tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuest Ch. 10

Quest Ch. 10



Lisa walks down the dimly lit hallway pondering if her next course of action is the wisest. She tries to convince herself that there is no reason to worry. The aliens trust her. The commander said so after she and Lois had delivered Rich to him. So, she can pull this off. Just be calm.

She stops at a junction, stands against the wall, and peeks around the corner into the next hall way. She sighs when she sees only one guard standing in front of Rich's room.

"Good," she thinks as she pulls her head back. This will make things easier. She knows she will not be able to break Rich out but she has to try and talk to him There are so many questions that need to be answered.

Why didn't he choose another route to escape when she and Lois confronted him?

Why did he linger to bury the alien?

Why did he let us capture him?

She also has to tell him that she had no choice but to stop him. The commander requires results. Positive results. Lois had pulled her aside and informed her that the alien leader has executed more than one soldier over failure. Since she still doesn't know what the aliens are looking for, Lisa knew that she had no choice but to comply. Thus, Rich is captured.

Lisa draws a deep breath and slowly looks back around towards the guard.

Why does he look so familiar, she wonders. She lets her eyes roam down his naked emerald body and remembers his name.


Lois had introduced them just a day ago but she has seen him around the base several times since. He stands out because his cocks are shorter than any of the others. It must be a status symbol among their race, she thinks. On those occasions when she had seen him, he had been doing menial tasks such as escorting prisoners, guard duty, and waste disposal to name a few.

This might work to my advantage, she thinks. Even though he is smaller than the others, he is still larger than most human males but, with all the surrounding competition, he must not get much attention from the human females.

"You can do this, " she tells herself as she unbuttons her shirt so that Ex-2 will get a view of her breasts. She contemplates unbuttoning one more but decides not to. Give him a show of cleavage and , like human males, he will be distracted.

Lisa backs up, takes another deep breath, walks towards the junction once more, and turns the corner.


He lies, naked, on the cold table. His arms and legs are embraced by cold metal. He stares into the darkness that blankets the entire room.


The aliens want to humiliate him before they begin torturing him. They did this before, the first time they captured him. The only difference is that he was able to escape before the interrogation had begun. So far it doesn't appear as though he will escape that fate this time. Last time he had been visited by many jailers. This time not one human or alien has checked on him since he has awaken.

With nothing else to do, he allows his thoughts to drift back to that last capture. Lois had arranged for him to meet her by the old Louisiana state capital building. It had been an ambush and she was able to infect him with this damned alien virus. His 'gift' from the virus , he had discovered when he awoke, was the sudden growth of his cock.

Back then Lois held him captive on their Earth and was using humans to guard him. Several had checked on him but one girl was quite striking. She was older than him, in her mid thirties and she kept her body in terrific shape. Thin waist, small but firm breasts, long legs, shapely ass, and a gorgeous smile.

He had noticed her right away because, during her shift, it would always appear that she was trying to not stare at his cock but she was. He began striking up conversations with her and, by the end of her third shift, he was able to get her out of her clothes.

With the alien virus raging through his system, he really wanted her and he knew it was beginning to show. He could only stare as she removed her bra and her tits came into view. She cupped her breasts and took one of her small, erect nipples between her fingers and pinched it. She looked down and smiled at the sight of his fully erect cock. Ending her striptease, she slowly slid the lace panties down her tanned legs.

She didn't say a word as she joined him atop the table. She bent down, gave him a long, hard kiss, positioned her wet pussy over his hard cock, pulled away from the kiss, and winked.

He remembers the playfulness in her eyes as she hovered above him for a few minutes. He would try to raise his hips so that he could enter her but she would lift herself also, keeping her hot pussy just inches away from his tip.

He groaned loudly.

She reached down, grabbed his cock , and descended upon him, taking every inch.

"Oh...fuckin' yes.....", she screamed out as his cock separated her tight lips.

She began to ride him and he couldn't do anything but enjoy the feeling of her tight cunt squeezing his dick. He just let himself enjoy the new sensations, not realizing that these were the effects of the alien virus. All he knew was that this woman felt wonderful and then he came.

He found that even that was more powerful than before. He shot his cum deep inside her and she moaned while he screamed in pleasure. As he continued pumping his warm fluid into her, she allowed her hand to travel down her body until her hand began to fiercely rub her clit.

Soon she too began to moan and cry out as an orgasm swept through her body.

He remembers her collapsing on him. The feel of her hot, sweaty body is still in his memories. Her pussy did not release its' grip on his cock while they laid there in silence.

She began to rub his chest hair.

"Fuck my ass," she purred, "and I will let you go."

He remembers being short of breath. His mind was filled with desire, yet he knew he had to escape. However, he didn't want to . All he wanted was to continue being inside her. He wanted to taste every inch of her body. He wanted every orifice she had to know the sensation of his new dick. He wanted her.

"Can you handle it?"

The last coherent word he heard from her was .."Yes" and she began to unshackle him.

He remembers her standing by the table. He let himself down and stood behind her. He ran his fingers down her back and she moaned. He replaced his fingers with his lips and began to place little kisses down her spine.

His kisses stopped as he approached her ass. He used his hands to spread her legs out, she bent over and he began to run his tongue down the crack of her ass until he found her asshole. He stayed there for at least a minute or two just licking it. He could her hear moaning as she pressed her ass into his face so that he wouldn't stop.

He removed his tongue and stood up.

He fucked her ass hard. At first, because of his size, he was slow but she didn't want that. She wanted to fill every inch that he possessed inside her. She wanted every inch pounding into her.

He came again.

As he collapsed onto the floor, he watched as she too sat by him, reached over to her shorts that she had tossed, grabbed a small device from her pocket, leaned over, kissed him, pushed the lone button on the device, and watched as the doors slid open.

"Thank you, " he whispered, as he quickly got up, gathered his clothes and left.

Even now he wishes he would have taken her with him but he knew there was nothing else he could do. She had willingly sacrificed her life so that he could be free. However, the sight of the naked woman sitting on the floor, legs open, moisture dripping from her ass and pussy, is burned into his mind and can still get his cock rock hard, even after taking his daily dosage of the medicine that helps to slow down the sexual urges that the virus amplifies.

Rick grins at the memory. He can feel his cock begin to stiffen so he tries to calm down. He wishes he knew how long he has been in here. He had taken an injection of the medicine right before Lois and Lisa had shown up. He guesses that it has been almost ten hours since the capture because he had allowed himself to become distracted by the memory.

Ten hours...no guards.

He had hoped Lisa would be chosen. After all, he only allowed himself to be captured by her so that he could inform her of everything the dying alien had told him. This is an even more dangerous situation than either had realized. She has to know.



Despite being small, the feel of the alien's thick lower cock sliding into her still feels wonderful. Lisa lets a soft moan escape her lips that she knows is real, not fake.

As he begins to slide into her, she had not realized how hard it was to entice Ex-2. It became obvious that he had heard about the fates of previous individuals who had failed in their assignments because he was not budging an inch to let her in. She tried to tell him that she wanted only to see the bastard who had given the boss so much trouble. She told him that she wasn't that impressed with the prisoner, after all she was able to knock him out with one punch. She had arched her back, pressing her tits into his muscled chest and simply asked if she looked like the type who could knock out anyone with one hit.

Ex-2, however, stood by his post. If this wasn't so important, Lisa thought, she would easily recommend a promotion for this one.

"If I can find some way to explain my visit with Rich," she thinks as Ex-2 begins to fuck her, "maybe I will recommend him."

"I get to go to the interrogation tomorrow," she remembers telling him, "but I would really love to see the prisoner tonight." She leaned forward, continued to press her chest against his skin, and leaned towards his ear.

"Also," she whispered. "I have a confession. I head he has a humongous dick."

Ex-2 didn't have time to say anything as Lisa stuck her tongue out and began to lick his ear while slowly running her hands down his body until she could grab one of his cocks. As she strokes him, he quickly hardens.

She felt his gaze on her and she giggled as she realized he was staring into her shirt.

She pulled away from his body. His cocks hard and upright.

She smiles.

"Is it hot in here," she asked as she reached up, unbuttoned her shirt and allowed her large breasts to be exposed to the very horny alien. She had slowly lifted a breast while lowering her head so that she could take her hard fat nipple into her mouth.

She gave her nipple a little bite, lowered it , dropped to her knees, and began to suck the alien's upper cock.

He had begun to protest but he quickly became quiet as she allowed her tongue to glide up and down his hard shaft.

His hands had lowered his laser rifle and he started to play with her hair.

Lisa moaned as she engulfed his small cock with her mouth.

He had gasped.

"Yes....mistress Sarah....yes!"

Sarah.... Her fake name. At least that cover is still working. She had been afraid that it wouldn't have worked and she would have been discovered. However, everyone still believes that her name is Sarah.

"Mistress Sarah," he had moaned. "I want to fuck you."

Lisa had slowly rose up his shaft, letting her lips linger on the tip of the dark emerald cock for a minute. Ex-2 had simply gasped as she held her mouth there.

She smiled as her mouth became free. She stood up, took her jeans slowly off, removed her shirt, and laid on the floor, spreading her legs until her could slide into her.....

"Faster! Harder!"

She commands it and he obeys as he continues to fuck her. She knows he is doing his best and it does feel good but her thoughts drift back to the way the commander's dick felt inside her and she wishes this alien was as endowed.

Lisa reaches down and grabs his upper cock as his lower one continues to slide into her. She loosens her grip, allowing the cock to slide in and out of her fist. He alien's breathing quickens and his rhythm increases.

After several minutes Lisa feels him tense up, allowing one more stroke into her before his juices fills her up. As the warm liquid bathes her the insides of her hot cunt, she loosens her grip on his other cock. She lies back to relax when a sudden wave of pleasure tears through her body.

Suddenly, the effects of Rich's serum is gone. Every inch of her body wants sex. Her mouth wants to be sucking a huge cock. Her breasts want to be kneaded and fondled. Her nipples poke out, needing to be bitten or pinched. Her ass needs to have something in it. Her pussy also needs to be fucked. She needs to cum.

She tries to digest these emotions. This is how she felt after she was injected by the virus. However, these are much stronger. Her thoughts drift back over the past few weeks to everything she has done: Licking Kris' pussy, Enjoying Rich's dick for the first time, Holding down Lois' head as she came on her face, Ramming the hard dildo into the blonde, Enjoying the commander's cock inside her. Her body temperature continues to rise and her thoughts of lust grow. She feels Ex-2 pull out and she is returned to the present.


She knows he has been satisfied enough for her to gain access to Rich but she needs to cum.

Before he knows anything, Lisa rises to her knees and pushes the alien backwards. He finds himself on his back and he doesn't complain as she kneels by him and begins to run her hands over his body. She digs her nails into him and runs them down his sides. She only plays with him for a second and then forgets about the rest of his body. She grabs his limp lower cock and begins to lick her juices off it. As she does this, it becomes hard once more.

Once her juices are gone, she licks it from its' tip to the base, straddles him, grabs it once more, and lowers her tight asshole.

She moans as she slowly rides him.

"Rub my clit, you alien bastard!"

Ex-2 smiles and obeys.

"You are a dirty slut, aren't you?"

"Yes... she moans as she increases her speed.

His fingers rubbing her....

Her asshole fucking his cock.....

Her hands squeezing her breasts....

Her fingers pinching her nipples.....

Lisa knows the aliens are her enemies. His race killed those he loved as well as billions others across the many dimensions they have visited. She knows this but the hatred she has felt is not there as she cums. Her breathing increases. Wave after wave of pleasure flow through her. She stares down at his erect, upper cock and licks her lips.

She rises off the lower one and positions her ass on his upper dick. She continues to ride until, once more, his alien liquid shoots into her body.

Lisa finds that she wants more as wave after wave of pleasure flows through her body.

"What's wrong with me," she thinks. "Focus! Damn it! Focus!"

The liquid continues to feel warm in her as it flows through her system. Her body is on fire. Cravings and desires never before felt dominate her mind. She wants to feel cocks all around her. She wants to be able to have one in every hole of her body. She wants to have a row of naked girls lying on a table so that she can tongue each and every.....


When Lois first told her about Ex-2, she mentioned that his tongue is his best asset..

"You think I am a dirty slut," she asks. "You don't know the half of it...."

She kneels on the floor and positions her ass in his direction.

"Lick my ass!"

Ex-2 grins. Mistress Lois had allowed him to fuck her a few times but she has never been this wild.

He bends down and runs his tongue up her legs. Lisa shivers as he gets closer and closer until she can feel his hot breath on her ass.

He playfully runs his tongue over her swollen lips.

"No, damn it! Lick my ass! Stick your tongue in there and lick out your juices!"

He obeys.

Lisa starts to black out as his tongue enters her and proceeds to go deeper into her.

"Yes....." she moans as the blackness leaves her and she can feel his tongue deep inside of her, touching places she had never known, producing pleasure she never dreamt possible.

"Fuck me.... Again!"

His tongue slowly slides out and she has only a second to wait as she feels his cock slide into her wet pussy. It slides in she closes her eyes, enjoying the sensation, until she feels something poking at her ass hole. His second cock. She grins and pushes herself towards him allowing both cocks to fill her up.

He pounds into her.



Both cocks explode at once and she is once more overwhelmed by his liquid. She stifles her scream as another orgasm tears through her every cell. A bead of sweat trickles down her arm and even that produces a sensation which makes the orgasm more powerful.

He pulls out and collapses against the wall.

"Thank you, mistress...." he mumbles.



"see the prisoner.....

She knows how he feels as she slowly tries to stand. She almost falls down as she begins to gather her clothing. She is trembling as she slides the jeans back on. Her hands shake as she buttons her shirt.

"Are you okay," asks Ex-2.

Hell, I don't know, she thinks.

"I will be fine, thanks," Lisa replies as she stares at his cocks. After she buttons the last one, she glances down to find her nipples are still very hard and trying to poke through her shirt.

"Pull yourself together girl," she thinks. "Concentrate on Rich."

The alien stands and unlocks the door.

"Cute ass," she thinks as she slowly walks by Ex-2 and into the dark room.


"Nice cock."

The voice is soft, feminine, and very familiar.

A small lamp is turned on and Lisa steps up to Rich's table.

"Hi, gorgeous," he says and she smiles.


They stare at each other for what feels like a minute. She bends down and their lips meet. The kiss is soft, tender, but Rich finds her trembling.

"Are you okay," he asks as she pulls herself away.

"Yeah. I think."

"What's wrong?"

"Not much time to tell you everything."

She gives him an abbreviated version of her encounter with Ex-2, the whole time eyeing his thick and limp cock. She has to hold herself together because her body wants to jump on top of him and take it inside her. She can feel her pussy getting even wetter.

"What happened to me, Rich," she asks as she ends her story.

"I mean, I have gotten to this point by being able to control my urges. Right now, however, I am nervous. I am shaking. I can't concentrate. My thoughts are very lustful. All I want to do is to fuck you. Fuck an alien. Fuck anything. I am scared."

Rich looks into her eyes. She is scared. More scared than the day she arrived on his doorstep.

"I suppose it is too late to ask this question," he says. "Is it okay for us to speak freely?"

Lisa frowns.

"Yes. Sorry, I should have said that when I walked in. Their plan is to move you into another room first thing in the morning. That room is wired by audio and video so that everything you do can be recorded. Lois will be conducting the interrogation. I will be there to watch and assist as necessary."

She pauses and he watches as she lifts her hand and presses against her temple.

"What's wrong," he asks.

"Headache. I will be fine. Haven't been able to sleep."

"So," she stares at him. "What happened on your end?"

Rich updates her on his meeting with the alien. He tells her about the crystal and its' history as well as the power source being inside humans. He tells of the aliens death and the crystal being passed to him.

"How did he die," she asks.

"Laser wound. The commander's guards spotted him after he dispatched a messenger to summon me. He tried to run but they shot him."

"Is it safe," she asks?

"Yes. Not that it is doing us much good right now."

Lisa takes his hand in hers.

"At least they don't have it."

He smiles.

"Don't worry," she says as she bends down to kiss him. "I will get you out of here."

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