 months, our power was off and I had an eviction notice.

"Doing what?" I replied out of necessity. I said it quietly and submissively. He chuckled.

"Bartending. Tell you what, I'll give you a $500 signing bonus if you can start tonight, my last girl got a boyfriend and quit on me." he said to me while adjusting his dick, which I could obviously see the outline of through his boxers with his jeans so low. He handed me a business card.

"I'll see you tonight. I'm Mr. Warden. Be there at 10 ask for me when you get there." he said with an apparent understanding I had no intent to decline.

I went home and told my girlfriend the situation and she was ecstatic about it. She gave me a viagra (said it made me last longer) and gave me head to let me know she was proud of me. I got dressed in a nice collared shirt and some slacks to get ready for the night.

I arrived at the bar at 9:45. Two huge black bouncers didn't ask me a word, they opened the door and let me in. I walked in the huge double doors lined with red leather and the very first thing I noticed was a loud blast of weed smoke and rap was playing. I was the only white person in the bar. There were about 4 or 5 women, and about 30-35 black men. I was immediately intimidated. I walked to the bar and up to the suspender clad shirtless black man behind the counter. He was greased up and buff and had green eyes. When i got to the bar i looked and saw he was wearing a pair of white lycra mini shorts. I could see his cock right through them i swore. I must've been staring.

I could not get a word out before the bartender said "Ahhh! Finally! The help has arrived! New bartender kid?... Come with me."

He grabbed my hand and drug me down a dark narrow hallway. I followed behind, my steps not nearly as big as his so i had to take twice as many to stay with him. He took me too a back office and opened the door and I saw Mr. Warden, the gentleman from the store, butt naked leaning on his desk. His huge cock was cumming on a little white girls face. I stood there and watched with the bartender, as Mr. Warden slapped her in the face with his huge cock that was dropping lil drips of jizz onto her tongue. She vigorously stroked her clit and squirted all over the floor. It was really hot. He noticed us and spoke.

"Ah glad ya made it...did you like the entertainment?" He chuckled. He carried on walking toward me with his huge shaved cocked swaying at me. "So, if you can't tell, this is a gay bar. We cater to mostly black men, and you my little sissy friend, will make a ton in tips, but we have rules here."

I didn't even get a chance to speak. He approached me and grabbed the back of my neck with his right hand and grabbed my ass cheek with his left hand and kissed me deeply. He stuck his tongue deep into my mouth and forced me to suck his tongue. I was instantly hard as a rock. He pulled away and playfully slapped me on my face hard enough to let me know i was not running shit.

"Rule 1. You will dress like a girl all times you are here. None of these fucking boy clothes" He tore my shirt off with one hand revealing my pasty white skin. "Rule 2. You will always be shaved, everywhere. And finally and most importantly...Rule 3. I run shit, you listen to me. You argue, there are ways i can punish you." He then looked at my cock and said "i knew you'd be a good bitch." I still hadn't even spoke to the man but here i had kissed him in front of 2 people i had never met, got a boner, and was constantly looking at his perfect cock.

"Here's 250. Go get dressed." He replied as he pointed to the bathroom in the back of his office.

It was like he knew I wouldn't give him any resistance. I walked into the bathroom and everything was set up for me to shave and get dressed. A note said "SHAVE EVERYTHING SISSY", so, I did. There was a white mini-skirt and a hot pink pair of brazilian cut panties with a scrunched butt and a matching bikini top, a little white half sleeve crop top with a queen of spades picture on it, a choker that said "sissy", and a pink bob wig. I put it all on, and I honestly felt as sexy as I ever had I looked myself over in the mirror and loved what I saw. I felt my hard cock press against my panties. I loved the way I felt. As I went to walk out the door, the little cum faced white girl entered the bathroom with more cum on her face then before, it was dripping off of her face onto her cute bra and she literally made no effort to clean it up. She walked up to me and said "time to do your make-up whore, sit down."

I did what she said. It was all happening a bit fast honestly. i was a little scared but i never hesitated i mean it felt right. She didn't say much to me, kinda had an attitude like I was about to take her man. Twenty minutes went by with us in an uncomfortable silence as She pained my face and nails. She stuffed my feet

into black and pink high heels that strapped up to my mid calves.

I was all done up now, and I looked hotter than this white trash little slut could ever dream of looking anyway. I walked out of the bathroom to a slap on the ass on both cheeks. One from Mr. Warden and the other from the bartender.

"Aren't you a sexy lil slut!" the bartender exclaimed. I wiggled my panty clad boy pussy. As degrading as all of this was, it was completely gratifying. I was so turned on. Mr. Warden walked me over to his desk where he had 2 huge lines of coke sat up. He handed me 2 pills and a shot of something dark. I swallowed the pills with the shot. I had seen molly, but never done it, so i guess tonight was really going to broaden my horizons. I was handed a straw and pushed towards the coke. I snorted the first line as the bartender cupped my inner thigh. I went to hand the straw back to him and he just pointed to the other line, so, i did it too. At this point I was pretty fucked up. The bartender led me out into the hallway again. He walked me all the way up to the stage. He led me up the stairs and slapped me on the ass and told me to dance. I was obviously a little bit nervous but I started grinding my hips. Immediately the entire crowd focused their entire attentions on me. I had seen enough dancing videos to know how a slut is supposed to dance.

I danced for about 15 minutes getting a few tips and a lot of wanting eyes. The song changed and the DJ announced "Jack The Bartender" as his Lycra covered cock jumped onto the stage . He forcefully grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into his chest. I licked up and down his chest leaving little spots of slobber. He pulled my face back and slapped me in it hard enough to startle me. This was the first time I ever had the experience of being wet. I craved this man's black cock. Before I even noticed what was going on, he had pinned me against the wall and was placing my hands in some restraints. He put a wedged pillow in between my dick and the wall to prop my ass out. He proceeded to get on the microphone and let every black man in the building know he was welcome to come and spank me. They continued to dance and drink and sporadically one of the well-equipped gorgeous black men would come up behind me and whisper something dirty, maybe lick my ear or kiss me, and slap me on my sexy little booty. This happened for about an hour and a half before I was so turned on I couldn't even help myself.

Finally Mr. Warden came and released me from my restraints while placing a leash around my neck. He force me to my knees making me crawl and walked me back to the front of the stage. There he exposed his beautiful semi-soft cock. It was at least 6 inches soft and veiny and cut. and 3 hours before this I would have been completely jealous of it, but currently I was longing to put it in my mouth. I lunged towards it and he pulled back on the leash. He looked down at me and told me to open my mouth. I looked out into the crowd to notice every single person in the place was staring at me, and i began looking back up at him. He dripped a big gob of spit into my mouth and turned around. Spit was dripping out of my mouth and down my cheeks as he jammed my face directly in between his ass cheeks. He put the leash between his own legs and dragged me crawling behind him across both sides of the stage, all the while my tongue was buried in his perfect muscular ass cheeks. I can't believe how big of a whore I really am, i loved every fucking second of it. I ate his beautiful black ass for 20 minutes in all kinds of different positions. He put his hands against the wall, he sat on my face his dick facing the audience, and he bent over in front of me grabbing the back of my head ramming my face into his blatantly unfucked hole. I came in my panties without ever even touching my dick or his. But now Was finally going to be the time..

Mr. Warden turned around and I finally got to see the glory of that monster cock. It was 10 inches long in easily four and a half inches around. Rather than putting it directly into my open mouth, he dragged his big black balls across my forehead all the way down to my mouth and forced me to suck on them. I licked the sack and the base of his shaft for about three or four minutes before he finally allowed me to lick the pre-cum off of the slit at the tip of his dick. I thought I was finally going to get to suck it.

It was then he let me down the stairs through the middle of the crowd. As we passed the black men in the crowd grabbed my ass, spanked me, or groped me as i crawled passed on the sticky floor. He led me to what was obviously meant for a shower show across from the bar. It had a stripper pole, a metal hand-rail and a shower head mounted above it. He handcuffed me to the hand-rail on my knees. He started to tease me with his beautiful black cock when I was surprised by a stream of piss hitting the back of my tonsils. He was pissing on me in front of a room full of people. I was dressed up like a little whore swallowing black piss. I obviously couldn't swallow all of it, so some of it flowed down onto my top and down my belly button right onto my cock. I was so turned on. Mr. Warden finally gave me the opportunity to suck his beautiful cock. He shoved his cock down my throat repeatedly fucking the back of it while stroking himself at the same time. Pretty much just using my mouth as a personal Fleshlight. After about 10 minutes of fucking my face he started to grunt. He pulled out of my mouth and shot a 4 to 6 oz load on my face. I was covered in piss and black jizz.

This was when the DJ told the crowd that 'for the next hour the urinal was out of order, but they were welcomed to use the new bitch Jaylen.' Apparently that was going to be my name while working. Over the next hour I was pissed on by at least 20 guys, I ended up giving two more bbc's head, and one of them a rimjob, all while handcuffed and covered in body fluids. Every moment that this went on... I was fantasizing over riding Mr. Wardens cock. More to come when they let the freak off the leash...

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Wow Soo Hott

My panties are Wett

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by Anonymous11/01/18

Fuck Me!!

Wish that was me.......humiliated, naked and getting black cum and piss.......I am just a closet sissy white faggot wanna be

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by Anonymous08/01/18

I can bartend

Just to let you know i can bartend too. Ill work for free just the pleasure of being used by black men is good enough for me.
Alexxx 4179291102

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